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“For us it’s simple, do what you love and do it well.”
Edinburgh’s leading Skin Spas since 2 Our attitude is bright and our prices are right!

Our Edinburgh chain of Skin Spas offer a professional range of treatments dedicated to improving the appearance of your skin through thorough consultation and treatment recommendation. Visit us for a free consultation and start achieving your skin goals now.

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🧡 L I M I T E D • A P P O I N T M E N T S 🧡

Louise is back in the treatment room
again, for a very limited time, at our Liberton Drive location. Book in with her now for solutions to all of your skin challenges.

She is available on selected Saturdays throughout April and May. Don’t miss out!

Click to book online below:

📲 bit.ly/LouiseLiberton


A fabulous review from a new client🧡

“Booked in for a facial for the first time at Zest. My therapist was Eva. She was extremely friendly and approachable and asked if I had any allergies and tailored the products to avoid cucumber which I am allergic too. She was chatty when I spoke to her and explained each step of the way. The head and neck massage was amazing and I loved the smell of the products. I enjoyed it so much I will be booking in again. This is the best facial I have had. Have already booked in for eyebrow/lash tint and nail treatment with Eva. She is a very professional therapist with the right mix of friendliness.”

Book your first Zest experience online here:

📲 www.zestskinspa.co.uk/book/



Salon and Beauty School Coordinator – 20 hours per week

We are looking for a highly organised and detail-oriented individual to join our team as a Salon and Beauty School Coordinator. As the coordinator, you will be responsible for managing various aspects of our salon and beauty school operations, ensuring smooth and efficient functioning. Your primary focus will be on client management, bookings, diary management, salon and school organisation, cleaning and maintenance of communal areas, as well as managing models for our students.

Click the link below for more details and application information:


Closing date - 12/04/24


This March we celebrate a significant milestone at Zest Skin Spa - 19 years of providing exceptional skincare services and products to our valued clients like yourself. We couldn't have achieved this success without your continued support and loyalty, and for that, we are sincerely grateful.

Over the years, our team at Zest Skin Spa has strived to create a relaxing and rejuvenating environment where you can escape the stresses of everyday life and indulge in professional treatments. Whether it's a soothing facial or a relaxing massage we have always aimed to exceed your expectations and provide you with a great experience.

Your trust in our expertise and dedication to your skin's health and beauty has been the driving force behind our success. We are truly humbled by the relationships we have built with each and every one of you.

Once again, thank you for being a part of our Zest Skin Spa family. We are excited to continue providing you with exceptional skincare services for many more years to come🧡


Our brilliant new Special Offers for Spring are available to book online now.

As the seasons change so do our special offers. We are excited to launch our brand new limited edition treatments for the Spring season. These offers are always really popular so book early to avoid disappointment.

Click to view and book:
📲 www.zestskinspa.co.uk/special-offers/



We are making advanced skincare treatments more affordable and more accessible...

"We understand that in today's world, where everything seems to be getting more expensive, it's important to provide affordable and accessible options for our Clients. That's why we are excited to announce the launch of our new range of no-frills express versions of our most popular advanced treatments.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the benefits of our advanced skincare treatments, regardless of budget or time constraints. Our no-frills express versions offer a simplified yet effective approach, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of our renowned treatments at a more affordable price point and in a shorter timeframe.

🧡Great skin, and the confidence that comes with it, should be an option for everyone!🧡

These express versions have been carefully crafted to deliver remarkable results while maintaining the essence of our advanced treatments. We have streamlined the process without compromising on quality, ensuring that you still receive the same level of care and expertise that you have come to expect from us." Louise - Founder - Director

View and book our new Express Facial options here:

📲 https://www.zestskinspa.co.uk/zest-signature-facials/express-facials/



In just a few weeks our first Learners of 2024 will begin their careers in the beauty, skin and spa industry. They can look forward to an exciting journey as they learn lots of knowledge and skills from our brilliant team of experienced and passionate Trainers.

We have just ONE space remaining for our VTCT SVQ Level 2 and 3 course so please get in touch if you are looking to start a new career this year.

📲[email protected]

🤓Read our latest blog - Reasons to choose us for your training journey.....

BLOG - https://edinburghschoolofbeauty.co.uk/1938-2/


Reveal your skin’s radiant glow with IPL skin rejuvenation ✨ Say goodbye to sun damage, age spots, and uneven skin tone.
This before and after was after only two IPL treatments. Give yourself a Christmas gift and start your new SKIN journey today. 🧡🧡


🧡 T H E • D E C E M B E R • E D I T 🧡

Check out this months newsletter and read our latest brilliant review....

📲 bit.ly/zest-eshot-dec

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⭐️Caci non surgical jowl lift ⭐️
Such a fantastic result in only 4 weeks ! 10 intense sessions and this is the result. Book in for your complimentary consultation to see if Caci is right for you. 🧡🧡


It’s live!

📲 bit.ly/zestblackfriday2023



🧡 B L A C K // F R I D A Y 🧡

Want to be the first to find out about our Black Friday promotion?

Click the link below, complete the form and keep an eye on your inbox:

📲 https://bit.ly/zesteshot


Lovely Client review for Louisa today , your kind words make us even more passionate about our job. 😊😊🧡🧡

Photos from Zest Skin Spa's post 21/11/2023

We are always grateful for your kind words and positive feedback! ⭐️⭐️Your support fuels our motivation. We can’t wait to see you all again. 🧡


Lorna rated Louise 5 out of 5!

Louise was lovely and friendly and chatted away whilst also respecting the quiet, relaxation mood throughout. Back massage was very good and relieved the pain in my neck straight away. Enjoyed the facial and came away feeling relaxed and delighted with my treatment. Thank you.

Book your next zest appointment with Louise here:


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🟠Non surgical Jowl lift🟠
This uses small electrodes to lift, firm , tone and reeducate sagging muscles.
These amazing results are after a course of 10 short treatments. 🧡🧡🧖🏽‍♀️


Fantastic blemish removal today by Shonand 👏🧡
This skin tag was removed with only 1 treatment.
Such fantastic results for our client. She was more then delighted.
We love making our clients feel good 😊😊🧡🍊


As the seasons change, so can your skin, so we are thrilled to introduce our latest creations.


This revitalising facial combines the benefits of dermaplaning, a pumpkin mask, and a blissful facial massage to give you an experience like no other.

Dermaplaning, the first step in our treatment, is a gentle exfoliation technique that removes dead skin cells and peach fuzz, leaving your skin smooth and glowing. This process not only enhances the absorption of skincare products but also stimulates collagen production, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Say goodbye to dull skin and hello to a radiant complexion!

Next, our pumpkin mask, infused with natural enzymes and antioxidants, work together to deeply nourish and repair your skin. Rich in vitamins A and C, this magical ingredient helps to brighten and even out your skin tone, while reducing the appearance of acne and blemishes. Prepare to fall in love with your skin all over again!

But that’s not all – to complete this luxurious experience, choose to add a soothing back massage that will melt away any tension or stress. Our skilled therapists will expertly knead your muscles, promoting relaxation and improving blood circulation. You will leave feeling lighter, looser, and more at peace.

BOOK ONLINE HERE: www.zestskinspa.co.uk/special-offers/


We are excited to introduce another new offering that will take your relaxation to the next level – the Warm Oil De-Stress; Face, Head, and Neck Massage. This luxurious and rejuvenating treatment is specifically designed to target tension and stress in these areas, leaving you feeling completely refreshed and revitalised.

Warm oil is gently applied to your face, head, and neck. Our highly skilled therapists will use a combination of techniques, including gentle strokes, acupressure, and lymphatic drainage, to release muscle tension, stimulate circulation, and promote a deep sense of relaxation.

The warm oil used in this massage is carefully selected for its nourishing properties, providing deep hydration to your skin and leaving it feeling soft and supple. As the tension melts away, you will experience a renewed sense of calm and tranquility.

The benefits of this treatment goes beyond just physical relaxation. This treatment can help alleviate headaches, reduce sinus congestion, improve blood circulation, and promote a radiant complexion. It is a holistic experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated from the inside out.

Warm oil is applied through the hair and scalp. We recommend leaving the oil on overnight for maximum benefits. We take no responsibility for how your hair will look after this treatment, however, we guarantee you’ll be so relaxed you won’t even notice or care!

BOOK ONLINE HERE: www.zestskinspa.co.uk/special-offers/

🧡Don't miss out on this opportunity to treat yourself to a revitalising, indulgent, relaxing, and renewing experience.

🧡We are confident that our new treatments will become an essential part of your skincare routine this season.

🧡Invest in your skin’s health this Autumn; treat yourself, you deserve it.


Louise is receiving fantastic feedback from her clients.....

"I really am floating on cloud 9 after yet another treatment from Louise. Without hesitation I’d say she was the best ever. She instinctively knew exactly the right amount of pressure during my back/legs/ feet massage and the facial again was superb. I do believe visiting the salon is like stepping into heaven and the feeling of being de-stressed and totally relaxed afterwards is euphoric. Thanks again lovely woman xx"

"Excellent as ever- really friendly and warm plus the best massage/facial in town!"

"Louise was professional from beginning to end of session. Her touch was exceptional and I can’t wait to come back again. I feel extremely relaxed and de stressed. Overall, it was a wonderful experience and I’d thoroughly recommend Louise."

"My facial with Louise was amazing!! Not only is Louise very knowledgeable and excellent as a beauty therapist, she is also very caring and understand your needs. I would give 10 stars if I could. Thank you!!"

Book your next, or first, Zest experience with Louise; click her unique booking link below:


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“Feeling incredibly fortunate to be volunteering today at the breathtaking Ripple Retreat with It's good 2 give✨

There's something truly magical about this place. Located on the banks of Loch Venachar and a surrounded by nature's beauty, it's hard not to be overwhelmed by the serene tranquility that the retreat offers. It's a true haven for those going through tough times and in need of a little respite.

The team and volunteers at work tirelessly to support young people, and their families, facing cancer providing them with the emotional and practical support they need during their journey.

From organising fun activities to providing a safe space for relaxation and healing, this retreat truly becomes a sanctuary for those going through unimaginable challenges.

Today, as we clean the retreat for another family to visit, I am reminded of the power of volunteering and the impact it can have on the lives of others. Even small acts of kindness can make a world of difference.

If you have the opportunity, I highly encourage you to get involved with or any other charitable organisation that resonates with you.” Louise🧡


🧡Skin tag removal🧡

Skin tags can appear anywhere on the body , but are most commonly found in areas of friction.
Skin tags are often small soft growths they usually range from 1-2mm to 1-2cm.
Skin tags usually only require 1 session of treatment for full removal.
If you think you have a skin tag , book yourself in for a complimentary consultation. Your Therapist will go through the treatment process and answer any questions you you may have🧡


🔍👩‍⚕️💅🔎 Did you know that informed consent plays a crucial role when it comes to beauty and aesthetic treatments? It's essential to be aware and fully understand the procedures before taking the plunge! 💯

📚 Informed consent ensures that you have all the necessary information about potential risks, benefits, and alternatives before undergoing any beauty treatment. It empowers you to make an educated decision about your own body and well-being! 🌟

💡 Whether you're considering a facial filler, laser treatment, or any aesthetic procedure, take the time to discuss your concerns with a qualified professional. Ask questions, understand the possible outcomes, and ensure your expectations align with reality. 🗣️💬

🌸 Remember, your health and safety should always be a priority! By seeking informed consent, you can make informed choices that contribute to your overall happiness and confidence. Embrace your beauty journey with knowledge and empowerment! 💖💪


📸 Its so important you don’t over strip your skin. Complicating your skin care routine as a teenager , doesn’t mean you won’t age. Start minimal and build your skin care routine up with time, and don’t be afraid to embrace your natural beauty. 🧖🏽‍♀️🧡

A New Chapter — It's Good 2 Give 17/07/2023


A New Chapter — It's Good 2 Give An exciting time for our It’s good 2 give.


We are thrilled to officially welcome Louise to the team. After recently completing her full Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications with our sister business The Edinburgh School of Beauty; Louise is ready to continue developing her skills working alongside our brilliant team at Haymarket Terrace , and every second Saturday at Haddington place.

Our businesses very unique combination of offering beauty, skin and spa training followed by the opportunity to work in our 3 Edinburgh Skin Spas provides a brilliant stepping stone for those looking to start or change their career.

You can book an appointment with Louise using her unique booking link below:



We Love your reviews. Feedback is always welcomed. After your treatment make sure you leave us a review expressing how your time was with us Zest girls🧡🫶🏽


My favourite product this week is Dermalogica dynamic skin recovery. It’s a great hydrating product which also helps to reduce the signs of ageing. The biggest benefit to me is that it has an spf of 50 which protect my skin when I’m out and about in the sun.
What’s your Go to product?🧡

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