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Younique Products is the home of the amazing Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes Mascara! 3 times the length, 3 times the volume, and 3 times the WOW factor!

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In accordance with this months kudos one of our amazing palettes and lip stain


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Younique in NZ with Trees 02/06/2018

Younique Customer Care

Omg 😮

New kit!!
June is the perfect time to jump into Younique! Starting June 1 at 6 a.m. PDT, new Presenters will receive an updated New Presenter Kit — with FREE SHIPPING! This kit is full of products to jumpstart their new business, and with free shipping on the kit only through June, there’s no time to waste.

How much does the YOUNIQUE™ Presenter Kit cost?

The New Presenter Kit costs $99NZD

What is the retail value of this Presenter Kit?

Presenters will receive a Presenter Kit with a retail value of, $456 NZD

What is included in the new YOUNIQUE™ Presenter Kit?

The YOUNIQUE™ Presenter Kit includes:
*MOODSTRUCK PRECISION™ pencil eyeliner - Proper
*MOODSTRUCK ® pressed shadow quad palette
*MOODSTRUCK ® pressed shadow refill – Witty
*MOODSTRUCK ® pressed shadow refill - Gentle
*MOODSTRUCK ® pressed shadow refill - Alive
*MOODSTRUCK ® pressed shadow refill - Discreet
*MOODSTRUCK SPLASH® Liquid Lipstick – Stellar
*LIPBONBONS Tinted Lip Balm - Vanilla Milkshake
*TOUCH À LA MODE™ Cream to Powder Luminizer – Benevolent
*BEACHFRONT® Bronzer - Sunset
*YOUNIQUE ROYALTY™ Rose Water Toning Spritz
*YOUNIQUE™ Blending Brush
*YOUNIQUE ROYALTY™ mask samples (1 sachet of each mask: oil control, detoxifying, and exfoliating)
*TOUCH MINERAL liquid foundation sample card
*LUCRATIVE LIP GLOSS® Lip Gloss 10-piece sample
*White Status Presenter Charm
*Younique branded, purple faux-leather make-up organizer bag
*Catalog - March 2018
*Presenter Guide
*Presenter Kit contents are subject to change.
Read more here: Younique's worry-free guarantee means we've got you covered. So drop us an email, reach out on Facebook, or give us a call. We are here to help you.


There you Pania wee bit of lippy lol


Come see what has arrived 😘


These beauties just arrived live coming up soon to demo and get first reaction on these 😍


Primer y'all. For real. Get primer. You want smooth skin and makeup that lasts...primer!
Did I say primer? 😂


So you’ve seen something you like and thinking how do I know if it really works like it looks like it does well with this try it and see you’ll never go back 😘


Just a couple of reasons to choose younique 😘


We have so many amazing products I am at a loss at where to start and where to go someone comment with something they want to see and if I have it might even do a live 😘


Foundation coverage this is an old photo but I don’t change much (well size of double chin maybe)


Look at those lashes ladies!!!!
No they are not fake!!!
It is our amazing epic one step mascara
Who would like to try this baby out?? 05/03/2018

Younique Lash Virtual Party for Teresa Hartley

Hey Ladies
I have set up a party for you all to have a look at the makeup and skin care i actually sell i know i have been real slack but wanting to start a fresh one post per day and always here for any q's Increase the wow factor with lashes that are every girl’s best friend. Whether you’re loving the Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lashes+ for the first time or coming back to stock up on more, you’ll want to join in on this party!


Younique in NZ with Trees's cover photo


This is unbelieveable the results that people get from our royalty skincare line Jenny is an actual presenter in this company and results with just two weeks can not wait to see my results


Younique - Corporate

Video of our amazing new lipstick

New Year, new lips. Conquer your resolutions this year with our NEW innovative #MOODSTRUCKCRUSH powder lipstick. Crush features encapsulated water technology that instantly transforms from powder to cream for lip color that is easy to use and comfortable to wear year round.
Shop here: 09/01/2018

Younique - Uplift. Empower. Validate.

New Year, new lips. Conquer your resolutions this year with our NEW innovative #MOODSTRUCKCRUSH powder lipstick. Crush features encapsulated water technology that instantly transforms from powder to cream for lip color that is easy to use and comfortable to wear year round. Younique's mission is to uplift, empower, validate, and ultimately build self-esteem in women around the world through high-quality products that encourage both inner and outer beauty and spiritual enlightenment while also providing opportunities for personal growth and financial reward.


Ok since last on here we came out with the amazing epic mascara unlike our 3d fibres which is two tubes this is just one tube of heaven 😊


Younique in NZ with Trees


Younique in NZ with Trees's cover photo

[01/08/18]   ok guys i am so sorry have been mia for so long i am starting fresh today so i will be posting alot more in here hope to have some interaction with you all real soon


All my oily skin girls finally something for us 😀!!!
Younique’s Royalty Oil Control Mask is coming to the rescue. Delivering healthier-looking skin with less oil, diminished redness, and fewer imperfections. 100% of individuals with skin imperfections saw results in as few as 10days


If your thinking ha no use me using that fansy mascara I have no lashes then don't u worry about that my sister I have u covered😁
Our new esteem lash serum will lengthen your natural lashes 😊


Yes!! We finally have an amazing new one step mascara does the same as our 3D but in one tube
You can use it it's own or alone with our 3D
Can not wait for mine to arrive so can do a live first reaction demo


Younique in NZ with Trees's cover photo


So after my sneaky post yesterday I thought I would explain a bit more with this 😀
Our three options u can do with our presenters kit I started as kitnapper 😝 but now want to move onto our life changer 😁


OMG ladies i am so sorry for the nil by mouth I am still alive and kicking myself up the butt and what better to do that than with our brand new presenters kits 😍
Now remember just because it is a presenters kit doesn't mean u have to be one sign and you can have three different options pm me for details 😍


OMG I just seen this from one of my up lines no way free shipping on mascara holy smokes batman


Look how much decent length lashes change your eyes
Pm me for your chance to get your hands on lashes like these and they are natural no fakes


A front on of our mascara 😍


One happy eye one sad eye our mascara is amazing 😊

[04/25/17]   Hey my gorgeous ladies I have just been given the heads up from my sponsor that I need to sell some makeup to stay active by end of this month is anyone interested in trying something remember our 14 day right of return 😍😁

[04/04/17]   Here is the link to my relaunch party ladies if I havnt already invited you and you want in on me


Hey my gorgeous ladies I am having a relaunch party this week I am hoping all of you will come hang out with me will drop details in comments when set it up 😘

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Come see what has arrived 😘
3D mascaraSorry guys had no idea what was really doing video for so babbling again lol
Hi all I tried o put this on this morning but got told by a customer at work it didn't work so I am trying again fingers...



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