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Elizabeth Dell has been awarded her Postgraduate Diploma in DERMATOLOGY IN CLINICAL PRACTICE - with **Distinction**
This qualification is Royal College of General Practitioners accredited and means that your treatment at Muti will be informed by a good foundation in best practice in dermatology.

And to celebrate the end of exams and essays and case studies - Elizabeth is offering AN EXTRA 50% FREE for her favourite RADIOFREQUENCY SKIN-TIGHTENING treatments! Anyone buying a course of four RF face treatments (which are so good for building collagen) will receive two extra treatments free. For purchases all through April.

Using the industry leading BTL Exilis, in a treatment which feels like a hot stone massage, your skin is heated in a controlled way which results over time in the production of collagen to lift and tighten the contours of your face. Most common areas to treat are the lower face (the jowels), neck, eyelids. Or the whole face. There is no downtime. And no better time.

Visit the website for more information, or PM for an appointment. Consultations are free, and are a great opportunity to discuss your skin concerns in detail.
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Find out more about the powerful photo rejuvenation with Ellipse ipl at Mutiskin. It’s an excellent treatment for sun damage, pigmentation, fine facial veins, rosacea.

Photo rejuvenation with our Ellipse IPL effectively fights pigmentation, redness and improves skin texture. It takes only a 20 minutes session and two week to see the full results.
📸 Idermic - Dermatologia i Cirurgia Plàstica
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BTL Aesthetics UK

Message Mutiskin to find out more about all the body contouring and skin tightening possibilities of the Exilis Radiofrequency and Ultrasound device.

Loathe your love handles? Dream of improving your face and jawline? #ExilisUltra360 non-invasive treatment is ideal for any patient between the ages of 21 and 70+ looking to treat their face & body with great results!

Contact muti to find out more about the benefits of Radiofrequency skin treatments. High tech boost to your facial collagen to improve contours, fine lines and skin tone. Safe and effective (fda approved) for all skin types. Packages, combinations and offers worked out to suit you and your skin needs. Just pm, call or visit to explore.

Did you know that you can have #Exilis to help turn back the clock, erase fine lines and wrinkles and to contour the face and neck REGARDLESS of skin colour? Exilis is a supremely comfortable treatment which gives an immediate visual improvement with the long-lasting results to follow. #exilisultra #skin #antiageing #collagen #wrinkles #skincare #face #facial #beauty #radiant #glowing

Don't forget MutiSkin GIFT VOUCHERS; for a treatment, or towards a course of treatments or products. And because they are GIFT vouchers, Muti always adds a little something extra to the value of your gift, or bonus treatments to your course of treatments.

**Last posting day before Christmas is Saturday.
PM for details.

For pampering, skin boosting facials,
Resurfacing treatment peels,
Teenage acne consultations, know-how and facials
Radiofrequency skin rejuvenation,
Laser hair removal,
Dermapen microneedling

The Guardian

“We are who we are” on ageing, beauty and being 100; an inspiring photo documentary celebrates beautiful women.

“I personally find myself beautiful, and when I don’t, I do my best anyways!"

Is coffee good for Rosacea? | MutiSkinClinic

At last! Good news for coffee drinkers. A recently-published study has established that coffee intake may even have a beneficial effect on rosacea. A fifteen year trial involving nearly 83,000 people identified a reduced risk of rosacea among coffee drinkers. This did not apply to caffeine intake from tea, soft drinks or chocolate. The bottom line - vaso-constricting and anti-inflammatory properties of coffee need to be further studied to understand this surprise finding. Meanwhile for some rosacea sufferers, the heat from coffee may be a personal trigger of flushing. Is coffee good for Rosacea?Notes in Dermatology, Skin concerns ROSACEA AND CAFFEINE: Caffeine intake & the risk of rosacea Rosacea sufferers will know that there are a whole range of foods, activities or situations which can trigger a flare of their chronic condition. Coffee has often been grouped a...

Contact Muti for advice and targeted treatments to manage Rosacea and acne Rosacea

Understanding Rosacea | MutiSkinClinic

For those who were looking for more information about Rosacea, following the case study, please see the MUTI blog 'Understanding Rosacea'. Any questions, please be in touch Understanding RosaceaNotes in Dermatology, Skin concerns UNDERSTANDING ROSACEA:Flushing, redness & ‘acne’ Rosacea is a chronic inflammatory facial skin rash which affects primarily women from their forties and fifties, mainly with fair complexions. There is increasing evidence of Rosacea being w...

With the changing temperatures and turned up heating, it is time to look at managing Rosacea, so unhappily prevalent here among celtic skin types on the west coast of Scotland.
To find out more about Rosacea treatment options, please see the case study at mutiskin or pm me

Why Radiofrequency?

This high-tech facial treatment has all the
😊aaaaaah of a hot-stone massage, and the
😎wow of a red-carpet prep
🌟But its magic is the 4-month process of building collagen and remodelling your skin, lifting, firming, tightening.

BTL Exilis radiofrequency is a class-leading treatment, backed by evidence and the highest FDA approvals – for safety AND efficacy.

Find out more, pm MutiSkin

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Kninkles?? Now that’s some way of describing lumpy knees! Showcasing just another example of how radiofrequency treatments can lift tighten and contour; kninkles to wrinkles and so much in between, with #btlexelis radiofrequency.

Don’t let your legs give the game away. You can tighten up sagging skin on the thighs and banish knee wrinkles with Exilis. A course of around 4 treatments gives results that last and it’s safe for all skin colours, including tanned skin. Available across the UK at leading aesthetic clinics.

Just finishing a hugely inspiring day today in Dublin with Ellipse - a laser masterclass, finding out about new developments in selective wavelength IPL and fractionated laser. Always tempting to come home with a new machine to add to the brilliant skin combinations already at Muti 😊

Clinical Specialist Nicole Parris at it again!!
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Thanks to my lovely client for sharing these photos after her treatment today. The first is after her first treatment with BTL Exelis radiofrequency, the second is today after her third treatment. Exelis is doing exactly what it is known for, firming and tightening the skin and improving contour. The whole quality of skin is so much better firmer more alive. The best thing though is that this is very early to be assessing results - radiofrequency continues to work at building collagen and elasticity for three to four months following treatment. Contact me at Mutiskin to find out more, whether it is a single area you want to boost, eyes, or lips, or everything from brow to neck.

#exilis #exilisultra360 #eyes #skin #collagen #antiageing #btlaesthetics #btlexilisultra360 #exilis #nonsurgical #beforeandafter #instabeauty

Lovely subtle results around the eye area with Exilis radiofrequency treatment course. Just focus on the eyes, or combine with lips, jowels, jawline or, well, everything. Contact Muti to come in for a chat about this popular high tech treatment

Another fantastic before and after by Jaye Bird Aesthetics using Exilis Ultra 360 to lift sagging eyelids, smooth away lines and wrinkles and to plump and tighten the under-eye area. You will see immediate results and have no downtime or pain, leaving you able to reapply make up and go out.
#exilis #exilisultra360 #eyes #skin #collagen #antiageing #btlaesthetics #btlexilisultra360 #exilis #beauty #nonsurgical #beforeandafter #instabeauty #facial #crowsfeet

IPL for facial thread veins | MutiSkinClinic

Showcasing the wonderful results possible at MUTI in Prestwick, treating facial thread veins and facial flushing using the Ellipse IPL platform from Ellipse SWT/ Laser Systems - UK Really delighted with this. Please read more in the case study on the MUTI blog, and be in touch if you would like to find out more. IPL for facial thread veinsCase study, Muti stories, Skin concerns FACIAL THREAD VEINS:IPL intense pulsed light Summary: facial spider veins removed and pores refinedClient: early 60s, non-smoker, sun damage The issue:Facial thead veins are a common problem as we age, they can become enlarged and ob...

At the FACE conference in London soaking up the new ideas in facial aesthetics. Some great inspiration, a lot of reassurance that Muti is doing the right things by starting everything with skin health. And a few off the wall ideas inevitably there too. Many thanks to gold sponsor BTL aesthetics at whose invitation I was here. Looking forward to sharing ideas back at Muti.

Pic of Zein Obagi dermatologist who has revolutionised the approach to skin health.

Radiofrequency treatment for lasting improvement to skin tone and texture. Whatever your age or skintype. Full face and neck, or target areas like eyes, lips, jawline. These before and after photos show subtle transformation of tear trough, a really difficult area to treat naturally. Pm Mutiskin for more details.

Look at these amazing before and after photos of patients of differing ages who have benefitted from having Exilis. Notice how fine lines and wrinkles are softened, eye lids lifted and tightened and under-eye looseness and bags eradicated. You can brighten up the face by targeting the eyes. More importantly, it’s painless, safe, long-lasting and you can reapply make up immediately after treatment. Visit our website to find a clinic near you or contact us for details. Thank you Jaye Bird Aesthetics for the patient photos given with consent.

Ellipse Spain

Fantastic facial thread vein removal with ellipse IPL

🌟Pulso perfecto = resultado excelente🌟
Eliminación de #eritrosis con vasos de calibre medio➡️ 11J/13ms
Sorprendente ¿verdad?😍

#ellipseresults #ellipse #ellipsespain #NordlysbyEllipse #SWT #SelectiveWavebandTechnology #pulsosensubmilisegundos #piel #skin #dermatologia #dermatology #medicinaestetica

Radiofrequency for the red carpet... A course of exilis radiofrequency treatments will boost your skin by building collagen in one of the most effective ways known, backed by clinical evidence. That’s the long term, but it is also fantastic as a boost for event-ready skin, an increasingly favourite treatment of those whose day might call for a trundle down a red carpet

Dr Medispa Wilmslow - Doctor Nyla Raja was a guest at the star-studded OK! Magazine party. Here she was discussing the benefits of using Exilis pre-red carpet whilst Stephanie Davies was being interviewed. Exilis is great for reducing signs of fatigue, ageing, fine lines and wrinkles. Expect plumper, firmer and more youthful-looking skin.
Available at all top clinics across the UK. DM us for details

Sharing some great before and after pics for Exilis radiofrequency treatment. Contact MutiSkin to find out about this excellent body treatment which combines ultrasound and radiofrequency to contour fat and tighten skin. Safely. Painlessly. With the highly prized FDA approvals for safety AND efficacy.

What better way to welcome the weekend than seeing a before and after photo of an Exilis patient of Medispa Wilmslow - Doctor Nyla Raja ? Exilis tightens skin, targets and reduces unwanted body fat and sculpts and shapes the figure. Men and women love this treatment and it gives really long-lasting results. Begin your own Before and After journey today.

Exilis elite radiofrequency treatments can target the delicate eye area in a way that is unique. A course of (usually four) Exilis will boost collagen for long term results, reduced fine lines, improved tear trough contour. The treatment is painless and non invasive. It is fda approved for safety and efficacy. And at mutiskin it is carried out by one of the country’s most experienced radiofrequency practitioners. Contact Mutiskin in Ayrshire to find out more. #btlexilisuk

👀 Just two treatments with Exilis Ultra 360 gave this patient fantastic lasting results on her delicate eye area. When you have Exilis radiofrequency treatment around your eyes collagen is boosted, fine lines and wrinkles are reduced, the under eye area is firmed up and the tear trough plumped. Make up will sit better and last longer as it won’t fall into fine lines. You will look more refreshed and rested. Open your eyes to non-surgical rejuvenation without any downtime. Contact Mutiskin in Prestwick for more information about these treatments, usually a course of four is required, and results are specific to your unique skin. #exilis #eyes #exilisultra360 #btlexiliselite #exiliselite #wrinkles #antiageing #face #skin #skincare #radiantskin #youthfulskin #face #makeup #cosmetic #beauty #brows #bblogger

Fantastic results posted by ellipse for facial rejuvenation, targeting pigment and facial veins. Come and find out about this swt (selected wavelength technology) at MutiSkin in Prestwick

With the Ellipse SWT you can remove age spots, thread veins, diffuse redness and uneven pigmentation on the face and body.
Benign pigmented lesions may be genetic in origin or may be caused by physical damage such as sunburn or injury as well as the natural effect of ageing. The lesions can vary in size and colour. It is always important to ensure that the lesion is not malignant before removing it.
Thanks to NuSkinnovation Pty Ltd for providing these great results!
#NordlysbyEllipse #SWT #SelectiveWavebandTechnology #SubMillisecondPulses #PulsosenSubmilisegundos #Frax1550 #NdYAG1064

Lovely subtle brows by Angela at AMR beauty. Beautiful semi permanent brows are possible with skilful microblading.

Another nice transformation 👌🏼😘

Jersey Overseas Aid is 50 this year. Resurge Africa remains grateful for the huge amount of work the the JOA support has made possible in Sierra Leone. Hospital equipment, classrooms, store rooms, a sterile services unit. But most important it has enabled us to invest in the future of healthcare in Sierra Leone through supporting the training of surgeons, nurses, physios and anaesthetists. Hope through training. Together we will build Sierra Leone’s first self sustaining reconstructive surgery and burns service.

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of Jersey Overseas Aid. For a small Island, we continue to make a significant impact around the world - an achievement to be proud of! Keep following us for further updates on how we plan to celebrate this important milestone.

Must share these fabulous results with ellipse IPL treatment for facial veins. This one is from @Laserlight Skin Clinic Galway absolutely amazing port wine stain results!

Mutiskin offers this industry leading IPL device for pigmentation, facial veins, sun spots.

Pictures proudly posted by Ellipse SWT/ Laser Systems - UK.

Exilis radiofrequency builds collagen, and not just for faces. Had to share this post from BTL Aesthetics UK, fantastic results from a patient in Canada who had just four treatments with Exilis. Notice how her loose skin has firmed up due to an increase in collagen and elastin and her whole midsection looks more contoured and smooth.
Exilis is available at Mutiskin in Prestwick and it can tighten up loose skin anywhere on the face and body.
#exilis #exilisultra360

Must share these fabulous before and after pics posted by BTL Aesthetics UK following Exilis radiofrequency treatment at Medispa Wilmslow - Doctor Nyla Raja (before and two months after her Exilis skin tightening treatment.) Exilis works on your skin’s natural collagen and elastin levels, meaning you can soften the naso-labial folds, lift the cheeks, tighten up the jaw line and neck and make you look fresher and more youthful. Results are long-lasting. Come in and find out about #Exilis at Muti.

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