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Shades of Hair Elegance

I help you solve ur wig problem by rendering services on; Custom wig making, Wig revamp, Lace repair

Photos from Shades of Hair Elegance's post 03/01/2024

Happy 2024 my People !

May this year bring you ease and joy on every side.

2023 was a great year, I pushed myself hard and saw great results .
Thank you for the likes, comments, referrals, Patronage and engagement of any kind. Really meant a lot ❤️.

Let’s do 2024 together ? We’ll go harder this year.

I’m so excited about 2024, brace yourself for lots of wig contents.

With love, your Wig chic

Fit; MissPromise Henry

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After wearing this one to snap, I kept it for myself. So it’s just 2 left🌚.

I love the colour combo

This is the lightest synthetic I have seen, and it accepts Heat !. And it is so Affordable !

Details ;

- Heat friendly synthetic

-22 inches, and light weight .

-Free gift and maintenance tips on your order.

-can be straightened for just a short period of time on low-moderate heat.

-It won’t tangle much because it’s light weight!

Price; 15,000.

It comes in a bundle and machine made closure for 10k, just Incase you need that.

Yes, you can pay in installment . But just twice. Let’s talk !

Please Send a Dm to order or show interest in the comment section , I’ll message.

Photos from Shades of Hair Elegance's post 01/12/2023

Happy New Month Beautiful people ❤️.

I’m choosing to start this month with Gratitude.

I started actively talking about the wigs/ hairs I brought in last month . I brought in 8, 4 has been sold, and I’m yet to wig the rest and put in up .

But, regardless I’m happy for the four wigs that was sold, some didn’t take up to 30 minutes after it was posted . Little wins- yay.

Thank you guys so much, I see the tags, I see the Messages , Thank you for putting it in mind to buy wigs from me too 🌚.

Btw, the wig in frame 2 is available for immediate purchase . It goes for #28,500. And you can pay in installment too . How cool?

2 of my wigs got sold that way, they paid in installment for it. Let’s talk about how you’ll llike to pay? More details on the hair will be on the picture and comment section.

May the glow this month be blinding like frame 1 ? Cheers to a great month 🥂


Good morning beautiful people

I thought to share this with you.

Ps: Remember to Air dry it after a while

Do have a lovely week ahead🤗.

Do you own a wig bag?

Photos from Shades of Hair Elegance's post 16/11/2023

I told you I had affordable Premium synthetic wigs for you right?🤗

This is a picture slide of one of them. Swipe >>

This T- frontal unit is available for sale. Price; #28,000

▪️Hair type; Premium synthetic

▪️Length; 32 inches

▪️Accepts Heat ( can be styled with heat)

▪️ Can be styled as a frontal and worn as a closure

▪️Can pass as a hair blend , but it’s a premium synthetic.

▪️Premium synthetic are low maintenance, and I’ll be sharing tips with you.

Every order comes with a gift too.🤭

Price ; 28,000.

Send a Dm to order or click on the link in my bio.

Photos from Shades of Hair Elegance's post 13/11/2023

Swipe to the end Queen 🤭

I remember a couple of years back when we did refer to ‘Synthetic’ wigs as sponge. Mostly because it gets tangled easily, lol.

Well, not anymore!

(Swipe to know why)

I don’t know what these people are doing to produce very sleek and soft synthetic wigs these days. ( too soft)

The lace too are to cleannn.

I hope you do open up your mind to accepting Premium synthetic wigs. And the good thing is it’s quiet affordable.

Ps; I posted three synthetic wigs on WhatsApp. 1 is sold , 1 is pending complete payment, and the remaining is still available. Will be posting it soon. (Check story for a review from a client 🤭)

Are you willing to try out a synthetic wig? Do let me know in the comments

Photos from Shades of Hair Elegance's post 23/10/2023

Look who’s birthday is today, mine 🤭.

Cheers to more years of laughter and peace.

Happy birthday to me

Photos from Shades of Hair Elegance's post 16/10/2023

Let’s start our week with this beautiful review I got from a client last week 🥺

(Swipe to see Before and After)

She is a first time client and was a bit skeptical about sending her wig, because it was a curly wig and she had a previous ‘not-so good’ experience.

Finished up with the wig, sent her picture, she got it the following day and she dropped this review afterwards.

This is your reminder that your curly wig needs more than water and leave-in conditioner. It needs proper pampering, send it my way.

Do you have a wig you need to fix up? Send a Dm Queen.


Take this as self care too❤️

But really, how many weeks have you had that braids on ? 👀.

Photos from Shades of Hair Elegance's post 31/07/2023

Please know this !

The curls and style created for your hair during revamp won’t last forever.

No, it’s not a permanent thing, it’ll definitely drop with time. It’s your duty to maintain it.

Na only hair factory fit give you permanent curls, or style🤲

Ps; Revamp discount is still ongoing and ends on 7th August .

If you’re in port harcourt and need a hair revamp. Send a Dm.

Swipe to see flyer

Photos from Shades of Hair Elegance's post 29/07/2023

I remember this hair I revamped for a client . (Swipe to see result)

When she brought the hair and I asked her what happened, she said she tried revamping it herself and it got matted.

I refilled the closure area, Washed and treated it , and brought the curls back to life.

Please do not revamp your wigs yourself if you do not have enough knowledge on it. It’ll damage the hair more.

There’s a discounted revamp offer going on, pay #3,500 instead of #5,000 for revamp.

Offer lasts till 7th August. Send a Dm let me work on your hair or click the link on my bio.

Location; Choba, Port harcourt


Hello Queen,
Looking for where to Revamp your Wig in Port Harcourt?

I’m willing to offer you a discount of 3,500 instead of 5,000.

This is the best offer you’ll see, especially for you that hasn’t revamped your wig since this year began.

Send a direct message here or click on the link on my bio.

Offer lasts from 27th July - 7th August.

Can you help me spread the gospel by sharing on your story?


I heard they were dragging Dj cuppy by her hair simply because she rocks PREMIUM SYNTHETIC wigs.

They were somehow saying that as rich as she is, she’s not supposed to be wearing Synthetic wigs. And somewhere around her not having taste.

Have you seen how clean some of her wigs are, if they didn’t tell you it was synthetic you wouldn’t know. So where is the no taste from?

Leemaooo, Premium Sythetic wigs now means poverty??.

Have you seen Premium synthetic wigs?. I don’t mean the one you buy for Tufaif o 🙄

I have told you people that abroad, people rock synthetic wigs like no man’s business!.

Celebrities Abroad Rock Synthetic wigs with Style, and you would not even be able to tell it isn’t synthetic. Those ones no get style too?

People do not wear Premium synthetic wigs because they are poor, they wear it because of the flexibility!

▪️The curls in synthetic wigs last

▪️You don’t have to do too much to care for it, wear and go .

▪️The straight will stay straight.

▪️Premium synthetic is very sleek, doesn’t tangle.

▪️They have wide range of options; frontal, closures, colours, curlsss.

▪️Almost Same benefits as human hair but with low price??

Some of you have a lot of things to unlearn about synthetic wigs, start with not attributing it to poverty .

Lastly, Google is your friend. Before you end up saying embarrassing things


Harmattan is here, and if you don’t take care of your WIGS, you won’t like the outcome.

If you’ve noticed, everywhere is dry and dusty.

And if you expose your Wigs to Harmattan Breeze, it will also be Dry and Dusty .

Here’s what you should do;

1) Get a Wig Bag; it could be the actual wig bag that’s being sold, a Ziplock Bag, or Nylon Bag.

2)Separate Them; Each wig should have its own separate bag to avoid tangling

3) Brush/Detangle; you will have to brush it very well if it’s a Straight and wavy hair. If it’s a curly hair, spray water or leave-in conditioner on it then comb or finger Detangle.

4) Carefully place it in any of the bag you have; Wig bag, Ziplock bag, Nylon bag. Don’t squeeze it. Then Tie or close up the open areas.

This way, the dust will not able to settle on it. And the moisture will remain the same while it the bag, it won’t feel dry.

Remember to take it out once in a while and AIR DRY 🧏‍♀️.

Ps: sorry I’ve been off for a while. Nysc is after my life 😩


It’s another Saturday, and you probably saw people in their numbers wearing wig to work out. But Why?🙄

I know most of the people that wear the wig, don’t even bother to always send the wig to be washed or treated. And it’s not ok!

I’m really trying to understand these set of people, what’s your problem actually, no tell me🙄.

Because you’ll wear that wig now and sweat will be dripping on it during workout , then you’ll throw it around carelessly, damp and all

Another day you’ll carry that thing and wear and associate yourself with people 😒. You don’t know wig can smell really bad?

It’s ok if you still choose to wear it but always revamp or air dry it. Wig dey smell o

Whatever happened to scarfs, bonnets or wig caps? In fact carry your hair like that🙄

Photos from Shades of Hair Elegance's post 26/10/2022

Hello Queens, I wanted to share with you the easily available brushes and tell you which is better for a hair type.

But fess do you have a Hair brush?!🙄

PICTURE A : Scalp massage/ Detangling brush.
I’m sure you remember this brush😹. Here’s what you should know about the brush;

-Helps with scalp massage and drying out wet hair while brushing because of the spaces.

-Brushes Straight hair well but not really great for curly or wavy hair.

-They started producing fake ones that pull out hairs a lot.

-Just like regular brushes.

Picture B ; Detangling Brush.
Got mine for 1k. This brush is it!

-Just like the name, it detangles and brushes easily. One hand and it’s smooth .

-Perfect for Curly or wavy hair. Keeps your curls intact.

-Great for straight hairs too. It doesn’t pull hair much.

-Great for Revamp, wig makers should have this in their collection.

-You can even use it for your natural hair. It will brush out without much pain.

Which of this brushes do you have. Abi you don’t have Hair Brush?! 🙄😒

You should know I prefer Brush B!



I promised to show y’all this review last week, I’m sorry it came a bit late🤲.

This Review was really heart warming from my clients, especially the voice notes she sent.

Check last post to see how the hair came in .

What I do is to bring your wigs back to life. You’ll see your wigs and know instantly that I’ve done magical things to it. Lol

Send a Dm let’s talk about your wig issue.

Photos from Shades of Hair Elegance's post 06/10/2022

Because I want to showcase this wig I recently worked on.

Swipe to see the finished look, I love the 4th slide😍 >>>

I didn’t start the initial closure, so I was just to finish up from where the person stopped, and Revamp the hair.

So the wig is a blend, and I had to be extra careful when straightening it before it will melt or worse sef.

Here’s what i did on the hair;

-Completed the closure

-Revamped The hair and gave it maximum

-Styled it.

I’ll share the review with you later

Safe to say I can handle all your wig problems

Send a Dm let me fix your wigs.
Click on the link on my bio let’s connect on WhatsApp😘



Nysc has made it look like I’m inactive here, but I’m trying . Sorry about that Queens, let’s get to it .

If you store your wigs anyhow it will turn out anyhow; tangled up, torn, and with a bad smell.

You can store up your wigs in different ways depending on the weather;


-you can put it on a mannequin head

- Hang it on a wig hanger and be careful with the closure area(not nail please)

-Get a wig bag.


-Store in just a wig bag.

Because the weather is usually Dusty and harsh, if you expose it out of the wig bag it will be very dry. The wig bag will help retain moisture.

Always remember to brush it after each wear before you store it .

Ps: a wig bag can also be a ziplock bag,but it has to be for each wig. Do not use it for long straight hairs except you want to be straightening it always.

Mine; I store mine in a ziplock bag and each wig has its own bag.

Please what are the current ways you’re storing your wigs?. I would love to know please


You wore that wig throughout last week for; market runs, work, gym, or normal waka.

With sweat soaking the wig up or it just getting damp for whatever reason.

Did you Air dry that wig, or you’ve carried it again to wear on your head? 🤦‍♀️

Abi you think say wig no dey get odor?
Maybe you know that’s why you now spray perfume on it 😏.

I should not be the one to tell you that damp wig plus perfume is a terrible combo.

It’s New week , Remove that wig from wherever you squeezed it and Air dry it. Allow Air to touch it please 😒.

Don’t wear that wig this week without Air drying it 😏

This is how I’ll be looking at you till you Air dry it


It’s a new day .
Let’s learn a thing?

Always remember with wigs, applying less product is Gold.

I’m hearing some of you use baby oil on your wigs, that you use oil that looks like you want to rub on your body.🙄

Some of you rub oil on it from Monday to Sunday, you no want make the hair rest?. It’s not really necessary, you can oil it once in every 10 wears. You get?

Which kind shine you want make the hair shine abeg?.

The more you use oil or other products on the hair, the more dirts and dust accumulate in it. Overtime it will feel really greasy and might leave a bad smell.

Sometimes it’s even better to use just water on it.

Walk into a good Hair store and ask for Hair serum oil, use that instead in a pea size

Feel free to ask any question. And please help share if this was helpful 🤗



First thing you need to do is know the Different Hairs in the market and it’s value;
Human Hair, Blend, Synthetic.

it is cut off from humans, and is usually more expensive because of its worth and the processes involved. ( cutting off from humans, paying hair donors, factory processing to look like a hair bundle).

Price could be from 25k upwards, depending on the length and type of hair.
Usually termed 100% Human Hair.

It is usually Horse tail, Goat hair, Rubber, mixed with very few strands of human hair. They’ll make it to look Human hair but it isn’t.

Some vendors sell this as Human Hair, they might tag it ‘low grade human hair’ , because of the percent of human hair precent in it .

It’s usually made from processed Rubber. Always curled and coloured from the factory during production, Because you won’t be able to do anything else to the hair when it gets to you .

That’s why the curls in synthetic always last till forever, they don’t fall.

This will help you know the type of hair you’re buying.

I’ll make another post on how; Length, Quantity, Quality, Frontal, Closure, can affect the prices of hair you see around. I’ll give practical Examples too.

Please help share if you found this post useful 🤗

Happy weekend 🤗

Photos from Shades of Hair Elegance's post 12/08/2022

Serving you picture slides of the repair I did on a closure.

Scroll to the end to see the final look.

The service done here is Lace Repair/Refill. You can get yours fixed from #2,000, depending on the level of damage.

Send a Dm to book a session or click on the link in my bio to message on WhatsApp.


Saturday should definitely be haircare day ☺️.

Hey Queens, I’ve been having issues with posting on Reels and stories(can’t add audio), hence it looks like I’ve been away from here.

So back to the real matter. Brushing of your wig or bundles might sound easy, but I know and see people that wear their wigs without brushing. They just freestyle 😹.

Here’s what you should do my dear;

-Brush it before you wear it, please 😹

-Brush it while you’re wearing it, the hair could get rough, and you just need to arrange it. Don’t disgrace us please 😹

-When you’re done wearing it Brush it before storing it, not in your box of clothes please 😹.

Ps: I posted this on my story earlier, you should watch my stories often 🤗.

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