Fiesta Residences Boutique Hotel and Serviced Apartments

Fiesta Residences Boutique Hotel and Serviced Apartments


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God bless you
Its Such A Great Night To e Honoured The Award Winner for Rising Star Award. Miss Yandeh Ousman Joof The Entire Front Office Team Says Thank You And May God Bless You For Making Us Proud.
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Is a cuul place to spend during weekend

The Fiesta Residences is a matchless combination of a boutique hotel and serviced apartments which are designed around your busy lifestyle.

Wouldn't this setting be lovely for al fresco dining? 😍 We think so! We look forward to when all our hotel guest services can return to normal. Gradual and safe movement back for now. We'll get there. 🇬🇭 #flashback



#BeyondtheReturn continued! 🇬🇭

The Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, Barbara Oteng-Gyasi has inaugurated a Cross Sectional Steering Committee to work with the Ghana Tourism Authority in the implementation of the “Beyond the Return” project.

‘BEYOND THE RETURN’ is a follow-up to the successful ‘YEAR OF RETURN, GHANA 2019’ campaign which commemorated the 400 years of the first enslaved Africans arriving in Virginia, USA, spearheaded by the President of the Republic of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo – Addo.

BEYOND THE RETURN’ is based on seven (7) pillars namely, Experience Ghana, Invest in Ghana, Brand Ghana, Celebrate Ghana, Pathway to Ghana, Give Back to Ghana and Improve Tourism and Heritage Assets.

Read more:

#BeyondTheReturn #yearofreturn #Ghana2020 #DecadeOfAfricanRennaisance

Good Morning! We're ready to serve a delicious hearty breakfast to our inhouse guests. The fresh coffee aromas and smell of delicious breadrolls and pastries are extremely tempting. Great way to start the day and weekend.

For Lunch and Dinner we've got a plan as well. Have a look at our A la Carte Menu and Takeaway menus on our website.
Accra, we can bring a feast to you!

A minimum order of GH¢ 250 and Delivery Service Charge of GH¢ 20 apply.

For Reservations and Enquiries please contact us on 030274400 OR 0501627096 0R 0501419868.

We're just making sure you know that our Lurra Spa has reopened last week, but only on Fridays and Saturdays - by appointment only. It is Wellness Wednesday and maybe a good opportunity to remind you to prioritise a relaxing time-out for yourself. A Spa Pampering will hit the spot! 🙂

Note that we are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and spa clients. You're most welcome to contact us to book your appointment:

Tel: +233 302 744 000
Email: [email protected]

Convenient long-stay apartments in the bustling city of Accra!

Over the years the demand for extended stay hotels in Ghana have grown and, in response to this, Fiesta Hotels launched the Fiesta Residences, a hotel and serviced apartments complex that answers the growing need of business travelers to stay longer in the cities they frequent for projects.

Fiesta Residences offers 30 fully serviced two bedroom apartments. The interior is a fine balance between modern elegance and cosy luxury. Tastefully furnished two bedroom apartments are equipped with high-definition televisions, free wi-fi connections, en suite bathrooms and fully equipped kitchen facilities.

We'd love to welcome you to our Home! Give us a call or email us to assist you with long-stay rates.

Tel: +233 302 744 000
Email: [email protected]
Physical address: Fiesta Residences, Fifth Avenue. West Cantonments, Accra, Ghana

Proudly AFRICAN today and every day! 🌍 🇬🇭 #AfricaDay #StrongerTogether #Ghana

African Union

Happy #AfricaDay to all Africans across the world! Will you be joining the Africa Day Solidarity Concert in aid of the COVID-19 African Union Response Fund? Watch below video for all details. NOT to be missed! We are indeed Stronger Together. 🌍 🇬🇭

#AfricaDay2020 #AfricanUnion #Africa

@_AfricanUnion is calling on you to support the COVID-19 response fund! #StrongerTogether!

Catch the #Africaday concert fun Live on Facebook @_AfricanUnion All Africa Music Awards TRACE Africa

Live broadcast on DSTV #TraceNAIJA #TraceMZIKI #TraceAFRICA

Eid Mubarak to all our Muslim guests, friends and family. May the Almighty accept your prayers and bless you with the rewards of Ramadan.

#EidMubarak #EidUlFitr #Accra #Ghana 🇬🇭

Beautiful happy smiles! 🙂 🇬🇭


Happy Friday! We're ready for all your weekend Takeaway orders. Please note that we now also deliver beyond Cantonments, so we'll bring a delicious feast to wherever you are in Accra.


For Reservations and Enquiries please contact us on 030274400 OR 0501627096 0R 0501419868.

Let weekend festivities begin! 🙂🥂🎉 🇬🇭

Ghana Tourism Authority

In Africa, drums hold a deeper, symbolic and historical significance. They herald political and social events, form conferences to rallied, birth to death, courtship to marriage but most importantly durbars where they accompany religious rites and rituals.

African music relies heavily on fast-paced, upbeat rhythmic drum playing found all over the continent. In West Africa, the drum is the sign of life and its beat is the heartbeat of every community.

In Ghana, drums have remained significant for decades. They have served as a medium of communication which was used by ’gongo beaters to announce to the people a communique from the chief. Drums are classed as membranophones and consist of skin or “drumhead” stretched over the open end of a frame or “shell”. They are used as an alarm or a call to arms as well as stirring up emotions for battle and war. They can also inspire passion and excitement and even cause trances, a momentary loss of consciousness to either the drummer or the listener.

Drums symbolize and protect royalty and are often housed in sacred dwellings and are protected during battle. On the other hand, drums are about communication and making music.

Some popular Ghanaian drums include the Djembe and the Talking drum. Let take a look at some drums in Ghana and what they are associated with. Adowa drum which is made up of Fomtomfrom, Atumpan and Apentema to compliment the great Adowa dance. Other drums in Ghana include Ashiko, Dondo, Atsimevu, Bongolo, Brékete/Gungon, Conga, Djembe etc.

Have you tried any?

#CultureMonth #StaySafeKnowGhana #MyCultureMyPride #WearGhana #StaySafe #Covid19 #coronavirus #Kyawkyaw

We've been feasting our eyes on the amazing photos on Ghanapeople social channels. This is a vibrantly colourful celebration of all things Ghana. So beautiful! Just have a look. We definitely commit to go explore our city and country more as soon as we can all travel around again. 🇬🇭

If you're planning a long-stay in Accra and need a convenient accommodation solution, do consider our spacious fully serviced apartments as your home base. We'd love to welcome you to our Home!

Tel: +233 302 744 000
Email: [email protected]

Preferred Believe in Travel Video

We are in full agreement with our global hotel family Preferred Hotels & Resorts - we always #BelieveinTravel and will stay hopeful. 🌍 🇬🇭

This is "Preferred Believe in Travel Video" by Preferred Hotels & Resorts on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.


The magnificent Presidential Palace of Ghana, Accra. 🇬🇭 Photo by @pauladdophotography ⁣|| #ThisisAccra

Good Morning! We're delighted to announce that our Spa will reopen for guests this week, but only on Fridays and Saturdays and by appointment only. We are taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our staff and spa clients.

We look forward to welcoming you back to our Spa for relaxing treatments in a tranquil setting. You're most welcome to contact us.

Tel: +233 302 744 000
Email: [email protected]

Ghana Tourism Authority

In this month of May, we have explored various aspects of our culture and today we explore one of our time-tested accessories which compliments our unique hand-woven #kente and #fugu. #Beads

People from southern Ghana stand out when their typical dressing is adorned with African beads. The Krobo areas of the Eastern region are widely known for bead-making over many decades and in every aspect of their lives, i.e. form childbirth, through naming and marriage to death, they wear beads with pride to the admiration of many.

In the typical Ghanaian setting, beads are generally used to communicate the wearer's sense of style but most importantly the person's status in a Clan or society.

#StaySafeKnowGhana and join us later as we look at some of other uses of beads as well as cultural accessories. By the way, do you own beads?

Read more about our African beads here:
Photo credit: @faithpresbymadina @yaw_pare
#MyCultureMyPride #CultureMonth #WearGhana #CoronavirusUpdate #COVID_19 #staysafe #knowghana

Can we assist you with meal planning for the week? 🙂 Treat yourself and your family or work colleagues to something delicious from our Takeaway or A la Carte Menu! See details below and also on our website. Our Takeaway services include delivery at your Offices or Homes within the Cantonments area.

Minimum order of GH¢ 250 and Delivery Service Charge OF GH¢ 20. For Reservations and Enquiries please contact us on +233 302 744 000, +233 501 627 096 or +233 501 419 868. 🇬🇭 #Accra #Ghana

Fantastic view to start the week with! We hope you're well and rested after the weekend. 🙂

#HighStreet views on another level showing such beautiful scenes and the great view over the #KwameNkrumahMemorialPark 🇬🇭❤️🇬🇭⁣⁣⁣⁣
Epic shot from our friend @steve.ababio who celebrated his birthday yesterday. Belated Happy Birthday, Steve! 🍾 || #ThisisAccra


Happy Friday people! Thanks to @kwameblack who took this absolute belter of a shot 👌🏾 || #ThisisAccra

We're feeling Friday and Weekend relaxation coming on! 🥂

We hope you'll have a peaceful and fun weekend. We'll be looking after our inhouse guests and preparing all your takeaway orders!

Stay safe and at home as far as possible. We still have quite a way to go before we can enjoy all the freedom we were used to before. Hang in there. 🇬🇭 #Accra #Ghana

So cute! 😍 #visitAccra #ThisisAccra 🇬🇭

A throwback that warms the heart. ❤️ Who needs this amount of cuteness in their life right now?! 🙈⁣⁣⁣

Photo by @segnonax. How cute?! 🐶😍 || #ThisisAccra

Throwback on Thursday to just over a year ago when we had a special launch event for our new express Business Lunch offering. How we miss being able to welcome our regular corporate clients and general public to enjoy our Grillroom Restaurant menus!

Let's hope we can operate normally again soon. Until then we're here to serve our inhouse guests and of course anyone in the Cantonments area with takeaway deliveries.

Please see our website for details: 👇 🇬🇭

Ghanaian Chef Selassie Atadika’s Efforts to Put African Food Culture on the Map - Cuisine Noir Magazine

Proudly Ghanaian. 🇬🇭 Ghanaian chef Selassie Atadika opened Midunu in Accra to bring indigenous ingredients to the forefront and experimenting with flavor profiles.

As we're nearing the end of another busy day we can report that it was also an especially festive one because it was our General Manager's birthday! Congratulations to GM Johan de Villiers on your 21st birthday (again 😀). You deserve all the special spoils received today. 🎉🎂

May the year ahead be all you're trusting for and we wish you health and happiness.

We got stuck in our photo archives this morning, browsing through lunch service moments captured in our Grillroom Restaurant. We can't be the only ones getting seriously hungry now, so we're just leaving these here!

Have a look at our Takeaway and A la Carte menus on our website to see all the delicious treats that Chef Edward and his team are ready to prepare for you today. 🍴🍷 🇬🇭 #Accra

Ghana Tourism Authority


The Ghana Tourism Authority under the auspices of the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture issues the following guidelines for operators within the tourism and hospitality sector in tandem with President’s directives on business operations and the need to adopt measures to curb the spread of the Coronavirus (COVI-19).

1. All hotels can operate as normal and host their guests, subject to the specified elevated hygiene protocols and social distancing.

2. Food Chains and Restaurants can operate pick-up, delivery and sit-down services while observing appropriate social distancing and hygiene protocols by ensuring that not more than 25 patrons are admitted to dine at any particular time.

3. Sit-down patrons should maintain a distance of at least one (1) metre from each other.

4. All night clubs must remain closed

5. In all situations, hospitality facilities should ensure compliance of mandatory wearing of masks by all staff and guests with the exception of sit-down guests, whilst dining at food chains and restaurants. Also, staff management, workplace protocols and precautionary measures on public gatherings with the view of achieving social distancing and hygiene protocols as spelt out in Executive Instruments (E.I.) 64 relative to the Imposition of Restrictions ACT 2020 must be adhered to.


For More Details:
#StaySafe #CoronavirusUpdate #COVID_19 #Ghana

Are you looking for a safe, peaceful and convenient long-stay apartment in Accra? Apart from our 24 hotel rooms, we offer 30 fully serviced two-bedroom apartments.

Modern and functional in design, the apartments also feature an elegant dining room (complete with a table and 6 chairs), a lounge with an outside patio, a separate guest toilet and a luggage store room. The fully equipped kitchen facility includes a washing machine. The apartments offer a modern, elegant space for business travelers staying in Accra for extended periods. Each unit also has a secure parking bay and access to the resident lounge, restaurant, pool, spa and fitness centre.

For more information and our online booking facility, please see our website or contact us directly on email: [email protected] or call us on Tel: +233 302 744 000.

Website: 🇬🇭

Ghana Tourism Authority

Where would the tourism industry be without mothers?
Happy Mothers Day.
#mothersday #mothersday2020
#covid19 #covid19ghana

Beautiful shot! #MothersDay ❤️ 🇬🇭

🌹Happy Mother’s Day🌹

"Mom, when thoughts of you are in our hearts, we are never far from home." ~ Author Unknown

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY! We're sending a virtual bouquet of orchids and lisianthus your way and wishing all Moms a beautiful and peaceful Sunday and Mother's Day celebration. May you receive all the love and treats you deserve. ❤️

#MothersDay #Sunday #family 💐

For all the meatlovers! We had a private barbecue for our inhouse guests this evening and this is some of what was enjoyed.

We wish we could be open for full service to the public, but unfortunately not yet. Still taking extra precautions with regards to our daily operations. To enjoy a feast like this you need to be staying over in our Home. 🙂

We hope that we will have the opportunity of welcoming you soon! For more details and online booking facilities: 🇬🇭 #Accra

Good Morning! We've been up and about since very early, as usual and getting ready for all your Takeaway orders for today. Remember that it is Mother's Day on Sunday and we're running a competition. See the post pinned to our page for details of how to enter. We wish you a relaxing and safe weekend!

Takeaway Orders:

Minimum Order of GH¢ 250 and Delivery Service Charge of GH¢ 20. Deliveries are within the Cantonments area only.

For Reservations and Enquiries please contact us on 030274400 OR 0501627096 0R 0501419868

Ghana Tourism Authority

Ghana is one of the leading countries when it comes to the production of African print fabric which designs portray our culture and tradition. Their unique names either remind us of incidents, people, give advice or even just portray current trends. Most have deeper meaning and thoughts that express one's mood or situation.

Some of the popular names include:
‘Gramaphone’ Pl3te, Akyekydeɛ akyi, Ansan /Akɔmfɛm, Highlife, Nsubra, S3 wo b3 ka me hu as3m a fa akonya tinase (Stool), Sika Wo Antaban, Ahyede3 (Sugarcane).
Do you own or can you identify any of these? Share with us...

Many Ghanaians have embraced these prints which tradition has been passed from generation to generation. President @nakufoaddo who has been one of the greatest #ambassadors always wears one with pride...
Share your photo and tag us...

#StaySafeKnowGhana #MyCultureMyPride #CultureMonth #WearGhana

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The Grillroom




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