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Everyday's a lip day 😘💋

1ml of pouty perfection


👄 1ml of crisp perfection 👌
Leave your lips to me 😘


❓️❓️Did you know that you do not need to have filler to get bigger, lifted lips❓️❓️

This result was achieved by using a very small amount of toxin on the lip border to do something called a lip flip 😍


Fresh 👀 Truely blown away by these plenhygage results 😍

Look how smooth the under eye area is after just 1 session, it has definitely smoothed those fine lines!

I see this lady everyday at work, and let me tell you, these pictures do not even do these results justice, because she looks absolutely amazing!

I can not tell you how happy it makes me when we deliver results like these, that not only help with a person's apperance but also boost someone's confidence so much. That is the biggest reward of all 🫶


Insane results from just 1 session of Plenhyage 🙌

My client wanted the excess skin on her neck to be reduced after weight loss, and that is exactly what she got!

This treatment is a polynucleotide IT IS NOT A SKIN BOOSTER, meaning it can brighten and tighten skin, but most importantly, it can repair tissues, by boosting our natural collagen, restoring skin firmness, improving skin texture, improving elasticity and increasing hydration to promote a more youthful appearance and minimising fine lines and wrinkles!

This treatment is perfect for anyone who has:
- Scar tissue or scarring
- Would like an overall more youthful appearance.
- Has acne, especially acne scarring
- Fine lines and wrinkles. This is a great alternative for around the eye area if you do not want filler!
- Red sensitive skin
- Rosacea
- Skin Pigmentation that you would like to reduce

The biggest one, this can be used to repair any tissue damage from years and years of filler especially in the lips this will help restore and repair the damaged tissues.
So, if your having lip filler dissolved due to migration this is a great treatment to consider also!

Any questions please pop us a DM 🫶


Beautiful spikey lashes 🫶

This lovely young lady has been on a journey with me, from having barely any natural lashes left, due to damage from previous lashes (not by me) to now being able to have sets like these ❤️
I am truely so grateful to all my clients that return time and time again. You guys are everything 😘


Antiwrinkle transformation 101 😍

2024 is the year of antiwrinkle treatments! With so many areas of the face now being able to be treated with antiwrinkle, it's such a popular treatment.

Small subtle changes make such a difference to the face and a person's confidence and with antiwrinkle treatments you can see something's different about a person but it's not obvious what it is.

For your 2024 glow up DM us and book in for a FREE consultation 🫶

Photos from Beauty call by Kayleigh's post 24/12/2023

Christmas 💅 🎄🎅I've been so busy I've literally forgotten to take pictures


Happy lipmas 💋⭐️

Last day in clinic today, and we are soooooo busy and also SO, SO grateful to each and every one of you 🫶


Call me the santa of lips 🎅
Delivering perfect pouts for Christmas 🎄💋

Due to years & years of filler upon filler, we decided the best choice was for a dissolve and refresh!

I am so here for the results 😍


Let's just take a moment to appreciate these 🍋 lemon bottle fat dissolve results 😮!!

After just 1 session excess fat has noticeably gone and the area is firmer 🫶.

Photos from Beauty call by Kayleigh's post 18/11/2023

Swipe to transform these lips 💋

We created a natural looking cupids bow and filled out the slight dip on the left hand side to give an overall natural but smooth looking lip, 🫶

Only 0.5ml used to create these dreamy lips


We are trying our hardest to get known please give this a share and tag some friends who love shopping 🩷

New to long sutton
🫶🏻OPEN Thursday To Sunday 10AM - 4PM

Address - 59 Wisbech Road Long Sutton PE129AQ
📍 opposite long sutton McDonalds at “THE EMPORIUM”

Come show your support 🤍


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who has the finest lips of them all 😍💋

1ml of pure heaven 😇


Sometimes lip filler has to be a journey & you need to trust the process...

My client loves the bigger volumous look 💋, however after some previous migration we dissolved the top lip and focused on rebuilding slowly & gradually for natural, longer lasting results.

She has been so patient in the process but it has now paid off 😍.
Volume achieved ✅
Shape achieved ✅
No ducky appearance ✅

Photos from Beauty call by Kayleigh's post 30/10/2023

3 weeks growth & not a single lifted nail 💅
Swipe to infill



If natural subtle lips is your thing, then we are your people!! 💉

So different yet so natural 💁‍♀️
Balancing out the top to bottom lip ratio, evening out the assemetry in the top lip & creating a soft cupids bow, all with 0.5ml of my new favorite lip filler, Ouye 😍

I absolutley love this result & the shape 💋


Check out these incredible🍋 Lemon bottle fat dissolving results. This is just 5 days after initial treatment🤩.


Dissolve and russian refill for this lovely lady 💋

Upon assessment she had some migrated filler in her top lip so we decided to dissolve and start fresh and rebuild the lips gradually and naturally.

Photos from Beauty call by Kayleigh's post 08/09/2023

Some fluffy Hybrids ❤️


If you have dark hollows under your eyes but don't want tear trough filler... Then lumi eyes is the treatment for you.
Instant results that improve over 2 weeks, rejuvenating and revitalising the eye area.

2 treatments, 4 weeks apart are recommended for lasting results


Lemon bottle fat dissolving 🍋

Check out the skin tightening results after only 1 session of fat dissolving 😍.
We still haven't quiet achieved the full desired result so we will continue with another session but look at the difference already!

Lemon bottle stomach fat dissolving can require 3-4 sessions.


Natural enhancements is our thing 🙌!!

what a difference a bit of tox can make to appearance and confidence 💉.

Results 2weeks after initial treatment


🌟 Nose transformation 101🌟

Liquid Rhinoplastry - changing the shape of the nose doesn't only change someone's nose shape but also facial features and side profile.

I'll let the results speak for themselves

👋Nasal dip


📷 Loving these lips 😍
Keeping it natural but lifted 💉


Nails like my mood... Hazey 💅

Photos from Beauty call by Kayleigh's post 17/08/2023

👀 Swipe for my 14 day skin transformation 😲!!

This is a bit of a raw post for me even looking at the pictures makes me🫨 but I wanted to show you all how good skin boosters are and what they can do.

Me and my skin have a love hate relationship!
Ever since having my little boy I have battled quiet badly with acne, redness and skin blemishes. I have tried lots of medicated skin creams and tablets but nothing seemed to work.
I don't have time to wear makeup anymore so feeling comfortable in my natural skin is really important to me. when my skin is breaking out, red & sore it makes me so miserable.

I thought I would give Jalupro a try, 14 days ago I did this skin booster and I wasn't really expecting to much results wise but I am actually shocked how amazing the results are my skin is pretty much completly clear and it looks quiet glowy! (Can I just note as well I have had my menstrual cycle this week and this is when I break out the worst but I've had 1 spot).

The first picture was taken straight after treatment, the second 5 days in and the last was was taken this morning.

I will do another session of Jalupro this week and then I should only need a top up yearly afterwards but I am truly amazed at how good my skin is.

There are lots of different skin boosters available on the market to help with all types of skin complaints from acne to ageing.

Skin boosters can seem expensive but I don't actually think there is anything better than investing money in beautiful skin!
If you're interested in skin boosters please get in contact with any questions or book free a consultation to discuss treatment and outcomes 🫶

Photos from Beauty call by Kayleigh's post 14/08/2023

Please see our updated booking fees policy and T&CS of booking!
Very soon we will also be launching our new online booking system (the old one has too many issues). Once live, I will no longer be taking bookings through Messenger, all booking fees will be paid directly through the booking system and consent forms also completed through the booking system to make things easier and much more straight forward for everyone.

Kayleigh 🥰 🤍

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