Jacqui Tropic Skin Care

From sustainably sourcing our ingredients to bringing you freshly made products that are truly kind to your skin, our brand beliefs reflect the impact we want to have in the beauty industry and beyond.

[05/25/20]   For any lovelies looking to invest in make up. Tropic make up is still new to me but after working so hard on my skin I won’t go back to slapping on toxic thick make up that will clog my pores!

I now have the full kit of every colour and I’m happy to lend this to you before you commit.

I am wearing
Sun Day spf 50 facial defence as it’s a nice day and it’s also a lovely base for make up.
💛 Mineral Foundation- warm beige
💛Blusher- Cheeky peach
💛 Bronzer- thahiti tan
💛Eyeshadow - Es9, Es10 and Es12
💛Brow gel- Bp2
💛Fixing gel mascara
💛Illuma Concealer in Latte
❤️Lip liner- Flirt
❤️Lipstick shade- L8 Fresh fig
🧡Higlighter in - Golden hour

Monday’s Makeup 💜
I am using my Tropic make-up pallet today, that is recyclable and refillable !♻️
It is customised to you, the colours & products you want can all be designed for your specific makeup look 😍

Comment or message me for more details or shop online at www.tropicskincare.com/jacquirussell #natural #veganmakeup #chemicalfree #toxinfree #customisable #magnetic #swap #investinyourself #treatyourself #takecareofyourself #getup #makeup

Take the guesswork out of finding your perfect skincare routine and let us do that for you.
Simply answer 5 quick questions to find the skincare routine that’s right for you.

https://tropicskincare.com/pages/skincare-routine-finder @ Prestwick

Looking for new sun care that rates Green & Zero on Think dirty?
That’s Vegan, cruelty free & reef friendly (when we can travel to exotic places again)
Look 👀 no further 😎

SPF is a buzzword that we hear all the time and especially when the warmer weather comes around!
But do you know what SPF stands for?

SPF stands for sun protection factor, which is the number (15, 30 or 50) you see on the packaging ☀️

The numbers refer to a guideline of time your skin can be exposed to the sun before burning from UVB damage but don’t refer to UVA protection at all 😲

For example, if you’re out in the sun without sunscreen and your skin starts to turn pink/red after 10 minutes, wearing an SPF 30 would delay this by 300 minutes, and an SPF 50 would delay this by 500 minutes!

And don't forget, even though summer means warmer weather and more sunshine, you should still opt for broad-spectrum protection all-year-round to ensure you’re covered against UVA rays too.

Now you're all clued up on what SPF really means, it's time to find your perfect formula!
The handy guide below will help you discover your new favourite sun care products for your face and body in seconds

Because when it comes to sun care, Tropic has you covered ☀️

Check out our sun care range - www.tropicskincare.com/jacquirussell #suncare #prematureaging #uva #protectyourskin #vegansunday #veganskincare #organic #reefsafesunscreen #toxinfree #chemicalfree #tintedfacesunscreen #thinkdirtycertified #ecofriendly #carbonneutral

How gorgeous is our new lipstick shade in Peony Pop? What a stunning shade for spring/summer 🌸☀️⁣

Did you know our lipsticks are packed with nourishing babassu and passion fruit oil for effortless application? They also have plumping plant peptides to give your pout a naturally fuller appearance. ⁣

Peony Pop is a very versatile,sheer shade ⁣

£20 or purchase it in a pan at £8 and add it to your Tropic palette available at £16 which you build to suit you ⁣


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What makes our colour palette different to other makeup palettes?

There are a few features that make the Tropic Colour Palette a standout product:
All of the creams and powders you can put into your Colour Palette are naturally derived ingredients combined with plant derived, mineral and safe synthetic colourants.
All of the products are lovingly poured or pressed in the UK.
It’s completely refillable, with you being able to buy individual product pans when you’ve run out of a colour or would like to try a new one. This refillable option allows you to reduce your overall packaging use, which is hugely beneficial for the environment.
It’s magnetic, so your makeup remains safe and secure.
The long vertical mirror means you can see your whole face, making it easier to apply makeup.

Pan is £16 & you can add pans as you go on or you can create a full palette for £68

Shop via my shop www.tropicskincare.com/jacquirussell or message me to place an order for you x


This is the most effective face exfoliater I’ve ever used! The bamboo silica removes dead skin cells and smooths the surface of your skin. Not only is it packed with antioxidants, it also contains vitamin E so soften uneven skin and soothe dry patches. It smells incredible and honestly the way our skin is left feeling after even one single use is amazingggg✨

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💄Weekly Makeup Focus💄

With lockdown hopefully starting to ease thought it was the perfect time to start thinking of makeup again! Excited to have an occasion to wear it! Our multi-award winning makeup range has everyone talking and it is easy to see why, nourish your skin without nasty chemicals and look great doing so! Clean, Green and Ethically sourced, be good to your skin and feel good doing so!

💗Flawless Collection 💗

🛍 Create a natural-looking, flawless finish with this essential collection, including Beauty Booster, Mineral Foundation, Illuma and Full Coverage Kabuki Brush. Available in 8 shades. These chemical free products get a fantastic clean green 0 rating from think dirty!🛍

🌾Beauty Booster sheer foundation is a silky, light coverage foundation for a dewy, weightless finish that lasts. Its antioxidant-rich resveratrol shields skin against pollution, natural minerals provide broad spectrum sun protection and Aztec marigold extract protects against HEV artificial light damage. Great coverage but so light you don’t feel it on!🌾

🌿Mineral Foundation has been blended with light diffusing spherical particles for the perfect complexion. It is powered by active botanical extracts of olive leaf, sea buckthorn and Vitamin E to nourish the skin. Can be used all over the face or on areas you want a little extra coverage. Perfect when applied with the Full Coverage Kabuki Brush.🌿

🌻Illuma is a light diffusing concealer enriched with collagen-boosting algae extract to promote a brighter radiant, more youthful looking complexion. It can be used as a highlighter, used on dark circles or as an illuminating base.🌻

www.tropicskincare.com/jacquirussell #outout #makeupvegan #makeuplooks #tropicmakeup #chemicalfreemakeup #makeupoftheday @ Prestwick

Becoming a Tropic Ambassador ⭐️⁣

If you have a passion for clean beauty, love the products, have time on your hands or just want a side line becoming an ambassador couldn’t be easier and I’m so glad I joined.

Tropic is a fabulous company to work for. It’s very charitable, carbon neutral, all their products are cruelty free, pure, honest and effective. ⁣

There is no targets being an ambassador, however there is fabulous incentives. You simply gain 25% from every sale and have opportunities to make more the more you grow. ⁣There are some added bonuses valid until the end of May.

It’s a one of cost of £198 to join, which gets you a fabulous kit with nearly £500 worth of products, marketing kit, your own online shop and free training.
The team are very supportive and no you don’t need to work in the beauty industry to get involved. ⁣

Interested? Message me today and I’ll get you started on your new skincare journey ✨⁣

Build your palette your way.. use the looks I’m posting this week to help you... Our award-winning, sleek palette is the latest in beauty innovation, allowing you to create a fully personalised makeup look you can carry with you wherever you go. ⁣
✨The palette is magnetic so when you add in your chosen pans they don’t easily fall out. ⁣
✨The palette is individually £16 and you can add your pans as you go or you can purchase a complete palette including the pans for £68 ⁣
✨Individual pans start from £8. ⁣
✨Pans include eyeshadow, lipstick, contour, undercover, blusher, bronzer, setting powder and brows. ⁣
✨It is your palette so have it your way. You might want a mixed palette or purely just eyeshadows and a setting powder. It’s completely up to you how you build it ⁣
✨There are 4 ways you can build your palette to insure all your pans fit:⁣
A. 6 small pans & 1 large pan⁣
B. 4 small pans, 1 medium pan & 1 large pan ⁣
C. 2 small pans, 2 medium pans & 1 large pan ⁣
D. 3 medium pans and 1 large pans ⁣
✨Lipsticks, eyeshadows and brows come in small pans at £8 ⁣
✨undercover, bronzer & blusher come in medium or large pans ⁣
✨contour & highlighter just come in medium pans ⁣
✨Setting powder is just available in a large pan ⁣

Website link- www.tropicskincare.com/jacquirussell

#makeup #naturalbeauty #cleanbeauty #tropicskincareambassador @ Prestwick

😍Face Mask Focus 😍

🌱 Face masks are great skin boosters really targeting skin concerns, whether your skin craves moisture, longs to be brighter, or is in need of a blemish-banishing remedy, we have you covered. All our masks are 100% natural. Choose between Face Lift, Clear Skin or Deep Hydration or why not try mask mapping, using a combination of masks at the same time on different areas of the face to combat combination skin. 🌱

💐 Face Lift 💐 - a brightening, tightening and detoxifying mask packed with a selection of powerful plant derived ingredients and acids including sea buckthorn to plump and firm the skin, glycolic acid which promotes bright and even skin tone and agave nectar and vitamin B5 which leaves skin hydrated and smooth. This is perfect for dull or aging skin where the electric daisy reduces fine lines and tumeric and clay promote a brighter more youthful looking complexion. Target areas prone to aging like the neck, forehead and eye area.

🌿 Clear Skin 🌿 - this spot busting mask helps to control sebum levels and prevent breakouts. Salicylic acid and ginger extract kill blemish causing bacteria while the spirulina and green clay draw out toxins and tighten pores. The bamboo charcoal and goji berry extract reduce redness and calm skin. This mask unclogged pores leaving a shine-free complexion. Target blemish prone areas and T zone and chin. Can be used overnight on individual, stubborn blemishes.

💧Deep Hydration 💧- this soothing and cooling, creamy award winning mask instantly hydrates and soothes irritated or dry skin. With anti-inflammatory allantoin and bisabolo, antioxidant-rich wild Australian riberries, muntries and pepperberries and hydrating resurrection flower extract your skin is left feeling restored and looking vibrant. It can be used anywhere on the body and is especially effective on areas of eczema and psoriasis. Can even be used as a nourishing hair mask!

🌈 Don’t forget if you buy an ABC skincare Collection (your cleanser, toner and moisturiser) you get your choice of mask free! 🌈

www.tropicskincare.com/jacquirussell #weekendpampering #cosynights #pamperyourself #clearskin #hydratedskin #facelift #veganskincare @ Prestwick

Jacqui Tropic Skin Care


This multipurpose, nourishing green balm is a bestselling skincare hero. Enhanced with antioxidant-rich ingredients, it helps to repair scarred & damaged skin, improve the appearance of stretch marks & soothe dry skin conditions such as eczema & psoriasis, as well as stings & bug bites. Tried & tested by so many gets amazing reviews. Also starting to get an amazing collection of before and after pictures. This really is a product every family should have at home. #eczema #psoriasis #nappyrash #burns #bites #stings #chappedlips #rash #cuts #scars #stretchmarkcream @ Prestwick

🌴🌴🌴 Tropic for the Whole Family 🌴🌴🌴

💜 Day 5 💜

💤 So Sleepy Pillow Mist 💤

💜 There are a number of things I love about this product aside from getting more sleep. The smell! It is gorgeous, I hate lavender smells as they are normally sickly and heady. I can’t smell the lavender in this, others say they can I can’t. I think this is due to the eucalyptus, frankincense and chamomile balancing it out. The fact that you only need a couple of sprays means it lasts a long time before needing to re order. I feel the quality of sleep I get is much better, I get a deeper sleep. 💜

🌿 If you love the smell of this why not try the creambalm unwind hand cream, it has the same essential oils and smell as the pillow spray but it a super moisturising hand cream or the unwind pamper pack which contains the creambalm, the rare so sleepy temple balm and 2 body washes! All proceeds from the pamper packs fund the manufacturing of the hand creams and sanitisers for the NHS!🌿

www.tropicskincare.com/jacquirussell #unwind #relax #metime #natural #sleepingbeauty #sleepaid #vegansleepspray #veganbeautyproducts #safeforkids #safeforbaby #chemicalfree #toxinfree #familything #freedelivery #freshlymade #staysafe #stayhome @ Prestwick Beach

So many uses for our incredible Vitamin Toner 💛

Please order directly through:


🌴🌴🌴 Tropic for the Whole Family 🌴🌴🌴

💙 Day 5 💙

🌪 Clear Skies 🌪

🌳 This exciting brand new product has been eagerly awaited. It is a cleansing powder that when combined with a small amount of water is a fantastic blemish fighting face wash. It has been produced in a powder form as most face washes are 90% water so lasts much longer and is great value for money. It contains two types of encapsulated plant enzymes to target impurities. The first, lipase, breaks down fat based impurities (sebum, excess oils) while the second, protease, breaks down protein based impurities (dead skin cells). Its blue spirulina helps clear and refine the appearance of pores whilst ensuring minimal moisture is lost during cleansing. The results have been brilliant. 🌳

🍃 I would highly recommended this product. It is fantastic for breakouts, oily skin, teenage skin and anyone looking for a deeper cleanse. For ultimate skin clarity use alongside pure lagoon.🍃

www.tropicskincare.com/jacquirussell #clearskin #clearskintips #spirulina #veganskincare #teenageskincare #doublecleanse #spotproneskin #familyfavorite #blemishfree #freeshipping #moneybackguarantee #banishbreakouts @ Jacqui Tropic Skin Care

Unsure where to start with a skincare routine? Try our Skincare Routine Finder. It takes one minute and will show you the perfect products for healthier, happier skin😊


With a 90 day money back guarantee, what you got to lose. So many people have made the choice, including me, to look after their skin and have incredible results😊.

Any questions please ask😊.

Shop at www.tropicskincare.com/jacquirussell or contact me direct Any orders under £30 can be sent to me (for free delivery for you💜). Im finalising current order this evening x

🌎beauty with a conscience🌎
🌎natural ingredients, toxin free, cruelty free🌎

Top tip:

Ever wondered how to check how much of your product you have left?

Pop your phone torch underneath your item and see how much space lights up just like in this picture.


Placing an order tonight so if you need any top ups let me know x

The change in the weather makes me look forward to a nice warm bath! Tropic BATH TIME Favourites 🛀🍷🥥
RELAX and PAMPER with Tropics Bath-time Treats

Tahitan Vanilla and Coconut Luxury , passion fruit and ginger lily, monoi and orange flower Bath Foam, this is PURE LUXURY.
Aloe Vera, Coconut, Vanilla, Macadamia Milk soften your skin as you unwind 🤎
£18 260ml
£27 520 ml refil (saves £9!!)

Body Smooth BODY POLISH, Tropics Founding Product!!!
A SALON QUALITY Product Packed with Nourishing Oils and Mineral Rich Sea Salts that gently buff away dead skin, then rinse off salts and rub the amazing leftover LUXURIOUS oils into your skin 🧡
Results are a Gorgeous SOFT and EVEN Skin-tone that GLOWS ✨✨

Cleansing BODY PEBBLES, these multifunctional pebbles can be used to cleanse the body, wash hair, wash hands. 100% Natural, AMAZING on Children and Sensitive Skin/ Eczema only £8 #homespaday #bubblebath #induldge #enjoy #metime #mytime #natural #indulge #veganbathandbody www.tropicskincare.com/jacquirussell @ Jacqui Tropic Skin Care

My Why ....

Why did I consider becoming a Tropic skin care Ambassador? The honest reason was because I am so in love with the products I wanted to join for the discount for myself and my mum. I treated myself to the skin care set in March and had never seen my skin looking as bright and clear. I ran out at the end of the year and reverted back to what was lying around the house and my skin went back to breaking out.

Having spoken to people about my experience with Tropic skin care, I found that the people who had used it- loved it as much as me, and the rest didn’t know about it. That got me thinking that perhaps people just haven’t tried Tropic skin care yet and like me would finally find the exact products you spend your life searching for.

I have never had an interest in social selling and in actual fact have been annoyed by the way in which people have approached me with other opportunities before. I love my job and I am not looking for another profession. Even though I go out and have a ‘real’ job my kids are my priority and everything I do is for them. I have a few fab friends that I already struggle to keep up (sorry ladies) and I am extremely happy with my annual family trip to Salou.

I just genuinely have never found a skin care line like this before. Creator Susie Ma teamed up with Lord Sugar to make naturally derived, vegan and cruelty free products which aren’t sold in stores because they are delivered fresh. They smell amazing and I only wish I had found them sooner!

I am genuinely excited to share this with you.. first stop myself and my fabulous eyelash expert pal Susan are going to team up for a Prosecco, Product and Pamper party for some friends. I am really looking forward to it in the mean time if anyone wants more information or fancies trying anything just get in touch.

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Sun day ☀️
A little me time 💕
Free delivery to your doorstep today 🧡
Mini me pamper party 💛😍
Me and mini me + supergreens 🌱
Easy as Abc



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