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Hello massage lovers!

From myself Lou, at Muscle Balance, this is my official announcement of ‘thanks & farewell for now’ as I embark on a new life adventure. Many of you may or may not know that myself & my wee family have left Invercargill aboard our beast Blueberry Express, with the intention to do Bluff to the Cape in one year.

I want to thank each and everyone of you for the support over the years. I am so grateful for all your regular massages, infrequent massages, table banter, facebook likes, screams of pain, screams of pleasure - it’s all relevant and has been an awesome ride! Boy have I met some wonderful people along the way, and it has been my pleasure to be a part of your health journey.

THANK YOU 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

If any of you would like to follow our journey, check us out on Instagram @bus_blueberry_express, we would love to keep in touch.

For now, all the best on your health journey.

Ciao xx


Wishing all you massage lovers a very merry Xmas! From my wee family to yours, we hope that it’s a day of love and a few too many glasses of the good stuff 😉X

#northlandvibing #whangareixmas


I’ve had another cancellation! Monday 2nd @ 11am. Any takers? Again last EVER slot available this year! PM if you’d fancy a rub from yours truely 🌱


Slot taken!
A cancellation space has just come up for 10 a.m tomorrow (Sunday 24th). This is my last EVER available appointment for the year! Any takers? Pm for the taking 🌱


Haha - just think to yourself there’s a recovery massage at the end of it. Just do it! 💪🏻👟


Us old folk best just book in for regular maintenance rubs. Hah!



Hehehe so creative!


Invest for success 🌱


Don’t let this be you.

Book a stress & pain relieving massage today!



Just relax ... 🧘‍♂️ 🧘‍♀️


Just a reminder now that I’m down to limited days booking ahead is essential. Avoid the disappointment - book now. Saturday’s, Sunday’s & Monday’s is where it’s at!

Spicey Tuesday vibes! ✌🏻✌🏻


Shout out to all the dads out there! Happy Father’s Day - keep rocking it. Here’s a picture of my two favourite dads with their little fairy (grand)daughter. My heart is full of love! 💗🙏🏼


Trust me, I'm a Physiotherapist

Well then ... where do we sign up for lessons?

Great example of how every physio should massage their patients!
With passion, good technique, and plenty of massage oil. 😊 Pretty cool looking skeleton btw 😊

Credit: @bouboustarr
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Well it’s about time to put my big girl work pants back on, drink several large cups of coffee, and handle business!

I’m now taking bookings for September starting on the 21st. Note that my hours are now limited to Saturday/ Sunday/ Monday mornings only - so booking ahead is essential.

Looking forward to seeing you all! X

**EDIT - there will be no gangster rap played in your massage treatment! 🤪


This little ray of sunshine was born 13.06.19.

Miss Lottie Sage Steel. We are beyond in love. 💗🌱

Needless to say I am on maternity leave right now! I anticipate being back on board around Aug/Sept, but follow this page for updates as I may do limited weekend appointments sooner.

I hope everyone is keeping fit & well now that winter is upon us.

Lou x


You might notice I often massage in bare feet. As well as it just feeling better to not be tied down by shoes it also makes me feel more grounded throughout my sessions. Here’s some more reasons why we should try to go bare foot regularly 🦶


Well - at 30 weeks pregnant myself I think I'm starting to relate!!

Did you know that I offer pregnancy massage where you can actually lay down fully supported on your stomach rather than in the less satisfying side-lying position? With a table that includes an innovative stomach and breast recess feature, you can still keep enjoying all the many wonderful benefits of massage - all while lying comfortably on your stomach. YES.

Here's some good reasons why you should invest in a pregnancy massage:
💜 Eases muscular discomfort & tightening
💚 Reduces muscle swelling & oedema in hands, feet & ankles
❤️ Pregnancy massage can reduce sciatic pain
🖤Increases relaxation and relief of emotional tension through the increase of happy hormones (dopamine and serotonin) and the decrease of stress hormone (cortisol) which in turn can help with insomnia

So I cordially invite all you mamas-to-be to come take a nap on my table - GUILT FREE - because you deserve it!


Did you know sports massage can really be geared to anyone who partakes in ANY form of physical activity - albeit a serious athlete, a weekend warrior, or for those of you who may have physically laborious jobs.

👉It is concerned with BOTH preventing injury & helping you recover from physical activity. Rather than digging deep in a specific area, sports massage tends to be more general with the focus on:
✅Increasing the rate of muscle fiber repair
✅Reducing inflammation
✅Reducing muscle tension
✅Improving soft tissue function
✅Increasing range of motion
✅Reducing various adhesions and scar tissue
✅Increasing circulation of blood and nutrients
✅Promoting relaxation
✅Decreasing delayed onset muscle soreness

Sheesh - what a list!

Sports massage is tailored to your own sports needs targeting areas of the body that are overused and stressed from repetitive and often harsh movements.

The aim is to keep that body of yours in good working order so you can continue to perform at your best! 🏃‍♀️⛹️‍♂️🏄‍♀️


Monday feels for those of you who have managed to get yourself in for treatment today...



Mid-week grind be like ....



Is massage meant to hurt? Well the answer is two-fold.

In the case of remedial/deep tissue massage there may be some discomfort experienced at some stages during your treatment. In order to release tissue adhesions in an area(s) a heavier pressure may be applied with the intention to realign the tissue imbalance.

In saying that, there are limitations on the level of pain/discomfort you should encounter in any given treatment. The "good pain" - not exceeding a 7/10 on the pain scale is what we want. Massage should never go beyond this to a point where you want to donkey kick your well intentioned massage therapist! 😭🦵🤭

The saying "no pain no gain" is very relative in massage. Meaning, yes some pain within your own limits can be appropriate, but it is actually counteractive to your own healing to inflict an intolerable level of pain. Pain is an indication that the soft tissue is being injured, or is already injured and inflamed and needs a gentler approach. If you're having to hold your breath, clench your fists or muscles within your treatment, it's likely that pressure is too deep for you. So simply communicate to the therapist if it's lighter or even heavier pressure that you need - we are here to serve you! 🙏🙏🙏


Confused about when you should apply heat over ice to sore muscles? Its easy!

Basically, cold therapy is for muscles you have injured, or worked in the last 72hours. It will help slow down and reduce the inflammation, swelling and pain associated with the injury or exercise. For example post workout recovery, muscle strains, sprains, and tears could warrant a bag of frozen peas!

Heat therapy on the other hand is ideal for sore muscles that haven't had any trauma inflicted upon them within the last 72 hours, such as chronically sore muscles, muscle aches and tightness. Heat increases blood/oxygen flow to the muscle, helping to heal damaged tissue, while relaxing stiffness.

Now you know because I told you so - but below is a quick reference guide.


Me whilst I continue to wait to get a massage from anyone.

Don't let this be you.

Appointments available next week.


Did you know getting a massage is thirsty work? (Arguably for both the client AND the therapist, hehe).

By working your muscles this gets fluid pumping out of the soft tissue and into your circulatory system, where it heads toward your kidneys... to your bladder... and into the clinic loo!

Also, when your muscles are tight there is constriction in those areas, which inhibits the body's ability to flush out this waste. And, since tight muscles are probably what prompted you to make a massage appointment in the first place, chances are you’ve got some compromised circulation happening, right?! Massage relaxes the tension, releasing the circulatory pathways and allowing nitrogenous metabolic waste to dump into the system. Drinking provides your kidneys with the water they need to effectively eliminate the newly liberated waste.

So - what's key post massage? Listen to your massage therapist & celebrate your newly liberated waste with a tall glass of H2O.


Strength Project

Did you know exercise can actually help with muscular discomforts that are often caused by a sedentary lifestyle?

Exercising at the right intensity is biologically “normalizing,” pushing systems to work the way they are supposed to work while nudging tissue state back to average.

Our bodies are designed to move! So as the old saying goes - use it or lose it! Here's to being fit and "old" like these guys.

Some of these people are 90 young !!! China parks insane! Superhuman Highlights


Happy New Years!

Back into it at the studio this week. See some of you treasures soon!

I thought this was a nice reminder of the type of people we should try to surround ourselves with on the daily.

L x


Hurrah! Its times for sleep-ins, feasting like a hog, nature roaming, mountain clambering, campfires, vitamin-SEA, sunshine basking ... AH!

Thanking all my treasured clients for all the continued support this year. You guys are simply fab! Wishing you all lashings of the good stuff this silly season. Stay safe and see you in the new year!

A FEMURy Christmas & a HIPpy New Years - hehe. 🎄☯️✌️

Myself at Muscle Balance will be back on board from the 7th of Jan.

Arohanui xx


Give L.O.V.E this holiday season for it is truely what makes the world go round and round and round - who really needs more material items any how?


So here's a secret I won't be able to keep to myself for much longer ...

When two becomes three due June 8th 2019 - IS HAPPENING! 🚻 + 🚼 = ?!!

ANNNND if that wasn't enough news for you, a few of you will already know that myself at Muscle Balance is on the move - AGAIN! This decision hasn't been made lightly, I will truely be sad to say goodbye to the beautiful space at the cottage, and to the lovely Becca @ Your Studio. But thinking ahead to the future with a new babe in-tow I hope to still keep my finger in the massage pie by working weekends rather than week days. So, because this is just not possible at my current location, y'all will be able to find me in my new delicious location at ComplEat Wellness in Windsor as of December 17th.

Sheesh! Digest, and keep calm. It's all happening!


The weather out there is frightful! Stay warm & try to be BRIGHT-ful!

This week I’m fully booked, but there are plenty of spaces next week to jump in on so book now to avoid disappointment!


Happy FriYAY! ✌🏻🤸🏼‍♀️

Go fill those well-being cups this weekend 🌱


Nothing like butter neck after some neck & shoulder work ...

Happy Halloween Suckers! 🧛‍♀️ 🧛‍♂️ 👻 🎃


Hope everyone is getting their quota of rest & recovery this long weekend - under the trees on some long grass on a sunny day like today sounds magical 🌳 ☀️

Rest! 💛💛💛 You deserve it. 🙌
Great quote from John Lubbock. 🌼🎈 Transport me there now. 🤣😂🤣


And with that in mind roll on the three day weekend! A gal’s gotta rest - to give you the best 🌱🤸🏼‍♀️💯

Happy Labour Day/ weekend! Here’s to commemorating the eight-hour working day initiated by the labour union movement over a century ago... 🤷‍♀️🍒


Oh okay okay! A nature run for me today it is!

How do you guys get your recommended quota of DAILY exercise in? 💪🏻🏃🏼‍♀️🧘‍♀️🏄🏼‍♀️🤸🏼‍♀️

What's all the fuss about exercise, you ask? 🤔
This is why. 😊💪
Click on the picture to see the full picture. 👍

Credit: @BelievePHQ


Hello and welcome. My name is Louisa Firth, and Im the sole massage therapist working from the banner of Muscle Balance. Since 2016 I’ve been practicing as an advanced degree qualified deep tissue and sports massage therapist in Invercargill. I’m in the job for the love of working in the industry of ‘wellness’. Wellness to me means to invest in your body in order to promote a state of higher health - deep tissue & sports massage is one modality to help you achieve this.

Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue/remedial massage is concerned with pain management by focusing on a specific area of the body that is producing pain or not performing correctly. The main aims of the treatment are to reduce pain (both chronic and non-chronic), increase the range of motion & correct tissue abnormalities & disfunction through specific deeper massage techniques. Common ailments that could warrant a remedial massage include lower back pain, headaches, poor posture, neck & shoulder pain, muscle imbalances, inflammation & sports injuries such as muscle strains & tendinitis. Specific techniques used to address the problem areas could include: deep tissue, trigger point therapy, myofascial release, cupping, fascia scrapping and active and passive stretching. The movements tend to be slower and deeper to aid the release of shortened muscles, or stimulating moves for taut muscles. By physically breaking down adhesions the goal is to realign the tissue in order to relieve pain and restore normal movement. Because the focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue and tendons this type of massage therapy may cause some discomfort, so communication is important throughout the massage as to your own pain threshold (never above a 7/10 on your pain scale). It is also normal to feel some stiffness or soreness directly after or up until 72 hours post massage as the tissue is temporality destabilised in order to encourage re-stabilisation in the specific area.

Sports Massage

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BOO!Remember Fathers Day is fast approaching - 2nd of September in fact!Why not treat dad to a massage voucher? A rub se...



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