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Today, Borga Dreams has evolved to stand for many things, including a campaign to Ghanaians to adopt the attributes that make countries like USA great to drive Ghana’s development.

Ghana News

It is a good thing that when you become rich, you don’t forget your parents. World’s richest man, Bill Gates sets the example for us by honoring his dad, who is 94years old, for his leadership and inspiration.

Ghana News

In line with our mission to bring you evidence-based News devoid of emotions and bias that currently plague the media landscape, Ghana News spent the time digging information on recent polls between Nana Addo and Mahama, to inform our readers and to arm them in their debates, with the goal that their political conversations going forward will be based on facts, and not on fake news, which resides in people’s fantasy, far removed from reality.

Our research reveals that Mahama beats Nana Addo on almost all Facebook polls that have been created by major News network since the 2016 elections, with the exception of 1 or 2 polls, that Nana triumphed.

Pursuant to this, Ghana News can make the following deductions:
1. That it is possible Facebook sample size is representative of the voter population, and that Mahama is more favored than Akuffo Addo. In other words, Nana Addo has been unimpressive in most people’s eyes, after they have had the benefit to compare him to Mahama

2. That Facebook sample size is not representative of the voter population, and that other polls may reveal the opposite to be true, that Nana Addo is preferred.

3. That Facebook is dominated by NDC sympathizers, who are skewing the polls in favor of Mahama, and that the full voter population outside of Facebook will reveal something different.

4. That Facebook may be dominated by NPP sympathizers, but they have been so disappointed with Nana that they are apathetic in participating in Facebook polls.

5. That NPP sympathizers have been burnt out by all the efforts they put in during the last elections, and are regrouping and rejuvenating for the 2020 elections tasks ahead, and will bounce back with full force to eclipse the socia media landscape as they are believed to have done in the past.

6. That all the polls actually reveal that Mahama is poised to do well in the 2020 elections.

Note that we at Ghana News had posted our own opinions on how we think Nana Addo’s government has performed satisfactorily on the economy and other areas compared to the previous government, based on the available data reported to reputable organizations like Moody, IMF, Fitch etc; but it is very possible that, that alone will not be enough to persuade people to vote for the NPP, if you consider their other weaknesses, such as a poorer rating on corruption compared to NDC’s reign as published by Transparency International, in their annual corruption index publications.

We look forward to reporting on future polls, in light of the Airbus scandal and the missing excavators, if the results which so far favor Mahama, will shift. Please feel free to make your own deductions from the data.

Michael Apemah, CSCP
Chief Editor, Ghana News
Engineer, USA
Author, Borga Dreams

Ghana News

Erudite David Asante Darko was musing on why some Ghanaians doing very well abroad, leave their juicy jobs behind and return to Ghana to dabble in politics. These remarks almost had the full appearance of a bait that would lure Ghana News to comment on the matter, so we took the bait.

First, Here is what David wrote:

“The proportion of working-age Ghanaians that earn five thousand cedis or more on a monthly basis, would very likely not exceed five percent. At the prevailing exchange rate that will be less than nine hundred and fifty American dollars monthly. When you consider the wealth and prestige that come with the prominent and enviable occupations that some illustrious Ghanaians enjoy abroad and think how some are tempted, despite what privileges they enjoy overseas, to return home just to dabble in and make a living off of the filthy politics that transpire here, it gives a grim indication of just how obscene the economic gap between the masses and the politicians and the magnitude of ill-gotten gains one stands to accrue from politics are.”

Here is our response, penned by the chief editor of Ghana News:

“Last I checked MPs in Ghana earn between 10,000 and 25000 ie $2,000 to $5,000 per month. That is very competitive to the salaries in the developed world if you consider 2 factors:
1. Cost of labor in Ghana
2. Cost of real estate Ghana

As much as 50% of one’s salary abroad can go to rental or mortgage payment whereas the value may be 20 to 30% in Ghana. Hire someone to come clean your house, mow your lawn or repair your stove abroad and you will be paying a huge chunk of your salary away. Conversely, Ghanaians enjoy cheap labor for mundane things(whether this is good or not is for another discussion)

Add in lax laws and status mongering in Ghana(which you won’t get easily if you’re an average black man living abroad) and you can see why people come home to dabble in politics.

Pursuant to the above, it should rather be the case that politicians in Ghana should be incentivized to serve with integrity and not give in to corruption. Thus, it is the greed and lack of integrity that is the problem.”

-Michael Apemah
Chief editor, Ghana News
Engineer, USA
Author, Borga Dreams

Ghana News

We at Ghana News woke up to an interesting conversation on the display of wealth observed during the wedding of Kwame Despite’s son Kennedy and Tracy.

On one hand, some praised the wedding, describing the pomp and pageantry as appropriate and proportionate, given how hard Despite and his son have worked to create the fortunes which they now enjoy today.

On the other hand, some registered their displeasure at the wanton display of what they termed as “classless” wealth, advising that the focus of the wedding should be on the union itself, rather than the distraction of flamboyant wealth, that sends a wrong signal to up and coming brides and grooms and which adds unnecessary pressure to the marriage process.

We at Ghana News, typical of our track record, feel the need to chime into this matter and provide our perspective in the hopes of offering some education. We will expose ourselves to insults, both from our USA lecturers and Ghanaian intellectuals alike, if we also descend into the gutters to comment on the matter without doing the necessary research. So we perused a few articles by invoking the powers of Google and Facebook to ask the question: Is Despite a shining example of Ghana’s entrepreneurship for which we have greatly underestimated its ability to serve as a learning opportunity for upcoming entrepreneurs, or was the wealth acquired by unscrupulous means, marked by linkages to political power, illegal galamsey, corruption, money laundering or, by some stretch of the imagination, rituals and voodoo, all of which are not uncommon in our part of the world?

We at Ghana News take the view that Dr Kwame Despite’s example should be a learning opportunity for all, based on what our research revealed.

Living in USA, Ghana News has done some research on the foreign country’s richest entrepreneurs and businesses to understand how their wealth was created. We concluded that a business that solves the needs of many individuals on a daily basis is bound to make its founders rich.

Take the example of Bill Gates who founded Microsoft Corporation, which creates the software for computers used throughout the world, from USA to China to every place on the planet and you can understand his source of weath. Same with the late Steve Jobs, whose company Apple, ships millions of iPhones and MacBooks throughout the globe.

Add another example, Mark Zuckerberg who created Facebook, which is enjoyed by millions of people. If you are reading this post, it is through Zuckerberg’s innovation that you have the opportunity.

We won’t have enough time to break down the riches of these above mentioned USA entrepreneurs but we can deduce that the wealth was created from legitimate means.

On the Despite’s situation however, we feel we won’t do justice to the matter if we don’t provide some numbers to help people appreciate the source of his wealth. We spotted about 10 flashy cars during the wedding, which we will conservatively value at $100,000 per car. That puts the total value of the cars, all of which are paid for presumably, at $1,000,000. How do we show that Despite has $1,000,000 and change to fund his rich lifestyle?

We learned from our research that Despite is about 58 years old and started Peace FM in 1999, some 20 years ago. Subsequently, he expanded his media empire and also ventured into food production and other businesses that we may not know of. We note that Despite’s business, similar to the the USA guys above, created solutions that many enjoy: Millions listen to Peace FM and his other radio stations. Thousands or more patronize his Neat Fufu and other staple products(salt etc), some of which go beyond the shores of Ghana, such as Neat Fufu which can be found in many African markets in USA and beyond. Most of the raw materials and labor are sourced locally, so we estimate high margins for his products.

So if we estimate that Despite has been active in business for 25 years and makes a profit of $100,000 each year, that puts his net worth, not counting his other assets, at about $2,500,000 dollars which is far in excess of the $1 million cars he owns. He can also afford a flashy-house at East Legon, and all that will be legitimate. Even if we decide to be more conservative, since it takes some hard core business intelligence and goodluck(read: God’s blessings) to make $100,000 consistently year over year in Ghana for 20 years, and halve his annual profit to $50,000 per year, that still leaves Despite’s net worth at $1.75million, which can still pay for all his cars and some.

We have therefore shown our readers, how in a challenged economy such as Ghana’s, one man has stepped up by following worldwide business strategy principles similar to his USA peers, to create solutions for millions and in so doing amassed wealth for himself and his future generations. In-fact we at Ghana News have been mapping out how we too will create wealth back home if we decide to relocate and are finding that our blueprint aligns exactly with the path Despite has followed. Indeed, ours remain in the ideation stage, but Despite has taken an entrenched lead that we can only envy.

So back to the original question: should Despite or his son be blamed or praised? We appreciate the calls for modesty but we cannot fault a man who has worked hard for his money if he chooses to legitimately spend excessively towards his son’s wedding. We can only remind him to also consider generously spending some of his money towards the needy, in an impoverished society as ours.

What we cannot tolerate are the college-educated Ghanaians who instead of calling Despite “classless” should have used their education to research how he made his money.

Ghana News

——Brought to you by Borga Dreams:
Will you volunteer yourself for this fire demonstration?

From an educational perspective, let’s try to understand what may be going on here. Materials Engineering is a field of engineering which studies the composition of materials and how that influence the properties of the material, specifically, mechanical properties such as the strength,formability, hardness and elasticity; electrical properties such as electrical resistance, conductivity and magnetization; and chemical properties such as diffusibility, adsorption to chemicals and, in the case of this video, flammability.

In this sense, natural cotton or wool materials may behave differently than synthetic fibers when exposed to flame. An engineer could synthesize the right material, which will be suitable for use in this scenario, mitigating the risk of burning.

I studied Materials Engineering at Tech and went on to master the field a little more in USA. It’s a good course so I encourage readers who are prospective college students to consider the field. Today though, I am a social media activist, managing a couple pages and delighting my followers with timely and accurate News.

I haven’t thrown away my engineering altogether, since my day job involves super high tech manufacturing and technology, where we make chips for a variety of devices, ranging from mobile phones, tablets, laptops, desktops, servers, cellphone towers, routers, self-driving cars, industrial sensors, digital displays(like airport signboards), security cameras, robots, drones(like the one Zilpline uses to deliver medication and blood in Ghana)and even ATMs. Chances are you may have used our products in one way or the other. The company’s name is Intel corporation, and you may have spotted our logo on a computer which says “Intel inside”.

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Ghana News

——Brought to you by Borga Dreams:
***Very Important: Please share****
A bad batch of Cindy and Lele tomato paste has been indentified, triggering a recall by the supplier Rabaj Company. Consumers are advised to return any products in their possession to the retail outlets they purchased from.

Side note: There are still limited copies of Borga Dreams book. If you or your family and friends have ever desired to travel abroad, this is the book for you. Get it here:

Ghana News

——Brought to you by Borga Dreams:
Does Ghana really need a cathedral? My take number 2:

Personally, as I stated in my post here,, I believe the cathedral can wait but I also understand it’s motivations, a symbolic focus on God yielding to spiritual benefits and even possibly, direct economical benefits.

There have been worst ways that Ghana money has been spent by politicians, from kickbacks to contract and procurement frauds, to causing of financial loss from lack of due diligence and incompetence. So if a group of politicians, who seem to to know what they are doing on average(not to give them a pass for their many other faults and indiscretions), decide to persuade people or support the building of a cathedral instead of pocketing tax payers money, it follows that their hearts may be in the right place.

If you consider the many pressing things we could do with Ghana’s money ahead of building a cathedral, there may be some lateral analogy to the widow in the Bible who gave the last of her earnings to God, when hunger loomed nearby in ambush, waiting to devour her. We all know how it turned out in the end. Only in this case, it is not the individuals money involved but our collective “widows mite”.

In the final analysis, I understand that some may be justifiably unpersuaded by a cathedral, especially if they are non Christians. I would have registered my displeasure, being a Christian, if Ghanaians were mostly Hindus and the government wanted to build a Hindu temple to honor Buddha.

Ghana News

——Brought to you by Borga Dreams:
I understand people’s concerns about where we focus our priorities. We should take care of basic needs before we think of wants. But Ken is a Christian, like me, who believes in the power of God to transform the lives of his worshippers, who worship him the proper way- not the corruption laden Ghanaian way.

Ken’s achievements as a finance minister, in concert with the economic management team, have benefited many Ghanaians and will continue to do so. Many will disagree but performance is not based on feelings. It is based on report card, which independent world bodies can attest that Ghana’s economy under Ken has improved. I’m not Ken’s spokesperson, neither do I care about NPP- NDC diversions, but I believe Ken is not blind to the woes of the poor, which he said gives him headache, and which drives him to engineer methods that will alleviate and possibly end poverty among the masses.

So why is this man not advocating that we use the money for cathedral to help the poor? For the non- Christians here, the motivation may be connected to a practice in the Bible. For reasons that cannot be comprehended by men, God has asked for worship(first fruits)/building when all was not perfect with his worshippers. The idea is not that God is insensitive, but to focus his followers minds to be reflective of who really has all the answers that they need, which in this case for Ghana, is wisdom for good governance to build roads, grow agriculture, improve education etc. The reference to stones rising up to build the cathedral is also in the bible, where Jesus uttered the same words in Luke 19:40, to emphasize his call for his followers to focus on who actually is the source of their help and who has the answers that they seek.

Africa in general is very religious so most cannot reconcile why we are so poor. There may be many answers for this, but one simple answer is that we don’t follow the teachings in the Bible meticulously, only half-heartedly at best. Why? African people cannot follow the teachings in the Bible and be the most corrupt continent. Simple.

Personally, I feel the Cathedral can wait, but I can understand Ken and other Christian supporters who may be divinely driven to have the Cathedral built now to focus Ghanaians attention to God in the proper way, not in the old way that we have been doing it, which is laden with corruption.

Lastly, let me pose this question? If God said we should build a cathedral, so that he stops 150 people from dying, as it happened in the gas station explosion not too long ago, will Ghanaians rally around the idea? What about if God said we should build a cathedral so that he prevents a major earthquake from destroying roads, schools and homes that cost more than the cathedral and that will save lives, will we do it?

So if some Christians in government have strong convictions to build a cathedral, they may have in mind the many blessings that may come our way, or the many disasters that will be averted if we focus our attention on God.

Still not persuaded because the disaster situation listed above is too hypothetical? Well, ask USA or Japan what they would have done to prevent September 11 attacks, hurricane Katrina, California fires, school shootings, and Fukushima nuclear spill.

Read my other thoughts about the poetic Ghanaian here:

The developed world is not inhabited by supermen

Borga Dreams began as a book that guides Ghanaians in their travel abroad with a special focus on USA. Today, Borga Dreams has evolved to stand for many things, including a campaign to Ghanaians to adopt the attributes that make countries like USA great in order to drive Ghana’s development. Visit Borga Dreams website here:

Borga Dreams also has a business subsidiary called Digitize Ghana Solutions which offer digital tools to grow small businesses. Read more about it here:

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