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Carrie Brown CND Nails

Situated in Barvas, Isle of Lewis.


Our most requested limited-edition product, Summer Spritz, is back by popular demand! That's right, for 3 days only, Tropic are giving you all the opportunity to get a FREE Summer Spritz when you spend £80 with me, starting tomorrow at 10am.

Set your reminders ✨️ You don't want to miss this ⏰️

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🩴🎀 CND Shellac Pedicure 🩴🎀

Treatment ~ CND Shellac Pedicure
Add On ~ Basic Nail Art
Tools ~ Willow Cuticle pusher, CJP Nippers
Products ~ CND Shellac system, Gold Leaf
Shade ~ Tropix
Finishing Products ~ Naf Pro Cuticle Oil

Sweet Squared

As always, appointments can be booked via the book now button ✨️


Classic French Nails

Treatment ~ CND shellac manicure
Add On+ French
Tools~ Willow Cuticle pusher, CJP Nippers
Products~ CND shellac system, Naf Pro Cuticle Oil


On Fridays we wear Gold Leaf 🍃 ✨️

Treatment~ BIAB Infill
Add On + Detailed Nail Art
Tools~ Willow pusher, CJP Cuticle Nippers
Products~ TGB All in One BIAB, TGB Gold Leaf, Emerald Foil, NafPro cuticle oil

All upcoming availability can be found by clicking the book now button.


⬛◽️Animal Print lovers, this one is for you!▫️⬛

Plexigel Builder with Nail Art~Using everything CND~


Welcome to my home based salon.

The salon provides a safe, private, non judgemental space for you to come to relax and unwind.

No need to come wearing your finest clothes, unless you want too of course. Absolutely no judgements here if you want to come to your late night appointment in your pyjamas after a long day at work.

Your appointment is a time for you to spend exactly as you choose, whether this means having a silent appointment, having a confidential chat or relaxing with a bespoke playlist of your favourite songs, it is my priority to ensure you have the best experience possible during your visit, just let me know and I will ensure to accommodate your wishes.

The salon has a drink & snack bar for you to enjoy whilst having your chosen treatment carried out. If you have any dietary requirements, please let me know prior to your visit.

You will find me in the salon carrying out treatments Tuesday through to Friday. A full list of salon opening times can be found in the bio on the home page.

When you arrive at the property, you will see on the left-hand side a private parking bay for you to use.

I hope to see you soon, and I look forward to welcoming you personally at Carrie Brown CND Nails.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or would like further information.

Carrie 💅 🩷


I'm pretty sure 19 years down the line I have inhaled so much glitter, my brain must be sparkling!

Have a great weekend nail friends, and as always, a big thank you for your loyalty and custom.



One treatment in and already you can see how the placement of hairs in the after photo has changed the appearance of the brows, creating a fuller looking eyebrow with a new shape.

Remember to book your HD BROWSCULPT patch test atleast 48hours prior to the HD Browsculpt treatment taking place.


🩴🌞Embracing sandal season🌞🩴

Make sure to have your pedicure appointments booked in advance to avoid disappointment. Appointments can be booked up to 2 months in advance


This colour 😍 👌

This is a firm favourite with my clients, definitely one of my most popular colours. I love it just as much as you do!


🌼🌸 A spring ombre 🌸🌼

Everything CND


Animal Frenchies 🐆✨️

Willow Academy Tools - Prep
- Biab
- Cuticle oil
- Brush and Dotting tool



Service- CND Plexigel Extensions
Add On- Detailed Nail Art
Tools- Willow cuticle pusher and Nippers
Products- CND Shellac- Hot Pop Pink & Jellied.
Finishing Product - Naf cuticle oil in scent peppermint.

Photos from Carrie Brown CND Nails's post 16/04/2024

You heard it here first! The Gel Bottle Peach shade Sprinkles, from Daisy's Diner Collection, will be Spring/Summer's shade of 2024 🌸 What do we reckon?

What are your go to Spring/Summer colours?


🩷 Happy Monday 🩷

Im all organised for a busy week ahead in the salon, I have set my intentions for the week to ensure things run as smoothly as possible. What can go wrong? 😆
I look forward to seeing everyone that has treatments booked in.

These next few months are extremely busy. I have a lot of bridal and wedding guest bookings in the diary this year, starting from now and lasting up to September.
I am also away for a week on a business trip in June with the Nail Tech Org, then away again at the start of July on our family holiday.

Please can all my regular clients book their maintenance appointments in advance to ensure you all get your usual days/evenings.

There is limited availability, and I want you all to get your usual booking slots.

You can book your next appointments by using my fresha link in my bio, or alternatively, you can send me a private message with your preferred days and times, and I can book these in for you.

Have a great week everyone!


Photos from Carrie Brown CND Nails's post 11/04/2024

🖤 Transformation Before>After 🖤

These nails were in urgent need of rescuing. They have been hard at work on a home renovation project.

The only thing for it...BIAB 🪄

Tools - Willow cuticle pusher and Nippers
Products - CND Plexigel builder & Shellac
Shades - Soft Blush and Blackpool, Cream Puff & Soft Peony
Finishing Products - Naf cuticle oil in scent peppermint


🌸 Renew your skincare for spring

As the seasons change, so should our skincare. It's time for us to change out of the Winter routine & get our skin Spring ready.

These Tropic must-haves (including the bestselling luxurious cream cleanser, smoothing cleanser) guarantee to put a spring in your skincare routine steps.

🩷 Check out the amazing offer Tropic has brought to you when you shop with me 🩷

Unsure about what order to use the products? Check out the steps below...

1 - Smoothing Cleanser ( I always do this step twice). This is known as a double cleanser.

2 - Toner

3 - Moisturiser

Our skincare routines don't have to be complicated, using these 3 products alone will give you great results.

Nail salon prices going up tomorrow as 'thousands' of workers band together 07/04/2024

Nail salon prices going up tomorrow as 'thousands' of workers band together Tomorrow, 8 April, the Nail Tech Org has said that 'thousands' of nail technicians are coming together to collectively raise their prices in an effort to get a fair wage.


I promised to let you in on the secret I've been keeping! So...

It's time for me to go on a journey...

I, along with 21 other members of the Nail Tech Org's worldwide community of Nail Techs, will be joining Nail Tech Org's founder Amy and the NTO Business Manager & Strategist Sneha on a transformational "Nailcation".

I will be joining them on a 5-day luxury retreat in June for high-level business training. This is a dream come true for me!

I am so grateful to be going on this transformational life and business retreat. I can't wait to take you all along with me on my socials, so make sure to follow the Carrie Brown CND Nails Facebook and Instagram pages to see what we will be getting up to.

Thank you so much for this incredible opportunity.

Any ideas where we are going? 💡


Sssh...I've been keeping a little secret!

A very exciting opportunity awaits ✨️

All will be revealed tomorrow, stay tuned.


💭 I've always believed that if you can dream it, then believe it, you will achieve it.

In the past, it has been said I'm a dreamer, but I believe dreams are thoughts we turn into plans, and if we work hard enough, we will turn our dreams into our reality.

So yes, I am a dreamer ✨️

My favourite quote is... I can & I will, watch me!

Keep watching, keep believing, and keep dreaming.


Love it when a client gives me free reign 🍒



Treatment - CND Plexigel Biab & Nail Art
Tools - Willow Cuticle Pusher & Cuticle Nippers, Luxe Brushes B, H & I
Products - CND Plexigel, CND Shellac.


Not the usual nail post from me today, (although I did snap a pic of this little cuties mama's nails, but we will keep that for another day).

Today's post is all about this adorable, little fluff ball!

Everyone meet Cherry 🐶🍒😍

Emma & Cherry came along to the salon for the first time today, as soon as I saw cherry's little face she melted my heart. I think I may be a tinyyyyy bit obsessed!

I'm sure you will all understand why, look at her! 🥰



🩷💜 A pretty little combo 🩷💜

CND Shellac Manicure


This post is long overdue, but how gorgeous is this handmade piece by my very kind & exceptionally talented client?

You may have seen it sitting proudly in its place in the treatment room.

Thank you so much Dena ❤️ I absolutely love it! Each little bead and each little stitch is appreciated so much.

I have the best bunch of nail girlie's that a nail technician could ever wish for!


Spring pastels are back! 💚🤍

5 New spring colours have been added to the collection.

There is no such thing as too many colours 🤩


Photos from Carrie Brown CND Nails's post 19/03/2024

🌟 Transformation Tuesday has to go to our nail girly Mairi!

What an amazing achievement 👏 nail biting is a hard habit to break, but with determination and a helping hand from CND's Plexigel system, she has done it!

If you would like help to grow your natural nails but are finding it difficult, perhaps they break or split, or maybe you find you have bitten them without even realising until it's done. I can help you. Contact Carrie Brown CND Nails or go to the link in the bio and book your CND BIAB appointment.

Pic 1 After BIAB treatment 1
Pic 2 After BIAB treatment 3



Our nail gal Rosie is reaping the benefits of CND's Plexigel system! Rosie has been consistent with regular maintenance appointments every 3-4 weeks and here is her results...long, healthy natural nails 💅 🩵

Photos from Carrie Brown CND Nails's post 13/03/2024

As I mentioned last week, I, along side thousands of other Nail Techs around the UK will be taking part in a massive campaign, National Nail Tech Price Increase Day, on the 8th April 2024. A price increase is never welcome and this is perhaps truer than ever this year when the cost of living prices continue to put huge pressure on everyone, including us Nail Techs who of course have bills to pay too.
To give an insight into why I have to do this please read the information below.

Since the start of my career in 2005 the prices of nails in general have not increased in line with inflation. For example in 2010 (14 years ago) Nail prices were on average of £30-£35. In 2024 (14 years later) the average price of nails is £35. Since then new treatments such as BIAB have come along and I have invested in courses to be able to qualify and provide these new treatments to clients. How many careers can you think of that despite investing thousands of pounds in to, have not had a pay increase in the last 14 years?

The NTO recently held a webinar which highlighted shocking statistics, the Nail Industry is grossly underpaid for a service that lasts 2-4 weeks, with the average nail technician earning less than £6.99 per hour, this is before tax, National insurance, pension contribution or any out of hours such as responding to messages, cleaning of the salon, social media.

Despite inflation and rising product costs I have always tried to maintain an affordable price for all my clients in all my services, this has seen me move from my rented salon space to my home based Salon in order to keep client costs down whilst never compromising on service and only using the highest quality of products and tools in the industry.

As of April the minimum wage is increasing to £11.55 per hour. I'm embarrassed to say that's almost double of what I earn just now. The webinar highlighted to me, that to make this work I have 2 options

1- I go back into employment and wave goodbye to you all, lose my passion and my identity as a nail technician which I love with every part of my being and have worked so hard, too hard for over the last 19 years, OR

2- Increase my prices to reflect my skills and 19 years experience in the industry, and create a sustainable business in which I can continue to do a job I love and work towards to my future goals.

I'm not willing to give up on my dreams so I hope you can all understand why I have to do this increase and make a stand with my fellow Nail Techs to change our future and earn our worth. Today has been spent calculating everything and I still have work to do before I setting out my new prices but I will be posting out my new prices next week. I hope this post has evidently made it clear that this is not about Nail Techs being greedy, we just can't continue as we are. I completely understand some clients may have already booked their April appointments and I really don't want any one to feel uncomfortable so if once the new prices are released and the treatments are no longer in your budget please reach out to me.

As always thank you for your continued loyalty over the years. I value and appreciate each and every one of you. I hope whether your a client of mine or not that you manage to continue supporting your local Nail Technician in these hard times but I do understand that nails are a luxury! Which uses luxury products! And in turn has a luxury price tag!


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