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Am a personal fitness coach,A massage therapist,physiotherapist,dietician

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#December body with COACH NG 1st October-December 21, dm to sign up now

Happy birthday to me

Most people wonder how best to define their shoulder(deltoid) muscles at the gym,well is obvious they are not oblivious of the three sections of the shoulder muscles thus
#posterior delts
#anterior delts
#mid delts
To define the #delts, u gat to hit on all the sections throughout ur session,this makes all the 3 shoulder muscles get equal contraction.
Also execute workout that’s elbows to row back but of shoulder concentration

Try this simple routine, lighter weight and more repetitions
Pulse Fitness Ghana Ltd - Fitness Gym)
🎼 rastymero_gh #agbelemi

Try this lower tummy abs workout with your gym buddy,I have got to realize the fitness problem of most people at the gym,how to burn lower tummy fat,I made this fun for my new client .
Find me at PulseFitness Eastlegon and lemme Transform you.

Pulse Fitness
Jam&Juice Co.
Angelica Faustina

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[06/09/19]   Last week after my live video, I got a lot of messages From u guys and most of you wanted to loose tummy fat with less stress

To burn tummy fat and get rid of that’s visceral fat and spontaneous fat,u gat to combine both cardio workout and effective crunches.

These are simple but effective abs exercises u can do on flat surface bench and on the exercise mat
Repeat the exercises 4x and 12 repetitions

RIP mummy

How you can burn stubborn lower abdomen fat
And tone this love handles(obliques) at ur sides.
With a flat top seat try this workout
15repetitions, 4sets each

Seated knee tuck
Seated arm to feet crunches
Obliques arms to feet crunches
Leg cross kicks
Modified knee to elbow

Pulse Fitness Ghana Ltd - Fitness Gym)

Let’s get the abs for the shirtless summer
Simple but effective full abs routine by NG

10reps 5x Isolated double knee tuck
12reps 3x Elbow burnt knee to elbow crunches
15reps 3x single leg knee tuck
12reps 2x supine knee to elbow kicks
15reps 3x lwo overhead touches
20reps 3x double leg drag tip toe
12reps 2x knee bend upright crunches
With burbees

Music Camidoh

To get a perfect glute at the gym,try all this variation of squats on the smith bench machine

Barbell open leg squats
Barbell close leg squats
Barbell lunges
Stiff legged squats

Go harder on the weights if you can
Kisah Dunia

[02/27/19]   Nothing good comes easy,
Don’t procrastinate your fitness transformation journey this year you cos you gat #CoachNG

Join the 90 Days new year body,
Pulse Fitness Ghana Ltd - Fitness Gym) is the location,

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[02/25/19]   60 days ABS of STEEL routine is ready
Defined ABS,are you ready,
First week routine
15reps 4x each workout

Pulse Fitness Ghana Ltd - Fitness Gym)
Emmanuel Warmz
Warmz Aesthetics

#abs #coachng #gh #bodybuilding #eatclean #sixpacks #workoutking

[02/22/19]   Week 2 workout routine for my 90 days new year transformation,u can start this routine after hitting 30 minutes of threadmill at the fat burn zone,the cross trainer and even u can try the roller pulls...

jumping jacks 12reps 2x
Proximal kicks 15reps 2x
Ball support squats 10rps 2x
Sideburn ovahead xtensions 15 rps 2x

Hammer curls 15reps 2x
Biceps curls 15reps 2x
Kickbacks 15reps 2x
Dips 15reps 2x

Legs kicks in 15reps 2x
Seated single leg knee tuck 15reps 2x
Sit ups 12reps 3x
Knee cross sit ups 12reps 2x

NOTE...resting interval between reps is 20second and 40 for beginners

And RESTING INTERVAL between sets is 1munites .

U can DM to be added to the WhatsApp group for assessment and motivation


Your major problem at the gym has been solved,I gat the remedy to your belly,do you wanna see your packs or have flat tummy?

In my 45 days abs of steel,is list of the good carbs that’s can help and also the bad carbs that can be detrimental to your goals,

food and eating habits cost the belly fat, so I have diets guide in the program and simple but effective workouts routines that’s concentrate on the obliques,lower abs and upper abdomens, sign up now at Pulse Fitness Ghana Ltd - Fitness Gym), and u get chance to do my customized 45 days abs of steel with COACH NG

45 days abs of steel for sale
Dm for the routine now,
Still working on the new year body transformation

45 days abs of steel for sale
Dm for the routine now,
Still working on the new year body transformation

2019 new year body started,join the six packs class each and every tuesday and Saturday Pulse Fitness Ghana Ltd - Fitness Gym)inside Lizzie’s sports complex eastlegon

Alignment ft Kiddin - Action [Audio]

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Believe in body transformation now, 24 days now and packs cooking hot,

Join my December body transformation Pulse Fitness Ghana Ltd - Fitness Gym) Eastlegon.

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This week abs of steal was powerful, whole lot people signing up onto the program,clients atPulse Fitness Ghana Ltd - Fitness Gym) and Egym seeing the effectiveness of WORKOUT WITH COACH NG,lets get the December body......sign up now and get flat tummy

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Hello buddies,just 3 days on the customize ABS of steel program this is my result,the difference between the first picture I posted a day before and this picture I took today is very accentuated,it’s just free for everyone,Dm and let create a good shape for December festive


What happened to my six packs....I can’t see it’s now....consuming too much calories can results this huge visceral fat in the belly..
Well it’s all about
#sixpacksconstruction with NG
It’s just 30 days abs of steal construction

Eating alone will not keep a man well; he must also take exercise. For food and exercise, while possessing opposite qualities, yet work together to produce health …
and it is necessary, as it appears, to discern the power of various exercises, both natural exercises and artificial, to know which of them tends to increase flesh and which
to lessen it; and not only this, but also to proportion exercise to bulk of food, to the constitution of the patient, to the age of the individual.

Try this obliques workout if you wanna tone your supra,lats and oblique...30reps 3x each workout daily for 60 days consistent and you will thank me later

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Having thats sculpt butts like that's of this lady is by consistent doing of these simple work out
Its can easily be done at ur home and even office
10reps 4x each for each Workout..fitqueens can intensify the exercise by more reps and increased height.

#coachng #beafit #parkergym #motivation #workout #eatwell #workoutwithng #trainhard #transformation

Keeping in shape and building perfect gluteus is very simple when you get the right workout plan and diet plan to follow...

Like and follow for more work out videos

Fitness is 100% commitment to your transformation and not just 70% dieting and 30% exercise. ....sign up now for just 90 days transformation and keeping in shape.

#coachng #exercise #transformation #motivation

Coach NG's cover photo

Coach NG

Supreme Muscle & Fitness

Eating alone will not keep a man well; he must also take exercise. For food and exercise, while possessing opposite qualities, yet work together to produce health …
and it is necessary, as it appears, to discern the power of various exercises, both natural exercises and artificial, to know which of them tends to increase flesh and which
to lessen it; and not only this, but also to proportion exercise to bulk of food, to the constitution of the patient, to the age of the individual

Lift crazy but lift safely

With the constant threat of numerous health issues including obesity,diabetes and cancer, to name just a few, its obvious that everyone should be conscious of their personal fitness and mental well being
You look beautiful and admirably good in your current look but you could look more beautiful,smarter,healthier if you could shed off some fats so you meet your body mass index(BMI). Is simply WORKOUTS and Your DIET with a certified fitness coach.
Is 120 days transformation, with daily NUTRITION guide and WORKOUTS, join this challenge irrespective where you live we make it up to you....designed weekly WORKOUTS to meet your goal..u

[08/14/17]   What's your fitness goal?
Do you wanna shred off some fat?
Total body transformation?
Hello is achievable with a certified personal trainer,ISSA PERSONAL TRAINER with some few gym equipment

Just sign up today with Coach NG....
It's all about 90 days transformation,
Only home training, in the comfort of your home
Call 0269770452 now

Who said your flabby arms can't be.firm and shred off to lean arms....
Workout made so interested, sign up now for three months transformation with Coach NG
International sport science certified personal trainer.
Package include
Nutrition and daily workout.
Home training available around
Madina,eastlegon,adenta,ashaley botwe,northlegon,haasto,westland.
NG Workout....Workout that's hit target.

[08/06/17]   The flabby arms of your can be firm and SHRED....a work out back by international sport science personal training certification...sign up now for three 3 months transformation.....Home service available now around madina,adenta,eastlegon,haasto,westland,westlegon,NG WORKOUTS.....a workout you can trust

[07/25/17]   Another_one We got here on Facebook for you guys!!

Offering y'all a chance to do the right things so;TAKE IT!


When you feel the surely gains your packs goal...
Five(5) sets of 15 reps .....hit it hard

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[02/16/16]   Strictly # bodybyilding#bodyreconstruction# at home.hit me if you live around madina estate,ogbojo estate

[09/02/15]   Exercise is medicine

[09/01/15]   ##### @the new physiotherapy...walk in for all your muscoskeletal disorders....also relax and massage your against the day stress

[05/06/15]   this HERBALIFE HEALTHY MEAL....the best food supplement for those who wanna tone and trim thier tummy,loose wieght and also good for individuals who wanna maintain thier weight....contains all the required comes in different flavours...
remember exercise is the best medicine

*Lift your mood
*Improves learning abilities
*Build self esteem
*keep your brain fit
*keep your body fit
*Boost mental health
*Boost your immune system
*Reduces stress
*Make you feel happier
*Has anti aging effect
*Improves sleepimg partners
*Improved skin tone and colour
*help prevent stroke
*Improves Joiml functiom

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