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Gill Moon
Thank you so much for my wedding makeup! 💕💕We all felt gorgeous and you were a pleasure to have with us in the morning! The makeup was perfect and lasted even until the morning 🙈🙊
Thank u soooo much for my make up yesterday was lovely meeting u ###
Thankyou so much for my makeup last night. Still looks as good this morning 😀 you are a star. Xx
Charlotte is very talented and patient and knows exactly what you want. I felt very elegant for my 2nd big day! Looking forward to my next appointment xx
Amazing amazing amazing. Thank you so much for doing Katie Dunford prom make up. She looked so fabulous. You are so lovely and fantastic at your work. Couldn't ask for anything more xx
I had Charlotte yesterday for my wedding, the make up with out of this world and she catered to everyone individually, our make up lasted all day and I felt incredible thank you so much Charlotte xx
Loved My make up . Thanks so much xx
I just wanted to say a massive Thank You for doing my bridal make up, 4 bridesmaids and my step mums make up on Friday. Myself, my girls and everyone absolutely loved it. It stayed on all day and I felt like a million dollars!! Would recommend you to everyone Charlotte as you were fab! ###

• Professional Make Up Artist Specialising in Bridal and Occasion Make Up • Lash Technician • Based in Waterlooville Hampshire • Email - [email protected] • Insta - charlieloumew || charlottelouisestudios

4 years ago and still one of my favourite bridal make ups to date. Silver sparkles will never get old will they?

A statement released this morning from NHBF @nhbfsocial

It looks like we won’t be returning to work until 4th July at the earliest, due to not being able to stick to social distancing rules within our profession.

Although a very sad time for myself and I’m sure my clients, we need to do all we can to stop the spread and stay safe.

I will be here when everything has blown over. As per last nights update, I will now be cancelling all appointments in the diary up until that date, and reviewing at regular intervals.

Anyone with deposits on file, these will be kept safe and used towards your next appointment, whenever that may be. Admin will be organised thoroughly and priority lists will be sorted as soon as we are given the go ahead to open, so please allow a couple of days when this does happen as there are lots of you to get through.

I will also be contacting all brides this week to rearrange trials for next year now that most brides have rearranged their days.

Any queries please don’t hesitate to ask ###

[05/11/20]   2020 MASTERCLASSES

I have been thinking about the Masterclass dates for this September and whilst I hope that all will be well and dandy by then, who knows.

Due to how quickly Coronavirus took over our lives, there are spaces left over the 4 classes, but of course I haven’t wanted to encourage booking until we know what is happening. And rightly so.

So the reason for this post is this..

Who would rather I postponed all dates to dates that I can accommodate all who have booked? Or would you prefer to see what happens closer to the time?

I am happy either way, and happy to go with a majority vote on this one, but if we were to postpone, we would be looking at November/ December dates and I would need to know relatively quickly, so I can ensure everything I have planned is moved over efficiently and that no one misses out.

Please don’t read and run, I would appreciate all feedback on this. More than welcome to message rather than comment if you would prefer.

Thank you.

Charlotte ###

[05/10/20]   Hi All!

Just a post checking in. How is everyone doing?

We are adjusting to parent life and loving it. I was due to be back to work on Friday, as that was when my planned maternity was due to finish. I’m sure you won’t be surprised that this date will most probably be extended. Not only due to the COVID19 situation (although I’m intrigued to see what the update is today), but also due to still recovering from what was a very traumatic birth.

Our bodies are amazing things aren’t they?

I will be sure to keep everyone updated on what my plans are, but also try and coincide this with when lockdown is relaxed slightly.

Take care everyone 🙂 and keep in touch. I miss you all 💗💗

🌸 Bridal Make Up 🌸

I am starting to open up my diary to new bridal bookings for 2021, now that most of my 2020 brides have rescheduled, or booked a provisional new date.

Please be aware that due to COVID19, 2021 has become so busy, so spaces are very limited for brides, especially now that my hours have changed and I will be solely focusing on bridal make up, bridal trials and regular lash clients.

Please don’t hesitate to contact for a quote.

I will also be starting to contact all brides around beginning of June, that have rescheduled for next year, to rearrange your trials. I’m hoping by this point my diary will be in working order.

I hope you are all keeping well and not too stressed 🌸🌸

I’m so ready to look like this again. When my roots aren’t 5 miles long and my face is glam as glam can be. These colours used to be my go to when I had a reason to put make up on 😂

Who else is in need of some serious TLC?

This 💗

[04/29/20]   Thank you so much to everyone for your well wishes.

We are loving the new born bubble and also making sure we rest up as much as possible.

I aim to get all messages done by the beginning of next week.

So sorry for the delay 💗💗

Some very exciting news in this strange time.

Myself and my husband welcomed our baby girl Tessa into the world on Thursday 23rd April, weighing 7lbs 3oz and after a very difficult labour and traumatic postpartum we are now home.

Please anticipate a delay on message responses whilst I recover and have some family time. Hope you’re all remaining safe 💗💗

It would have to be number 4 for me.

What house would you choose?


How true?

But for real tho 😁
Double tap if you can’t wait for this moment 🙋‍♀️

I’m gonna squeeze you all!

💐Another Update 💐

🌺 Another 3 weeks of Lockdown announced this evening. Despite me not being due back to work until 15th May 2020, I was only just meant to be closing up shop this Saturday so it does feel like a lengthy process. I’m hoping that we will be able to re open when I had planned to, just a short week after lockdown, but will obviously keep a close eye on government updates.

🌸 I assume most of you will be lash less by now, but any queries you have regarding your lashes or upcoming appointments please don’t hesitate to contact.

🌺 Those booked only for make up (and brides especially) I will be keeping up to date with you all as much as possible. Please continue to let me know of event cancellations when you’re aware of them so I can move deposits to new dates or hold them on file until we are able to open shop again. I will assume all bookings are going ahead if not in lockdown and no one has cancelled, meaning deposits wouldn’t be transferred if lack of communication.

🌸 I have a list of priority clients who I will be contacting once things are back to normal to get them booked in on the earliest possible slots. If you would like to be added to this list, please let me know.

🌺 Most of your are aware my hours were changing due to our little bundle being due, so I could accommodate you all whilst baby was with family members and the occasional hour with me and my clients. Baby Mew will not be able to meet any clients until the threat of COVID-19 is completely gone, and I will not be reopening until social distancing is over, as I cannot safely provide a service at 2 metres away from you all. This of course is to protect my own family and yours. Fingers crossed these measures won’t be in place forever, but we will take it one day at a time, and be listening to government guidance at each review.

💐We Cannot Wait To See You Again Soon💐

Hi everybody! Hope you’re keeping well. I’m missing you all very much.

We are still waiting on the arrival of Baby Mew, and finally run out of things to do and throwbacks to post, so thought I would grace you all with a semi made up photo of my face.

I will update you all when our little bundle is here.

Huge thank you to everyone for your lovely messages and comments. I really appreciate all of them and will get back to you all inbetween bouncing on my ball 💙💗

Please stay safe 🧸

She says as she’s sat here looking like a little mole

Here come the girls 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️

Have an Easter Sunday Throwback of these @ardellbeauty Demi Wispie style lashes that were a huge hit


I hope you all have a lovely day with your families. I started my day with eating an Easter egg, so I feel like I’m winning already.

Love to you all 🙂 can’t wait to see you again soon

Charlotte ###

And lashes 🙋🏼‍♀️🙋🏼‍♀️

Miss you all 💔💔

The Before & After Throw Back Saga Continues..

[04/08/20]   Sorry this is going to be a long one. I’ve updated my Thursday to Sunday, September 2020 to December 2021 availability for bridal make up. I do work Monday to Sunday for weddings but I have just added the most popular days. Please refer to this list if you’re having to reschedule your wedding due to COVID - 19. I am trying to get all brides sorted that have been affected before rebooking trials and taking on new bookings but please still enquire if you’re interested in using me as your bridal make up artist.

September 2020:
- 03/09
- 17/09
- 24/09

October 2020:
- 15/10
- 16/10
- 22/10
- 23/10
- 25/10
- 29/10
- 30/10
- 31/10

November 2020:
- 01/11
- 05/11
- 07/11
- 08/11
- 12/11
- 13/11
- 14/11
- 19/11
- 20/11
- 22/11
- 26/11
- 27/11

December 2020:
- 03/12
- 04/12
- 05/12
- 06/12
- 10/12
- 11/12
- 12/12
- 13/12
- 17/12
- 18/12
- 20/12

January 2021:
- 07/01
- 08/01
- 09/01
- 10/01
- 14/01
- 15/01
- 16/01
- 17/01
- 21/01
- 22/01
- 23/01
- 24/01
- 28/01
- 29/01
- 30/01
- 31/01

February 2021:
- 04/02
- 05/02
- 06/02
- 07/02
- 11/02
- 12/02
- 13/02
- 14/02
- 18/02
- 19/02
- 20/02
- 21/02
- 25/02
- 26/02

March 2021:
- 04/03
- 05/03
- 06/03
- 07/03
- 11/03
- 12/03
- 13/03
- 14/03
- 18/03
- 19/03
- 20/03
- 21/03
- 25/03
- 26/03
- 27/03
- 28/03

April 2021:
- 01/04
- 02/04
- 03/04
- 04/04
- 08/04
- 09/04
- 10/04
- 11/04
- 15/04
- 16/04
- 17/04
- 18/04
- 22/04
- 23/04
- 25/04
- 29/04

May 2021:
- 20/05
- 21/05
- 23/05
- 27/05
- 30/05

June 2021:
- 03/06
- 05/06
- 06/06
- 10/06
- 11/06
- 13/06
- 17/06
- 18/06
- 20/06
- 25/06
- 27/06

July 2021:
- 01/07
- 03/07
- 04/07
- 08/07
- 09/07
- 11/07
- 15/07
- 16/07
- 18/07
- 23/07
- 24/07
- 25/07
- 29/07
- 30/07
- 31/07

August 2021:
- 01/08
- 05/08
- 06/08
- 07/08
- 08/08
- 12/08
- 13/08
- 15/08
- 19/08
- 20/08
- 21/08
- 22/08
- 26/08
- 27/08
- 28/08
- 29/08

September 2021:
- 02/09
- 03/09
- 05/09
- 09/09
- 10/09
- 16/09
- 17/09
- 18/09
- 19/09
- 23/09
- 25/09
- 26/09

October 2021:
- 07/10
- 08/10
- 09/10
- 10/10
- 14/10
- 15/10
- 17/10
- 21/10
- 22/10
- 23/10
- 24/10
- 28/10
- 29/10
- 30/10
- 31/10

November 2021:
- 04/11
- 05/11
- 06/11
- 07/11
- 11/11
- 12/11
- 13/11
- 18/11
- 19/11
- 20/11
- 21/11
- 25/11
- 26/11
- 27/11
- 28/11

December 2021:
- 02/12
- 03/12
- 04/12
- 09/12
- 10/12
- 11/12
- 12/12
- 16/12
- 17/12
- 18/12
- 19/12
- 23/12

Who’s with me?

[04/07/20]   2020 and 2021 Brides

How are we all doing?

Unprecedented times for sure, but whatever the outcome, your day will be amazing! And if anything else, I hope the current situation has proven what amazing and lovely suppliers you have, which in turn will make you look forward to your day more, knowing you’re in safe hands.

My own little before and after and what i has for my own bridal make up 💖🖤

[04/05/20]   Raffle Winners have been drawn!
Thank you to everyone who got involved, I really appreciate your support. As a thank you, everyone who purchased a ticket, I issued a free ticket to, so more chances of winning.

The winners were picked randomly through an online Number Generator.

Raffle Winners:

Masterclass - Jenni Letheran
Masterclass - Kate Lloyd (nominated by a very lovely lady who wanted to donate her tickets to one of my NHS/ Key worker clients)
Masterclass - Emma Brennan
Masterclass - Jessica Rowe

Occasion Make Up - Millie-Mae Hill

Russian Lashes - Heather Wigman

Hybrid Lashes - Natalie Charlotte

Classic Lashes - Danni Munks

£15 off any treatment - Emily Stacey

£10 Gift Voucher - Hannah Perryer
£10 Gift Voucher - Kerry-Jane Davies
£10 Gift Voucher - Gemma Carden
£10 Gift Voucher - Tash Galloway
£10 Gift Voucher - Kat Beasley
£10 Gift Voucher - Natalie Mooney
£10 Gift Voucher - Sammi Stoker
£10 Gift Voucher - Hannah Gardiner
£10 Gift Voucher - Georgina Chambers
£10 Gift Voucher - Sharon Heaton

Starting off a little Before and After Series with my favourite muse.

I have always loved applying make up to this face 🔥🔥🔥

Soon as this is over I’m booking a holiday

Plum Sparkles 🍇🍇

Me today after losing my last lashes

And I appreciate you all so much. But I already knew that 💖💖

Throw back to myself wearing that super heavy glam 🖤🖤

💜Everybody Loves a Raffle💜

There are 19 prizes to be won, which include:

4 X Masterclass Spaces
1 X Occasion Make Up
1 X Full Set of Russian Lashes
1 X Full Set of Hybrid Lashes
1 X Full Set of Classic Lashes
1 X £15 Off Any Treatment of Your Choice
10 X £10 Gift Vouchers

Please message or DM the number(s) you would like, if that number is gone, I will offer you what is left.

Each number is £5 and there is no limit to how many numbers you choose.
There are 100 numbers to choose from.

I will pick the winners once all numbers are gone and paid for.

Numbers can be paid via PayPal or Bank Transfer.

Good Luck - Hopefully this will be something fun for everyone 💜💜💜

Here Here!

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