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Videos by Foot Care Ireland in Clonmel. Using German technology to treat calloused, cracked heels, thickened toe nails and remove hard skin

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«PAIN-FREE» Israeli cosmetics KART This is how corns, hard edges on the heels, etc. appear.😱 important point about pH is the acid-base balance of the skin. KART preparations help normalize this balance so that the skin can function fully.⚖️😉 Plus, during a KART pedicure, preparations moisturize and nourish the skin. And they continue to do this for another two weeks after the pedicure.

Arkada Serum TC16 🔥 Skin and Nail Regeneration Recommended especially for care of skin, nailplates and cuticles, treatment of scar tissue from cuts and burns, as well as fungal infections, acne, cracked and separating nail plate.👍🏼 Serum based on natural collagen and tea tree oil aids regeneration of skin and fingernails. The natural tea tree leaf extract is antiseptic and antibacterial, alleviates skin inflammation. Pure collagen affects overall condition of skin and fingernails, has nourishing and regenerative properties. The Arkada collagen serum stimulates internal cellular collagen production. ❤️Discounts apply on orders of 5 and 10 pieces. #feet #toes #verruca #callus #diabeticfoot #ingrowntoenail #crackedheels #footcare #nailcare #careproduct #podologia #chiropody #handcream #footcream #cutters #burrs #baehr #busch

Post gratitude to our customers, thank you for your trust! Feedback from our client, it is very valuable for us❤️ tag us when you come to our clinic, leave feedback!🙏 On the @footcareireland page, we talk about the problems our clients face, and talk about the importance of preventing visits to a specialist in our clinic. Here you can make an appointment with us, you can make an appointment through the link in the profile header or by writing to us in direct 📨 #estetik #estetikireland #machinepedicure #machinemanicure #pedicure #manicure #nails #feet #toes #verruca #callus

In the world of caring for beauty and health, there are no boundaries - even elephants go for footcare😉 As a care specialist, I encourage you to contact the masters regularly!🙏 🐘Elephants also give their hooves a pedicure to prevent infections and calluses. Remember, even in this world of elephants and people, regular nail care is the key to health and comfort. Take care of yourself like elephants take care of their nails.#footcare #pedicure #elefant #callus #ireland #nepal #toenails

People Aaaaayyyyyy⛔️ My most painful topic is you want the best way to come to the salon for beauty HEALTHY, but go sick! I agree beautiful well-groomed hands are an integral part of life in our time, I myself go with gel polish. But I’m not trying to hide my problem under gel polish. If you see that your nail plate is not healthy, immediately sound the alarm! The reasons for the appearance of problems can be different: 🔺 burning in the lamp 🔺 non-sterile instrument 🔺 thinned and nail plate 🔺 Wrong material 🔺 poor quality material 🔺 over-worn gel polish And much more …. If you are faced with a similar problem, I am happy to invite you to my clinic to solve it! In home care for the patient, we recommended Nail fold oil with wheat germ oil and camphor, you can buy it in our online store in the profile header link ❤️ #youghal #youghalbeach #nailcream

Wonderful transformation😍I wanted to share this result with you! We got such dynamics thanks to the joint work with the client, he came to the procedure on time and followed all the recommendations at home! ✅ And here is the patient’s review: Very professional, I had infected ingrown toe nail , I couldn’t walk with pus and pain,went to Irina, she removed it and gave me treatment, I highly recommend her for foot care and ingrown toe nails, her clinic is so clean and fantastic view on river Suir Thank you for your kind words, I’m glad to help you🙏❤️ You can sign up for the clinic using the link in the profile header 👌🏼

Hello friends! Have you heard this? Hammer finger😱 This is a thick nail with a thickened nail plate formed from impact and pressure in the shoe, and you also see a deep vascular callus. Vascular calluses resemble core calluses, but due to a violation of the integrity of the epidermis, a blood vessel penetrates into such a callus Immediately after the procedure, the client felt better, according to the client, it didn’t hurt at all! The client signed up for the next visit🗓️ We are waiting for you in the clinic for a healthy foot and nails ❤️ #педикюрирландия #podologia #pedicureireland #nailcare #machinepedicure #маникюрирландия #footcare #nails #nailscork #diabeticfoot #clonmelnails

I’m proud of my patient The first appointment on May 31, 2022, less than a year later, the result is excellent, it’s not enough to say that it’s excellent, excellent. 😱 Why? Because all the recommendations and home care are followed! I’m glad I could help and solve the problem! I am waiting for you in my clinic for an appointment. #machinepedicure #machinemanicure #pedicure #manicure #nails #feet #toes #verruca #callus #diabeticfoot #ingrowntoenail #crackedheels #footcare #nailcare #careproduct #podologia

bride getting ready for the wedding But here the case is more serious .. but a bottle fell on my finger (it didn’t break), but the nail and finger were injured🙈 Scroll through the carousel😭 ☝️ it’s already been a couple of weeks... we decided not to touch anything and not to remove the nail plate for the time being - maybe there will be nothing left. And after the wedding, we will clean everything up .. while Spirularin is in home care .. You can buy in our store! #педикюрирландия #podologia #pedicureireland#медицинскийпедикюрмосква #diabeticfoot #clonmelnails

3 FACTS ABOUT OUR COUPLE: 1. We love to travel. ✈️ 2. We met at the airport. 🔥He turned out to be an Irish doctor who flew to Moscow for a conference for 3 days. I didn’t know a word of English, and he didn’t know a word of Russian, but he had a modern electronic translator 3. We have three wonderful children Kira, Michal, Aoifa💕 What fact did you like? Maybe you have similar ones with your couples!