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Today, Borga Dreams has evolved to stand for many things, including a campaign to Ghanaians to adopt the attributes that make countries like USA great to drive Ghana’s development.

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Lawyer Chris Vincent ponders the question of what is wrong with blacks, in a tête-à-tête he had with a friend. Ghana News found the conversation interesting, so has decided to feature the conversation here with our own commentary.

First read Chris’s post, then read our commentary, penned by chief editor Michael Apemah:

Chris writes:
“A conversation between my friend and I this morning:

Me: There is fundamentally something wrong with black countries. It’s as if where we congregate as black people, our brains do not work.

Look at Africa or the individual nations, we can’t even develop properly—common mobile phones we can’t make it. We seem to be wholly incompetent. Imagine some people are making Rolls Royce engines to fly plans and we have to import toothpicks.

See the transportation systems and roads of the West and see what we call ours. Are we normal?

Friend: We will get there. It’s a matter of time.

Me: This is the absurdity that we use to cover our gross incompetence. What do you mean we will get there? How did they over take us? What were we doing? You speak as if these people were in the world millions of years before us, so we have to play catch-up. If anything, we were even here before them but still did nothing.

Friend: Come on, slavery and colonisation crippled Africa and that has affected our ability to make big progress.

Me: That is another nonsense. The first European arrived in Ghana (then Gold Coast) in 1471. They came with a ship: when they came, what were we using to travel? Ask yourself? When they arrived, they brought technology or methods to build all those castles we still have in place today—what were we building at the time in Ghana? So, it’s not really slavery—they were far developed than us when they arrived.

And with colonisation, colonial Ghana was better developed than independent Ghana if you compare—in fact, our industries and education under colonial rule was better than today.

Look at South Africa, beyond the evil of the politics of apartheid and the segregation, the whites developed the place.

Probably, we are just stupid but too stupid to admit it too.

Friend: Oh come on. Hmmm!

Me: It’s hurtful. Look at the entire continent and the leaders we have. How can almost everyone be an idiot, at one place like that? There is something wrong.

For instance, look at Nigeria—how can a rich and highly populated country like this not even have reliable electricity? Has natural resources but no human resource or human will power.

So it’s the people, not nature.

Friend: It will get better my man.

Me: When? Here we go again with the time factor.”

Michael Apemah adds:

I am studying for the USA citizenship test, which requires one to know about the history of USA and why and when it was formed. The thought about Ghana and African development came to mind, which prompted me to find the answer to the question “were the USA founding fathers corrupt?”. Of course I googled it and came by an article which suggested that they were largely not, and had actually added clauses in the constitution in 1787, which prohibited key persons in public positions, like the president from receiving gifts. Stop for a moment and think about this, 1787!!!. As recent as a couple years ago, Mahama received a gift from a business man, and then candidate Akuffo Addo too, was also spotted in a video receiving a contribution from a supporter.

So the question naturally follows, why can’t Africans institute and enforce policies that can drive development? In thinking about possible answers to this, I too, was wondering what Africans were doing before the Europeans arrived. Clearly, our sophistication was incomparable to the Europeans at the time, leading to the birth of slavery. Down the line, I believe some Europeans may have questioned what was wrong with us as well, some having perhaps observed the intelligence that blacks too have, which matches or sometimes superseded theirs, when the slaves were introduced to a foreign land, living in a system that was more sophisticated. This and issues of ethics and human rights may have fueled the fight to end slavery in America, driven by a section of the white people themselves.

Back to issue at hand, why is Africa still so underdeveloped? One school of thought that has popped up in my mind recently is to look at the nation of Israel in the Bible. For Agnostics and Atheists, this exercise is perhaps meaningless but for Christians, there is a legit idea there that has legs:
God chose Israel and blessed them to the point where they were a wonder to the other nations at the time. Despite their small size of only 12 tribes, they conquered many nations, not by their own strength and intelligence but by God’s intervention. Pursuant to this, it is conceivable that God has willed Europeans to develop first, even if not in perpetuity, by blessing them with uncommon intelligence and discipline, chief among them being the scientific method to problem solving, while others were still occupied with superstition.

If we accept this theory, then if God wills, Africans too can turn the corner one day and become the North Star as well, looked up to by other nations or regrettably, continue to play second fiddle till the end of time.

If you believe this theory then perhaps you can understand why Ken Ofori Attah while doing his best to manage Ghana’s economy, supports building a cathedral to honor God, because he knows, just as I do, that ultimately it is God that decides everything on earth and in the heavens.


Help is needed to help Richard cure a balance disorder condition


Ghana News chief editor chanced upon a viewpoint expressed by the erudite David Asante-Darko on his page on the issue of LQBT in Ghana, so I decided to share my two cents to enrich the discussion.

First read David’s post copied directly from his page below, then read my short response to him.

David writes:
“With passion, they scream, 'Don't put your homos*xuality in my face!' So, homos*xuals should go to hell because they disgust you? Great, understood.

The challenge arises when they argue that if homos*xuals are left be, they will corrupt society with their 'depravity'. That's what gets my brow itching. Just for clarity, I usually ask, " So, you mean, leaving homos*xuals be will enable them to influence others to become homos*xuals?"

"Gradually, you're getting it," they reply smugly.

"So, what exactly will a homos*xual have to do to make a homos*xual out of you in particular?" I tend to find myself wondering loudly half to myself and half to them, just out of curiosity.

The discussion then folds to an awkward silence...

Not to be mischievous, but I do perfectly see how the outrageous list of Eugene Arhin's properties, can influence you to be corrupt, especially seeing how it was all acquired in four years. I presume we all like houses. But if much like a heteros*xual reaction to straight p**n, an unsuspecting homos*xual can 'influence' you to be gay, then seriously... Ni**er... Ni**er... Ni**er...

Move those clothes aside... now step out of that closet.”

Michael’s response:
“Personally, I don’t dismiss the influence of LGBTQ on kids in how they perceive s*xuality. In-fact the USA, and I believe most of of the developed world are aware of this, so for instance TV shows and movies are rated to guide families in what they choose to expose their children to.

In emerging countries like Ghana, I understand the concern against an acceptance of a wide definition of what s*xuality and gender means, because for starters, there aren’t systems that can control the possible fallout.”


Isaac Sesi, CEO of Sesi Technologies Ghana, beautifully articulated mistakes that he made that nearly cost his start-up businesses. Click the link in this post to watch the you-tube video and to also subscribe to his channel. He has good stuff there. Here is the preamble to his video, copied directly from his page:

“Starting a business is not easy. You're definitely bound to make many mistakes, some of which can kill your business.

Here are 6 Mistakes I made with my companies that almost killed us.

If you're an upcoming entrepreneur, I hope you watch and learn from these mistakes.”

Ghana News chief editor, was captivated by Mr Sesi’s business knowledge and experience and also decided to add his own knowledge to enrich the conversation. Here is what Mr Apemah wrote in a comment to Mr Sesi:

“Fantastic video, Isaac. MBA 101 lessons beautifully articulated.

My summary(in business language)

1. -Business strategy(low cost/focus/differentiation)
-core competencies(swot analysis)
-value proposition
-Revenue model
-cost structure
- understanding financial statements

2. Market conditions(market research)

3. Global perspective

4. Ex*****on tools
-project management

5. Project management
-monitoring and evaluation
Here it is important to note that every major activity in a firm can be thought of as a project. And for a project to succeed, among other things, is the need to embed quality control(via metric definition ie kpi&evaluation), and risk management, ie identifying the risks right from the start and developing mitigation plans). I believe these two areas are what largely make businesses in the developed world succeed more).

6.Continuous improvement. As for this one, I will say Americans have the skill down to a T!!!!!

7. Extra focus areas for a manufacturing firm
- metrics(kpi)
-process control(six sigma, lean etc)
-product traceability
- tools calibration
- work checklist/ statement of work

8. Other stuff
-company culture
-change management
-Regulatory compliance
-corporate social responsibility.


Ghana News

This is supposed to be the NPP strong room where they claim they have collated the results which indicate a clear lead for Nana Addo, although they also added that they will wait for the EC to officially declare the results. Do you believe them? What are your thoughts?

Credits: Evron Hughes


Ghana News

We at Ghana News are finding it very hard to digest the information that the honorable ex president Mahama has had a more than platonic relationship with Mzbel. Why do we find it hard?

Our research reveals that back in Nov 12, 2017, Mzbel made a Facebook post in which she unambiguously praised the strong marriage bond between the ex president and his lovely wife Madam Lordina.

We therefore cannot reconcile how Mzbel can simultaneously be allegedly warming the bed of the ex president and be admiring his marriage at the same time, wishing him the utmost best in his unbreakable marriage.

Maybe our readers can chime in and provide a better perspective of what is going on.


Ghana News

Are they truly friends?


Ghana News

A concerned Ghanaian penned down his thoughts about what a Biden presidency will do to the Christian Faith, and we decided to intervene to enrich the discussion. First read his opinions, then read our response to him.

“I see many people jubilating over Biden/Harris victory. That's okey, but if you are a Christian and you are so happy about their victory over Trumps then consider this post of mine. Do you know where Biden/Harris stands on the following ;
A. ABORTION: obviously Biden supports the legalisation of ABORTION up to and including birth! They endorse infanticide! Note that your support for Biden means your support for the killing of innocent babies in the womb?
Since Rowe vs.Wade, in 1973, 63,000,000+ babies have been aborted in the U.S.

B. SAME S*X MARRIAGE: Biden was the vice president for Obama who legalized same s*x marriage in the USA. Biden has so far made a public pronouncements about same s*x marriage that the right of LGBT is going to be his priority. Even not the lives of the blacks who helped him to win the elections. I want to ask you a Christian Jubilating that why do you support Biden, are you happy because he is going to imprison men of God who fails not to bless same s*x marriage or ?

C. ISRAEL. what is the stand of Biden on Israel? Is he for or against Israel, where will the embassy of USA be? Jerusalem or ....?

Why do you think Trumps faces firm opposition since he assumed office till his departure today? Why will a president who reduced unemployment drastically be fought all this while? Have you thought of his impeachment process? Have you wondered why CNN has never said anything good about him even though he has won the trade battle against China ?
Do not just be happy, the devil lives in the details. Trump is a human and might have his positive and negative; but have you ever heard any press especially the CNN say something good about Trump? Is it that he has never done anything good ? Dont just dislike him because of his policies on migration.

Trump has lost today, but it has great implications on Christianity your religion and faith.

For Trumps, you fought hard, you didnt fight only Biden, you foght the world and the forces behind the scenes, you fought the same s*x promoters, you fought for the promoters of Gun use, you fought the people against the teaching of religion in basic schools, you fought the people against the recital of the lords prayer in schools.

Congratulations!! You have done your best, it's normal, the world has always rejected christianity including Christians and am not surprised Christians are even more happy!! Better Lack next time !!!”

Here is our response:

“The American situation is complex and not as simple as you may be leading people to believe. In an imperfect world, issues are not simply black and white and unfortunately the practice of Christianity also suffers from human imperfections, so one has to understand all the factors at stake and make the best judgement with a clear conscience in alignment with what Christ will find acceptable or satisfactory.

Narrowing the conversation to abortion, same s*x marriage and Israel is an option but there are other factors at stake. Don’t underestimate the impact of divisiveness and racism which also leads to many loss of lives not as overtly as abortion but nonetheless equally or more lethal. Loss of lives in relation to racism is the many black and minority people who are viewed as second class citizens, imprisoned more and denied equal access to opportunities that will make them thrive. It is also the disproportionate covid related death among black people due to unequal access to good healthcare which makes them predisposed to underlying health conditions and economic factors such as not being able to work from home because their job requires them to be on the field, being in the lower end of the social ladder.

So no it’s not an easy choice between a so-called Christian who wields the Bible and praises Israel on one hand but uses the other hand to cause damage, or the other catholic Christian, Joe Biden who unifies the nation on one hand but associated to a party that advocates equal rights for g**s and le****ns and supports abortion.”


Ghana News

In the absence of having the full picture, I can understand how many Ghanaians will be enamored by Trump based on his public support for Christianity. But just as in life one has to pass a test to be qualified before they can be designated as being one professional or another, there are clear criteria that has to be passed before one can be objectively called a Christian, and just public display and utterances are not enough.

In my opinion, if you live in USA and observe Trump’s interactions on a day to day basis, your opinion of him in other things may stand but certainly not his credentials on Christianity. An evangelical publication that used to support him in the early days of his candidacy distanced themselves from him not too long ago after they have had the chance to observe his behavior in more detail.

Jesus himself knew of potential impersonators, thus he made this proclamation for us to be alert:

Matt 7:21:

In the King James Version of the Bible the text reads: Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.


Ghana News

The NDC manifesto was good. You could actually tell how good it was when you see how their many policies also intersect with that of the NPP, such as reduction of taxes to boost industry and to create jobs, focus on continuous and quality free SHS, modernization of agriculture, equal attention to health, support of rent assistance, making loans easily available to tertiary students and free WIFI. It shows that Ghanaians are the eventual winners since both parties at least agree on key policies that are important to Ghanaians.

The NDC manifesto also stood apart from the NPP manifesto in other ways, key among them that I personally like is the fund to help support people suffering from kidney and cancer disease. From time to time, I see posts on Facebook soliciting for funds, which although I contribute to occasionally, find it unsustainable and so I totally welcome the NDC initiative.

I also thought the NPP manifesto had its own strengths especially the focus on coupling digitization to economic development. The VP warms my heart with his sometimes flowery but nonetheless integral attention to the subject of digitization.

All that being said, I think the competition has been elevated and Dec 7 elections will truly focus on the track records of the two candidates of which Ghanaians will be the best judge. Personally, I would have wished Mahama was standing for the first time so that he will have the benefit of “fresh blood” but others will argue that his track record speaks for itself.

Michael Apemah
Chief editor, Ghana News
Author, Borga Dreams,

The developed world is not inhabited by supermen

Borga Dreams began as a book that guides Ghanaians in their travel abroad with a special focus on USA. Today, Borga Dreams has evolved to stand for many things, including a campaign to Ghanaians to adopt the attributes that make countries like USA great in order to drive Ghana’s development. Visit Borga Dreams website here:

Borga Dreams also has a business subsidiary called Digitize Ghana Solutions which offer digital tools to grow small businesses. Read more about it here:

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