Bring Wendys to Invercargill

This page is to get the attention of Wendys NZ for a very important cause (:

Looks so good! 😍

Bacon Mozzarella is back, with more melty, bacon-y goodness. In big news it is now in not only beef or chicken options, but NEW in mighty double beef! Preview day today, go and ask in store to be one of the first to try it!

If only we could get these sweet deals down here. 😥

New Mates Rates are available now! We have something for everyone because we're all about looking after our mates.

What a steal of a deal. The sooner we get a restaurant down here the better.
Better food
More jobs
Double win

Feeling a bit light in cash after Christmas? Try our $5 Mates Rates deals available in chicken or beef. Cause we’re all about looking after our mates.

How refreshing would these be on our hot Invercargill days 😍

Are you ready for summer? Start the party early with one of Wendy’s new refreshing Summer Sparklers! Available in Watermelon, Tropical and Summer Berry. Yummm!!

Wendy's NZ

They seriously need to come down here.

BACON! Now that we've got your attention check out our new Baconator Range. In stores now.

Bacon bacon bacon BACON!!! 😀👅💦

Can't focus on work? Hard to get out of bed? You've got bacon on the brain, haven't you... don't fear, we've got you covered! Introducing our new Baconator range, including the all new Apple Bourbon Baconator and favourites, the Chickenator and Spiceanator. Get in store today to cure your bacon brain.

If only we could do that down here.

It’s freeeeeezing! Get in to a Wendy’s store and fill up on some chilli, it’ll be sure to keep you warm this winter!

Oh so true!

Everyday is a good day for a nugget fix.

This looks soooo good! 👅😄

Pull up to Wendy’s and grab yourself some of our new, deliciously messy Pulled Beef Loaded Fries!

Oh my.... 😍

Oh man! That sounds so good!

Succulent chicken, melted swiss cheese, fresh salad, manuka smoked bacon and crispy onion rings. How about that for a Sunday night dinner.

Mouthwatering! Has anyone had an opportunity to try this?

With crispy bacon, crunchy onion rings AND fresh lettuce, we reckon our Peri Peri Bacon Swiss burgers pack a pretty decent mouthful of crunch.

Come try it out, and let us know what you think!

Good for you and tasty. Win win situation if you ask me!
Whose all still hoping for Wendy's to come down south!?

This salad not only looks good, tastes good but is also good for you! Come try this triple treat Mandarin Chicken Salad today!

I'm sure this could make anyones Monday better =D

Your Monday just got better with a Baconator Mushroom Melt! You're welcome

These look so damn good!
Which one would you choose?

Here at Wendy’s, we don’t cut corners on quality.

So we’re pleased to introduce our new hand crafted square SQUARE bun (with no corners, get it!)

Available in chicken or beef, for a limited time only!

[04/11/15]   Tim Shadbolt for Prime Minister wanna get involved? Tim Shadbolt

Anyone tried one of these bad boys? Thoughts?

Last year we introduced the limited edition Spiceanator and BBQnator as mates for our legendary original Baconator. Which NEW Baconator flavours would you like to see us launch next? Maybe a Chickenator, or a Cheeseanator with loads of cheese? Put your ideas in the comments below for the chance to win one of ten Big Kahuna on Brioche combo vouchers. Winners drawn midday Friday 27 March.

Lost a few likers so trying to get them back up.
I am still emailing Wendy's trying my very best to get a local restaurant, you can too!


Any of you guys a Warriors supporter?
Hope everyone is having a good week!

The Vodafone Warriors take on the Canberra Raiders tonight at 8.30pm NZ time. Dave and rest of us here at Wendy's can't wait for the game - go the mighty Vodafone Warriors

A lil birdy told me Dunedin store is opening 9th of March.
Lucky for those of you who live there.

Like if you've tried one of our new Big Kahuna on Brioche burgers yet!

3000+ LIKES
That's awesome guys, sorry I've been a lil quite but as like everybody else I've been a tad busy, but don't worry the mission is still very real and alive!
Hope everyone had a good Christmas and have an awesome new year.
Stay safe but have fun!

That's CRAZY!
Thank you everyone for your likes and support. I've emailed Wendy's a few times but will email them again when we reach the famous 3000. Remember you can too!

Need this to happen in our town.

Our newest store is taking shape in Dunedin and we are so excited to be bringing Baconators and the rest of Wendy's goodness to Otago soon! Stay tuned for updates on the opening of the world's southern-most Wendy's store!

[10/14/14]   Has anyone else noticed the Wendy's ads on TV down here mainly advertising the $5 deals. Wonder if that means anything cause personally I've never seen them on the TV before.

This would probably give the fast food restaurants and their family meal deals we currently have in Invercargill a run for their money!

Celebrate the last day of the school holidays with our crowd-pleasing bacon-licious dinner deal!

Contact Us | Wendy's

Please guys. Click the link and send an email suggesting an Invercargill store. New franchise = more jobs and more variety of choice.
The more people who email the better chance we have.
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Hopefully one of these aren't too far away in Invercargill.
Click the link a few posts down and suggest it to them. The more people who do it the better chance we have

Here is an update on the world's southernmost Wendy's store. Dunedin we are coming!!

Oooh a Wendys chicken salad. Don't mind if I do!

All these flavors chilling in one bowl.

Finally reached over 2,500 likes
Remember to click on the link on one of the below posts to contact Wendys and tell them about this page.
Also which deal would you choose...?
Personally I'd just go for the $5 Beef one

At Wendy's we love to look after our Mates. So here are the greatest deals in town. No coupons required, no "only between 2-3pm on Tuesdays" limitations, and available at all stores throughout NZ!

[09/01/14]   ALMOST 2,500 LIKES!
That's crazy. Thank you guys so much.
Time to do more about though.
Click the link below to contact Wendys about our goal. The more people who do it the better and we have to be consistent!
again thanks to each and every one of you!

Who else agrees this looks mouthwatering? *drools*

Introducing the irresistible Wendy's Portabella mushroom on brioche! Loaded with fresh beef or tender chicken breast, manuka-smoked bacon and rich portabella mushrooms in cheese sauce, all on a soft artisan French-style brioche bun. Ask for your brioche sneak preview in store today - will it be chicken or beef?

So.. Dunedin is getting a Wendys but I think lil old Invercargill still deserves one. I have emailed Wendys explaining about our page and showing them how many likes and support it has which I want to give a BIIIG thank you to all 2,338 of you. I really didn't expect so much likes when I started this page up.
ANYWAYS... if anyone can think of any ideas to get Wendys NZ attention please don't hesitate to comment below.
May start up wee competitions as well to help get our page noticed
But once again THANK YOU to each and every single one of you.
Much burger love!

Surely if Dunedin can get one we deserve one too.

Dunedin, we are so excited to announce that the world's southernmost Wendy's store is coming soon! Work has begun on building your store, and we will be sharing regular updates on when you will be able to enjoy your first world famous Baconator in Dunedin!

I got EAT IT!
What was your result?

A handy flowchart to decide if the Team Baconator burgers are for you.

Wendy's NZ

Bet a few competitors in Invercargill couldn't say that.

Did you know that the beef used in our Baconators (and all other Wendy's burgers for that matter) never sees the inside of a freezer? That's why it tastes so incredible!

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Website use that website and email them about getting a franchise set up in Invercarg


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