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Facial Wrinkles And How To Avoid Them

Have you always been happy with your face but are starting to see the first fine wrinkles and crows feet making an unwanted appearance? As time goes by your skin changes but this doesn’t have to be something that scares you. If you take good care of your skin you will prevent deep facial wrinkles from appearing and you can enjoy a stunning and glowing complexion which forms the basis of a perfect canvas for make-up application.

facial wrinkles
Facial wrinkles occur because the skin’s collagen begins to breakdown as you age. In addition, repetitive facial expressions and environmental factors can also add to those pesky crows feet and fine lines around the lips. Be aware that there are tips and treatments to help reduce facial lines and make your face look smoother than ever!

If you cleanse your face every day you will see the fine lines on your face getting softer and softer. A mild cleanser will cleanse your face and leave it baby soft which is the first step if you want your face to look healthy, fresh and wrinkle free.

The right facial moisturizer will visibly correct the appearance of early lines and wrinkles. Choose an anti aging cream that will neutralize the harmful effects of fatigue, pollution and UV stress — so your skin is not only moisture-perfect but will really look more youthful. An intensive anti wrinkle cream helps to boost collagen production during the night, which is the best time for your skin to reproduce new cells. It will help to correct dullness, age spots and loss of elasticity which are all unwelcome but natural change of the aging process. And of course a good quality moisturizer makes aging skin feel silky smooth and at its very best!

Spa facials:
One of the most beneficial treatments for your complexion is to have regular facials at a beauty salon. Don’t think of these as luxury nice-to-haves but as an essential part of your beauty routine The professional beauticians can deeply cleanse your face and use anti aging therapies to give a visible improvement to the texture of your skin.

As always, prevention is better than cure. So take action now to prevent the development of crows feet and fine lines. The sun is known to be a particular culprit in the aging of the skin, so make sure you protect your skin properly. Even if you want the perfect tan don’t ever forget to slap on your sunscreen to filter out the harmful UV rays.

Healthy diet:
Eat plenty of antioxidant-rich foods to help maintain your skin’s collagen at optimal levels and you will see your skin getting healthier every day.

Quit smoking:
as well as being very harmful for your health, the chemicals in cigarette smoke can destroy collagen and elastin which is bad news for your skin, and the repetitive moves from inhaling a nd exhaling are bound to encourage wrinkles around your mouth.

Topical retinoids:
A topical retinoid can help to give your skin a boost as it is based on vitamin A which is known to give your skin an energizing boost and ensure your wrinkles become less obvious due to its skin plumping properties.

Facial wrinkles are unfortunately something we all have to face up to – but there’s no need to lie down and simply accept them. By regularly nurturing your skin and being good to your body, you can avoid them for as long as possible.


Hand Therapy For Younger Looking Hands

It’s said that the backs of the hands can give away a woman’s age like nothing else. Hands are constantly exposed to the elements and if you don’t indulge in a little hand therapy, they will wrinkle and look old before their time. Whilst most of us take plenty of care of our face and necks, hand care often gets overlooked. If you want younger looking hands, it’s time to add effective hand therapy to your daily beauty routine.

hand treatment for younger looking hands

Hand therapy can take several forms from simple physical protection like wearing gloves, to indulgent spa treatments specifically designed for the hands.

Protect your mitts: When it’s cold, protect your hands from the cold by wearing a pair of snug gloves. When you are cleaning round the house or washing up, wear a robust pair of rubber gloves. No they don’t look pretty but they are protecting your hands from the harsh effects of chemicals and the drying effects of dipping them in and out of water time and time again.

Moisturize: A key part of quality hand therapy is the lavish use of a good quality hand cream. Apply it daily and keep a tube in your handbag, ready to be applied whenever your hands are feeling a little dry. Massage the hand cream carefully over the whole hand and soon they will feel soft and refreshed.

Tip: apply the hand cream right after you step out of the shower to fully moisturize your skin and seal in all the moisture whilst your hands are still damp.

Spa Treatments: many spas and beauty salons offer more than just a standard manicure. Appreciating that women want younger looking hands, they have truly indulgent treatments. Normally the treatment starts by soaking you hands in warm scented water to soften them. The beauty therapist will then use a gentle exfoliator all over your hand to softly remove any dead cells. The exfoliator may also contain essential oils such as apricot oil which will help balance the pH of the skin. A nourishing hand mask then follows: the hands are coated with a nutrient mask, wrapped, and left to absorb all the benefits of this therapy. And the final and delightful step is when the beauty therapist massages in a protective lotion to leave your hands softer than you can remember. When your hands are looking their very best you’ll want to flaunt them with beautiful nails so have a manicure to complete your sensational hand therapy.

By looking after your hands regularly at home, and having occasional hand treatments at your local salon or spa, you will definitely see a great improvement in their appearance and you’ll be keeping those pesky wrinkles at bay. And let’s be honest – that’s what we all long for. No-one wants their hands to appear older than their years – so incorporate hand therapy in your life for younger looking hands!


Sunburn Treatment

We know that excessive exposure of our skin to the sun isn’t the most sensible idea, but hey, we like the beach, We can oh so easily forget about the danger of sunburn and don’t remember to regularly apply sun cream or opt for too low a protection factor. The sun gives us a great feel-good factor: it’s caressingly warm, it makes us feel happy and there’s nothing better than splashing around on the beach or at an open air pool on a hot sunny day.

how to treat sunburn But too much sun, especially for fair skins, can soon result in sunburn: pink skin which just seems to get redder and redder as the night falls and feels hot to the touch. And then the regret sets in. Why did you opt for a factor 10 sunscreen when you clearly needed a factor 30? Why didn’t you sit in the shade during the hottest part of the day? Why didn’t you have a spray tan instead?

Whatever your mistakes, if you skin is suffering from a sun overdose, here are some great sunburn remedies to reduce redness, irritation and peeling:

1. Take a bath

As soon as you get home, take a bath in lukewarm water. Avoid soaps and bath gels as these may further irritate the skin. Instead add colloidal oatmeal to the cool bath and soak. Colloidal oatmeal is a component of many over-the-counter skin remedies for people with eczema. Oatmeal has anti-inflammatory properties and helps reduce itching and so is an ideal sunburn treatment. If you just have edible oatmeal in the house, grind it up in a blender until it’s in a fine powder, add it to your bath and watch it turn milky white. Then sit back and relax and wait for the longed for soothing effect on your skin.

2. Moisturize

After your bath and whilst your skin is still humid, liberally apply an after sun lotion – a simple but effective sunburn treatment. These lotions are light and cooling and will immediately help to hydrate the skin cells and cool down the skin. If your skin is feeling too hot to handle, opt for an after sun gel that promises a healing and cooling factor – many contain Aloe Vera, universally acknowledged to have active compounds which fight pain and inflammation and which is claimed to lessen unwanted skin peeling after too much sun.

3. Further Relief

If any part of your body is really burnt, place freshly cut cucumber on the affected area – it contains helpful chemicals which will reduce swelling and cool off those damaged cells. Alternatively place cold compresses (not ice) against the skin to help ease the hot sensation and bring general relief.

4. Try To Sleep

In bed, if your skin is really sore you might find it difficult to sleep as the skin chaffs against the sheets. Sprinkle the sheets with cornstarch to reduce this irritating friction.

5. Be patient

Once your skin has been sunburnt, it won’t heal itself magically overnight – it will take time to recover. If you’re on holiday and are desperate to get back to the beach the following day, be sure to wear light, loose clothes that cover your red skin. Sun cream alone cannot guarantee the coverage that sunburnt skin deserves. Better still stay out of the sun completely for a day or two.

6. A word of warning

Excessive exposure to the sun can result in sun poisoning – characterized by a nasty rash which is an allergic reaction to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. This is normally accompanied by other undesirable side effects such as headache, nausea and vomiting, fever, chills and dizziness. If you suspect you are suffering from sun poisoning, you need to head straight to a doctor.

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