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Using German technology to treat calloused, cracked heels, thickened toe nails and remove hard skin

�I know how to make your feet healthy and beautiful
� I know how to avoid surgery on ingrown nails


I would like to inform all everyone that from January 2024 I will work only 3 days a week (Monday, Thursday and Friday), as well as one Saturday a month.

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Titanium thread - is a wire made from an alloy of nickel and titanium🌿 In podiatry, it is used for the gentle, painless treatment of an ingrown nail (onychocryptosis) and other nail pathologies caused by deformation of the nail plate

✔️Ingrown nail filament titanium is a relatively new technology.
Quite recently, it was not completely possible to get rid of an ingrown nail, the finger ached and worried. ⚠️

Cardinal measures for removal did not help for long, after visiting the surgeon, about six months passed and everything returned, since there was no effect on the root cause.

🌿One way to correct an ingrown toenail is to install a titanium thread on the nail. It is an innovative way by which the nail growth line can be corrected so that the cause of the ingrowth can be eliminated and relapses can be avoided✨

Ingrown toenail after surgery. A titanium thread was installed to correct the ingrowth➡️

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Dear friends, let's get to know each other better. 👩🏻
My name is Roxana.
I'm Foot Health Practitioner.
I have been working at the Estetik clinic for four years.
I started my life in this area with Irina's courses and then constantly continued to study.📚🤓

Every day of my work brings something new. These are new patients, these are various cases, this is new knowledge.
I like my job. For me, this is first of all helping people, excellent service and the desire to develop further.❤️
Always glad to see you at the Estetik clinic.

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The second visit of the client, Finally we were able to examine the shoes.. We
We found out that the client's foot size is 40, and now she wears a size 38.

Question: where is the problem? 😅

One of the reasons is the right shoes

Do I need to buy shoes one size larger?

The fact is that larger shoes are automatically and wider, so with a wide foot it seems that the shoes are larger and fit better. If the shoes fit you, but nevertheless presses, in no case take a size larger. Look for a better model.

Check your shoe size, write in the comments what size do you have?⬇️


Consultation from Goa , India about problems with ingrown deformed toenails.


Diamond Nail drill bit – coarse grit 6893 050 (1 pc)
Regular Price

Diamond Cutter – coarse grit 6893 050 (1 pc)
* For treatment of rough nails, removal of hard skin and callus, trimming around hard cuticles.
* Material: Diamond particles bonded to a stainless steel shaft.
* Suitable for sterilization and disinfection.
* Compatible with all e-files and professional machines.

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1,2,3 and treated the wart .. not painful, but effective. 👌🏼

Everything is different for everyone, but my advice is not to delay and turn to a specialist, the sooner the more effective!!

Spiralin is recommended for home care, you can buy it on the website in the profile header in the estetik store

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Recently, our client came to us with a complaint of pain in the small toe of her right foot.❌

👌🏼 It turned out that the pain was caused by a callus on the outside of the foot, and inflammation on the inside caused by tight shoes.

☺️We always try to find the root of the problem to help our clients.

😢inflammation on the inside, which appeared, like a callus, due to tight shoes.

🙏The shoes are great, but narrow. The client was given recommendations on shoes and home care.

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Nail fold oil with wheat germ oil and camphor😍

Nurtures nail folds, cuticles and nail plates

💫Goal of treatment: nail folds, cuticles and nails themselves becomeresistant and supple

Use: Apply and message into the nail fold after each manicure andpedicure.

🔬Ingredients: (excerpt) wheat germ oil, citronellol, camphor, spring water


In the world of caring for beauty and health, there are no boundaries - even elephants go for footcare😉

As a care specialist, I encourage you to contact the masters regularly!🙏

🐘Elephants also give their hooves a pedicure to prevent infections and calluses. Remember, even in this world of elephants and people, regular nail care is the key to health and comfort. Take care of yourself like elephants take care of their nails.

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Thickened, deformed nails📌

🌿We will work with Israeli cosmetics KART

Universal softener + nail peeling will do a great job with thick nails

🔹Unique Remover

A unique drug is designed to soften and loosen various thickenings, keratinization and other changes in the structure of nails and skin.

✔️ "Smart" peeling cream with an enriched texture, affects only dead cells, and ceases its effect upon contact with living cells.

🔹Nail Peeling

Active peeling for nails softens keratosis in the side ridge, which allows painless treatment of ingrown nails.

✔️ Directions for use: apply the drug to the problematic nail, wrap it in film for 20-25 minutes, then wipe with a napkin, do not rinse.
Carefully remove the loosened layer of hyperkeratosis between the nail and the side ridge

The result is satisfactory?

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Skin protection cream with Clotrimazole 30ml

For Dry, fungi sensitive skin.
A cream developed especially for demanding skin requiring regeneration.The formulation contains special botanical extracts such as shea butter and jojoba oil.Application: apply thinly every day and massage well into the skin, massagecarefully in the areas between the toesIngredients: (Extract) Clotrimazole 1%, jojoba oil and Karite (shea butter).

Photos from Foot Care Ireland's post 11/11/2023

No comments nails haven't been cut for 5 years😭

Hyperglyphotic nails can have a variety of causes, including:
📌 Fungal infections
📌 Prolonged exposure to chemicals or high humidity on nails can cause thickening.

More information in current stories, come over and benefit.👍🏼✅


Smooth Polisher Green

📌SiC, Silicone
📌Grit size coarse
📌Bond hardness medium
📌Can be disinfected, if sterilized, must be

FULLY dry before use (up to 5 hrs).

Regular Price
Sale Price


📌Do I need to buy shoes one size larger?

The fact is that larger shoes are automatically and wider, so with a wide foot it seems that the shoes are larger and fit better. If the shoes fit you, but nevertheless presses, in no case take a size larger. Look for a better model.

Check your shoe size, write in the comments what size do you have?⬇️



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PEDIBAEHR nail softener 🔥

Restore softness and suppleness to hard and thick nails🙂
Also suited for removing excessive cuticles
Allantoin aids in avoiding irritation👍🏼

Use: Use the pipette to place a few drops onto the nail orcuticle. Allow to absorb



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🗣️The client says: It hurts to the point of tears, I visited several specialists, it didn't help

😭Pain in the side bolsters

It turned out that a deep callus from the side cushion went right through to the outer side of the😒

✅The procedure took 15 minutes, the pain went away immediately


🚑🚨 Emergency Care

Saving a woman from severe pain (ingrown toenail).
She works in the maternity ward and delivers newborn babies... 🥰

☝️ After removing the ingrown segment, Ligasano and a dressing with a smiley face were applied!

Ligasano Non-Sterile Bandage is an indispensable tool for the master when treating ingrown toenails.

This material possesses the following crucial properties:
🚨 Ligasano provides a soft and resilient support around the ingrown nail, reducing pressure and friction, promoting comfortable healing.
🚨 Its breathable structure allows the skin to "breathe," preventing excess moisture and creating optimal conditions for healing.
🚨 Ligasano provides protection and a hygienic environment for the inflamed area around the ingrown nail.

✅ Use Ligasano Non-Sterile Bandage to ensure maximum 👍🏼 comfort and effective treatment of ingrown toenails, helping patients regain health and comfort 🥰.

🛍️ You can purchase it in the online store (link in the profile header)

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Models (male, female, young or old) needed for Beginners Foot care course in 16,17 October.

👀We are looking for people with different foot skin and toenails conditions (cracked heels, damaged toenails, calluses)
✅All jobs will be done under strict supervision. 0
Price is €80
- Please call us 086 8800351 or PM.
• Send us a photo of your feet and toenails (see example)
👉🏻We are in Clonmel, Co Tipperary

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Think about it!

How many health problems people create for themselves and their children because of incorrectly selected shoes!!??

🤨 These include ingrown toenails, flat feet, calluses, heel spurs and many, many other diseases.

Please check your shoes and the shoes of people close to you!

Almost all of my NEW patients have the wrong shoe size for their feet.😱🫣👞

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In the previous post, I talked about onycholysis and its causes. Today, let's continue
this topic, and I will tell you what to do in case of a chemical nail burn.

A chemical burn can occur due to the base coat. It may have an improperly selected
chemical composition. In this case, it is no longer under your control as the
manicurist chooses the materials they work with. Therefore, it is crucial in
manicure to pay attention to the materials used for your nail treatment and, of
course, the experience of the manicurist.

If you notice something wrong with your nails, here's what you can do:
1. Safely remove the gel polish coating by any manicurist. They can remove 95% of the coating while leaving 5% on the nail to prevent damage during removal. 💅💖
2. Consult a specialist if you see any unhealthy signs at the free edge of your nail. 📞🔎

Remember to take care of your nails and seek professional help when needed! 💅😊🌸

Photos from Foot Care Ireland's post 24/09/2023

Spirularin NAIL SERUM 🔥
for fungus-sensitive, damaged nails

Key benefits:
🔴Antiviral, antifungal & antibacterial protection of microalgae extract Spiralin

🔴100% natural, dual-action formulation – gentle, topical application without side effects

🔴Care of damaged nails in particular to fight fungal infections of the nail

🔴Simple application – no filing, just distribute ONE drop between all 10 nails 2x a day

🔴Regenerative & protective homecare after nail laser treatments

🔴Ideal for people with weak immune systems, e.g. during pregnancy or breastfeeding, children (3yr+), elderly, diabetes sufferers, etc.

Application: Distribute a small drop to all 🔟 nails and rub in well until no substance is left twice daily (day☀️ and night🌚). Do not cover with oily substances. Avoid contact with the eyes


So, what does it mean to wash your feet PROPERLY?

This question may seem simple, but in reality, only 1 out of 10 people know the correct answer. Let me share our patient's response: "I simply wash my feet in the shower and consider them clean." However, a simple rinse with
soap and water is not enough! Don't forget to thoroughly wash between the toes, and after the shower, make sure to dry your feet completely with a towel. 💧

If you or your loved ones have similar problems, feel free to reach out to us! We are always ready to help and find an individual approach to achieve the desired results. 💙

Photos from Foot Care Ireland's post 23/09/2023

Today I shared with you my relationship, and with my decision I chose the best for myself and my clients!☺️

Starting from 0️⃣
There was EVERYTHING, good and bad, my hands gave up and many times I wanted to give up everything

In the last year I have been thinking a lot, what next?📈
What development awaits the clinic?

In the last two years, my hands began to hurt, to such an extent that at 😨the end of the day I did not feel that I was holding the handle of the device in my hands.💩

Vibration from the handle of the device

Photos from Foot Care Ireland's post 23/09/2023

It is important to take care of the health of your feet!

In our clinic, we offer professional care and treatment for your feet. Our team of specialists has expert knowledge and experience to help you achieve and maintain the health of your feet.

What we offer:

🔸 Diagnosis and treatment: We conduct a thorough assessment of the condition of your feet, identify any issues such as ingrown toenails, corns, calluses, warts, and other pathologies. Then we develop individual treatment plans to restore your feet to a healthy state.

🔸 Support and advice: We are ready to advise you on foot care, choosing the right footwear, preventing problems, and providing recommendations to improve the overall condition of your feet.

🔸 Orthopedic insoles: We offer custom-made insoles that can improve the support, comfort, and functionality of your feet. Our specialists will assist you in selecting optimal solutions based on your needs and specific requirements.

🔸 Preventive care: Maintain the health of your feet with our preventive procedures, including regular callus removal, nail treatments, skin care, and more. This helps prevent the development of problems and keeps your feet in excellent condition.

Your foot health and comfort are our main goals! Contact our clinic today and entrust your feet to experienced specialists. You deserve care and attention so that every step is confident and comfortable.

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Hello, friends! ❤️🥹 I want to share my new passion with you - KART pedicure! This is not just a procedure; it's a true path to healthy and youthful skin.

Let's dive in ➡️ The impact of acids on the epidermis transforms it, activating cell renewal processes and stimulating collagen and elastin synthesis.

🫶🏼These products do not contain skin-damaging components, so their use helps avoid side effects and minimizes the rehabilitation period. 🏥🤕

The exfoliation process practically ❌does not disrupt the epidermis's barrier function, as it includes active moisturizing, anti-inflammatory ingredients, and antioxidants that normalize the skin's immune response, support physiological processes, calm and smooth it, prevent peeling, 🦠protect it from the aggressive action of free radicals, and restore the epidermal barrier.

👍🏼KART peels quickly and effectively dissolve layers of dead skin cells, stimulate the biological activity of the dermo-epidermal junction, and skin regeneration processes. 🩹😉 They reduce the quantity and depth of cracks, restore pH, 😍smooth texture, and provide highly effective preventive action against pathogenic environments (bacteria, fungi).

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