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Today, Borga Dreams has evolved to stand for many things, including a campaign to Ghanaians to adopt the attributes that make countries like USA great to drive Ghana’s development.

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Ghana News

Are they truly friends?

Ghana News

A concerned Ghanaian penned down his thoughts about what a Biden presidency will do to the Christian Faith, and we decided to intervene to enrich the discussion. First read his opinions, then read our response to him.

“I see many people jubilating over Biden/Harris victory. That's okey, but if you are a Christian and you are so happy about their victory over Trumps then consider this post of mine. Do you know where Biden/Harris stands on the following ;
A. ABORTION: obviously Biden supports the legalisation of ABORTION up to and including birth! They endorse infanticide! Note that your support for Biden means your support for the killing of innocent babies in the womb?
Since Rowe vs.Wade, in 1973, 63,000,000+ babies have been aborted in the U.S.

B. SAME SEX MARRIAGE: Biden was the vice president for Obama who legalized same sex marriage in the USA. Biden has so far made a public pronouncements about same sex marriage that the right of LGBT is going to be his priority. Even not the lives of the blacks who helped him to win the elections. I want to ask you a Christian Jubilating that why do you support Biden, are you happy because he is going to imprison men of God who fails not to bless same sex marriage or ?

C. ISRAEL. what is the stand of Biden on Israel? Is he for or against Israel, where will the embassy of USA be? Jerusalem or ....?

Why do you think Trumps faces firm opposition since he assumed office till his departure today? Why will a president who reduced unemployment drastically be fought all this while? Have you thought of his impeachment process? Have you wondered why CNN has never said anything good about him even though he has won the trade battle against China ?
Do not just be happy, the devil lives in the details. Trump is a human and might have his positive and negative; but have you ever heard any press especially the CNN say something good about Trump? Is it that he has never done anything good ? Dont just dislike him because of his policies on migration.

Trump has lost today, but it has great implications on Christianity your religion and faith.

For Trumps, you fought hard, you didnt fight only Biden, you foght the world and the forces behind the scenes, you fought the same sex promoters, you fought for the promoters of Gun use, you fought the people against the teaching of religion in basic schools, you fought the people against the recital of the lords prayer in schools.

Congratulations!! You have done your best, it's normal, the world has always rejected christianity including Christians and am not surprised Christians are even more happy!! Better Lack next time !!!”

Here is our response:

“The American situation is complex and not as simple as you may be leading people to believe. In an imperfect world, issues are not simply black and white and unfortunately the practice of Christianity also suffers from human imperfections, so one has to understand all the factors at stake and make the best judgement with a clear conscience in alignment with what Christ will find acceptable or satisfactory.

Narrowing the conversation to abortion, same sex marriage and Israel is an option but there are other factors at stake. Don’t underestimate the impact of divisiveness and racism which also leads to many loss of lives not as overtly as abortion but nonetheless equally or more lethal. Loss of lives in relation to racism is the many black and minority people who are viewed as second class citizens, imprisoned more and denied equal access to opportunities that will make them thrive. It is also the disproportionate covid related death among black people due to unequal access to good healthcare which makes them predisposed to underlying health conditions and economic factors such as not being able to work from home because their job requires them to be on the field, being in the lower end of the social ladder.

So no it’s not an easy choice between a so-called Christian who wields the Bible and praises Israel on one hand but uses the other hand to cause damage, or the other catholic Christian, Joe Biden who unifies the nation on one hand but associated to a party that advocates equal rights for gays and lesbians and supports abortion.”

Ghana News

In the absence of having the full picture, I can understand how many Ghanaians will be enamored by Trump based on his public support for Christianity. But just as in life one has to pass a test to be qualified before they can be designated as being one professional or another, there are clear criteria that has to be passed before one can be objectively called a Christian, and just public display and utterances are not enough.

In my opinion, if you live in USA and observe Trump’s interactions on a day to day basis, your opinion of him in other things may stand but certainly not his credentials on Christianity. An evangelical publication that used to support him in the early days of his candidacy distanced themselves from him not too long ago after they have had the chance to observe his behavior in more detail.

Jesus himself knew of potential impersonators, thus he made this proclamation for us to be alert:

Matt 7:21:

In the King James Version of the Bible the text reads: Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.

Ghana News

The NDC manifesto was good. You could actually tell how good it was when you see how their many policies also intersect with that of the NPP, such as reduction of taxes to boost industry and to create jobs, focus on continuous and quality free SHS, modernization of agriculture, equal attention to health, support of rent assistance, making loans easily available to tertiary students and free WIFI. It shows that Ghanaians are the eventual winners since both parties at least agree on key policies that are important to Ghanaians.

The NDC manifesto also stood apart from the NPP manifesto in other ways, key among them that I personally like is the fund to help support people suffering from kidney and cancer disease. From time to time, I see posts on Facebook soliciting for funds, which although I contribute to occasionally, find it unsustainable and so I totally welcome the NDC initiative.

I also thought the NPP manifesto had its own strengths especially the focus on coupling digitization to economic development. The VP warms my heart with his sometimes flowery but nonetheless integral attention to the subject of digitization.

All that being said, I think the competition has been elevated and Dec 7 elections will truly focus on the track records of the two candidates of which Ghanaians will be the best judge. Personally, I would have wished Mahama was standing for the first time so that he will have the benefit of “fresh blood” but others will argue that his track record speaks for itself.

Michael Apemah
Chief editor, Ghana News
Author, Borga Dreams,

Ghana News

Ghana News provides our readers a list of key persons to help explain the NDC manifesto in different sectors:

For Immediate Release:
Monday, 7th September, 2020


The National Democratic Congress (NDC) wishes to inform the media and the general Public about the appointment of various Sectoral Spokespersons to speak to key areas of the party’s 2020 Peoples’ Manifesto.

The appointed spokespersons who have been tasked by the leadership of the party to work under the Communication Bureau of the party to effectively communicate the programmes and policies captured in the party’s 2020 manifesto, will be available for media interviews after the manifesto launch which is slated for today, 7th September, 2020.

The party humbly calls on all media stations across the country to contact the under listed persons in respect of interviews, questions and all other queries pertaining to the broad thematic areas of the Peoples’ manifesto.

1. Job Creation
• Mrs. Mona Quartey- 0244350180
• Mr. Sebastian Deh- 0501297939

2. Agriculture
• Hon. Eric Opoku- 0244355653
• Dr. Yakubu Alhassan- 0244838977
• Mr. Peter Nuhu- 0267439259
• Mr. Henry Yamson- 0204413816
• Hon. Sampson Ahi- 0540101193

3. Education
• Hon. Peter Nortsu-Kotoe- 0208186748
• Hon. Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa-0244356395
• Hon. Dr. Clement Apaak- 0540100809
• Prof. G.KT Oduro- 0249731782

4. Finance & Economy
• Hon. Ato Forson- 0501287859
• Hon. Isaac Adongo- 0209850551
• Hon. Fiifi Fiavi Kwetey- 0244312076
• Hon. John Jinapor- 0244354543

5. Infrastructure
• Cde. Felix Ofosu Kwakye- 0248756861
• Mrs. Gizella Tetteh-Agbotui-0244339051
• Hon. Samuel Nartey George- 0249241251
• Hon. Kwame Agbozah- 0543073753
• Hon. Adam Mutawakilu- 0246060625

6. Health
• Dr. Edward Omane Boamah- 0244353024
• Hon. Mintah Akandoh- 0244936800
• Dr. Victor Bampoe- 0244377165
• Mr. Sylvester Mensah- 0244437990
• Dr. Grace Ayensu (COVID-19)- 0509547313
• Dr. Jehu Appiah (COVID-19)- 0244351070
• Dr. Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings (COVID-19)-0267601164

7. Security
• Hon. James Agalga- 0244539964
• Supt. Lanchene Toubu Comrade-0244087792

8. Governance
• Hon. Joyce Bawa Mogtari-
• Amb. Sam Pee Yalley- 0209285475
• Mr. Seth Ofori- 0249311089

9. Local Governance
• Hon. Nii Lante Vanderpuye- 0244354546
• Alhaji Mohammed Doku- 0249917797
• Hon. Abdul Aziz- 0244292754
• Hon. Thomas Ampem Nyarko-0549551668

10. Sports
* Cde. Dickson Kyere-Duah- 0558750824
* Hon. Nii Lante Vanderpuye- 0244354546

11. Youth Development
• Cde. Edem Agbana- 0552477081
• Cde. Benedicta Lasi Esq.- 0246940449
• Cde. Julian Yaw. Cobbinah- 0503477649
• Cde. Ruth Dela Sedoh- 0540682502

12. Gender and Social Protection
• Nana Oye Lithur- 0544322352
• Dr. Kpessah White- 0200813272
• Hon. Laadi Ayii Ayamba- 0244764441

13. Zongo and Muslim affairs
• Cde. Baba Jamal- 0244770014
• Alhaji Mohammed Naziru- 0244285223
• Hon. Amadu Sorogo- 0244273131
• Cde. Abass Fuseini- 0243110178

14. Creative Arts
• Rex Omar- 0262157777
• Baba Abu Sadique – 0243383831

Issued in Accra on this 7th day of September, 2020.

Cde. Sammy Gyamfi Esq.
(National Communication Officer)

Ghana News

Ghana News saw the post below from an organization called TPP and had this to say to enrich the discussion:

There are many problems that plague Ghana and every Ghanaian can identify at least one problem that they want to be solved. There is nothing wrong with holding our leaders accountable and demanding that they solve our problems.

However, what I am not sure every Ghanaian knows is what it takes to solve those problems. That’s fine, they don’t have to know and that’s why they elect others to solve the problems and just expect results. However, every Ghanaian must understand that all our problems CANNOT be solved overnight so in expecting results, they have to know what PROGRESS looks like. Ghanaians have to develop the sense to see actions and paths that will lead to full development, so that they will not spend all their energies focusing on criticisms but use some to encourage leaders who are on the right path.

So how do Ghanaians develop a sense of spotting what progress is. How can they examine the STRATEGIC policy actions or initiatives of government to understand how positively it impacts their lives? The answer is not that simple. Both the Ghanaian and government have a part to play to help the citizenry become aligned on how to measure progress or good leadership. For citizens, I recommend they put themselves in government shoes. They should list all the problems they can think of, such as schooling under trees, inequality, poor health systems, poor roads, lack of water and electricity, sanitation problems, mediocre school system, lack of jobs, etc and ask themselves how will they address all these problems if they were in power? I have done this exercise myself and it helps you appreciate that first, you cannot solve all the problems at once and second, you will always be criticized if you are the president because people only see the problems and expect quick results.

For the part of government, they have to realize that an educated and informed citizenry makes governance easier. So they have to focus more attention in communicating their vision and policies to Ghanaians in a manner that they can easily understand. It goes without saying that all government machinery has to be aligned on what government is doing and be able to communicate it, but most importantly the information ministry has a bigger role to play to inform Ghanaians. For the present government, I suspect they sense the urgency in having an educated population, so they have hurriedly implemented free SHS, which I hope will bear fruits not long into the future, creating citizens who will better understand how the world works including appreciation of what good governance is.

To illustrate a little more about what managing an economy involves, let’s examine this scenario:

Each year, Government collects taxes and royalties from our gold/oil and other incomes from exports and investments and that forms the basis of the TOTAL income or revenue to the state, let’s assume it is 1,000.

Then government has to decide how to use the revenues to solve problems that need money before they can be solved. Let’s list a few below:
1. Wages for government workers- 500
2. Interest payment on a loan they took in prior years- 200
3. Teacher and nursing training allowance- 50
4. Money to build roads- 200
5. Money for local development such as toilets, sanitation etc- 200
6. Money to expand electricity and water to rural areas- 200
7. Money for free SHS- 150
8. Money for NHIS -150
9. Money to fund police-or military-100
10. Money for recreational projects such as AstroTurf, stadiums- 50
11. Money to subsidize Agric to enhance production-50
12.Money to build factories- 100

So if you have at least SHS education, it should not be hard for you to do the math and understand that the money needed to solve most of our problems is not there and borrowing from other nations is inevitable, and that we need a government who can first be ingenious to know how to borrow smartly, and how to partner with private people to create jobs(factories)which will in turn pay more taxes. This same government must be looking for ways to improve our Agriculture so we can export for revenues and also how to explore and exploit our natural resources for our gains.

The government should also know how to prioritize which problems to solve that has the most beneficial impact to the people. Is it free SHS they will do first, or is it key infrastructure such as roads, hospitals that they will tackle?

So next time when you are criticizing a government that your road is poor, or the electricity is off, or food and fuel prices are too high, spend a thought to think whether you can trust that your government is doing its best and using the money for other key projects such as Free SHS or building health facilities or paying salaries and will eventually get to your problem when enough money is in the coffers.

Also when you want to elect new leaders, think about the ones who will not misappropriate the little money we have for only their family and friends only and certainly not use the monies to fund luxury homes for slay queens, because those monies can solve a few problems in the village such as connecting electricity there or building a small classroom for children to learn instead of under trees.

Michael Apemah
Ghana News chief editor
Engineer, USA

Ghana News

Blaqq Quophy, CEO of AgroCenta(Ghana) frustratingly but also justifiably laments about the raw deal the African or person with black color is subjected to in a bid to prove himself, a clear indication that the effects of racism is felt even to this day in Ghana.
Ghana News editor gave his perspective, with a goal to enrich the discussion in this long struggle to combat racism. First, read Blaqq’s post, then read the response from Ghana News chief editor, Michael Apemah.

Blaqq writes:
“What triggers me is always the subtle attempt to discredit anything good that comes from Africa.

Intellectually, physically, spiritually etc etc.

If you’ve talked to anyone who had the chance to travel overseas to further their education, work, live there or seek business opportunities you will get the first hand information on these blatant racism.

In the entrepreneurial space, more than 96% of black founders who have looked to raise capital are subjected to discount and intellectual tokenism.

Investors don’t mind throwing money at a young Harvard or Princeton graduate who has a solution he or she claims will be the next big then. Let an African founder possess the same idea and he or she will be subject to a lot of financial interrogation.

A black founder coming from Africa will have to put in ten times the effort a white founder will put in when raising funds or seeking business opportunities.

We’ve had to let some partnership go in the past because of these stuff. From “your story is too good to be true in Africa” to “we don’t think you and your team are that experienced to handle this capital so we seek management right to protect our investment”, to making ridiculous claims.

Work with some of these “multinational organizations” in Ghana here and they will blatantly tell you “labor is cheap here and if you leave, I can find someone to replace you and pay the person even less”

The color of ones skin does not have any effect on their intellectual prowess; we are as smart and intelligent as any specie out there.

It’s opportunities we lack, doesn’t make us stupid...”

Ghana News chief editor, Michael Apemah responds:

“Interesting conversation. I will give my perspective as someone who lives in USA and works at an institution dominated by white men.

America is confronting issues of racial injustices in the wake of police shootings of black people amid covid, and conversations like yours have been front and center in the news and most of discussions in corporate America. Experiences like yours are not uncommon.

In-fact in corporate USA, the inequality issue is expanded to focus on a larger group, the underrepresented minority, which includes not only blacks but women and other minority groups such as the Latino community. Interestingly, some (white)women in America also feel their ideas are ignored because of their gender, when they see the same ideas welcomed when pitched by men.

The way forward?
In corporate USA, leaders of the black community advise that black people continue to build credibility.

Do your work with utmost competence and integrity. Respectfully let your voice to be heard but speak with data and not generalize. For instance you could say, “I led the team to raise revenues by 20% and decreased downtime by 5%. I am more qualified than Scott, who only raised revenues by 17%” instead of just saying “ I do more work than Scott”.

I will end by saying there is a little hope, at least as I know it in the high-tech industry in USA. Top companies are finding that diversity is a competitive advantage and are setting aggressive goals to address diversity and inclusion issues. For instance, Intel has met representation goals and equal pay for men and women(you probably won’t have guessed gender pay gap was a problem). Other tech companies such as google and Microsoft are following suit.

Intel ensures that $1billion of its spending goes to diverse suppliers and has set a CSR(corporate social responsibility) goal to increase that amount in the next decade and also force its partners, ie subcontractors and suppliers to also meet diversity goals.”

The developed world is not inhabited by supermen

Borga Dreams began as a book that guides Ghanaians in their travel abroad with a special focus on USA. Today, Borga Dreams has evolved to stand for many things, including a campaign to Ghanaians to adopt the attributes that make countries like USA great in order to drive Ghana’s development. Visit Borga Dreams website here:

Borga Dreams also has a business subsidiary called Digitize Ghana Solutions which offer digital tools to grow small businesses. Read more about it here:

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