Aspiring hair and makeup artist, looking for opportunities in fashion, theatre, film, and special occasions. Please feel free to email me with inquiries.

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 07/10/2021

Always dreamy working with , giving this wig a second life!


Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 23/06/2021

Getting these wiglets secured was a bit of a challenge but toupee clips were the best option so I sewed the into the corners of each hair piece, making a much easier application!

Also I love a behind the scenes pic 📸

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 17/06/2021

Fin ❤️

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 16/06/2021

Kathryn 💜

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 15/06/2021

Mullets and Mohicans

Thats 4/4! These wigs have been my entire life for the last couple of months, I am so pleased with the result and loved every part of this process. I wanted to create a modern mullet look and take the chance to use colours and a cut that no one would let me do on their own hair! This has been my favourite part of the project and I am so proud to say that I am now a fully fledged wig maker!

Hair is and it was a dream to knot with!

Once again thank you to my gorgeous models and you’ve been superstars 🌟

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 14/06/2021


Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 14/06/2021


Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 14/06/2021


This look has been one of my more challenging designs as I’ve been using products I’ve never really before in a very new style. This look is meant to show a different way of presenting braiding and how braids are used within fashion and across film and tv. There was so much research and so much inspiration to consume and I have been seriously influenced by some incredible artists whilst creating this look. This was also the most challenging look to photograph, the lights did not work the way I wanted them too but I’m still happy with this result. 💡

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 13/06/2021


Originally I wanted to look at shape within hairstyles, as in the silhouette of the hair and the classic shapes we see through period hairdressing. I started on that pathway but there seemed to be far too much inspiration to choose from and I was struggling to whittle it down to 2 silhouettes to showcase. So instead I have gone with a literal approach to this shaped look by using squares and circles in the hair. The squares are individual extensions that have been moulded with hairspray and sewn onto one another to create the shape, and the circles are doughnut buns - something I never through today use in my uni project! I’m still unsure with this look but I really enjoyed creating it and photographing it was a dream 📸

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 12/06/2021


Image 1 of my 4 final images for my last ever uni project! My project focuses on exploring the cyclical nature of hair and makeup fashions, and asks the question ‘Do original ideas still exist in the hair and makeup sector?’

This is quite a large project to explain all in an Instagram caption but I’ll do my best. I’ve chosen to focus on four different styling elements that I feel come up the most on hair design. Waving hair is something that is used in many different hairstyles in many different sectors of hair and makeup and I’ve chosen to express my waves in a traditional way with the use of a wet roller set on my hand made wiglets, and a hot pin curl set on my models own hair. By using traditional methods I am hoping to have created an original design, suggesting that originality comes from within the hair design/concept and not necessarily the methods of styling, as they have been used and recycled so many times, over so many years. To sum it up I’ve used a traditional styling technique in a non traditional or original context.

I hope I have explained myself to an extent but my main aim is to create a visually interesting and unique design and I have enjoyed every aspect of designing this image. The wiglets have been ventilated by hand and attached as a toupee piece onto the model’s own hair. Both wiglets are made from a hand mixed blend of synthetic fibre designed to compliment the colourings of my models.

My entire project has been modelled by my incredible housemate and boyfriend, who have been utterly fantastic. With the pressure of Covid I chose to use models within my household to avoid any issues with household mixing as I knew these would need to be shot indoors.

I’m quite proud of this final outcome and cannot thank my models and tutors enough, have been so supportive ❤️

If you’re still reading thank you for taking the time to read such a long post! I’ll be posting the rest of my images over the next week so stay tuned 🥰

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 31/05/2021

This foundation is for an off the face wig and I’ve used HD lace for the front section, far more fiddly than I expected! Really pleased with this foundation, can’t wait to share the finished photos of both my wigs!

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 30/05/2021

Finally getting to post some photos from my final uni project. These wigs have been my focus for the last couple of months, I’ve completed two types of foundation and have been ventilating them with one finished and the second almost ready! This foundation has been created to include a center parting and a fringe, the hairline is particularly far down in the template but it was adjusted after the first fitting! I’m quite proud of this as it’s the first foundation I’ve completed, hopefully the first of many 🎉

Huge thank you to Sharon for all the hours that went into teaching me this craft, I’ll be forever grateful!

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 13/05/2021

Beautiful .e.e.m.98_ in this Biba/70’s/80’s mullet combo look 💄 Wig and makeup by me, loved cutting this new shape into this old wig ✂️

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 01/05/2021

With a wig 👩🏻

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 30/04/2021

More makeup trials 👄

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 25/04/2021

Wanted to share some makeup stuff, I’ve been testing a few bits for uni and quite enjoyed the colours in this. It’s not perfect but it felt good to be doing something creative again 🎨

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 26/03/2021

Trying out this half wig I’ve made for my project, prepping towards the end of the year now! 🍓🍊

Spice Up Your Life 12/03/2021


Spice Up Your Life cover of Spice Up Your Life originally performed by Spice GirlsCreative Director - Jonathon Luke Baker https://www.instagram.com/jonathonlukeb/Performer...

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 12/03/2021

Some photos of the hair and makeup from new video, such a dream face to work on ❤️

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 08/03/2021

Male editorial look, subtle hair and makeup for some photography practice, foam rollers worked a treat!

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 02/03/2021

Some recent photography practice, thank you for being fantastic and modelling so beautifully for me 🍊🫐

Not sure if I love the makeup/hair look but it was fun to play with some colour

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 19/02/2021

This was a fun play, trialling more hair styles working towards the final designs for my degree project 🍊

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 30/01/2021

Another week another wig, this synthetic took a real effort to tackle. I’m not happy with the loose hair as the layers wreaked havoc with the curls - time for a trim after this! Loosely inspired by the gorgeous colour and styling of Penelope’s hair in 🐝

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 23/01/2021

Excuse the disgusting mess under my work station but I wanted to show the style without any accessories in, this is a softer look without the ponytail, very similar to some fashion plates from late regency and early Victorian years. 👒

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 22/01/2021

A inspired do, going for a Featherington look - the Feathrington family hair styles are some of my favourite from the show! This was such a good excuse to get my wig back in rollers, really enjoyed dressing out in an era I haven’t really done before. I kept some photos with my pins still in as I actually really love the added accessories they provide!

and have documented their incredible looks from the show - thank you for all this beautiful inspiration!

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 17/12/2020

Enjoyed playing with this mirror a lot 👀

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 17/12/2020

Lovely Laura, hair by me using babyliss hot sticks (new fave), makeup by

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 12/12/2020

Loved creating this style on thank you for modelling so beautifully! 👄

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 11/12/2020

🦋 Thank you Kali for modelling for me again and doing your makeup so beautifully, hair and makeup direction from me 💄

Photos from FacesbyFlo's post 06/12/2020

Had fun with this wig, lovely to do something in such a vibrant colour! 🐤

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