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Ariel's Haven is a beauty, wellness & grooming center.

Ariel’s Haven is a luxurious day Spa and Salon located in Accra. Born out of a careful understanding of the spa, grooming and wellness industry. We offer an ambiance of relaxation, privacy and adopt global trends of practices to meet your relaxation needs and preferences. The Spa is a 5 minutes walk from the beach and offers a great view of the ocean. At Ariel's Haven, one of our key distinguishing features is the "private suite" your services are delivered in the privacy of your own salon suite. We take you away from the hustle and bustle of the city noise and give your a homely ambiance to enjoy your treat. Services we provide, include but are not limited to: Massages Facial Waxing Body scrub Hair Nails extension Make up Beauty services Bridal services Men grooming Spa parties Wellness consultation Come down to Ariel’s Haven for your relaxation needs. We are open Monday- Saturdays from 9am -7pm and on Sundays (Strictly by appointments) from 2pm-6pm. Walk-in or call to make your bookings for an Ariel’s Haven experience today.

Ariel's Blueprint Self-Care Master Class

At every stage in life, everyone needs tools resources and information to make choices. Being married comes with its own demands, being single brings has its worn challenges and becoming a Senior is a huge life transition. And even the young adults don’t have it easy either!

That is why a holistic approach to life matters. It’s time for a new approach to 2020. Self-care is something that refuels us, ( spirit, soul, body) rather than takes from us. Knowing or identifying your own needs and meeting them deliberately is key to a fulfilling life! Now!

In these 4 days of interactive group coaching sessions, you will have:

💫 Pre-session Self-Care and Lifestyle Assessment. So you know what to focus on.

💫 How to get balanced and be self-engaged

💫 Improved self-esteem and confidence

💫 Learning practical Self-Care practices which you can use immediately

💫 Understand self-responsibility and self-permission to enjoy thriving life

💫 Receive tools and resources daily to support you on your new lifestyle change

💫 Enjoy a one on one coaching and image consultation with Ariel - The Wellness Coach

Limited spaces are available.

Register now by calling 0244 386057 / 0243 600899

Online registration:

Find Your Genuine Power! Find Your True Purpose Registration Form

Ariel - The Wellness Coach

Ariel brings you the City Escape Women’s Wellness Retreat.

Are you busy running around, feeling stressed, unhappy or fed up and need time out to unplug, reset, reflect and refocus?

Then join Ariel, The Wellness Coach on a truly relaxing wellness retreat.

You will learn how to deal with stress; how to recharge your energy; to clarify what’s next and leave with a new sense of happiness.

Combined with the tranquil surroundings of the @cityescapehotelsgh -Prampram, healthy detoxing meals, fun activities, group workshops and time for relaxing massages, you’ll be calm, inspired and empowered; ready to return to daily life full of energy and enthusiasm.

Book now on facebook at Ariel's Coaching or Purchase your tickets for 1,800 Ghanaian Cedis at the front desk of Sunny 88.7 FM, or call for Double and Family Packages and further enquiries on 0244386057.

You are good enough to love yourself and live the life you want.

#WellnessRetreat #CityEscape #loveyourself #selfcarecoach #lifestylecoach #wellnessmatters @ Airport Residential Area

Ariel - The Wellness Coach

A vacation is not a Retreat and a Retreat can not be a vacation.

A Retreat is specially created for withdrawal from your routine to bring about a specific result.
The Ariel City Escape Women’s Wellness retreat has been specially created to bring about a holistic healing (mind body spirit ).

Every activity is designed with specific purpose to cause a shift in your perception about your world. Our specially designed welcome packet will enable you to unplug, reset, reflect and refocus during and after the retreat. It will prepare your mind to be conscious and aware during activities and give you the benefit you will derive from each activity!

Our pre-retreat questionnaire will give you a clear picture on your lifestyle and after our workshop with the award winning clinical Psychologist *Nortey Dua* on the psychological benefits of wellness and why it matters, you will leave this retreat totally transformed and empowered to live a fulfilled life.

You will come back with several benefits from this retreat including:

* Discovering what brings you purpose and contentment

* Feeling well rested and bring balance to your life

* Healing from your past to feel energized and confident

* Feeling younger & rejuvenated

* Be motivated to move forward

* Create the next steps for a great life

* Be a confident, amazing, happy woman

Register now below and get more details on all the activities especially the fun ones 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻

You are good enough to love yourself and create the life you want!

Ariel - The Wellness Coach

Don’t miss out on the upcoming masterclass to have the shift and transformation that will turn your life around.

Hello 👋 wellness and self-care tribe! It’s some few days to our seminar and am looking forward to our powerful interaction.

Expect a total mindset shift and transformation from this seminar.

You are more than able to accomplish your goals and you will unearth and maximize your potential through this seminar.

Other speakers are

*Fanny Bonsu, a guidance counselor and gender specialists,

*Mrs Kafui Odoi Mills and your truly,

*Dan Peters CEO of Sunny Fm.

There will be some book sale that will help you win your goals.

By attending this seminar you get to have a one on one powerful coaching session with me, Ariel - The Wellness Coach on any area of your life your goal focuses on.

See you there on the 9th at 10am sharp.

#wellnesscoach #selfcarecoach #goals #youcanyouwill @ Greater Accra Region

No human being is born without a unique talent.

Whether you were born in India, Australia, the United States, France, or Ghana, It is not the conditions of the outside world that determines whether or not your dreams will be fulfilled. Its the discovery of the abilities you have within you and knowing how to use them to overcome any and every obstacles you meet in the outside world. It’s what every successful person did, and you can do it too.

On the 9th of this month, Ariel, the wellness coach is inviting you to use radical SelfCare to meet your goals at the La Palm Royal Beach Hotel.

Click the link below to register.

#YesYouCan #SelfCare #LifeGoals #wellnesscoach #wellnessmatters @ Greater Accra Region

Self-care is a non negotiable. You have goals and want to achieve them but without a focus on yourself you will be distracted and the year will pass you by. Self-care is the only means you are able to use daily activities to improve your life. This seminar will be a game changer for you.

Ariel - The Wellness Coach

You deserve better than to feel stuck, guilty, and like you can’t accomplish your #GOALS. 😉


Ariel - The Wellness Coach

Being kind to oneself comes out to be very difficult, especially for mothers who have so much to hold together.

Unfortunately you can’t give the best of you to your world if you neglect your needs.

As mothers we get so over loaded and even forget what our needs are. The Ariel’s Blueprint Self-care masterclass will help you identify what you need to do to create the life you love and want so much. And also how to make more impact in your marriage and career. If you haven’t signed on yet to the upcoming masterclass then do so now and have the transformation and empowerment you need to identify and take care of your needs. Self-care is a divine responsibility

Ariel - The Wellness Coach

Inactivity is a silent danger for all but it can become an even larger problem as we age. Seniors who fail to add physical activity into their daily schedules are not only missing out on wonderful health benefits but may actually be putting their health in danger. Sedentary is worse for a senior than smoking!
Getting older will undoubtedly make you slow down a little, but that’s no excuse to stop moving altogether. Being sedentary could advance your biological age by as much as eight years. Researchers have discovered that sitting for 10 hours a day without any physical activity accelerate aging by eight years!!! 🙆🏼‍♀️😳😩
The blueprint Selfcare masterclass for Seniors is the transformation for seniors. They will find the motivation to get active. They will understand the benefits of exercise vs. the dangers of inactivity. Our resources persons for physical activities Akoto Degross and DeZiya will be there to give simple and very practical lessons to keep our seniors up and about to live longer for us and society at large.
For more details and registration, please call 0244 386057 or 0243 600899 or email [email protected]. Discounts available for early registration!
Retirement + Selfcare = worlds longest coffee break

Ariel - The Wellness Coach

What a fulfilling weekend! Impacting the lives of mothers and women on wellness through Selfcare to bring work and life balance.
Thank you Dr Charles Buckman and Sunny Fm
Thank you God for The Gospel of Wellness. Blessed to change life

Ariel - The Wellness Coach

Retirement is society’s way of saying you have to be idle. But you can choose not to be idle. This mother’s and Father’s Day one of the best gift you can give your parents is the Ariel’s Blueprint self-care masterclass. The elderly get fulfillment through doing some activities for themselves, something that makes them feel worthy to society, themselves and their family. Even if it’s just the ability to go for a walk, to still learn a new activity or go on a picnic with their grandchildren. This masterclass will transform the lives of your parents and bring them that inner joy of fulfillment. There’s a special discount to buy The Blueprint Seniors Masterclass as a gift. Call for your discount now on 0244 386057 or 0243 600899.

Join me this evening at African Regent or tomorrow at La Palm Royal Beach hotel as we celebrate our mothers.

Ariel - The Wellness Coach

Everyone looks forward to the day they will stop working but when the time arrives we find it scary or awful. Fear distorts what is supposed to be the best part of our lives. From childhood you were made to do stuff! Go to school, get a degree, get married, have kids, work work work and work! Retirement is when you stop living at work and start working at living. Dreams are deferred or crushed under the weight of fear. Retirement is an opportunity to unapologetically try new things, reinvent yourself, expand your horizons, help others or even just bask in the glow of what you have accomplished. Yes, retirement is a big step. Of course, you’ll have concerns. Just don’t let worry crush your dreams — whatever they are. The Blueprint Self-care masterclass for seniors will equip you with strategies to bring back your youthful zeal to do the things you never had the time and chance to do.
These 4 days of continuous interactive group coaching sessions is designed:
1. To develop a toolbox of self-management skills to help better cope with chronic conditions and
Introduce you to a holistic approach to health
2. How to age positively through intentional activities for your physical, mental & emotional wellbeing
3. Redirect you to your youthful dreams and spend a fulfilled retirement through simple self-care practices
4. Empower you to live above your diagnosis through deliberate lifestyle choices
5. Introduction on how to set SMART goals (Specific, measureable ,attainable, realistic, time bound)
6. Enjoy 4 social networking events and join the Ariel’s seniors wellness club
Register now by calling 0244386057/0243600899 or send email to [email protected]
Retirement + self-care = World’s longest coffee break

4 DAYS TO GO!...Make sure to join us for the WHOLE YOU Talk Series @ THE NATIONAL WOMEN'S SHOW....Listen to the amazing Olivia Donkor discuss nutrition and wellness! Come and be informed and inspired to be the WHOLE YOU!.. #Charterhouse #women #womensshowgh #womensworldgh @Charterhousegh @thewomensshowgh @womensworld..check out her spa @arielshavengh

Ariel - The Wellness Coach

If you missed the first session, don't miss out on this Thursday session with Em Bartels. it's not too late to join and start enjoying the confidence and balance you need in your life.
#blueprintselfcaremasterclass #selfcarematters #gamechanger

Ariel - The Wellness Coach

You have heard all about the Ariel's blueprint self-care masterclass. Its finally here, we take off today on this beautiful self discovery experience. Get your life back on track now. Don't believe you don't have control or power in your life. Self improvement starts with self- care. Being non married comes with so many advantages, explore it now. We got calls for special group discount so we are offering 35% discount for group of 5. Don't miss out. Your Self-care is non negotiable and a game changer. Join me Olivia Donkor, certified wellness coach for this interactive group coaching sessions. So today all road leads to La Palm Royal Beach Hotel, Odwira hall. From 6pm to 8pm. For further information call 0244 386057

The Ariel's blueprint masterclass is having 3 ambassadors to come share with us on their journey with self-care and their success stories through their self-care practices.

You don't want to miss Michelle Attoh story on self-care and business success. You don't want to miss Em Bartels story on self-care and image branding.

You also don't want to miss the one and only powerful speaker Williams Rich on the advantages of being single and how to maximise that season of your life.

Do you save with Access Bank? If you do then you have a discount on our services when you pay with your debit card. Visit us and have a great experience at a 15% discount

Your self-care is closely aligned to your self-worth, health and well-being. Lack of self-care results in low self-esteem and unhappiness.

Improve your health and well-being at the Ariel's Blueprint Self-care Masterclass for non-married women with Olivia Donkor, a certified wellness coach.

5th, 12th, 19th & 26th October 2017
La Palm Royal Beach Hotel
6:00pm to 8:00pm each Thursday
450ghs only
(10% early bird discount till 15th Sep)

In 4 days of interactive group coaching sessions, you will learn:
1. Pre-session Self-Care Assessment. So you know what to focus on.
2. Your Self-Care definition. So you know what self-care means to you and how to give it yourself.
3. Prepare and start purposeful journaling on your Self-Care
4. Learning practical Self-Care exercises which you can use.
5. Get to know what are Self-permission, Self-responsibility, Self-acceptance and Self-love
6. Take the Mirror work to love and accept you ( A Must Do)
7. Enjoy 4 social group events as part of your introduction to self-care and have fun.

Limited spaces available.
Register now by calling:
0244 386057 or 0262 230544
Boost your self-worth now!

[08/26/17]   What's on your to do list this weekend towards your self-care? A visit to the spa for a massage, facial or pedicure is not self-indulgent. But a great tool to your emotional, psychological and physical wellness. Come in for a 30% discount today with the tag #selfcaremonth. Make yourself a priority too. Be refreshed, reenegized and rejuvenated today. Yes Today. Call now on 0244386057/ 0245063663 or 0302 798111

Happiness begins when you practice self-care
#Wellness #Selfcaremonth

#wellness #selfcaremonth
It's weekend, what are your plans for your self care? Check if you have any self care on your to do list? If not then rewrite your plan for the weekend. A trip to Ariel's Haven for a wellness treat will go a long way to support your well being for the coming new week. Call us and book an appointment for our signature experience. Be Our Guest for a cheerful experience

#wellness #selfcaremonth

Visit our stand at the Women's Lifestyle Expo. Buy vouchers at discounted prices, pick flyers that gives you discount on your first visit to our spa. Buy great shea butter products for the whole family. We are offering free feet and back neck and shoulder massages on site right now.
Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Happy 57th Republic Day to Ghana. God bless our homeland Ghana.

[06/15/17]   Don't miss out on the fathers day give away like the post below and share with a chance to win a fathers day package for your dad.

-Do you feel your father works too hard and needs to relax? Or do you simply want to appreciate him?
-Ariel's Haven is giving away their "thank you daddy" package to one lucky dad.
-To win, share this post on your wall and state the best advice your dad ever gave you (as a caption) and tag @Arielshavengh.
- The post with the most likes wins the package.
-The contest will close on Saturday 17th June at 6pm.
-The winner will be announced on father's day.

[06/13/17]   Father's day giveaway pending, stay tuned and have a beautiful day 🙌

The thought of beginning a new week can seem quiet daunting 🙁 when you have nothing to look forward to, but guess what? 18th June, Father's day is right at the end of the week waiting be celebrated!💃
We would like to know, which of these services would make a great gift for your father on this special day:
-Men's grooming (beard and hair cuts and/or a pedicure)
-Deep tissue body massage
-Swedish body massage
-Body scrub.
We want to hear from you, let us know your perfect gift down below in the comments👇🏾, Ariel's Haven has something special in store for you this father's day. comment and stay tuned 👀for #thearielshavenfathersdayexperience

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