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[10/30/19]   After the today rush and targets to meet...
Its midweek which means the weekend is almost here
It's Time for s massage, hair grooming, skincare and a little treat for yourself.

Let's make you an appointment

Thanks Sally for your patronage, you glow even in the dark!

New week, new goals. Make the most of this new week and set yourself up for greatness!

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A few of our testimonials. Publish here with consent from the clients.... What are you waiting for?

[05/01/18]   Let's talk about beauty and skincare.... Ask me any question concerning this topic and I will be glad to respond.

100% organic, beats the morrocan black soap in só many ways. Very effective for acne, facial folliculitis,enriched with natural plant products and essential vitamins for healthy glowing skin. Contains turmeric which naturally lightens the skin. Suitable for everyday use and all skin types. Call or massage for yours

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[12/26/17]   As we draw nigh to the end of 2017 I am extremely sure we all had our ups and down, some lost their loved ones to the hands of death but I am extremely grateful to God that I never lost any of you my wonderful fans, friends, family, and supporters of my brand. I pray we all cross over gracefully by the mercy of the Almighty into 2018. Wishing you all a happy holiday and a prosperous new year.

[12/24/16]   Merry Christmas from all of us here at LA Visage, may 2017 bring good tidings and much happiness to you and yours....

[06/22/16]   The Essence of beauty for that beautiful you.

There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.

It seems that embracing your true self radiates a natural beauty that cannot be diluted or ignored. That beautiful, radiant essence is YOU. Confident, powerful, untamable, badass you!

Proudly embracing all of her perfect imperfections, a woman this empowered emanates the type of beauty that inspires poetry, songs, and powerful expressions of the heart’s desires.

A woman that powerful can exude a life-changing beauty, sensuality, and confidence; it’s easy to see why the marketing industry spends gigantic amounts of money to convince you to NEVER feel this way.

If you know how beautiful you are, they can’t sell you their products. That simple truth has been the source of the mass diluting of our beautiful women. Convinced they are not enough, convinced they are fatally flawed, convinced they are unworthy, and most importantly, convinced that they need your product to fix them.

Ladies, most of you have no idea how beautiful you are. Don’t let an agenda-driven campaign designed to make you feel unattractive steal that beautiful radiant glow within. Do not become disconnected from the truth of your beauty.

You are beautiful by design... just the way you are.

My word: There is nothing and I mean nothing absolutely broken about you so please Ladies stop trying to fix yourself. Be beautiful, always be a unique version of yourself always.

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[12/02/15]   Be beautiful and handsome both physically and mentally this holiday season. Seasons greetings from everyone at La Visage.

[10/14/15]   DRY SKIN NO MORE.
The Essence of Facial oils:

I know there are those of you out there terrified of using oil on your face! Because I used to be you! I used to be an ingredient sergeant and if I saw oil listed anywhere, I ran for my life. Then I got educated. Mineral oil is pore-clogging and I avoid it like the plague. But most oils out there do not cause breakouts. Period. And the only way to come to this realization yourself is to cross over and try one.
Moreover, oil might actually work to clear up acne. Say what? Yes! Sometimes, especially if you fall under the “oily skin” type, your body is making more and more oil because you’re over-drying it. So you actually have dry skin now, which is devastating because now not only do you have acne, it’s really irritated on top of it and your face is desperate for oil. Since you’re not giving it any, it’s working overtime to create its own, hence the heavy oil production. As soon as you add oil to your skin regimen, it will calm down and produce less oil.

On the other side of the equation, there are those of us with dry skin from life, not from overdrying it (we actually moisturize it constantly but it’s never enough!). The dry harmattan season, using heaters in our cars (or space heaters under our desks)during the cold days and not drinking enough water are all culprits. Which is why facial oil is crucial to stopping the cycle of dry skin. And the most effective way to use it is after you apply your moisturizer. Why? Because if you apply the oil before the moisturizer, you’re preventing the moisturizer from penetrating into the skin cells because it can’t pass through the oil. But if you apply the moisturizer first and then pat the oil on top, the oil creates a moisture barrier, sealing the moisturizer into the skin and preventing the air from making it dissipate. And if you’re really into anti-aging, try applying facial oil over your nightly glycolic acid cream or retinol! It will lock it in and you’ll instantly feel it. Genius! Here’s how to apply it (day or night, but start with just night):

[09/24/15]   There are tremendous benefits to be achieved through regular massage therapy treatments from a Registered Massage Therapist. Whether your need is to have a moment of relaxation, reduce muscle tension or attain relief from chronic pain, a therapeutic massage can enhance your overall sense of emotional and physical well-being.

Massage therapy can be an important part of your health
maintenance plan by:
Reducing or eliminating pain.
Improving joint mobility.
Improving circulation.
Improving lymphatic drainage.
Reducing muscular tension.

Massage therapy can be used for the treatment of both acute and chronic conditions. With a wide variety of patients, of all ages, in the treatment of illness, injury rehabilitation and disability.

Massage Therapists today use their knowledge of physiology and anatomy to combine traditional Swedish and modern massage therapy techniques with other therapies to treat their clients. There has been a wide variety of research, published in peer reviewed journals, proving the benefits of massage therapy for various conditions.

[09/12/15]   We have in stock organic natural products for skinlightening, moisturing, acne/blemish control, ayuverdic and therapeutic massage oils at affordable prices. contact us on +233246502740/+233263061803. Free delivery for the first 20 calls. Limited Offer!! Hurry now.

[09/12/15]   Skincare tips for Men.

Hello everyone,
Today I would like to discuss skincare tips for MEN. HMMMM!!! Yes, I said it. Men, beauty and body pampering does not only apply to Women. looking good is a general practice that involves all gender of Humans. You dont have to use products by famed manufacturers or as they say "The big names in skincare products" before looking good. Taking a few minutes out of your busy schedule to do a few routine tips will definitely pay off the rest of the day. PAY OFF? YES.

When you smell good, dress decent and care for your body in general, your self CONFIDENCE is BOOSTED.
Being a Woman, I detest, with a capital D men with very offensive body odour, your stricking physical good looks and cars wont attract me to you.

As an employer, I would not grant you audience if you walk into my office shabbily dressed, unkempt hair, so called beard gangs,and the list goes on. Seeking for a Job irrespective of your degrees, experience or skills. Well, not to worry. This article is for you.

Guys, lets face it: you care about how you look. If you want to make a good impression, your skin is the first place to start. And while some men’s skincare regimens consist of a cheap disposable razor, a bar of soap and some Old Spice, the average man’s skin needs a bit more attention. From shaving and acne, to moisturizing and sunscreen.

A Few Quick Tips:

-Use a gentle liquid cleanser
-Use an exfoliant, but not a scrub as these tear into skin causing irritation and inflammation—shaving is plenty of exfoliation for any face
-Use a product that contains beta hydroxy acid (BHA). This removes pore-clogging, old-looking skin and it also has anti-redness properties
A sunscreen rated SPF 20 or greater for daytime and (if needed) a moisturizer for use at night keeps your face refreshed.
-If you have acne, a product containing benzoyl peroxide is essential
Never use products containing irritants such as alcohol, menthol, peppermint, or too much fragrance (either synthetic or natural). Unfortunately most men's products contain irritants, so be careful
These simple steps will lead you to healthier, and yes, younger-looking skin.

-Take a nice refreshing Bath atleast twice daily
-Use a good roll on or anti perspirant spray
-Dress smartly and you are ready to face the day with confidence and money making focus.

[09/11/15]   Looking for an escape? We are your refuge from the daily grind. Step into the finest in skincare, massage therapy, skincare and make-up....and step back into the world with new energy and focus. We offer a complete range of skincare services and luxurious spa treatments essential to creating that sense of relaxation and rejuvenation. We consider each guest as an individual with his or her own needs and desires. At LA VISAGE, we take pride in providing the highest level of expertise to provide customized services for our guests.

Experience dedicated professionalism with our talented artists at our Day Spa and Salon. Schedule your next appointment at LA VISAGE and you will find true satisfaction with any of the variety of services we offer.

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