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Today, Borga Dreams has evolved to stand for many things, including a campaign to Ghanaians to adopt the attributes that make countries like USA great to drive Ghana’s development.

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Will you volunteer yourself for this fire demonstration?

From an educational perspective, let’s try to understand what may be going on here. Materials Engineering is a field of engineering which studies the composition of materials and how that influence the properties of the material, specifically, mechanical properties such as the strength,formability, hardness and elasticity; electrical properties such as electrical resistance, conductivity and magnetization; and chemical properties such as diffusibility, adsorption to chemicals and, in the case of this video, flammability.

In this sense, natural cotton or wool materials may behave differently than synthetic fibers when exposed to flame. An engineer could synthesize the right material, which will be suitable for use in this scenario, mitigating the risk of burning.

I studied Materials Engineering at Tech and went on to master the field a little more in USA. It’s a good course so I encourage readers who are prospective college students to consider the field. Today though, I am a social media activist, managing a couple pages and delighting my followers with timely and accurate News.

I haven’t thrown away my engineering altogether, since my day job involves super high tech manufacturing and technology, where we make chips for a variety of devices, ranging from mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, servers, cellphone towers, routers, self-driving cars, industrial sensors, digital displays(like airport signboards), security cameras, robots, drones(like the one Zilpline uses to deliver medication and blood in Ghana)and even ATMs. Chances are you may have used our products in one way or the other. The company’s name is Intel corporation, and you may have spotted our logo on a computer which says “Intel inside”.

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A bad batch of Cindy and Lele tomato paste has been indentified, triggering a recall by the supplier Rabaj Company. Consumers are advised to return any products in their possession to the retail outlets they purchased from.

Side note: There are still limited copies of Borga Dreams book. If you or your family and friends have ever desired to travel abroad, this is the book for you. Get it here:

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Does Ghana really need a cathedral? My take number 2:

Personally, as I stated in my post here,, I believe the cathedral can wait but I also understand it’s motivations, a symbolic focus on God yielding to spiritual benefits and even possibly, direct economical benefits.

There have been worst ways that Ghana money has been spent by politicians, from kickbacks to contract and procurement frauds, to causing of financial loss from lack of due diligence and incompetence. So if a group of politicians, who seem to to know what they are doing on average(not to give them a pass for their many other faults and indiscretions), decide to persuade people or support the building of a cathedral instead of pocketing tax payers money, it follows that their hearts may be in the right place.

If you consider the many pressing things we could do with Ghana’s money ahead of building a cathedral, there may be some lateral analogy to the widow in the Bible who gave the last of her earnings to God, when hunger loomed nearby in ambush, waiting to devour her. We all know how it turned out in the end. Only in this case, it is not the individuals money involved but our collective “widows mite”.

In the final analysis, I understand that some may be justifiably unpersuaded by a cathedral, especially if they are non Christians. I would have registered my displeasure, being a Christian, if Ghanaians were mostly Hindus and the government wanted to build a Hindu temple to honor Buddha.

Ghana News

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I understand people’s concerns about where we focus our priorities. We should take care of basic needs before we think of wants. But Ken is a Christian, like me, who believes in the power of God to transform the lives of his worshippers, who worship him the proper way- not the corruption laden Ghanaian way.

Ken’s achievements as a finance minister, in concert with the economic management team, have benefited many Ghanaians and will continue to do so. Many will disagree but performance is not based on feelings. It is based on report card, which independent world bodies can attest that Ghana’s economy under Ken has improved. I’m not Ken’s spokesperson, neither do I care about NPP- NDC diversions, but I believe Ken is not blind to the woes of the poor, which he said gives him headache, and which drives him to engineer methods that will alleviate and possibly end poverty among the masses.

So why is this man not advocating that we use the money for cathedral to help the poor? For the non- Christians here, the motivation may be connected to a practice in the Bible. For reasons that cannot be comprehended by men, God has asked for worship(first fruits)/building when all was not perfect with his worshippers. The idea is not that God is insensitive, but to focus his followers minds to be reflective of who really has all the answers that they need, which in this case for Ghana, is wisdom for good governance to build roads, grow agriculture, improve education etc. The reference to stones rising up to build the cathedral is also in the bible, where Jesus uttered the same words in Luke 19:40, to emphasize his call for his followers to focus on who actually is the source of their help and who has the answers that they seek.

Africa in general is very religious so most cannot reconcile why we are so poor. There may be many answers for this, but one simple answer is that we don’t follow the teachings in the Bible meticulously, only half-heartedly at best. Why? African people cannot follow the teachings in the Bible and be the most corrupt continent. Simple.

Personally, I feel the Cathedral can wait, but I can understand Ken and other Christian supporters who may be divinely driven to have the Cathedral built now to focus Ghanaians attention to God in the proper way, not in the old way that we have been doing it, which is laden with corruption.

Lastly, let me pose this question? If God said we should build a cathedral, so that he stops 150 people from dying, as it happened in the gas station explosion not too long ago, will Ghanaians rally around the idea? What about if God said we should build a cathedral so that he prevents a major earthquake from destroying roads, schools and homes that cost more than the cathedral and that will save lives, will we do it?

So if some Christians in government have strong convictions to build a cathedral, they may have in mind the many blessings that may come our way, or the many disasters that will be averted if we focus our attention on God.

Still not persuaded because the disaster situation listed above is too hypothetical? Well, ask USA or Japan what they would have done to prevent September 11 attacks, hurricane Katrina, California fires, school shootings, and Fukushima nuclear spill.

Read my other thoughts about the poetic Ghanaian here:

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Little social experiment!

Ghana News

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Girlfriend demands immediate marriage as compensation for being cheated on.

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Chris-Vincent and friends head over to Amsterdam for a bombastic party weekend.
If when you see this pic, you think to yourself, “these people are enjoying oo, when shall I also get the opportunity to travel abroad?”.
Well, I was like you but I took action, and now I live in USA, blessed with many good things. I wrote a book to show you how, at least, you too can take action instead of just wishing. Even if you don’t end up abroad, you still tried. Visit this site to get my book:

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Are you frustrated with the cost of your internet bundles?
Are your internet speeds sometimes slow as tortoise even though it says you have 4G?
Is the reliability of your internet so questionable that you sometimes feel ripped off by MTN, Vodaphone and Tigo?

Well, you don't have to fret for too long because in the very near future, 5 years or less, Intel Corporation, the company I work for, and who makes chips for your computer, is partnering with telcos to redesign the mobile internet technology in what is being referred to as 5G.

As a Ghanaian what does 5G mean for you?

1. Good news is that MTN/Vodaphone/Tigo do not need to improve their 4G before they can give you 5G, because if they choose to, they can procure new cheaper hardware, separate from what they used to deliver 4G to give you 5G, which is going to be very fast and reliable. To give you the impact in technical terms, your download speed on your phone in Ghana will be greater than 100mb/s(even up to 1GB/s if you in the developed world, like Korea and USA), which means you can download a high definition movie in less than 10mins. You can make video calls on skype and whatsapp without the annoying pauses.The Ghana telcos probably will be reluctant at first to invest in new hardware, which leads me to my next point:

2. Other new companies will pop up, since as mentioned previously, the infrastructure to deliver 5G is not as expensive as 4G, which means there will be more competition, and the cost of your internet will go down.

3. 5G will boost the digitization agenda that government is championing and also impact the private sector positively. More services will be going online and services that you access online today will improve: Ghana card renewal, DVLA, paperless ports, SSNIT, banking(software and network improvements), land and business registration.

4. Factory automation will benefit greatly from 5G technology, which means some 1D1F factory capabilities will be enhanced, because equipment can be configured with internet-connected sensors, which will help with troubleshooting and maintenance thereby increasing efficiency.

In the developed world, 5G will fuel the autonomous driving efforts(cars that drive by themselves), because the cars must connect to the internet to communicate with each other. Intel is leading in autonomous vehicles, with its development sites in Israel, where driving is aggressive although not aggressive as people drive in Ghana. Intel hopes to eventually power driverless vehicles in Africa as well. The driverless future is almost here. In Arizona where I live, I share the roads with these driverless cars(these cars usually have a safety driver in it, in order not to freak out people who would be scared when they see a car driving by itself).

So in technical terms, what is 5G and how come Intel, who makes chips, is leading in 5G efforts?
Well, it is a product of innovation, which I have been calling for us in the developing world to adopt. As an individual, as a company, as a government, you should always be exploring how to improve the ways you do things, innovating, to enhance your live and that of others.

Basically, 4G and previous technology relied on specialized dedicated equipment, like large cell towers, to deliver the technology. A telco has to buy several of these specialized equipment and install them all over to make the technology work. In 5G, software defined networking or network virtualization, eliminates the need for large and multiple dedicated devices, by running multiple workloads on servers thereby reducing the number of large equipment and the associated cost. Think of when you had to buy a separate webcam for your PC, a DVD player for your living room, or buy one PC to run windows and a separate one to run MacOS? Today, once PC can perform all these tasks with the aid of software. That is what virtualization is, which is driving 5G. Intel became a leader in 5G because we are the king of servers and virtualization.

Thanks for reading this Borga Dreams post. In my next post, I will advance my thoughts on Ghana's economy in light of the 2020 budget, and how one can start feeling the benefits in their pockets.

Read other opinions from me here:

—-Brought to you by Borga Dreams:
Human kindness at play!

Chris Vincent has been challenged to be more objective in his upcoming write-up suggesting that Ghana is hopeless under Nana Addo. Read the challenge below:

“Every Ghanaian is entitled to their opinions of how they see Ghana’s fortunes. However, if one is educated, like you sir are, a lack of objectivity, which although can be excused for the many Ghanaians who haven’t had the opportunity of international exposure and critical thinking, cannot be excused for those of us who have been blessed to live in the first world.

There are universal ways of measuring “political hope” (as titled in your thesis above), which provides the basis for the classification of countries into developed and underdeveloped statuses. These benchmarks include economic metrics such as GDP, inflation, job creation, growth rate, fiscal deficit, sustainable and inclusive governance, social equity, ease of doing business, industrialization outlook, education level etc etc, which should form the basis for discussion on whether there is hope for a country or not. Institutions like the world bank, IMF, United Nations, etc are places to look to make an informed judgement, and thankfully, unlike looking for information from our Ghana institutions, almost all the data one needs from these international bodies are openly available from just visiting the websites of these institutions. And just in case anyone with an education abroad is tempted to discredit or renounce these independent institutions, for being composed of white people who fudge figures when they like, to serve their colonial interest, they should first renounce their international certificate since it is these same white people(institutions) who gave them their education credentials, some of who proudly display it for the world (and their clients and followers to see)

I disagree with the alarmist title you have above that there is no political hope and will be waiting for the full content. Personally, I think the Nana Addo government has been disappointing in some areas, but my objective analysis does not make me blind to some of the good work that is being done, and more importantly the future outlook if they stay the course of the good works and repent from the “bad shows”. Let your international education count in this write up by advancing points that are intellectually stimulating and honest, so that the underprivileged masses in Ghana who lack your education can benefit and learn from your knowledge.

Side note: Some of my personal thoughts on things Ghana titled the POETIC Ghanaian are posted here:

[11/03/19]   ——Brought to you by @borgadreams:
Would you consider yourself as adventurous as these folks in this video or do you think it is too risky?

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——Brought to you by @borgadreams:
Don’t laugh alone. Please share:😛😛😛

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Who are the true losers in the PDS-ECG deal? Ghanaians or the Americans?

My take is Americans don’t trust Ghanaians and Ghana government also doesn’t trust Ghanaians. Why? I believe it has to do with the track record of indiscipline and corruption, which is driving the requirement of private sector participation(read: foreign investors) by the Americans in the first place, before they part with their tax payers monies. To put it bluntly, they don’t trust that Ghanaians can run ECG prudently.

The Ghana government also doesn’t trust the Ghana shareholders in PDS, perhaps rightly so, since they demonstrated the typical cunning behavior by using ECG operational accounts to fund collateral for the contract instead of their own money. This was even after the government watered down the requirement of, in simple terms, actual cash-guarantee to insurance guarantee. The government even believes the shareholders may have been privy to the fraud by the insurance company’s rep, when it discovered that the demand guarantee issued by the rep was fake, even though the audit by the third party international firm, FTI, didn’t believe they were aware.

This is why I believe a negotiation could not be reached, leading to Ghana’s forfeiture of the $190million. One can infer that Ghana government is citing negligent or fraudulent misrepresentation(due to the fake demand guarantee) and therefore wants the contract voided(and has actually done so), whereas the US, based on the IFC findings, is citing innocent misrepresentation, which although also makes the contract voidable, will prefer that it is kept in place so that private sector, or foreigners, can be part of running ECG. Read the different types of misrepresentation that can void a contract here.

So who are the true losers in the end? I say it is Ghanaians. Our own attitudes have come to bite us again. Why won’t Ghana government ask the USA to “top-up” the money needed to get a genuine insurance guarantee so PDS can continue to run. Because Ghana government doesn’t trust its own, and perhaps rightly so. Let’s change our attitude. It will accelerate our development.

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