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Hi,I'm Aishling.Im a fully qualified stylist with 16years experience.Im NVQ trained and have a passion for all aspects of hairdressing.l love my job❤️


Hey ladies I don’t really use Facebook anymore and I notice Iv a few msgs here that havnt been replied to.🙈so sorry I don’t check this at all.. I use aishling.Obrien on Instagram everyday and update that regularly if u want to pop over to that. ❤️ it’s my personal page,not work but it’s the best way to keep informed about what’s going on with me.. (only if u want to of course🤣)
Hope you are all well and have a lovely week.❤️X x x


Hey guys,hope u are all well and having a good week💕I’m coming on here today to let anyone who doesn’t Know yet that hair by aishling is closed until 2021😭💔 we are absolutely devasted💔 I am starting chemo next tue (all going well with my bloods) this chemotherapy is a preventative chemo. I am cancer free but there’s a slight chance it may come back and if it does it woudlnt be good for me so I am going with my cancer teams advice (they are amazing)and having chemotherapy,then radiotherapy,then hormone treatment. It’s gonna be a hard few months ahead but I’m strong so hoping to live as close to normal as I can... I’m prob gonna look a bit different in the months ahead but I’ll be back to myself this time next year please god and it will all be a distant memory..🤞🏻🤞🏻thank you all so so much for the lovely gifts,cards and txts. Iv been blown away with how thoughtful people are and it’s made me realise I need to be more thoughtful in future because it does help, it does put a smile on my face.💕 I’ll be on my Instagram page over the next few months. Might even share some of my journey if I’m mentally able for it. 2020 would wanna f**k off now 😂👊🏻 much love 💕💕💕


I feel like I’m always coming on here with negative posts but this is our reality for the last few years. It’s been SH*T. Wrote this post last Friday but wasn’t ready to post it so doing it now.. Feeling positive this morning and healing great! So here’s to a new week and let’s smash it 💪🏻💯☀️❤️


Ok so Iv txt all of my clients (had the txt already saved and ready to pop out😂) if u have not heard from me can you get in touch over the wknd..I’ll get back to everyone Monday morning❤️ please be patient with me. Excited!! Xx


Yay!!!!got the green light! All clients will be contacted over the next few days 🥳❤️


Just waiting on this to be confirmed and the txts will be sent to you all!!!! Eeeeks excited!! 👏🏻❤️


Hi ladies I Was really hoping for June 29th and still slightly hopeful it may change yet.. my room is cleared/cleaned and ready for weeks,I have all my stock up to date,my new Covid protocol and most of my PPE...So as soon as I get the all clear to go back to work I will be In touch with everyone. If it stays July 20th I’ll be in touch July 1st. The reason for this is I don’t want to have to take appointments and then re arrange them again as I do all my own admin And I know it’s going to be time consuming to get everyone sorted. Thank you for all your messages over the last few weeks and I look forward to seeing you all soon.❤️Ps please don’t worry if u have had your hair done by someone else or have done a DIY job, I totally understand some people just couldn’t wait. No judgement here🥰Looking forward to all the restyles redo’s and chats in a few weeks time. Have a good week.❤️ # # #


Hi ladies as u all known I don’t really use this page but just wanted to touch base with u all via Facebook as Iv txt all clients yesterday but just Incase I forgot anyone I’ll add the msg below. Since I sent this txt obviously we now have the new module for going forward and we are stage 4 so all going to plan hair/beauty will be back open at the end of July. We are all in this together I have not had my hair done since before I left in January😱 my tips are firstly I don’t recommend hair dyes from the super market, I know some of u have used them and will continue to and I don’t/won’t judge u😂 but dont recommend it..
🔸colour root sprays that u can buy in the super market/chemist and some salons.
🔸baseball cap (that’s what Iv been doing😂)when leaving the house.
🔸hairbands/headbands there are so many cute ones around and are great to draw attention away from your re growth.
🔸wear your hair with more body/bounce/curl then usual. The more root lift and texture u have in your hair the less obvious your roots will be. Straight hair is the most obvious...
🔸for blondes unfortunately there’s absolutely not one thing I can recommend for u to do with your roots but I will say this,right now u are the same as all of us (regrowth dark or grey) imagine if u try to box dye ur hair and your roots are now yellow?! So not only will u not be able to leave the house,that will then create a band in your hair that u have have to grow out! We can disguise it but if it’s a very strong band it may be present in your hair until u cut it out😱
🔸if ends are looking dull (browns/reds)or blondes are looking brassy you can contact a few salons in town that are putting pigment into masks so not only will you be giving your hair a major moisture boost you will also get a hint of pigment to freshen up your colours) anyone interested in buying one of these masks I know Foxy Locks Hair Boutique Clonmel are doing them. I think there may be 1 or 2 others salons aswell but I’m not 100% sure so didn’t want to tag them here
🔸for all the short hair ladies (and I have a LOT of short hair clients) I feel your pain😩 remember I had short hair too and growing it out was horrendous theres not much I can recommend to you,but one thing I will say is you need to stop styling it as you normally do it is not in your normal style anymore. You need to change it up,wear it flatter/straighter/curlier/maybe start to use a straightener on the front and even the back if your getting a flick🤦🏼‍♀️obviously using heat may need to change your products, use hair spray maybe back comb for those of you suffering with flat hair.. it’s so hard to give any advice as I know when ur hair is short u rely so much on ur 4-5 week cuts.
Other then that guys. I’m gonna stick to my plan and send another group txt a few weeks before we are due to open back up (when we have it 100% confirmed) and will take appointments from then. I’m gonna put the txt I sent yesterday in comments below just Incase I missed anyone❤️ also thank u all so much for all the lovely msgs I got back yesterday, I made the decision not to reply to people as my phone was exploding yesterday with txts I couldn’t do it 🤯 stay safe everyone and stay home as much as possible. Can’t wait to see u all ❤️


So today is the day we have decided to share our journey with everyone. So much thought has gone in to this post,Iv honestly rewritten this about 10times!!😂
We have decided to tell you all to create firstly awareness and to let other couples going through the same thing know they are not alone. Secondly because we are so tired of hiding our pain and what’s going on in our life’s from the majority or people...
This is our lives as it 1 in 6 couples.
So I’m just going to begin by saying in the last 6 years we have had 2 IUI’s and 11 IVF’s!! Yes 11!! (10 of which were in the beautiful city Prague,our second home)Not to mention c section surgery (trans abdominal cerclarge) soooo many tests I couldn’t possible begin to list. (Nothing ‘wrong’ with us apparently) Inexplained infertility!!!!!!
We Lost count long ago of the tens of thousands we have spent.
Out of the 11 IVF’s we transferred 10 healthy embryos. We Had 2 early miscarriages (also called chemical pregnancies) and 1 8 week miscarriage.💔
We nearly split up about 4 IVF’s in and had to work so hard on our marriage for at least 2 years. It was a really tough and uncertain time for us as a couple...
Now we are the strongest we have ever been❤️
I have suffered with depression on and off for the last few years,which has been extremely hard with the job I do..some days all I want to do is lay in bed and cry but I had to strap a smile on my face and pretend I’m Ok and talk to people all day... Neil is the same going into work every day pretending that he’s ok and trying not to snap...
We have Lost lots of friends,but It takes a special type of friend to stick with you through the uncomfortable and sad times and we are so lucky to be blessed with a few good ones,u know who u are❤️ .it’s nobody’s fault, we are very different people now and are not the people you knew on and before our wedding day. We are not always easy to be around...The infertility journey makes you sad,depressed,colder,harder less tolerable and so vulnerable so you tend to either put your barriers up or else become very insular to protect yourself. Some times that comes across as angry and sharp or us being selfish, but anyone going through this is exactly the same.
This week we found out our 11th cycle has not worked😰 we are obviously devastated and just don’t understand ‘why us’💔 we have literally done everything we possibly could have at this stage and still are without our dream baby..
We still have 4 perfect little embryos on ice in Prague but we have decided to choose life (for now)
Will we go back and try again in a few years?who knows, maybe,but for now we are going to focus on us and try to be happy again.
Who knows what our future holds...
I know some of you are at home and this is what’s going on in your life too so please please reach out to myself or Neil if you want to talk, years went by and we could only talk to a few people mainly our wonderful family’s who by the way have found this terribly hard aswell,as We see them long to be grandparents an aunty/an uncle and they watch their friends and family members get their before them, it breaks our hearts even more somedays that we can’t give it to them..
They have supported us through it all and we would be lost without them❤️
thanks for taking the time to read our story. I hope this helps someone at home know that they are not alone. ❤️ # # #


Hi ladies I’m a bit late with the yearly reminder for Xmas appointments this year🙈 if you haven’t already been in touch and booked your appointment I advise you do so ASAP as December is nearly fully booked already. As always I’m running a cancellation list for the days that are full already and there is still a few appointments left so drop me a txt if u havnt already booked in❤️ have a great week everyone. # # #



********* ALL CUSTOMERS PLEASE READ *************

I give this lecture almost 5x daily. These shampoos are some of the bad shampoos for your hair. I have clients tell me that there hair is frizzy, “oily”, ITCHY scalps unmanageable, and the list goes on. It is weighed down by build up left from the waxes and plastics in these shampoos. They are extremely harsh and will ruin your hair.If you have colour, they will strip the colour out. The results of your hair being frizzy is because these shampoos blow open the cuticle on the hair shaft. They leave the hair lifeless and flat to your head. At first they work fabulous because they are distributing waxes to leave the hair shiny and soft. Over time those waxes harden. If you are using any of these feel free to come see me and I can do a buildup test and leave you in shock like my other clients are when they see the thick residue on their hair.

Photos from Hair by Aishling's post 04/05/2019

Ladies myself and my hubbie are away until the 14th of May and no work related txts or msgs will be replied to until we are back.❤️Taking so much needed time out...going off the grid and ‘creating our own sunshine’ we choose happiness❤️


Wishing all my wonderful clients and friends a very Merry Christmas and Happy new year❤️thank you all so much for all my lovely gifts and for your continued support threw out the year. I honestly have the best clients ever and love seeing you all! ❤️🎄🎁 # # #

Photos from Hair by Aishling's post 23/12/2017

Finally finish work for Christmas. Thank you so much to all my wonderful clients for your continued support.❤️ love u all and have a fabulous Christmas and here's to an amazing 2018! 🥂🎄🎅🏻 # # #


So today is the 1st of December🎄from now until Christmas Eve I'm fully booked. I have a cancellation list running so by all means if u have not been in touch already drop me a txt or msg and I'll pop u on it❤️ much love and happy shopping! Xx

Photos from Hair by Aishling's post 26/09/2017

Good morning Ladies! Just dropping in to remind all my regulars to booked their Xmas appointments.. I have a waiting list already for the two weeks before Xmas and the rest of the month is filling up fast! It's first come first served as I'm so busy so please have a think about it asap and drop me a txt or msg. ❤️have a great day! ❤️


Hi Ladies will reply to all mails and txts threw out today. Sorry for delay I was away for the wknd. Enjoy the sunshine☀️X x

Timeline photos 05/01/2017

Just want to wish all my clients a happy new year❤️ I'm 1 year in business this week and I'm so grateful for all the support from you over the last year,most of you iv been doing for years some over a decade but all clients new and old I really appreciate ye❤️ it's been such a successful year and looking forward to another one this year. Wishing u all health and happiness❤️ # # #

Timeline photos 17/11/2016

Good morning ladies❤️ gift vouchers available for the perfect Christmas present😘

Timeline photos 29/10/2016

Happy Halloween everyone. ❤️ enjoy the bank holiday weekend. Xx


Good morning ladies.☺️I know most people will hate to see me posting about Christmas but it's fast approaching and I'm already fully booked for the week before Christmas and very limited availability already for the month of December so if you haven't already booked your appointment make sure you get in touch ASAP as once the appointments are filled they are gone and I'd hate anyone to be disappointed. Happy Thursday ❤️ xx

Photos from Hair by Aishling's post 04/10/2016

I'm gone very bad for taking pics🙈 here's a few I took recently. ❤️ ❤️


Good morning ladies☀️ if anyone has mailed me and I have not responded can you mail me again? For some reason this week not all my messages are coming threw on my business page. Happy Thursday everyone xx

Timeline photos 01/09/2016

What a beautiful start to Autumn this morning ❤️ wishing everyone a lovely September. Xx

Photos from Hair by Aishling's post 06/08/2016

Iv been so busy I keep forgetting to take photos! So here's a few beautiful ladies I did remember to take pics of!❤️ have a lovely weekend everyone ☀️

Timeline photos 17/06/2016

Off I go to do my good friend Saras hair for her wedding day. Such an honour to be asked💞 love you to bits,you will be a beautiful bride Sara. # # #


Hi ladies, hope ur all enjoying the sunshine☀️Just a quick message iv very little availability left for this month and the next Saturday appointment I have is July 23rd! If anyone is looking for an appointment still get in touch as cancellations always happen! 💞 X


Hi Ladies Iv a much needed week off this week and fully booked for next week..️I'll reply to all mails next Tuesday. Enjoy the sunshine ☀️☀️ # #

Photos from Hair by Aishling's post 03/05/2016

Some lovely ladies I did last week 💞💞

Timeline photos 20/04/2016

A gorgeous Ombre I did yesterday 💞💞

Photos from Hair by Aishling's post 18/04/2016

Summers coming and everyone's getting a little lighter!! Love it❤️🌞

Photos from Hair by Aishling's post 07/04/2016

The lovely Claire today 💞love it!

Photos from Hair by Aishling's post 06/04/2016

Some different variations of balyage work again 💞💞

Timeline photos 31/03/2016

This colour is amazeballs😍 pics don't do it justice...

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