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The Good Skin Place

Handpicked advanced clinical treatments. Safe, effective, results-driven. With a focus on skin health and anti-ageing.In a discreet not-high-street setting

Advanced skin clinic in Prestwick offering only the best evidence-based treatments, technologies & skincare

Hello everyone, missing you at the Good Skin Place, and hoping that you are keeping safe and well. (And using sunblock 😊).
I am taking up the 2.6 challenge to try to save a hospital in Sierra Leone which many of you know is dear to my heart. Covid-19 is affecting so many of us in so many unimaginable ways. In Sierra Leone it is threatening the existence of the hospital that we at Resurge Africa have been working in partnership with for the last ten years. The hospital and its staff have faced and overcome many challenges, not least of which the Ebola crisis of 2014-5. They need our help, to be able to stay open, and continue to give the excellent surgical services that they do.

If you are able to support me, I know there is a team of doctors, nurses, physios, technicians, lab workers, cleaners in Sierra Leone for whom it will make the world of difference.
Donations are through virginmoneygiving
or contact me if you would like to set up your own fundraising 2.6 challenge

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon

Elizabeth is taking the 2.6 challenge to help Resurge Africa to raise funds to keep Holy Spirit Hospital Makeni going in these extraordinary times.
You can support her here

Or set up your own 2.6 challenge fundraising page for Resurge here

Sun is the leading cause of skin damage, and here in the uk we have some of the worst statistics, because we believe we are safe from burning sun most days. UVA rays are always present when there is daylight, so we should always protect our skin with good sunblock. Even when it is driech 😊😉

Myth: ❌ Makeup with SPF included in the formula is just as effective as a separate SPF
Truth: ✔️ SPF in sunscreens refers to UVB protection, whereas the star system on products refers to UVA protection. Relying on getting both solely from our makeup means that we may not be getting adequate sun protection. Furthermore, adequate sun protection is as important during winter as it is during summertime.
Correct your aesthetic sun damages and improve skin texture with #ExilisUltra360.
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BTL Aesthetics

Ask me about skin-firming collagen boosting Radiofrequency treatments. Great for the skin on your face and neck which suffers most with breakdown due to sun and pollutants. Just good skin.

Myth: ❌ People with dry skin age faster.
Truth: ✔️ The main cause of aging skin is predominantly sun exposure, followed by things such as smoking and pollution. Over time, such exposure breaks down collagen fibers which keep the skin looking youthful and plump. Therefore, dry skin does not cause wrinkles or aging, however, it can emphasize them.
Stay hydrated while receiving any facial rejuvenation #ExilisUltra360 procedures for healthy, younger-looking skin. ☀️💧 👈

#AntiWrinkles #FaceAndBody #NonSurgical

The Good Skin Place

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Christmas gift ideas - treat someone to a full skin consultation and treatment facial, including peel. £50 with a Christmas voucher - or £25 for teenagers or students. Message me, and I will post a voucher out to you (last day Monday), or email the voucher for you to print.

Thank you everyone who has visited the new Good Skin Place® website - thank you for the positive feedback. Over the next few days, this page will transfer to GoodSkinPlace - hopefully this will be automatic, but please go across and like the page, to make sure we stay connected for Good Skin. Elizabeth

[11/09/19]   Just to say the MutiSkin website is down as the changeover happens to our new identity, The Good Skin Place. Thanks for your patience - and please contact me by DM if needed x

Announcing The Good Skin Place | MutiSkinClinic

MutiSkin is transforming!

Over the next few days, MutiSkin will be rebranded as THE GOOD SKIN PLACE® - fresh pretties and a new name, but the same clinic, tech, expertise and attention to detail as ever before. The same Muti philosophy of kindness and health and nurturing.
I hope that you will like the new look.

Elizabeth xx

This branding change was in response to an EU trademark conflict around use of the word ‘muti’ for aesthetic or cosmeceutical work. The word ‘muti’ is very personal to me, and I am sad to see it go. However, I celebrate the new branding, naming my clinic ‘The Good Skin Place’ – to describe exactly what the clinic does and what it stands for. And this time, the clinic name is protected by a trademark of its own. Announcing The Good Skin PlaceUncategorised WHATS IN A NAME?Mutiskin becomes The Good Skin Place® In November 2019, MutiSkin will change identity, and become known as THE GOOD SKIN PLACE®, following the successful registration of trademark. Only the name will change, and Elizabeth’s skin clinic ...

BTL Aesthetics

Treat your skin from within, with Exilis collagen boosting treatments from mutiskin in Prestwick. Pm for info or come in and chat about your skin 😊

Myth: ❌ Choosing the right skin cream can keep your skin looking young.
Truth: ✔️ There are hundreds of skin creams that claim to help you look younger or slow the aging process but it's difficult to say if one is better than another. The best ways to keep wrinkles at bay are using sunscreen and not smoking.
Creams can’t get as deep as radiofrequency and ultrasound combined by #ExilisUltra360. Treat your wrinkles from within! 🥰 👈
#NonSurgical #NonInvasive #SkinTightening

Mutiskin offers this amazing treatment which builds collagen. Message for info, or to come in for a free consultation to talk Good Skin 😊

#DidYouKnow that focused thermal energy of #ExilisUltra360 disrupts collagen fibers? Don’t worry though! Collagen triple-helix structure is affected by heat and the unraveling process is initiated. The natural healing process encourages fibroblasts to produce new collagen fibers, which means improved skin structure and appearance. 💙
#NonSurgical #NonInvasive #SkinTightening

Lovely results using the Ellipse IPL device for clearing the pigmentation resulting from years of sun damage. 🌞
Find out more about these powerful, effective IPL treatments for skin rejuvenation at MutiSkin. 😊

Fantastic results sent in by a patient while on holiday to show how happy they were with the results of their #Ellipse #IPL treatments with the #Nordlys system.
Repost: Francesca Palamara @francescapalamara1975

Useful response to the headlines today about the risks of HRT and breast cancer

So, today's headlines include more scaremongering regarding the safety of HRT (specifically its association with an increased risk of breast cancer). I want to reassure women that this is not something to be alarmed by, despite the media's best efforts.

As I explain to all women who see me in clinic, the association between HRT and breast cancer is complex and, for one, varies between different types of HRT. Some important points re today's "news":

1) This not actually news and doesn't add anything to what we already know.

2) The small increased risk of breast cancer associated with HRT use (for more than 5 years over the age of 51) is far less than the increased risk of breast cancer associated with being overweight, regular alcohol consumption, or taking little to no exercise.

3) Heart disease kills far more women in the Western world (~ 45%) than breast cancer (~ 4%). HRT reduces the risk of heart disease if started within ten years of menopause, below the age of 60.

4) There is NO increased risk of dying from breast cancer if you take/have taken HRT.

5) There is NO increased risk of breast cancer if you are taking HRT for premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) or early menopause (you are simply replacing the hormones your body requires).

6) The biggest risk factors for breast cancer remain being female and getting older (thus, beyond our control).

I hope this alleviates some fears.

#BreastCancer #HRT #WomensHealth #Menopause

BTL Aesthetics UK

Great examples of Exilis Radiofrequency treatment focusing around the eyes. Beautifully delivered at MutiSkin in Prestwick 😊

More on the exceptional power of #BTLExilisSystem. Specially designed 360° applicator makes it easier to treat difficult-to-reach areas, such as the periorbital area. That means that better results are delivered in shorter treatment times. What do you think about that?
#NonSurgical #NonInvasive #SkinTightening #AntiAging #RadioFrequencyDevice #RFDevice #AntiWrinkles #Abdomen #Skin #SkinThickness #Therapy #BodyShaping #CosmeticImprovement #FaceAndBody #Comfortable #Rejuvenation #ContouringProcedure #BTL #BTLAesthetics

Pay monthly skin rejuvenation package
**Limited offer - £98 per month (40% off)

I thought I would run this one past you… 🤔
Some clients are loving the option to pay monthly for a year’s worth of targeted high tech skin rejuvenation. Imagine the difference a year could make… 😉

Join Muti with 12 secured monthly payments of £98, and receive a year of focused skin rejuvenation - with an award winning high-tech clinical treatment each month which focuses deeply on the area you want to treat (worth £165 each). Each treatment includes
✨Radiofrequency treatments to the target area - eyes, cheeks/lips, jowels, jawline or neck - to build collagen and tighten your skin
✨Swedish Akademikliniken professional peel to clarify and refine

❗️Subject to consultation and your skin’s needs, the radiofrequency treatment plan can also include optional IPL for pigmentation, and Dermapen for boosted collagen remodelling.

❗️All treatments, consultation and care by Elizabeth Dell, so you get expert advice and experienced treatment, with the problem solving reassurance of a postgraduate Diploma in Dermatology.

❗️Contact me to find out more about this limited offer - or come in and talk skin x

Ellipse radiofrequency by BTL is FDA approved - its safe and it works - for contouring of the body. Radiofrequency wont shift those big volumes, no non-invasive procedure can do that; but it will contour tough to treat areas and improve elasticity and tone of the skin. Great for after dieting, or following pregnancy. Find out more at Mutiskin ...

“Historically, the best results have always come from a combination of treatments... Combination treatments allow physicians to address a problem from multiple vectors and/or create a more well-rounded result by addressing different concerns together...”
Suneel Chilukuri, M.D., Refresh Dermatology, United States
#ThinkDifferentTreatDifferent with #BodyByBTL

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Thank you to my lovely client for sharing her before and after photos, taken 8 months apart. Her concern was crepiness of skin on her cheeks, leading to more expression lines than she wanted.
We used targeted radiofrequency treatments to remodel collagen on her cheeks, resulting in skin that is noticeably firmer, plumper, more elastic. As a Mutiskin bonus, the treatment included a series of peels and the benefit of good skincare advice; the result is glowing, beautiful, healthy skin.

Radiofrequency treatments (using the industry leading Exilis by BTL) stimulate collagen through controlled heating to safely remodel the skin. It feels like a hot stone massage, so, a treat of a treatment 😉.

We can target specific areas, such as cheeks, eyes or jawline, or treat the whole face. A course of treatments is needed - PM for details or arrange a free consultation and benefit from a good, informed chat about your skin.

Elizabeth Dell has been awarded her Postgraduate Diploma in DERMATOLOGY IN CLINICAL PRACTICE - with **Distinction**
This qualification is Royal College of General Practitioners accredited and means that your treatment at Muti will be informed by a good foundation in best practice in dermatology.

And to celebrate the end of exams and essays and case studies - Elizabeth is offering AN EXTRA 50% FREE for her favourite RADIOFREQUENCY SKIN-TIGHTENING treatments! Anyone buying a course of four RF face treatments (which are so good for building collagen) will receive two extra treatments free. For purchases all through April.

Using the industry leading BTL Exilis, in a treatment which feels like a hot stone massage, your skin is heated in a controlled way which results over time in the production of collagen to lift and tighten the contours of your face. Most common areas to treat are the lower face (the jowels), neck, eyelids. Or the whole face. There is no downtime. And no better time.

Visit the website for more information, or PM for an appointment. Consultations are free, and are a great opportunity to discuss your skin concerns in detail.
#btlaesthetics #btlexiliselite #btlaestheticsuk #eyes #skinrejuvenation #nonsurgical

Find out more about the powerful photo rejuvenation with Ellipse ipl at Mutiskin. It’s an excellent treatment for sun damage, pigmentation, fine facial veins, rosacea.

Photo rejuvenation with our Ellipse IPL effectively fights pigmentation, redness and improves skin texture. It takes only a 20 minutes session and two week to see the full results.
📸 Idermic - Dermatologia i Cirurgia Plàstica
#EllipseIPL #IPL #Ellipse #Candela #pigmentation #photorejuvenation #antiaging #lasertreatment

BTL Aesthetics UK

Message Mutiskin to find out more about all the body contouring and skin tightening possibilities of the Exilis Radiofrequency and Ultrasound device.

Loathe your love handles? Dream of improving your face and jawline? #ExilisUltra360 non-invasive treatment is ideal for any patient between the ages of 21 and 70+ looking to treat their face & body with great results!

Contact muti to find out more about the benefits of Radiofrequency skin treatments. High tech boost to your facial collagen to improve contours, fine lines and skin tone. Safe and effective (fda approved) for all skin types. Packages, combinations and offers worked out to suit you and your skin needs. Just pm, call or visit to explore.

Did you know that you can have #Exilis to help turn back the clock, erase fine lines and wrinkles and to contour the face and neck REGARDLESS of skin colour? Exilis is a supremely comfortable treatment which gives an immediate visual improvement with the long-lasting results to follow. #exilisultra #skin #antiageing #collagen #wrinkles #skincare #face #facial #beauty #radiant #glowing

Don't forget MutiSkin GIFT VOUCHERS; for a treatment, or towards a course of treatments or products. And because they are GIFT vouchers, Muti always adds a little something extra to the value of your gift, or bonus treatments to your course of treatments.

**Last posting day before Christmas is Saturday.
PM for details.

For pampering, skin boosting facials,
Resurfacing treatment peels,
Teenage acne consultations, know-how and facials
Radiofrequency skin rejuvenation,
Laser hair removal,
Dermapen microneedling

The Guardian

“We are who we are” on ageing, beauty and being 100; an inspiring photo documentary celebrates beautiful women.

“I personally find myself beautiful, and when I don’t, I do my best anyways!"

Is coffee good for Rosacea? | MutiSkinClinic

At last! Good news for coffee drinkers. A recently-published study has established that coffee intake may even have a beneficial effect on rosacea. A fifteen year trial involving nearly 83,000 people identified a reduced risk of rosacea among coffee drinkers. This did not apply to caffeine intake from tea, soft drinks or chocolate. The bottom line - vaso-constricting and anti-inflammatory properties of coffee need to be further studied to understand this surprise finding. Meanwhile for some rosacea sufferers, the heat from coffee may be a personal trigger of flushing. Is coffee good for Rosacea?Notes in Dermatology, Skin concerns ROSACEA AND CAFFEINE: Caffeine intake & the risk of rosacea Rosacea sufferers will know that there are a whole range of foods, activities or situations which can trigger a flare of their chronic condition. Coffee has often been grouped a...

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