MAI TIME, Invercargill Video June 6, 2020, 11:37pm

Videos by MAI TIME in Invercargill. MAI TIME is a holistic Maori healing service offering mirimiri, rongoa, mirimiri rakau and now Tarot Readings. These traditional practices assist in support in increased energy, focus to empower YOU to find or seek your path & work through the hard stuff

KTA Live from Karitane

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Time to release, shred and start a new 🥰

KTA Live from Karitane

Making Rongoa pt2

Making Rongoa

Rewena Wake and Bake Day😀

Recent bug - day 6

Rewana 5

Rewana Bug cont...

Rewana bug

Drying/curing a bird pelt

Preparing Soap To Bind Huruhuru
Here's how I prepare the soap for binding the huruhuru 😀 nga mihi nui

Binding the huruhuru/feathers

Plucking a manu/bird

Sorry for not being able to go LIVE as mobile network wouldn't hook me up. So I recorded the session for you. Hope you enjoy😁🧡