Monte Carlo Makeup

Monte Carlo Makeup


Looking super glamorous with Madame Macron last November in Paris.
Makeup by Monte Carlo Makeup
The photos you see here are of a lovely Canadian doctor, who was on a business trip to , and who decided to treat herself to a Monte Carlo Makeup, this way she is ready for her gala dinner that day! You could tell from the smile of her face that this makeup session contributed to her nice experience in 👌🏻💄😊 X
Hi Joe, great Job, fantastic Make-up
Stunning 2nd day Wedding make up by Monte Carlo make up !!!! Thank you Joe Ghannam 💋 what a great job ! ❤️
For makeup artists or makeup lovers, Inglot cosmetics Now available in Montecarlo. Visit us Eric Stipa Monaco - Full service beauty salon 57, Rue Grimaldi and discover a wide range of high quality, professional makeup products at fair prices! ✨💋💄😊
Monte Carlo Makeup
Fantastique.... "Vous" êtes Fantastique !
good evening JOE je bent een SUPER makeup men j ai appris de cette ESCADA EVENING bc des trucks de vous .... la prochaine fois que j arrive a MONACO je vue vraiment faire qq rendez-vous avec vous..... toute mes amies ne comprends pas mtn que j ai changer mon maquillage .... j ai appris bc @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@;;;; #########
Exclusive Full Service Beauty Salon; Hair, Nails, Massage, Skin Care & Bridal Services, and now you could book your apointment with "Monte Carlo Makeup by Joe Ghannam" for a professional MakeUp session..!
My gold make up artist! The best ❤️
Bonjour, Monte Carlo Makeup, je vous ai envoyé un message. Je préfère vous le dire si jamais il tombait dans "autres" et vous ne vous en aperceviez pas. MERCI!
Great make up joe

Celebrity make up artist, image consultant on the French Riviera
Bridal and special occasion make-up

Celebrity make up artist, image consultant on the French Riviera; Monaco, Cannes,Saint-tropez, Saint-jean Cap ferrat
Bridal and special events make-up specialist
- Image Makeovers
- International worshops.

Photos from Monte Carlo Makeup's post 14/02/2023

Valentine’s Day inspired look 💌 💄 for the one and only 🥰; one of my most loyal friend/client 🙏🏻.

Photos from Monte Carlo Makeup's post 10/02/2023

✍🏼 📝 SAVE THE DATE 📆: Make-up
Masterclasses 💄
Learn how to apply make-up like a pro!
Would you like to learn how to do a smokey eye, change your beauty routine or learn how to give yourself a perfect complexion? Discover the make-up masterclasses, organised exclusively at the Spa Metropole by Givenchy. The art of make-up requires mastering certain techniques and choosing the right colours to suit your complexion. Our make-up expert, , creator of up, will orchestrate these 90 mn sessions in limited groups, sharing his advice and giving you all his secrets.
Sign up for one of the 4 classes offered on the 27th of February to discover personalised tips. You will be guided through the steps of creating your own look, which you can reproduce at home to be always glamorous for any occasion.
The little extra? A free Givenchy lipstick to start your new make-up routine!
50€ per person
Times: 10am- 2pm - 4pm - 6pm
Email: [email protected]
+377 93 15 13 70


Who said a means slapping tons of products on your face ?! 🤨
For every face, every age, every occasion, daytime or nighttime (lighting is a major criterion), it s own, makeup intensity, style, without forgetting the personality of the client and her habits when it comes to wearing makeup.


Rise up. ☀️ Start fresh 🐞. See the bright opportunity in each new day.🍀


and a smile is all what you need 💄 ❤️🤩….


I am so proud to count this big in , , and ex wife of#f1champion ; , a very loyal client to . She wouldn’t let anyone else touch her face for all her media appearances; photoshoots, films etc…, on the French Riviera. 🥰🫶🏻 💄. Thank you for your loyalty and your trust ❤️🙏🏻.


I had the pleasure to do a , for the first time to this , who was in to attend her friend’s wedding here.


🇧🇷 , 🇲🇨 , ready after her session 💄 ✨ 🤩


It gives me lot of satisfaction, the smile I see on the face of a happy client. Especially in this case, where this was having her first professional makeup session. And she booked her 2 weeks she arrived for the that is held this week in monaco.


A photo of the and Rajivi few minutes after the session and an hour before she attends an event in Beaulieu. À small detail, Rajivi was not convinced about the green liner on her water line, before falling in love with it after I insisted that it looks great on her 😛. This happens a lot when clients are not used to something …! 😊 - hairdo by Joliès Maison de Beauté


A beautiful selfie of and at the end of the makeup session and you could see the gorgeous in the background 💄 🎨🫶🏻.


Before and after soft for this , with beautiful . If you want to make your green eyes pop, I suggest you use red undertones: Red is directly across from green on the color wheel, so any eyeshadow palette with red hues, like maroon, coral-orange, or pinkish-red, will do the trick.


Is there a better way to finish a busy working day 💄🙏🏻♥️😃; a selfie between ; superstar and , organiser of Gala, Daniela , both wearing 🤩. Hairdo by

#визажистспб #визажист #визажистмосква#Монако#монтекарло #frenchrivieramakeupartist


Third and last look for who booked her makeup sessions from San Diego, as soon as her trip to Monaco was confirmed. Such encounters make me love even more my job 🫶🏻🥰.


The style and intensity of the depends a lot on the wish of the client as well as the occasion and the personality of the client. In this photo this wanted a natural soft makeup so I opted for earth colours to enhance and highlight her features. 👉🏻DO YOU PREFER STRONG MAKEUP OR NATURAL MAKEUP ⁉️😕

Photos from Monte Carlo Makeup's post 09/09/2022

Not because she is was a first time client, that the session with this , was less fun 😃🥳 🤩. 🥰 Hairdo by ~ .

Photos from Monte Carlo Makeup's post 08/09/2022

For the launch of the new brand at the , and Luxury opted for a . Good luck For 🤞🏻 : Silk Skinwear enriched with hydrating, anti-aging skincare ingredients for a glowing, youthful complexion.
Hairdo by .


Soft for the , who is the very talented executive Chef at . It was the occasion for me to thank her for the exquisite experience I have every time I visit her restaurant, who brought the great taste of my country’s cuisine to Monaco. 🥰.

#визажистспб #визажист #визажистмосква#Монако#монтекарло #frenchrivieramakeupartist


for this with stunning , who wanted something soft and 💄 . Hairdo by .

#визажистспб #визажист #визажистмосква#Монако#монтекарло #frenchrivieramakeupartist


détails : . 💄 💕 ✨.


If you zoom in on this photo you will be able to realise the details that can make women look younger with ; the colours and the textures I use and the redefinition of the face contour, the lips , the eyes and especially the eyebrows, can take away many years from the face. 🤩✅.


Before we even met, Nicoletta told me over the phone that she doesn’t want a classical, soft 👰🏻😊 💄, with . Why not ?! The result is stunning, isn’t it?! 😉.

Photos from Monte Carlo Makeup's post 19/07/2022

My Makeup clients are more gorgeous than yours 😋🥰. for this with stunning .


Ok! I know what most of those who know this half Belgian, half are going to say 😛 « she is gorgeous even without  » ! I am lucky to call this ; bestie AND 💄 client 🥰.


Today, 8th of July, in Monaco. My day started already at 9am. for those two beautiful models; and . My last appointment is at 8pm… Watchnthe stories for more photos 🥰 📸 💄.

Photos from Monte Carlo Makeup's post 07/07/2022

Would you believe me if I tell you that this in the photo here is a cardiac surgeon heart 😍?! I had the chance to do her on the occasion of her wedding anniversary celebration here in Monaco ! 💄 : Matt face makeup with shimmery eye shadow and and I touch of metallic lipstick on the Center of her lips .


Soft for this 💄 🇧🇷 , using shimmery eyeshadows - and enhancement of the face structure with the contouring .

Photos from Monte Carlo Makeup's post 24/06/2022

trial for this , 👰🏼‍♂️. What makes the big difference between is mainly the eyebrows and the that gives the eyes a serious lift ! 👌🏻. The lip contour plays also a major role in improving the looks…! On the wedding day there won’t be any of the semi permanent lashes left and her lashes will look more even 👍🏻.


YES , can make you look younger. The proof is in this photo ! 💄. See how I chose the right Color’s for her, the perfect face contour, well defined and perfectly drawn lips. : 👉🏻No makeup on the lower lash line, if you have puffiness or wrinkles in that area- draw instead the attention to your upper eye area! ✨ 😉. in monaco .


The greatest reward for the is when the client, especially the one used to having her makeup done professionally very often, tells him/ her : YOU ARE THE BEST 🤩. Thank you for your trust 🙏🏻😘.


for this , who wanted a dramatic result for the baptism of son here in Monaco. The intensity of the makeup depends on the desire of the client. My job is to adapt what she has in mind, to her face and features! 💄👌🏻😊.


trial for this . She liked the I did for her sister 5 years ago, and therefore she wanted absolutely to have on her wedding day in august ! 👰🏼‍♂️ 💄 💍.


💄 🎥 🫶🏻. at the 🎞 🛥

Photos from Monte Carlo Makeup's post 05/05/2022

I have the most beautiful clients in the world 😇😃🫶🏻🥰. Just finished a soft on this at the . The selfies were taken right before she gets dressed to attend the 2nd Edition Charity Event of & Awards at Salle Empire in .

Photos from Monte Carlo Makeup's post 25/04/2022

Very happy to have seen this , after 3 years since last time she had been in monaco for an event and had asked me to do her … This year, she only booked her flight after having guaranteed her appointent 💄 🫶. Hairdo by .


Natural for this . 💄
To correct certain facial defects, you must resort to optical illusions. You would like to shorten your noses, or thin your faces, and you can do that by resorting to a few tricks.

Surface illusion: a bright surface looks bigger than a dark one.
The illusion of relief: a light color seems to stand out, while a dark color will look clogged, like a hole.
The illusion of volume: a light color seems more voluminous and more prominent, and a dark color seems smaller, less prominent.
These are the first laws of makeup, which allow you to juggle shadow and light:
👉🏻A dark eyeshadow blurs what it covers, and a light-colored eyeshadow highlights. Yes✨.


Very soft, natural trial for this , who neither her nor her future husband are used to seeing her wearing makeup 💄…. Was she satisfied?!! 😉 👉🏻Her smile says it all 😊👌🏻. #

Photos from Monte Carlo Makeup's post 05/03/2022

Soft for this , yet with dramatic eyebrows and strong winged eyeliner . for new high end, young clothing brand, in a perfect location with a great panoramic views.


; Nathaly, ready to rock the wearing 💄 and her favourite fashion designer 🧵 🪡 👗 🥰. Doesn’t she look gorgeous ♥️?!


Can’t get enough of the view 🥰!

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