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First of all thank you for taking the time to come to my page. My name is Olivia Kelly i am 23 years old I am a self taught makeup artist, makeup is my passion!! i get warm fuzzies being able to make someone feel special, its no lie that beauty starts on the inside but i believe its a cycle feeling beautiful starts on the inside and looking good on the outside helps us feel beautiful on the inside and so on ! My job is to help that cycle go on and on and on !! So, i cannot live the rest of my life not doing this ! i am starting out so my prices are extremely low for what i am capable of (just see for yourself with my before and afters) just building up clientele at this stage of my career and getting my name out there is my main goal! so take advantage ! I also offer spray tanning have been doing that on and off for the last 5 years and i love it!! I have just added nails to my list of tricks i am currently not charging untill December/ January so PM me for a practice appointment then from January-March i will be charging $15 and from March onwards for the rest of the year i will only be charging $25!!! Click the link below and it will bring up my pricelist weddings, special occasions, school balls, birthdays you name it I'M THERE ! (or you can come to me) travel withen invercargil is free. i do however suggest to save on money for balls and wedding etc you all meet at one house split the cost of travel (example) to come to Gore i would charge $30 between you and say 3 brides maids (or the more the merrier)... would cost you each $7.50 its a no brainer :) I'm super excited to start my career here in Southalnd! help me get started and enquire today private mail me on here phone or text on: 0278673826 or email: [email protected]

What are you all up to for the weekend !! I’m shutting my self in the office to blitz some work while Ava is away 😂 please tell me your weekend is more exciting ?!
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SZA x Calvin Harris - The Weekend (Funk Wav Remix) (Official Audio)

Need a new song to clean the house too ?? Maybe just lift your spirits this has been playing on repeat since yesterday just about non stop !!! 🎶🎵 thank tik tok for this one👌


SZA x Calvin Harris "The Weekend (Funk Wav Remix)" (Official Audio) available now: SZA's "CTRL" available on: Apple Music - h...

The future is bright love I promise that 😍🧡

The ‘Lee Lee’s’ named after my mother these are the ultimate slouch/trackpant for the southern gal 😉 they are also coming in black these will be $65 **website will have part pay available***
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(Over on Instagram @livkelz)

Wait till you see what this summer holds for #livkelzlabel you guys are ganna fizzz 🧡

The ‘ELSIE’ hooded dress (BF- breast feeding $85) (NBF- $80) I am currently not taking orders as I am trying to build stock for the website xox 🧡

If you are looking for a quick and cute wee screen saver for your phone click & screenshot this lil beauty 😂👌 #obsessed

Example of a Tik Tok 🕰
Audio : wolf of Wall Street ! 😍

Naomi -(played my Margot Robbie)
Jordan - (played by Leonardo DiCaprio)

Feel free to follow my Tik Tok I upload 3 every Tuesday & Thursday at 7pm (NZST) set your alarms 😂

What is Tik Tok ?
I’m glad you asked ! Tik Tok is the new vine/music-ly where you make short 15-60 second video clips/skits to music or movie audios and post them up to share with your friends famlily and followers it’s a HOOT !!

Download Tik Tok from your App Store on your mobile or tablet create an account and scan my code (pictured below) by screen shotting it or if that sounds too hard basket just search livkelz 🙂 double tap my videos or click the heart to share some love as it helps get my content out further and to more people even a cheeky wee comment goes a long way 😍🥰

Well hello there!! (long time no posty post 😉)

So as most of you know I’ve recently had a baby and have been on maternity leave, she is currently 2 months old so I am very much still enjoying my newborn baby and in no way ready to return to work 😂 I also have a nearly 3 year old who is very ready to start kindy but in the mean time she is my little buddy who wants my attention literally just about 24/7 😂

Parenting is actual crazyness!!! then to add to the chaos I decided to start a new business A CLOTHING LABEL INFACT!! 🏷 anyway I need to just rip the bandaid off .....I NO LONGER HAVE TIME OR ANY DESIRE TO RETURN TO NAILS AND LASHES 😭😭😭 I’ve been putting off admiting it to myself but I just no longer see it serving me like it used to but I just wanted to FORMALLY annouce I won’t be offering nails and lashes anymore, however I would love to keep you all as followers so im going to be changing my bussiness name on here in the coming days to ‘LIVKELZ’ I hope to see you still here 🙂
*** post to come with LK LABEL DETAILS (website etc)***

ALSO MAY I JUST ADD: Thank you so FREAKING MUCH to any and everybody who supported my nails and lashes journey !!! I would not be where I am today with out all your love and support !!! I am blown away DAILY with the amount of love you all show me weather it’s interacting with me via social media or in person I am one very lucky little RANGA 👩🏻‍🦰🥕🤪

LivKelz's cover photo

LivKelz's cover photo


And that concludes my first week properly on tik tok 😂 I’m living my best RN 🤗

LivKelz's cover photo

The “Ella” open hoodie $80

Happy customers 😍🥰

⚠️ WARNING HOT ⚠️ more LK freshness these are the Lee lee’s (named after my mum Leanne 😉) at this stage there is just grey hopfully black is to come 🙂 they are $65 postage is $8 or I can deliver within gore they range in sizes small to 3XL and are the perfect staple trackies that are not only on trend but are the Ultimate comfy pants for inside the home and outside 😉 private mail me to order a pair (payment options available) .


LivKelz's cover photo

LivKelz's cover photo

Glad I finished up work when I did as this little bean decided to come 10 days early !!

Ali Sarah-Leanne Pont

Couldn’t be happier !! 🍼🌎👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

Here is what the other wee project I’ve been working on is !!

My own label!!

Weather you are just looking for a new staple outfit to wear or weather your pregnant or breast feeding this has got to be the coolest thing I’ve ever dreamt up!!

I’m naming this one the “Ava” naturally after my first born 😉
After I had Ava I thought to myself if I can birth a child (a big one at that) then I can do anything !! So here we are !! expanding my horizons and chasing my dreams anything is possible with enough will power!! 3 more to release then to build a website and we will be away !! Thank you to everyone for the support so far loving all your feedback and suggestions!!! Any guesses on what I’m wearing to work tomorrow 😉😁

If you want more updates then be sure to stick around or follow my Instagram “livkelz” 😉

Long time no post !!! As most of you all know I’m due for baby no.2 in roughly 5-6 weeks and I’ve cut my hours back dramatically (hence the lack of posts) and I’m no longer taking on new bookings as the limited spots I do have are for my existing clients 🙂 so I’m so sorry if I’ve had to turn you away but there are heaps of talented nail/lash techs around Southland that can help you out till I’m back I’m sure 🙂 my last day will be May the 13th, I’m also working on another little business venture that I can focus on while I’m off so I look forward to sharing that all with you in the coming months if you want more updates/baby spam you can follow my Instagram just search “livkelz” see you there 🙂 thank you for reading this!! Love to you all xox

Sorry to anybody Ive had to cancel/reschedule on as of late this baby is draining the life out of me !! There’s so much I want / need to do before she gets here and I just keep getting run down 😞 time to put me and my babies first and cut down the work load I think 😞 thank you to everybody for being understanding 😴

How bloody cool are these T-shirt’s that Chaotic Kids Crafts sent me !! She custom makes to order and has premade ones at the markets she attends be sure to help support this hard working Southland mumma of 4 when you next need anything for a kids birthday or Christmas or even get yourself tees with your bussiness logo etc ! Thank you again Abi

Honestly ! 🥰😍

Today’s beauty’s !! Can never go wrong with pinks marble unicorns and GLITTER!!!

Hybrid lashes for Prinita Hope Smyth

Hybrid lashes for Sarah !! Video to come !!

😍😍 today’s nails for the beautiful Hannah who still travels from invercargill to Gore for her nails with me 😭

Some of my most recent nails compared to some of my very firsts 😱 not ganna lie I still get down on myself thinking I can do better (which I can) but it’s also so satisfying to look back and see progress !!! Swipe right for a wee giggle for anybody starting out a little quote I like to keep in mind is “nobody becomes a pro overnight” or “nobody begins a pro” if you love it if it “sparks joy” keep going !!!! P.s the comparisons are about 2 years apart 🤯

Volume and hybrid sets 😱😍

Classic lashes 😉

Hybrid lashes 👌🤗

Some of the latest sets of gel polish, polygel extensions and acrylic extensions :)

Livkelz newest nail tech 😍

Check out these volume lashes !!! Fresh, Fluffy and FULL just how I like em !! 🤩

She’s been all go today !! Acrylics, gels, polygel and infills love meeting so many new clients this week !! And the deposit system is going great, great feedback on both ends (I’m getting serious bookings) and clients feel like they pay less on the day win win 🙂

A set of the classic lashes for the beautiful Sacha 👌

Today’s beauties loving playing around with the poly gel ! It’s taking me a litttllleee longer then the ol acrylic but just like with anything enough practice and we shall get there 👌 the red set is polygel extensions the Lilac is a polygel overlay (on the natural nail) and the pink and gold is just gel polish on the natural nail 🙂

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