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Today, Borga Dreams has evolved to stand for many things, including a campaign to Ghanaians to adopt the attributes that make countries like USA great to drive Ghana’s development.

Ghana News

Ghana News chief editor, Michael Apemah, adds his voice to the subject of accumated leave in a comment to a post from renowned Gimpa law teacher Clara Beeri Kasser-Tee. Read the comment below:

“We should try and be precise when we make laws in Ghana. Is it hard to write in the law that leave cannot be accumulated, when the law remembered to say that leave can not be relinquished?

Anyway in USA, labor laws vary and while in some states you forfeit your leave days when you don’t take them, in others, like in California leave days can be accumulated and exchanged for cash.”

Ghana News

Will you be happy to take this man’s job?

Ghana News

Following recent news that Sarkodie’s wife Tracy and other politicians wives have purposely traveled to the USA to deliver, we at Ghana News are providing the information below for Ghanaians to know what is involved.

We are aware that some visitors to the USA try to beat the system, leaving the USA government to bear the cost of delivery but as stated in the image below, sponsors who invite these visitors may be held financially liable. If you are contemplating delivery in USA, inform yourself accordingly!

Ghana News

Credits: CitiNews:

The Minister for Health, Kwaku Agyeman Manu is recovering in hospital after testing positive for COVID-19.

Information available to Citi News indicates that the Minister has been receiving treatment at the University of Ghana Medical Centre in Accra over the past week.

Multiple sources in the medical team at the hospital who confirmed the information to Citi News say the Dormaa Central MP was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday and is “in a stable condition”.

Citi News checks at the Health Ministry has corroborated the story as information there suggests Mr. Agyeman Manu has taken “a few days off from work” and has not reported to work all week.

The UGMC currently has 4 patients on admission at the ICU with several others in the main wards of the hospital’s COVID-19 wing.

The Health Minister who announced Ghana’s first COVID-19 case in a night broadcast in March this year would be the first high profile government official to have confirmed positive for the novel Coronavirus.

He is known for urging the public to be cautious of the virus during his regular appearances at the bi-weekly press briefings on COVID-19 by the Information Ministry which has been conspicuously put on hold for a while.

The information is coming at a time the leader of government business in Parliament, Osei Kyei Mensah has lamented how MPs, Parliamentary Service staff and journalists who tested positive for the virus have refused to self isolate.

Although no names have been mentioned, Mr. Mensah Bonsu’s lamentations suggest more than one person in the House of Legislature has tested positive and this could include MPs.

Meanwhile, the Mayor of the Sekondi-Takoradi Metropolitan Assembly in the Western Region, Anthony K.K. Sam, has passed away due to an illness close associates have disclosed as COVID-19.

A source at the UGMC in Accra where the MCE died told Citi News his Coronavirus case was compounded by a failure of the lung.

Ghana News

——Brought to you by Borga Dreams:
The conversation about black lives could be something like this.....

Ghana News

——Brought to you by Borga Dreams:
A professor attempts to root-cause the problem of racial inequality.

Ghana News

Aplus says government should ease the restrictions because he believes, after reading a news story of an European catching the virus in November, that the virus has long been in Ghana since November and many Ghanaians have already caught it.

We at Ghana News offered our opinion, when we detected a possible flaw in his line of thinking. First, read Aplus full post; next read our own commentary on the matter:

Aplus writes:
“"JUST IN: Scientists discover X-rays showing person with symptoms two months before first cases declared."

Aplus: From day one I made my position very clear. I told you that this thing has been in Ghana since November. I had it. My friends had it. My family had it. Cast your mind back. Did you experience a severe flue, dry cough and fever between november and February? You may have had it.

The thing came and left before the lockdown. Though I appreciate the government and the president's efforts to save lives, I think this thing has been overhyped. If it would have killed us like we are making it look, we will all have died before it was given a name because it was with us.

Businesses have collapsed. Ease the restrictions. Open the economy. Let final year students go to school at least. It was here before Christmas. We did know. We didn't die. Now we know. We will wear mask, wash our hands and practice social distancing. Reopen the economy now!!!”.

Ghana News chief editor, Michael Apemah responds:

“Aplus, while you mean no harm with this post but may actually have good intentions, this comment from you reflect partly why sometimes, in Ghana people’s minds, some politicians disappoint in some of their decision making when they come into power. We experience the disappointment in 2 ways:

1. Either they make a “complex” decision that we don’t understand such as issuing a 50yr bond, mortgaging our bauxite in exchange for roads, etc or

2. They make a decision that we think lacks common sense, such as deciding to build a cathedral when some people still school under trees.

But how are we supposed to objectively judge them? The better way is to subject the reasoning behind their decisions to not only our OWN logic, since our logic may be uninformed and bias, but also to best practices around the world, so that our perception of failed expectations is not based on our feelings and point of view only, a point which circles me back to the original point I want to make about your post:

While there is some common sense to say that you experienced some of the symptoms of Corona a while back in November and may have caught it, it is imprudent to conclude that you actually caught it, and that the virus certainly was with us back then and proceed to base your actions to easing restrictions on that, without following the world-best approach of doing testing and validation to come to that conclusion. In sum, if you were to lead Ghana and make decisions based on this line of thinking, while intending well, you could land the whole country into chaos or tragedy.

Based on this example from your post, when we criticize government, we need to factor in the fact that we ourselves may make some of the mistakes they make or may not fully appreciate some of the complex decisions that they have to make, because of our level of education or exposure.”

Michael Apemah
Chief Editor, Ghana News
Author, Borga Dreams
Engineer, USA

Ghana News

Ghana News Sunday edition

Professed atheist Chris Vincent shared his thoughts on how to live a meaningful life. We at Ghana News, in a comment to Chris, also shared our perspective from the Christian faith.

First, read the full post from Chris. Then read our commentary which follows right after:


When Will the Wanting End So You Can Embrace Living?

I have always wanted a lot of things and I still do want so many things—-some are necessary and many fall within the unnecessary box.

I wanted to finish College and I got that done. Then I wanted a degree and I went ahead for that too. After the degree, I wanted a master’s degree, which I got done. Then I wanted a 2nd master’s degree which I obtained too–and now I am thinking about a P.hd, and it is highly likely I will go chasing that too.

Besides the above, I wanted a job which I got, and then I wanted to be working for myself by a certain age, which I went after it and got it achieved. I wanted a car; I have bought several—one after another as they keep messing up. I wanted to travel a lot which I have done and continue to do…

For the many years of my life, I’ve been “WANTING” things and the moment I get these things, they become unimportant to me—the next want sets in and I go chasing that.

This is not an isolated lifestyle or a definition of my existence alone—it is how millions of people, both old and young are living their lives. Many more will join and many will die wanting, without ever living.

I remember reading Timothy Ferriss’ New York Times Bestseller-The 4 Hour Work Week (Escape the 9-5 Live Anywhere and Join the New Rich), in which he highlighted the fact that many people will never live, yet they will die.

Ferriss had brilliant advice, which is, even if you want to work like a donkey so you can keep chasing wants, that is somehow fine. But instead of waiting to be 70 years to retire (when you cannot really do much), you must take mini-retirements throughout your life—instead of “hoarding the recovery and enjoyment for the fool’s gold of retirement”. He was right when he said life is most enjoyable when you are effective, not when you are 60 with eye problems. That will never amount to living but struggling to live…

The most important question is, when do we stop the “wanting” in order to live and enjoy life for what it is—and celebrate the many wants we had which are no more because they’ve been accomplished?

I surely do not want to live the rest of my life wanting, without ever giving myself the opportunity to LIVE but breaking away from the magic circle of want demands a total change in mindset. And I’ve realized that to do this, I must start by placing less value on my wants, more value on my life and a higher value on those things that have been achieved.

Michael Apemah, Ghana News Editor:

Chris, you quoted Timothy Ferriss but I wanted to point out to you that the Bible also has answers to life, that is, if people seeking a meaningful life will ignore what some of the charlatan pastors convey and read the Bible for themselves. I leave you with these 5 Bible verse groupings:

1. Ecclesiastics 2:18-19
Then I hated all my labor in which I had toiled under the sun, because I must leave it to the man who will come after me. 19 And who knows whether he will be wise or a fool? Yet he will rule over all my labor in which I toiled and in which I have shown myself wise under the sun. This also is vanity.

2. Psalm 128:2 (CJB) You will eat what your hands have produced; you will be happy and prosperous.

3. Philippians 4:6-7 New International Version (NIV)
6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

4. Philippians 4:19 King James Version (KJV)
But my God shall supply all your needs according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

5. Philippians 4:8 King James Version (KJV)
Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Ghana News

Today, at the Ghana COVID-19 daily briefing, the information minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah, shared a chart, which showed that Ghana’s COVID-19 positive cases per day were declining and concluded that the cases may have peaked.

At that briefing, some members of the media questioned the data and asked if it would be possible to have the number of samples that are tested per day in addition to the positive daily cases. We agree that having that data will add to everyone’s understanding of what is truly going on.

We are also aware that some sections of the public, especially people on social media, are not convinced that there is enough data for the government or the Ghana health service to conclude that we have peaked and that the worst is behind us, so we at Ghana News decided to chime in with our perspective with the goal to improve the discussion at hand. We do this by comparing the Ghana data to Arizona State data from the USA.

The second photo is Ghana’s data; the third Arizona’s. We show how Arizona presents its COVID 19 data and suggest that if Ghana Health service adopts a similar approach, there will be less doubts cast on Ghana’s data and the interpretations government has advanced from it:

1. The tests by day, shown in the AZ data, marked by the first arrow at the top for easy identification, is important since from it, we can calculate the percentage of positive cases per day, which will serve as a better indicator whether cases have peaked or not. Without that, as missing in the Ghana data, you cannot tell for instance, if cases are declining because less tests are being conducted. AZ tests have increased to about 7,000/day in the week of April 30 compared to less than 10 tests in early March. We equally know that Ghana’s tests have likewise increased but that data has not been shared.

2. If more tests are being done, which is expected to lead to more reported cases, we can still tell if the situation is improving or getting worse by looking at the percent positive cases, as the Arizona chart shows, marked by the second arrow at the bottom. In the Arizona case, even though more tests were done in the week of April 30, which resulted in more positive cases(click the link in point 4 below to see daily positive cases), the percent of positive cases actually declined from 11% in the previous couple weeks to 7% on the week of April 30.

3. So for the public NOT to take the data from Ghana health service with a grain of salt, we recommend that they show us the daily tests and also the percent positive per day. If we see a decline in the percent positive per day, we will agree with them that, perhaps, the worst of the virus is behind us.

4. If you are interested in learning more how AZ reports its data, visit this website:

Michael Apemah
Chief Editor, Ghana News
Author, Borga Dreams
Engineer, USA

Ghana News

Ghana News Business Edition:

Co-Founder of AgroCenta, Mr Francis Obirikorang, shared what he believed are 6 key points every Ghanaian entrepreneur seeking to attract foreign investments should consider. We at Ghana News agreed with his keen insights and added our own for good measure. First read the full post from Francis, then read our commentary which follows immediately:

Francis Obirikorang wrote:
“The principles of investments for African founders is quite a simplistic approach no one will tell you.

Forget all that you’ve read in VC blogs, investment brochures, what you learn in zoom meetings/bootcamp/accelerators.

I’ll be blunt with you and hit a nerve.

Much as your business idea is good, it’s usually a non-starter. Having the following criteria usually does 90% of the job:
1. Ivy League school graduate
2. You must be likeable
3. You must be likeable
4. Be good at BS[sic: guess, it starts with bull]. It may not get you the money but usually will put a foot in the door
5. The color of your skin matters (no they won’t tell you this)
6. Throw in a white co-founder if you can afford one.

If you have none of the above listed, be prepared to put in x10 effort as someone who has the above...

Here is what Ghana News Chief Editor wrote in response:

“I think the Ivy League education and a white co-founder can be substituted one for the other, because, in my opinion, that prerequisite addresses the need for the leaders of an organization to be globally minded.

I’m thankful for the gulf of knowledge and exposure living in USA has infused in me, and if I was an investor interested in Africa, I would not have dished out money to my old living-in-Ghana self because I just wasn’t ready and had little global perspective.

I could have read about global trade and all that, but that could not have been an equivalent substitute for schooling and living abroad, attributes that a white co-founder organically possess. An Ivy League education, which I should add that I do not have, also adds instant validation.

As for the race matter, I will say the white investor will be more interested in making money and will only look to race if he perceives that will help him get it faster. So be black and Ivy League educated and have a track record of results and that will give you a leg up. My example to support this assertion is all the manufacturing that have been outsourced from USA to developing countries to increase the bottom line.

That’s all not to say that to succeed in Ghana, you need to have foreign credentials: there will be countless examples to suggest otherwise but if you want the white man’s money you should take any chance you get to have some of the white man’s credentials.

To conclude, let me share this story. I was reading my USA employer’s code of conduct for employees, which I’m required to annually review and get a certification for. I’ve been reading it for 7yrs and still hits me each time how it feels like I’m reading the Bible. It talks about integrity, privacy, corruption, bribery, respect for one another and good reputation among others.

I say to myself “the average white man in today’s world is secular, but is actually LIKELY to be more Christian, in terms of values, than the average Ghanaian Christian””

Michael Apemah
Chief Editor, Ghana News
Author, Borga Dreams
Engineer, USA

The developed world is not inhabited by supermen

Borga Dreams began as a book that guides Ghanaians in their travel abroad with a special focus on USA. Today, Borga Dreams has evolved to stand for many things, including a campaign to Ghanaians to adopt the attributes that make countries like USA great in order to drive Ghana’s development. Visit Borga Dreams website here:

Borga Dreams also has a business subsidiary called Digitize Ghana Solutions which offer digital tools to grow small businesses. Read more about it here:

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