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Get rid of him!

This man is obviously jealous of you and does not appreciate you at all! How can your own husband not be hyped/cheer for you when the DJ gives you a shout out? His attitude and demeanour says it all...

Sis, he is not for you. Let him go.
You deserve so much better. You deserve a man who cheers for you!


This male is an abuser. Started with the cat... very likely it will be her next.

Just run, run for your life and don't look back.

This is insane

[02/20/20]   Languages matters! The way we express our frustrations with a situation we are facing, and the words we use through that extension matters.

It is bothersome when people randomly throw around the word casually in the conversation as a metaphor for a difficult task they were completing or a bad experience they've have had.

Throwing the word around takes something away, the normalisation of the use of such a heavy word in random conversation should not be tolerated.

I.e - That exam "raped me" or I just got "raped" by that meeting for low sales.

Worse, these "rape jokes" that are NEVER FUNNY AND NEVER WILL BE.

The overuse of it in casual dialogue (pertaining to difficult situation and not in respect of an actual rape/victims/substabtial dialogue) can be extremely triggering to many of the victims.

When there are actual victims of abuse or assault and when you know rape is not causal. It should NOT happen.

SO NO! The exam was difficult, sure, and your boss said some difficult to hear things about your performance lately.

But you WEREN'T sexually assaulted/raped, or abused so just STOP using it like some casual metaphor for your hardship.

N.B* with the use of these examples, if you have been raped or sexually assaulted by your exam procter(s) or someone within the examination body please seek help!

If your boss has raped you or sexually assaulted you. Please seek help. (Poor performance- with regards to my example is NOT an excuse. There is NO excuse EVER)

Please seek help!

[02/20/20]   Do you all remember the "My Black is Beautiful Campaign" ??

I remember seeing glimpses of it while I was watching "Girlfriends" (My Character is Joan by the way and I absolutely hated how they portrayed her romantic life, but that's another discussion... Lol)

Anyway, picture this, February 2020,

I'm speaking to a few ladies about the need to get checked up early for everything, especially as it relates to our lady areas, I've got my stasticis all in check about how the "strong BW" trope is killing us, the perception it gives the world that we're mules -


I mean...


This aahiee.... huge, overweight african man, that's 3.5 of me comes out of nowhere, intruding his unattractive self, talking about how he "Hated the my black is beautiful ad and if he sees it today he would still hate it... because where's the my black is beautiful ad is for men, or happy black man etc...."

Y'all, I was just so flabbergasted at his disrespecting and disgusting attitude.

I simply stopped talking and walked away.

I refused to engage with that ashie head nog.

I did not give him a reaction. No emotions. Nor will I engage in any discussion with anyone, man or woman that is a waste of time, where the person cannot ever share my experiences.

I gathered myself and walked away.

I will not be distracted. I will not be silenced in my own conversations, especially those that are helpful to other BW and certainly not by any ashyy fool!


Video of Chinese teacher teaching African children to say “I’m a Ni***r/I have low IQ” going viral.

This is why I don't give two hoots about defending the racist back lash they're receiving from the Coronavirus fallout.

Let them save themselves.
Let the racists defend themselves against racism. Karma is a ****

diaspora7.com A video recently making rounds online is leaving people furious. A man is seen teaching black children phrases like “I’m a black monster (ni***r) and I have low IQ.” The video clip making the rounds online shows a man teaching kids how to put themselves down in Chinese. Natives say that the Ch...

This screams toxic as heck!

Honestly, I believe even if this scenario hadn't taken place, his statements about cutting off the finances, etc. highlights the financial and emotional abuse.

Also, sending the video to the family? Blackmail and pornography, and abusive.

Very toxic.
This is why its important to see and know how your partner behaves when provoked before marriage.

I know it's not fair, and it's hard that the burden always falls on us, unfortunately but nonetheless we must do due diligence and exercise extreme caution with the vetting process before things get to serious within the relationship.

Run at the first red flag.

Nice work, king

[02/17/20]   This person just asked what's wrong with being a "bastard" and of course it was a BW.

(Post here: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10158148478074470&id=693229469)

The level of ignorance some of you spew! As if the most obvious and legal consequences aren't glaring enough!

From the very beginning, children born outside of marriage have life stacked against them. While many single mothers work wonders and raise their children well despite the obstacles they encounter, for many others the challenge is too great and their children suffer the consequences.

Being an illegitimate child can have major issues later when both parents have died, whether testate and much worse entestate. The absolute headache of fighting of family members in court proceedings that can drag on and be financial drains.

Y'all know I hate to use them whtee as the standard, but if billionaires and other wealthy people fear some unknown child coming in and claiming half or more of their legacy that they wish to pass on, and put as many protections in place against this, why would you... as a BW, think it's okay to be "bastard" and be proud of that?

Also? Weren't you and your fellow mammies the same ones talking about how sad Nipsey's partner and children would lose it on everything because they weren't married and those same "bastard" children would be unfaired?

I just don't understand... When your celebrity idols are involved, all of a sudden you have a million think pieces on black legacy /excellence/marriage.... Blah blah blah...
But today, one social media well known BW makes a thread against having out of wedlock childen and the importance of marriage, all of a sudden what this woman has said is the "worst thing ever, " and you disagree because "there's nothing wrong with being a "bastard and you're proud to be one"??

Finally, when the child doesn't know the other parent, there is the emotional sense of loss, and sense of self-missing. Many go down long and often dark paths trying to find the missing parents. This emotional lacking, leads them to detachment later in life with abandonment issues, eventual self destruction, that can transfer to relationship trauma and eventual destruction.

These same children often grow up to resent the very parent that stayed behind to raise them for "forcing them" on missing out of the relationship with the non-existent parent, and any potential family they possibly have/could have had with that parent in the picture.
They want a life and whole other family, that exists outside of just the child/single parent dynamic and you can't blame them for that.

Finally, finally - The lies that you tell the kids about why they were born OOW, instead of telling them the truth and helping them seek therapy to regain themselves..
The child later figures this out, leaving a traumatic wake that again, is passed down to their relationships and future children.

You really think this is okay? Do you think a child should have to deal with this fallout?

But later that child grows up to be a disruptive force in the society and you want to yell "where the parents to tear that a** up/ keep ya lil hoodrats at home."

You are ready to finger point, but can't look yourself and recognise that your "bastard pride" is the correlation between these acting out, and later becoming unproductive members of the society.

You really cannot see all of that??
Wow. This is why many of you stay consistently losing!


Kayla Nicole stirs arguments after saying African Americans need to stop having bastard children out of wedlock

"She dropped a statistic saying that 70% of black people African American children are born out of wedlock.
She stated that African Americans need to stop creating bastard children."

I agree with her post. She's completely right that some of these women are lying about not wanting to be married and being a single mother instead.

Children are hard work!

Just say you were irresponsible with protecting your womb and go. Stop the lying on yourselves, because we all know, that some of you secretly hate the same children and hate being single mothers.

The sooner you BW and BP stop lying and being irresponsible with their sexual habits, the better of many of these children will be.

diaspora7.com Popular youtube star Kayla Nicole caused arguments after stating that 70% of African Americans birth children out of wedlock, and that they need to stop. Popular YouTube star, and creator of “Like a Snake” who’s also famous for a lot of memes, took to Twitter to state that black people need to...

[02/17/20]   I honestly believe that by shifting the burden in smaller petty crimes, has allowed the wrongdoer to escape liabity and accountability which has led to a much bigger problem of rape culture anc abuse.

By allowing arguments such as "if you were a bank would you leave your doors open/ don't want it stolen don't leave it out... etc." This allows the burden to be shifted on the innocent party that has the right to do as he/she pleases with their belongings.

Which now disgustingly translates to "don't want to get raped... don't wear/drink xyz"

The shifting of the goal posts and burden to the victim, results in the back handed victim blaming/bashing.

Language is very important and the language needs to remove the burnden of "guilt" from the innocent to the actual wrongdoer.

Instead of stating backhanded ignorance against the victim, let the criminal acts be the subject.

I.e Don't break into people's belongs and steal.

Don't rape women.

The language also needs to be directly targeted at men, who are the key perpetrators of the wrongdoings, instead of blaming women/innocent people for "falling victim/not doing all they can to protect themselves" when in fact, they would not need to do anything, if the messages of don't steal/rape/kill... etc. were rightfully directed at the wrongdoers and they were held accountable for their actions, instead of hiding behind the burden/victim shaming placed on the innocent.

[02/16/20]   I detest to see men in women's spaces.

I detest to see men at the spa. They in no way should be able to see what services the women are doing or sitting around lounging/waiting.

Unless they are getting a treatment done (which should be in a seperate section - away from the women). Actually, I don't even want to see them then.

Why can't they go to "man's spa" or go to the sports bar and wait for their counterparts. Many of them aren't even paying/offering to pay for the woman's service. They just stand there like imbeciles.

I will be complaining to the manager.

[02/13/20]   Children DESERVE to have nice things.

Children DESERVE to be happy.

Children have a RIGHT to a well developed and happy childhood.

Living and raising them on struggle love does not do this for them.

Children should be able to have experiences that are cultural and diverse, that will entrance their growth, intellect and tolerance in this world.

This takes money!

There is more to life than school, coming home, homework and bed (NOTE* I'm not saying that routine bad, because children do need routine and balance as part of their healthy lifestyle - but they need more the this to become well rounded individuals.)

Music/language classes/ sports groups/brownies/girl/boy scouts/debate teams etc. and many other extra-curricular activities have all been proven to scientifically and emotionally benefit children, developing/shaping the brain in positive ways.

It's not fair or right for the child to have to pass up these beneficial opportunities because you can't afford them.

Constantly denying your children also because your ignorant of the benefits and "you don't see the value/those are whyte people things" is not helping them.

These things are valuable, many of these organizations offer scholarship opportunities, the same opportunities you want your children to have because you can't financially afford them (But yet - you'll b**** and moan that whyyte people are receiving these opportunities but don't need them because they're rich...etc.).

Even if they don't win the scholarships, universities are still interested to hear about these activities. Intern/NGO corporations, such as the U.N YNJP especially like to read about these activities in the application programmes.

These activities also allow the children to learn how to network from early, which we all know is a major skill needed in this world.
They also allow the children to meet with others outside of their regular social sphere, interacting with others, and team work activities, as well as overall all appreciation of differences/tolerance of others.

You have to pay to play! Pay for your children to play so they can be become successul adults, that are beneficial to society.

Children do feel these things and it affects them on a psychological level. You think they feel right about not being able to go on a simple class trip with their friends? Or they have to hang back/fake sickness because they can't afford to take part in beneficial activities because you can't financially support them?

That's not right. At All!

You are depriving your child of beneficial opportunities for now and well into their later stages of development.

If you can't give the child the best life, that is well rounded and will certainly benefit them in the long run.


This says it all.

[02/11/20]   BW, are you sure you have your best political interests at Heart?

If your "allegiance" to a certain party benifitting you in anyway?

I keep seeing a lot of you saying you hate the current administration. You've bashed the BW who also voted for the current administration and the President.

While the claims are not unfounded, especially after the acquittal - most of you say it comes down to race, the Presidents racist attitude and behaviour.

Yet - He's honoured many BP for this month we know as Black History Month. Also, during his State of the Union Speech, I watched the way He addressed that young lady and her Mother who one the scholarship. She will now be going to one of the best schools and I am really happy for her!

Also, let's not forget that in the two terms a previous President was in power, never once - was that bill passed to stop companies/jobs from discriminating against you because of your hair.

Yet, this administration that you hate so much, mainly for race reasons has passed the said bill, to ensure a fair process when job seeking.

There has also been a recent poll the evidence state the President is one of the most favoured and has a high approval rating of the past presidents.

It is obvious that He will most likely win the a second hands down.

I suspect for many of your, your political allegiance is based on race, first and foremost, also, in proximity to BM (who care nothing about you) and how the current administration hasn't "uplifted" them, thus you won't be either.

You need to wake up. Seriously wake up. You are playing checkers instead of Chess.
Every other race is using him to their benefit and disregarding their race in the process.

Those same POC (hate that term) who have been deported (that have been using BW and BPs accomplishments to their benefit without ever supporting you in return) disregard their race, and mobilise for the wider benefit of their community. They certainly mobilised for the Half Time Show and made their stance.

Y'all are not strategizing and seeing the bigger picture. You know they will soon be knocking down your door for votes. Do not turn them down merely because of race.

Listen to the campaign, see the policies and find out how they benefit you as a woman first, and then a black woman. Not seeing what you need? Then make it explicitly clear to those seeking your vote what your needs are. Everyone else does it and you also need to.

Do not vote simply on race and your proximity to BM and their benefit because you will NEVER see those trickle down effects.

Stand up for you. Vote for you and you alone. Do not vote with race blinders/old allegiances. It will not benefit you in the long run.

Get your political priorities and do it soon. You are allowed to use these people to your benefit. You are allowed to see and receive positive impacts from your choice of political votes and policies thereafter.

This is the one time - only, where I will advise you to "follow the crowd" and vote strategically for your benefit as everyone else does. Let go of that "BW save the world cape" voting for the others, because up to now, they have only given you "lip service" about what they "may do if they win."

Vote in your best interest! Vote Strategically!

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