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I hope this finds you well and in good spirits as we move into Spring.

My name is Nigel and I represent Acme Organics LLC, a family-owned American company and proud producers of Triple Crown Organic BBQ Sauce(https://triplecrownbbqsauce.com/).

We are a well established brand in the US, available at over 400 retailers across eleven states. Our sauces are growing in popularity in new markets including Canada, Japan, the UAE and most recently the UK where we are very pleased to be working with The Health Store.

Acme Organics LLC and Triple Crown Organic BBQ Sauce are a true American Dream story and have come a long way from farmers markets in Minnesota to where we are today. You can learn more about this journey in a brief PPT presentation here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16OCp9ei0NeC_fuP7iLr9EVLMbT4radi7/view

Our sauces come in three flavors (Classic, Black Garlic and Hickory Bourbon) and are certified organic, vegan, vegetarian, non-GMO and gluten free. You can find more information on each of the three sauces in our brochure(https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ljchV94W9ssyf0F-9fpshhb6zkHIh2mA/view) and I would encourage you to check out some of the classic and vegan recipes our partners and customers have come up with on our website.

The most important thing about BBQ sauce is of course the taste, and we are very proud of the awards Triple Crown Organic BBQ Sauce has won because we are competing against giants of American BBQ, full of artificial additives and flavours. You can view these awards as well as sales figures and information on the promotional supports we offer on our 2020 Sell Sheet(https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NRTV3caYbP_X6tmxKpwrgSBiEFDDTm4L/view).

BBQ, and especially veggie BBQ has seen huge growth in the past year and that trend is set to continue. Our sauces set the standard in this area and will offer your customers new and exciting flavours.

As we move through Spring and into Summer you can capitalise on this growing demand by placing your order for Triple Crown Organic BBQ Sauce at The Health Store now.

If you have any questions regarding our sauces, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Kind regards,

Do you do Ecover refill in store ?
Thank you for my purchases today. Staff were very friendly and helpful. A gem of a find and I shall be returning very shortly.
Shout out to these lovely people rang today with order only one thing I wanted not available
Took Lewis up and they got a great system in place
Lovely thank you 🙏😷
Do you sell oat groats please?
Hi, do you sell carob powder please?
just wanted to say a quick thanks for the sack of porridge oats, quick delivery and super competitive price. excellent service.

Proud to be one of the top independent health food shops in the UK and the oldest in Lincolnshire an

Proud to be one of the top independent health food shops in the UK and the oldest in Lincolnshire and still family owned. For over 30 years Holbeach Wholefoods has been selling a wide range of Organic, Fairtrade, Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten Free and Special Diet foods plus a wide range of Herbal Supplements, Vitamins and Healthcare. Visit our Sister Shop in Bourne, Lincolnshire: www.facebook.com/spi


Good Morning Holbeach! We are open Wednesday through to Saturday this week. Come say hello and discover something new for 2023 ⭐️


Happy Christmas Everyone! Thank you so much to all our customers who have shopped local and supported independent business throughout the year, we really appreciate it. Here are our opening times - have a lovely weekend all. From everyone at Holbeach Wholefoods xx


Looking for a lastminute gift? We make hampers to suit all budgets and dietary preferences! Vegan, gluten free, diabetic, Italian, natural body care - just let us know what you would like as each one is bespoke and made to order. Give us a call or pop in to place your order. 🎁 🌱 🍫 🎄


** sold out online** thank you!!

Remember you can still find it at of the following small businesses around;

Coney’s Prosecco Bar - Spalding
Spice of Life, Bourne - Bourne
Holbeach Wholefoods - Holbeach
Forage & Fill - Lincoln

Support local this Christmas 🙌🏻☕️🧡


A festive treat - a high quality complex coffee with notes of creamy caramel, orange and a hint of spice from Mexico! ☕️ from the amazing locally roasted coffee in Lincolnshire - roasted less than 30 minutes away from our shop - amazing!!


It’s our favourite time of year and all our Christmas goodies have arrived! Lots of treats and gifts available for your loved ones including chocolates, candles, fruits, nuts, mini taster kits, jams, pickles, stewed Christmas fruits, Christmas cakes, mince pies. Come and discover something new and unique for the perfect gift 🎁


Discover something new today from your local independent health food shop!


Now it’s autumn it’s time to settle in with a nice biscuit and cup of - what’s your favourite flavour? ☕️ 🫖 🍪


Have you ever tried a Hopi Ear Candle? 🔥 👂

The roots of Hopi earcandles, go back to the centuries-old culture of indigenous peoples. Proven to work in a purely physical way to produce a calming, relieving effect, they have been successfully used by therapists in natural healing for decades. Lovingly handmade for you, BIOSUN earcandles are made exclusively from verified natural ingredients such as untreated cotton, pure beeswax and natural fragrances. The safety ring and the new safety filter makes the treatment safe and easy. Suitable for large or small ears, even for children. With regular use, earcandles aid ear hygiene by helping the ear to clean itself. 👂


A lot of people tell me they don’t see the point in decaf coffee. Well they haven’t tried my Sugarcane Decaf. Naturally decaffeinated are source using the sugarcane process you would never know the difference!

It’s actually one of my top sellers as more and more people can’t have caffeine. Sourced from Colombia this coffee has a full body with a sweet chocolatey taste. Pairs nicely with milk & mylks too! What’s not to love?

Available Holbeach Wholefoods Spice of Life, Bourne & in Coney’s Prosecco Bar 🧡


Vegan Waffles for the Weekend 🌱 🧇


Fresh Local Damsons and other fresh fruits and vegetables available 🫐 - oh no, the Damsons have now sold out… but we have some delicious Victoria Plums and Grapes 🍇 coming in today!


If you know, you know 🥜 🥜


Locally grown tomatoes are back in season! 🍅


Why we love Mio 1948 - locally roasted coffee from

Mio is a coffee farm in Monte Santos De Mina’s, Brazil. The farm spans 1589 hectares a third of which is used for coffee processing. There is also room for pastures and a plantation of eucalyptus trees for the bees 🐝

Mio pride themselves on offering 100% traceability on all their crops. Providing information & maps on where the cherries are harvested, which trucks moved them and where they are processed.

The care and attention put into the coffee comes through in the cup. We 🧡 Mio


Suns out! Make sure your skin is naturally protected with a high factor sun cream. This one is great from Kids Spray Factor 50 ☀️


Come discover something new at your local independent health food shop


Bamboo Socks and Shower Gel 🧦 🚿 🧼


Delicious new curry pastes 😎


Sometimes we all need a little cleanse


Baobab 🥭Aduna Baobab Powder is one of the health and beauty world's best kept secrets. It is an extremely rich source of vitamin C, almost 50% fibre and has the highest antioxidant content of any whole fruit. The benefits of baobab are thought to include:

Energy release - reduction of tiredness and fatigue
Immune function - protection against illnesses, infections and diseases
Digestive health - baobab is a natural prebiotic, supporting gut health
Healthy, younger-looking skin - baobab produces collagen leading to a glowing complexion and helps fight the signs of ageing. Find out more: https://aduna.com/blogs/learn/baobab-benefits


NEW NUTTY BALLS 🥜 🍫 ARE HERE! Be quick they are literally rolling out the door


Delicious alternative to your usual beans, super cheeeeezly


Herbs 🌿


A little curried devil for lunch? 🥟🥠




Meet Emily Princessa and Brooke - these beautiful Geese have laid some eggs 🥚 🍳 we have a few available £3 each


Hey honey 🍯


To trottole or not to trottole - now that is the question? 🫥


Makers of the most natural, functional and best tasting effervescent tablets on the planet. Forcefield - Immunity beyond just vitamins
Our immune system needs a great foundation to flourish. Forcefield is your personal support team, packed with the very best natural goodness to keep you fighting fit, helps the body increase the production of white blood cells, produce more antibodies and strengthen the body’s antiviral immunity. Reset is a blend of natural goodness designed to kickstart your morning. Developed to help you feel your productive best whilst going you a healthy dose of oomph. Packed full of NAC, a naturally occurring amino acid found in dark leafy greens, blueberries and ginseng. It helps replenish glutathione. Our body’s most powerful antioxidant. We all need a little help sleeping from time to time. We developed Pause using nature's very best ingredients to gently nudge you into the land of slumber.
Packed with a L- theanine to relax the mind and nervous system before bed. Coupled with magnesium bisglycinate, a superior form of magnesium that crosses the blood brain barrier and significantly helps boost sleep quality. Clarity is a natural think drink to help you get things done. A delicious complex of unique natural ingredients that give your brain the tools it needs to perform.
Packed with L-tyrosine, an essential amino acid used as a building block for catecholamines such as noradrenaline and dopamine, without these focus can't take place. We pair this with L-theanine, resulting in a clear focus without the crash.


Hay fever and Allergies 🤧 can really irritate your nose… have you heard of ? A natural balm suitable for all to help with symptoms! 👃🏼 🌿🪴🤧🌾🌻


The ultimate tofu! Great cooked or eaten cold straight from the pack. We love it chopped into a Greek style salad! Yummm 🥗


Jumbo Oats - the classic staple for any kitchen. How do you eat yours? Scoop as much or as little as you like! And bring your own container if you want too.


Vegetable Suet - Perfect for dumplings!


🌼It’s that time of year! Elderflower Season is here and we have everything you need to make your own cordial. These little white flowers just need some lemon, sugar and citric acid to make the most delicate and sweet cordial. We have sugar, lemons and Citric Acid all in stock and ready for you to forage your own Elderflowers. 🌼 don’t forget to check our Jubilee Weekend opening times! 🌼


Shhhhh it may be a busy weekend… but there’s still time to relax and take a moment to yourself. These beautiful salt lamps and essential oil candles can change the light and ambience of any room to give a relaxing glow. 🌟


Happy Jubilee Weekend everyone, here are our opening times for - we are open Wednesday and Saturday for you to have a browse and wander during the celebrations in Holbeach - lots happening! 👑 🇬🇧 don’t forget we are closed Thursday and Friday!


The original VEGAN prawn crackers 🍤


🪴 Beautiful Herb Plants 🪴 we have a different selection every week plus the usual favourites too 🌿 all locally grown in Spalding

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Discover something new today from your local independent health food shop! #holbeach #healthfoodshop #shoplocal #bourne ...
Come discover something new at your local independent health food shop #lincolnshire #bourne #holbeach #shoplocal #shopi...
and there is more! VEGAN COOKIES 🌱🍪  white chocolate and raspberry… need we say more! 🍪 quick! Limited supply available ...




32 High Street

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Monday 9am - 5:30pm
Tuesday 9am - 5:30pm
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