Wannarun Chartered Physiotherapy and Running Clinic

Chartered Physiotherapy and Running Coaching Clinic in Westport, Co Mayo Wannarun Physiotherapy and Running Clinic opened at Westport Leisure Park in January 2015.

We are a Chartered Physiotherapy Clinic catering for all musculoskeletal complaints including sports injuries, back pain, neck pain and Whiplash injuries. Andrew O'Brien MISCP has a 13 year history in private clinics in Ireland and Australia, as well as working for the Ministry of Defence in the UK. Andrew is the only physiotherapist in Ireland who is also a Vivobarefoot Running Coach, having trained under world renowned barefoot running coach and biomechanist, Lee Saxby. He uses video analysis to optimise your running form and reduce your risk of injury. He has also trained in Pilates- both matwork and reformer- and is a certified Pilates for Golf Instructor. The clinic is fully hands-on. We won't just turn a machine on and leave you. Nor will we try to sell you expensive and unnecessary orthotics. Our goal is to look at how you move and help you do it better.

Operating as usual

[10/20/20]   Despite the move to Level 5 restrictions, WE ARE OPEN FOR YOU!

As healthcare providers we will be staying open throughout this lockdown period.

Obviously we will continue to follow all the guidelines with regards to PPE and contact precautions to keep you safe.

Please call Joan on 083 1593200 if you need an appointment.

Stay safe.
Andrew and Joan

It's hard work being a tourist...

If you're heading away this bank holiday weekend, don't forget to look after your legs and stay sufficiently hydrated.

Read my piece in last week's Mayo News for a few practical tips.


This week's piece in The Mayo News looks at different causes of neck pain and how they can be managed.

If you have a neck problem, please contact us on 083 1593200 to make an appointment.



Covid’s knock-on health benefits

Over the last few months the world has spent countless millions and put in an untold effort to fight COVID-19, and it seems many countries are either on top of the numbers, or getting close to it.

As we in Ireland emerge from the crisis and lock down, it's worth taking a moment to think about how much effort went into 'flattening the curve' of a disease that, as of today had 24,405 confirmed cases and 1,727 fatalities.

If we could all self-isolate, social distance, wear masks and wash our hands for a contagious disease, shouldn't we aim to reduce our risk of non-contagious diseases too?

I wonder whether we should take some of what we did over the last few months and aim to 'flatten the bulge', or 'suppress the cough' . After all, when you look at the numbers, we're all far more likely to be affected by lifestyle related illnesses that are genuinely preventable.

See my piece in this week's The Mayo News for my thoughts.


mayonews.ie HEALTH Lockdown changes could do much more than help protect us from Covid-19, writes physio Andrew O’Brien


As restrictions ease, how will physiotherapy work?

We're back to work next week, but things are going to be a bit different.

Have a read of this week's piece in The Mayo News to get an insight into how physiotherapy appointments will work for the foreseeable future.


mayonews.ie HEALTH While physios can now see some clients in their clinics, video consultations are common and working well

[06/11/20]   We are glad to announce that we are finally able to offer face-to-face appointments from next week.

Obviously due to COVID-19 restrictions, things will be different for a while, but we look forward to helping you keep moving as well as possible.

Please call us on 0831593200 would like to make an appointment.

In the meantime, have a great weekend!

Do you have 'weak' ankles?

A badly managed ankle sprain can cause problems for years, both in the ankle itself and further up the body when you try to avoid putting strain on the joint.

This usually happens because when people get their ankle to where it's 'grand', but don't follow right to the end of the rehab plan and get back to 100%.

If you have problem ankles and need a structured rehab programme, #Askthephysio by calling us on 083 1593200

Can't quite do what you want to do?

Don't worry, we've got your back...

Get in touch on 083 1593200 and #Askthephysio about online or over the phone consultations.

Are you injured? Fell off the bike? Over done it in the garden?

Maybe it's time to #AskthePhysio what you can do to get better and keep moving.

We're available for online and over the phone consultations. Call us on 083 1593200 and let us help you.

[05/19/20]   Hello to all our clients. We hope you are coping with the lockdown period and have managed to stay well. It has been a challenging period for all, but there now appears to be some light at the end of the tunnel.

With the COVID-19 restrictions being eased, we thought it time to update all our clients on our plans for a physical re-opening. There are a number of factors that will influence when we can open and how we go about doing so.

The current guidelines state that face to face appointments should only be offered to those with acute problems who can not be helped remotely. In addition, physical distancing needs to be maintained as much as possible and close contact of less than 2m needs to be kept under 15 minutes to minimise the risks of infection.

On top of these restrictions, it would appear the Westport Leisure Park will not be able to open until at least 20 July. We are working on an alternative solution in the interim.

For now, we will continue to offer online video consultations to all clients. While there was understandable anxiety around these initially, all feedback has been positive. In some ways a remote session can be better in terms of encouraging (or forcing) patients to take a more active role in their own rehab, rather than relying on a therapist to ‘fix’ them.

We hope that you are well and don’t need a physio, but if you do, we’re here to help at any time.

Online appointments can be arranged by calling 083 1593200.

Thanks for your patience. Stay well and keep washing your hands.

Andrew & Joan O’Brien

Half marathon in the sun with company & pacing from Joan & Conor for the last 5k.

Great to see a few of the neighbourhood physios out on their own challenges as well and so many Westport folks out to #getmayomoving #mayoday

#wannarun #physiotherapy #physicaltherapy #running

#whyilivewhereilive #westport #mayo #ireland

Today is Mayo Day, and as part of the Physios Covid-19 Campaign I'm about to run a half marathon around Westport to encourage everyone to #getmayomoving and also to assist in raising some funds for the Mayo University Hospital Patient Comfort Fund.

We want to encourage everyone to do some physical activity while social distancing & staying within their 2km radius.

Come on, let's #getmayomoving #mayoday

#wannarun #physiotherapy #physicaltherapy #running

#whyilivewhereilive #westport #mayo

Get MAYO Moving

Gday, Andrew O’Brien here from Wannarun Chartered Physiotherapy and Running Clinic in Westport.

As physiotherapists we are constantly reminding people about the importance of physical activity. We all know it is good for us physically and mentally. Did you know it is useful at all ages and stages of life; as a preventative measure and rehabilitation tool, as well for sheer enjoyment? Research has shown that physical activity lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and many cancers. It has also been shown to be beneficial in lowering the risk of developing mental health issues and as a treatment option in mental illness.

In these challenging times, when the news is filled with nothing but negativity around COVID-19, anything you can do to maintain or improve your physical and mental health is important.

That’s where the Physios COVID 19 Campaign comes in. Today is Mayo day, and more than 60 physiotherapists from around the county will be taking on their own physical activity challenges to #getMayomoving.

We’d like everyone to do their own bit of physical activity at some stage today. Long or short, hard or easy, on foot or wheels; it doesn’t matter as long as you practice your social distancing and remain within 2km of your home.

I’m just setting out to run a half marathon around Westport. This little bloke and his mum will be joining me for the last 5km, meaning we’ll be running a combined total of 31km.

As well as doing something physical, it would be great if you could dip into your wallet and donate some money to the Mayo University Hospital Patient Comfort Fund by following the link here: gf.me/u/xxghxn

Come on, let’s #getmayomoving


Physios Fight Covid 19 for Mayo Univ Hospital organized by Aileen Shaw

Don't forget the Physios COVID 19 Campaign this weekend.
Do some exercise- all within the guidelines of course- and #getmayomoving

If you'd like to donate to raise funds for patient comfort and care facilities within Mayo, please do so at the GoFundMe page here: https://www.gofundme.com/f/physios-fighting-covid

I'll be running a half marathon- what about you?


gofundme.com We are a team of Mayo Physiotherapy Colleagues working across Mayo for the p… Aileen Shaw needs your support for Physios Fight Covid 19 for Mayo Univ Hospital

This Saturday is Mayo Day, the weekend on which the Mayo Women's Mini-marathon and Pink Ribbon cycle usually take place. Obviously those events & many others besides are not happening this weekend. But physically exercise is now more important than ever, to maintain physical and mental health, and potentially reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19.

With this in mind I will be joining a team of 50 Mayo Physiotherapy colleagues, many of whom are working on the front line, in going further in fight against COVID-19.

On Saturday May 2nd, these physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants will take on their own physical challenges in their gardens, on treadmills or stationary bikes, or within their 2km radius, covering a total distance of over 500miles.

The aim is to raise €60,000 for patient comfort and care measures, including assistive technology to allow them to connect safely & effectively with patients in isolation. This will help improve rehabilitation & physical activity levels.

I will be running a half marathon within my 2km radius & I'd encourage everyone to join in and #getmayomoving by doing your own activity on the day.

If you'd like to donate, there's a link in the bio.

#getmayomoving #running #runchat #exercise

#wannarun #physiotherapy #whyilivewhereilive #westport #mayo


Physios Fight Covid 19 for Mayo Univ Hospital organized by Aileen Shaw

This Saturday is Mayo Day, and this is the weekend when the Mayo Women's Mini-marathon and Pink Ribbon Cycle usually take place. But in case you hadn't noticed, none of those things are happening at the moment. In times like these it is important for everyone to keep active and stay healthy, partly to reduce our own risks of contracting COVID-19, but also for own general and mental health.

With this in mind, I will be joining a team of 50 Mayo physiotherapy colleagues working on the frontline for the people of Mayo are going further in their fight against Covid-19.

On MAYO DAY Saturday 2nd of May 2020, these physiotherapists and physiotherapy assistants from all across the county will take on individual physical challenges in their own gardens, on stationary bikes, treadmills or within 2km radius. They will cover a distance of 500 miles. This includes 1HALF IRONMAN, 4 MARATHONS, 15 HALF MARATHONS, A SPRINT TRIATHLON, 240KM RUN/WALK, 85KM BIKE/TURBO. And they want you to join in!

Physiotherapists have an essential role in the treatment and ongoing management of patients recovering from COVID19. Prolonged periods of ventilation and/or acute illness can leave patients very debilitated and physiotherapists will provide rehabilitation to treat and optimise respiratory conditions, increase physical activity and get patients back to optimum function and participation. The current extraordinary situation has meant that they have to look at new ways of providing this rehabilitation. Patients may be in single rooms, isolated and have no access to any visitors and have limited social interaction.

Their fundraising will be used for patient comfort and care measures. They will invest in assistive technology to allow them to connect safely and effectively with patients in isolation to facilitate optimum rehabilitation and enhance physical activity. This technology will also allow patients to communicate with family and friends during periods of isolation to provide motivation, support, and encouragement. Patients with prolonged periods of immobilisation secondary to COVID19 will need intensive early rehabilitation. They propose to invest in further rehabilitation equipment to address this situation.
Furthermore to comply with infection control policy we propose to provide personalised rehabilitation equipment for patients in isolation.

The physios and physiotherapy assistants work in many different areas of the health service such as ICU, medical and surgical wards, community hospitals, primary care centres, rehab facilities and private practices across Mayo. They have seen first-hand the amazing teamwork happening in our hospitals and community to flatten the curve and bring comfort and care to the patients of Mayo. To help this great work continue, they have set up a GoFundMe page to help fund the on-going efforts at Mayo University Hospital.

May 2nd is Mayo Day and one of the goals of this event is to “get Mayo moving”. The physios invite all Mayo people from all over the world too, no matter where they are, to join in (within your 2km!) and get moving! Tog out in your Mayo colours and send them your photos and videos of you doing your exercise to support and encourage this incredible group of people. Use the hashtag #getmayomoving. The event will be broadcast live throughout the day so keep an eye on social media for more details of that.

I will be running a half marathon- all within my 2km radius of course- to show my support. It would be great if as many people as possible can get out on the day and get moving to show their support, and also to help themselves. It doesn't matter how much you do, what matters is that you do it.

If you'd like to donate, you can find the GoFundMe page here: https://cutt.ly/getmayomoving2020

gofundme.com We are a team of Mayo Physiotherapy Colleagues working across Mayo for the p… Aileen Shaw needs your support for Physios Fight Covid 19 for Mayo Univ Hospital

[03/26/20]   In light of the current COVID-19 situation and the need for social distancing, combined with the fact that half of my working week is spent in nursing homes, we will be closing the clinic for face-to-face consultations with immediate effect.

Stay tuned to the page here for further updates as to online consultations and our eventual re-opening.

In the meantime, wash your hands, keep your distance and stay well. These are worrying times, but we will get through if we all work together.

Take care,
Andrew & Joan

inov-8 All Terrain Running

7pm this evening if you're free.

Paul Tierney: Running the Wainwrights

One of the best moments of 2019! Now learn the full story of what led to this moment, in the new film ‘Paul Tierney - Running The Wainwrights’

The film (by dmtwo.media) gets its free-to-view international online premiere TODAY! 🍿

Get all the details on how to watch the premiere live 👉 www.inov-8.com/paul-tierney-running-wainwrights

“This film is an absolute must-watch for everyone who wants to undertake any kind of challenge” - Ultrarunning World, full review: ultrarunningworld.co.uk/paul-tierney-running-the-wainwrights-the-movie-premiere/

In June 2019, Paul Tierney set a new record time for running all 214 Alfred Wainwright Lake District (🇬🇧) peaks in one go. He covered 328 miles and ascended the equivalent of four time Mt Everest.

Paul will join us for the premiere and you can ask him questions via the on-screen chat box.

Supporting cast includes Steve Birkinshaw Kilian Jornet Sir Chris Bonington & Nicky Spinks

See you later today!

#inov8 #GetAGrip #GrapheneGrip #Wainwrights214 #running #ultrarunning #trailrunning #fellrunning #outdoors

Last summer my mate Paul Tierney set a new record for the fastest loop around all the Wainwright fells of the Lakes District.

If 300 odd miles, 36,000 metres of climbing in 6 days and 6 hours sounds a bit daft, you could sign up here and watch the film instead.

I highly recommend it!

An incredible ultra-running achievement!

Register now to watch the free online film premiere of Paul Tierney - Running The Wainwrights: www.inov-8.com/paul-tierney-running-wainwrights

#inov8 #GetAGrip #GrapheneGrip #Wainwrights214

📷: Andy Jackson | 🎥: dmtwo.media |
🏃‍♂️: Paul Tierney

[12/25/19]   We would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas. Thanks for your support this year, and for letting us help wherever we can. Enjoy the time with your loved ones.

Best wishes to all.
Andrew and Joan


The Zen of Weight Lifting

“Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment, chop wood, carry water.”

Here's an interesting read from Brad Stulberg in the New York Times about the 'Zen of Weightlifting'. But, as he says, the themes apply to so much more than just weightlifting. Consider replacing weightlifting with rehab, running, swimming or even learning the piano, and the message rings true.


nytimes.com Chop wood, carry water and other lessons that apply far beyond the gym.

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