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Spraytan at our place in Invercargill or mobile to surrounding areas of Southland with MineTan and other leading spraytan and self tan products.

5 years young and over 3000 spraytans...... and getting busier and busier thanks to awesome clients and their referrals.

Infused with Argan Oil and Vitamin E, MoroccanTanTM helps moisturise the skin, producing a deep bronze tan that leaves the skin soft and silky. When skin is healthy and supple, light reflects off the surface, enabling it to literally glow. The flawless, streak-free spray tan, infused with organic Argan Oil helps hydrate the skin, making your tan last longer. Non sticky, non oily formula absorbs deeply to help nourish the skin. Products: moroccanCoco 2 HOUR | 14% DHA $30 The deepest, darkest olive colour, perfect for Mediterranean skin. moroccanBronze 2 HOUR | 12% DHA $30 The deep bronze olive colour, perfect for warm skin tones and Mediterranean skin. moroccanDusk 5 HOUR | 11% DHA $35 Perfect for those with an olive complexion, the deepest and darkest exotic tan. Enhanced violet bronzers with added moisture and firming technology. ABOUT B.GORGEOUS Developed in New Zealand, for New Zealanders skin, but made in Australia. All B.Gorgeous tanning liquids contain 100% Organic and natural ingredients that work harmoniously together to deliver the best spray tan ever created. B.Gorgeous solutions are infused with caffeine, an ingredient that is widely known to firm the skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite. Aloe Vera is used to hydrate the skin and has also been proven in studies to treat acne. EVEN FADE TECHNOLOGY B,Gorgeous is the first spray tan to introduce "Even Fade Technology" A combination of ingredients that contain super powerful moisturizers to ensure a gradual fade, creating a much smoother transition from tanned to un-tanned. Eliminating patchy fading. Product: B.Gorgeous Rapid 1-5 Hour | 15% DHA $25 A solution that develops much quicker than other tans (1 – 4 hours), offering a solution to spontaneous "what are you doing tonight?" plans. Suitable for all clients and skin types. Leave it on for 1 hour for gorgeous subtle tan or leave it on longer (up to 5 hours) to achieve a richer darker tan. B.Gorgeous Moroccan Days 2 Hour | 10 & 12% DHA $25 Moroccan Days is a tanning solution naturally infused with organic Argan oil which has the ability to add hydration and when you're considering a spray tan, hydration is a hugely important aspect to consider, when skin is hydrated it slows down the exfoliating process which prolongs the life of your tan and when combined with our famous “Even Fade Technology” it delivers one of the best spray tans ever created. B.Gorgeous Malibu Nights 2 Hour | 10, 12 & 15% DHA $25 Offering rich violet tones to ensure a deep brown tan. Malibu Nights contains 100% Organic rapid DHA which enables faster development times and offers the client the ability to shower in as little as 2hrs. Malibu Nights also contains our world famous “Even Fade Technology” which is a combination of ingredients that ensure a much smoother transition from tanned to untanned eliminating patchy fading forever! With 3 colour options Malibu Nights offers you a wide variety of colours that suit every skin type. B.Gorgeous Black and Double Black 4+ Hours | Top secret DHA $25 "BLACK" delivers colour that defies logic and current understanding of how spray tans work. Ingredients include naturally sourced DHA and Aloe Vera, anti-oxidants, multi-vitamins and natural botanicals. "BLACK" offers maximum hydration with superior anti-aging benefits. ENJOY "BLACK" with a single coat for a dark tan or apply a double coat and leave to develop for more than 6hrs for ULTIMATE BLACK - Even Fade Technology ensures the perfect fade. Dare to go darker? Add an extra coat for $10

Summer ready- are you?
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[08/16/19]   Update- 5th and 6th of September have no availability.
No drama at all as the tans last an easy week so getting one 3 or 4 days before an event will still have you looking fabulous. Still taking bookings for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th of September.

Like a tan for Fight for Kids? No availability Friday the 6th, only 2 spots left on Thursday the 5th but still flexible for Tuesday and Wednesday. Suntan Savvy- the home of the best value and best tans in the South!

MineTan Mousse range $30
BTan Mousse range $20
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The busiest Suntan Savvy day of the week!

Blair Vining’s Epic Journey

Please please please sign the petition, we have all been directly or indirectly affected by cancer. Let’s help Blair give the government a boot up the backside and NZ off the bottom of the cancer treatment statistics.

Hey Fellow NZers,
I have asked a lot from you in recent times, I need one more thing from you all to help me tick off my bucket list. Please share this post and sign the petition link below to help create better cancer control and care for all NZers, NO MORE penalties by postcode for cancer patients, NO MORE misdiagnosis, NO MORE unacceptable waits, NO MORE expensive non-funded treatments.
We need a Cancer Agency to lead cancer control in NZ. It is too late for me but if we all work together we can get the Minister of Health to make cancer control and care a priority.

CLICK to sign:
Takes less than 30 secs - name & email

New equipment in, always pride myself in keeping up with the technology of this fast paced industry. For the best tans you need the best equipment, solutions and spraytanner #5yearsinbiz #over3000tans #lovemyjob #besttansintown #fromjust$25

NABBA Southland

I’m the official tanner for the only body building show in Southland- if you’re not competing get on down and support the people that are. This is more than a sport to a lot of people, it’s a lifestyle change that takes a 24/7 commitment for months. My job is easy getting them bronzed beautiful for the stage and being camp mother back stage with all the mini melt downs being hangry takes to a whole other level being judged on your hard work. Not long now everyone, one day at a time and the show will be here and it will all be worth it.

A lot is happening leading up to our show but we wanted to check in on you guys....

Here is a few important things to think about

✅ Have you cut your music for your routine?
✅ Registered for our show at
NABBA Southland Saturday April 13th.
✅ Routine completed to your music?
✅ Is your tan organised?
✅ Food on track for the competition? Maybe a few tweaks to be made?
✅ have you organised your bikini or trunks? If you are ordering from USA - you only have a couple more days to order to ensure it will be here in time or our show.
✅ Posing? Have you got the posing sorted? Judy is holding posing practice at the YMCA on Sundays at 10.30am. $10 pp.

Be sure to check out out the terms and conditions on the NABBA website.



Cruel, or a fair point?

My temp receptionists are ready for an awesome new home- could it be yours?


Heading away for the silly season or stuck for present ideas? Don’t forget my range of amazing self tan products with no nasties to take with you. Mitts, Tan erasers, Mousses and Tan Extenders all kind to your skin and priced economically from $20 to $30. #summershere #legsout #longlastingtan #noparabens #kindtoskin #stockingstuffers #greattans #taninacan #staysunsafe @ Invercargill, New Zealand

[11/21/18]   Product list has been updated, find it on the About tab under "Our Story"

That’s tools down on a mad busy week of wedding and body building nationals madness- good luck and have an amazing weekend to all of my wonderful friends and clients. Happy long weekend everyone #perfectanperfectday #summerscoming #nabbanz #spraytan #southland

NABBA South Island here we come! Good luck to all the athletes starting Peak Week #bodybuilding #stagetan #nabbanz #specialisttanner

When you don't want to watch your clients/friends at battle (me in grey on the right). Another great night as always with SPW.

I had a fun morning with the breakfast crew at More FM Southland 89.2 this morning- there’s a free tan up for grabs so follow their page for details.

Steve and Promo Jack lost the Spinning Wheel Challenge this morning so thanks to Ange at Suntan Savvy Spray Tanning we sorted them out with a tan ahead of the Mid Winter Swim this Sunday!!

Tell us your Mid Winter Swim outfit below to win a FREE SPRAY TAN thanks to Suntan Savvy!

See you at Oreti Beach, this Sunday, midday for the swim! Just a gold coin donation for Oreti Surf Life Saving Club and all thanks to Environment Southland!

The far from favourite thing for a developing tan is raindrops.... super busy day and night ahead so please pack clothes to change into after your tan that will keep you dry 😘

Double sided velvet applicator mitts back in stock- just $15

All B.Gorgeous spraytans just $20 for a single coat while stock lasts #superspecial #healthytan #loveyourskin #suntansavvy

These selected mousses just $20 each while stock lasts #superspecial #selftan #nonasties

MorrocanTan Dusk now at $15 while stock lasts! A violet based tan supercharged with Argan and Rosehip Oils, and Caffiene for firming. Leave on for 4 hours for a medium tan or 8 hours for a darker result. #superspecial #livelifetan #tanallyear #suntansavvy

Starting the month of clearance specials we have Puretan Purebronze. This Rapid tan can be washed off in 1 hour for light, 2 hours for medium or 3-4 hours for dark. Not recommended to leave on for more than 4 hours. This spraytan will be just $15 for a single full body coat - only while stock lasts. #superspecial #suntansavvy

From tomorrow March 20th until Friday April 20th I will be running regular specials on selected tans as I clear the decks for some new products. Keep checking in on this page and Instagram for details.Out with the old and in with the new for the next financial year 🥂

Oooh - Cracker forecast this weekend - book now to get your tan on!

[12/20/17]   Stuck for last minute gift ideas? What about our retail range or gift vouchers?🎁 🎅🏻 🎄

Just in time for your Xmas/New Year holiday! A coconut oil based mosturiser with gradual tanner and SPF 15 sunscreen- boom! You only need to pack one product, not 3 to take with you, to build a tan over a few days or maintain your spraytan for longer all while keeping your skin nourished and applying sunscreen. These little lifesavers retail at $30 and will be in stock on Friday.

I’ve seen a few sunburnt people today and that makes me sad- always have sunscreen at the ready as even 5 mins can cause damage. You don’t want to live in fear like me..... 4 year skin check fail #evilsun #realtanrealdamage #melanoma

Love my 2 hour tans, this one I rinsed off last night. Who else likes to rinse as quick as possible and not have to marinate all day or night? Note my scar on my right leg...... 4 year Melanoma check up on Thursday.

Hi from a gorgeous day in Frankton! I’m here until lunchtime Thursday so if you’re in the Queenstown area and want to get Suntan Savvy contact me as the forecast is amazing this week ☀️

Watch Fair Go S2017E37 | TVNZ OnDemand

So tonight on Fair Go there was a story regarding a spraytan company using someones photo without their permission for a facebook campaign. Not only was the photo without consent, the person had never had a tan with them. This is something I have always been passionate about, and it is my policy not to post my clients photos because they're not mine - I make my own facebook photos very private so why would I share yours? I respect your privacy. I do keep photos you send me, and these can be shown to clients when trying to choose a tan colour or a particular dress colour you might have - just a peek and certainly not to be able to copy. Feel free to tag Suntan Savvy on your own photos too :-) Modelling can be a lucrative business, but it hasn't proved profitable for a Christchurch teen. She is the face of a spray tan clinic problem is no one asked if they could use her image!

Something that still terrifies me and will for the rest of my life as I approach my 4 year anniversary, and check up, for my Clark's Level 3 Melanoma (Level 3 : Invasion to the junction of the papillary and reticular dermis). Imagine if we all gave a gold coin donation? It's an easy fundraiser so talk to your boss and see if you can get your workplace behind this important cause this Friday.

Melanoma affects more than 4,000 Kiwis every year, with around 300 deaths! Raise awareness of melanoma by wearing something spotty to work or school this Friday. All money raised goes to Melanoma New Zealand

This girl's fake tan fail is our worst nightmare

Listen to my don't sweat, swim or bathe instructions..... that includes working out while your marinating ;-) Friendly reminder to never fake tan before going to the gym...

It's time to come out of hibernation everyone, who else is celebrating the arrival of Spring tonight?

[08/27/17]   Hi everyone heading to Nabba NZ South Island comp in Dunedin in 2 weeks! Due to the early check in on Saturday morning I can't take on any more clients unless you want a very very early start to the day. To the 8 of you currently booked in, I'm just finalising the logistics and working around your hair and makeup times as best I can. Coffee and prework out will be my best friend on the 9th of September ;-)

[07/25/17]   A reminder to the Girls High/Boys High Ball attendees if you're wanting to take up the trial tan and ball tan $40 ball offer (two tans for $40) that this is the last week to be able to get a trial. I recommend a trial if you're not used to tanning so we can ensure you're matched to the perfect tan and alleviate any nerves you may have.

[06/13/17]   Thank you to everyone for being so understanding on my reduced hours during a family member's aggressive terminal illness and sudden death last week.
I'm back on deck now, I know its gloomy out but there is a busy weekend ahead! Northern Southland girls and Winton peeps, I'm out to Winton on Thursday this week. Don't let the rain perturbe you, remember I stock the "Don't Rain On My Parade" tan that is water resistant so you won't ruin your tan getting to and from your car. #cancersocietyball #northernsouthlandball

This Sunday I have a stall at the Southland Wedding Expo so come on down and see what specials and giveaways I have on offer. Until then, its the James Hargest Ball this week and tans are in full swing but always room for more and the grown ups :-)

Lest we forget

[04/24/17]   Wow what a mad month April has been so it's nice to have a breather this week while we remember men like my grandad Earl who as a young 18 year old was sent off to war in Asia.
Last weekend was the inaugural NABBA Southland Body Building Comp and it was a really great show with a wonderful group of athletes. I've just booked a client for the NABBA-WFF Comp in Christchurch on May 20th so will be there for it and back stage - if you know anyone that needs the comp tan expert send them my way!

In the meantime, remind your year 13 friends about my school ball deal (a trial tan and ball tan for $40) and the Cancer Society Ball, and to get their bookings in as they will be my busier weeks looking forward.

[04/12/17]   I've only got one spot left for tomorrow night.... 8.45pm? Now full unless you want late evening after 9.15pm.... just give me 10 minutes to scoff some dinner first ;-)

[04/06/17]   Don't leave your Easter tan booking to the last minute! I'm almost full from 3pm on Thursday, nothing before 8.45pm left. Day appointments still available or Wednesday still has flexibility.

[04/02/17]   No time to slow down for daylight savings peeps, there is still a lot on for April! Next week its the Central Southland College Ball and still wedding madness, of course Easter the week after and lots of wedding madness, and its 3 weeks to NABBA Southland. I'm in Winton this Wednesday and almost full but always room for more and be looking tantastic :-) #BGorgeous #NakedTan #MoroccanTan

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