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Take care of your skin with World Organics certified organic products. Super Pure, super potent, supercritical! Contact me on 0275 748 402 Im passionate about caring for our health by avoiding chemicals, additives, colours etc from our food and environment.

My children and I have suffered from allergies and eczema and moving to World Organics natural products has given us beautiful skin and reduced my allergies. I believe in World Organics products and want to share them with others. World Organics believe in their product too! They offer a 30 day money back guarantee! If you would like to try out our products call me on 0275 748 402.


THE COVERUP - Documentary Trailer

This will be very interesting! Great that this issue is being raised.

THE COVERUP is a feature documentary that uncovers the personal and environmental effects of the toxic chemicals used in everyday cosmetics and personal care... 11/10/2018

30 Reasons to Never Put Another M&M in Your Mouth Ever Again “They melt in your mouth, not in your hand!” That may be true of M&M’s, but it’s time to reconsider whether these little chocolatey snacks are worth the risk. Many people have already gotten involved, signing a petition urging the makers of M&M’s to use their $27.4 million profit to make t...



If food waste were a country, it would be the third biggest source of carbon pollution.
(via The Years Project) 13/06/2018

Dr Michael Mosley breaks down his clever guts diets

Looking after your gut will also improve your skin health
#guthealth #organicskincare Author of 'The Clever Guts Diet' appeared on The AM Show.


We Need This

I’d love to see these in nz

We need these biodegradable "plastic" bags everywhere.

Check us out on Instagram: 07/05/2018

The Good Oil - Honeysuckle and Turmeric Face Oil - A face oil so good your skin will send you a love letter

I have a new favourite - The Good Oil is amazing!



This makes me sad.

Microfibers from our clothes are poisoning the oceans.


Business Insider

Ok revolting!

This stunning visualization breaks down all the ingredients in your processed foods. 11/03/2018

The iPad is a Far Bigger Threat to Our Children Than Anyone Realizes.

Sad we are reading this Ten years ago, psychologist Sue Palmer predicted the toxic effects of social media. Now she sees a worrying new danger… When the little girl pointed at the sweets at the checkout, her mother said: ‘No, they’re bad for your teeth.’ So her daughter, who was no more than two, did what small chi...



Yay for people who come up with these great innovations!

We need these biodegradable "plastic" bags everywhere.



New makeup products!! Woohoo. I like ve the new cheeky lips colours and the cream eye shadow is excellent for brows and liner!

Get the pods and put together your very own palette. Orders must b in by 18 Dec if you want these for Xmas

Find out about some of the NEW PRODUCTS The Organic Skin Co has just launched! These are available for purchase today!! Follow the link below to get yours no...


David Wolfe

Studies Show What Happens To Your Body When You Walk Barefoot On Earth


Shelly Clark

Love this. Makes me want to dance

Lilly Day with her impressive moves at 95 yrs old

Everybody loves Earth Wind and Fire's Christmas CD.
Even 95 yr old Lilly Day....
Just ask her son- in -law legendary bassist VERDINE WHITE!!



Time to go back to growing our own veges

The amount of food we waste every year is absurd.


The Rebel Naturopath

This *CLEANSING MONTH*, I've noticed some lament at the apparent lack of a body wash in the World Organics range.
Except... we HAVE ONE!
Often overlooked due to being part of the Nurture baby range, this product is gentle, very lightly foaming and offers protective and nourishing skin medicines in the form of a supercritical extract of Honeysuckle and essential oil of Lavender.
Only the tiniest amount - one pump - is required per shower. Yes, really!
From a naturopathic perspective, we're causing a lot of disruption by over-soaping in this day and age. It's pretty 'normal' to complete a full body suds twice a day, maybe even a third scrub thrown in after yoga or the gym. But every time we load up on the all-over body wash we're interrupting sebum production, vitamin d synthesis, moisture balance and the natural and healthy bacterial balance of the skin.
Over-cleansing? Yep. It's real.
So, what's the alternative? A morning 'French Bath' - a full body sweeping with a natural bristle brush helps to gently stimulate the lymphatic system and encourage skin renewal. And just one pump of Nurture body wash in a tepid shower or bath will freshen up the required bits, if yaknowwadimean.
This way, we're both tending to ourselves and allowing our skin to create and maintain its own balance and health and perform its amazing functions.
Sometimes the best care takes minimal effort and minimal product.
#worldorganics #naturopath #thebeautynaturopath #nurture #riverveda #bodywash #lavender #honeysuckle #supercritical #supercriticalextracts #leaveitalone #ifitaintbroke #skinfood #organicbodycare #bodybrush #bodybrushing #frenchbath #baby #soulfood #plantsforthepeople #plantmedicine #shower #bath #minimalism #takecare



Win a lipstick and lip gloss of your choice!

Here's a challenge for you. Read Sam's story (just click on this link - and let us know in the thread below how many different things she gets wrong in her day, despite her best intentions - 3? 10? 20? 30?

In truth, there's no right answer to this, but we do have a number in mind (we'll let you know what that is in a follow-up article) and if you settle on that number, you'll go in the draw to win a lipstick and lip gloss of your choice.

Also, let us know. Does Sam's day seem familiar to you at all?

The challenge closes at midnight AEDT, Wednesday 1st November.

Good luck everyone! 09/05/2017

Stan Walker feat. Ria Hall, Troy Kingi & Maisey Rika - Aotearoa

What a beautiful country we live in... Directed by Shae Sterling


ATTN: Video

Microfibers from our clothes are poisoning the oceans.


The Secret

To have a great life, break the bars of the cage that is jailing you; give love, talk only about what you love, and love will set you free! What will you talk about? Get How The Secret Changed My Life and learn how you too can break the bars in every aspect of your life:


Yay my favourite products are the free gift and host reward this month!


The Law Of Attraction

Something to think about... 09/02/2017

10 Everyday Items to Throw Away for Better Health

Time for a clean out I think Here are 10 everyday items that you should throw away for better health. 22/12/2016

Natural Make-Up – Why Is It Better? [Click on the image to Enlarge] It’s a known and well-established fact that 60% of cosmetic products you apply to your skin are absorbed into your body, particularly your circulatory system. This i…


Love this idea! World Organics certified organic lavender essential oil would be great in this! 07/12/2016

7 Scary Facts About Your Makeup

I'm pleased to say World Organics products really are chemical free. I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.


World Organics

Live the organic life! Spread the word. 27/10/2016

Three household products you could cut to help the environment

I recommend our Organics hand soap and shower gels! Some chemical substances in our home are unnecessary and can have devastating consequences for the environment — we asked an expert about which chemicals we can cut out. 27/10/2016

The one beauty rule you should start following today, according to Sofia Vergara

Are you applying sunblock to your décolletage ? You’ll thank her later.


In case anyone interested.

Freelancing as a World Organics consultant fits perfectly within the new gig economy. Technology now gives us the chance to easily become our own boss, utilising the internet and social media to promote ourselves and our business - while offering freedom from the chains of a 9-5 job. Does this sound like you what you want more of in your life?

It's a flexible business, allowing you to work at times that suit you. Theres also a lot of fun and satisfaction to be had sharing World Organics premium organic products within your community

It also offers considerable scope for long-term, repeatable income, as well as self development, all offered within an environment built upon trust and with the support of the World Organics' wider family.

To find out more about freelancing with World Organics chat to your consultant or visit:


Do you know what's hiding in synthetic fragrances?

Scary but true!!! Megan Douglas, Naturopath, Medical Herbalist and Founder of World Organics discusses here the hidden health dangers of synthetic perfumes and fragrances in your skincare and beauty products

"For the last few generations we have been taught to desire and enjoy synthetic smells. Synthetic fragrances are now the new normal and are also confused with the real thing.

So what a synthetic smell does is that it simply mimics the real thing with similar chemical compounds arranged in a similar pattern. So the synthetic Rose can smell quite similar to real rose, but not quite right, or real. Sadly however our noses have often lost the ability to recognize what is real and what is not!

Synthetic perfumes are so successful and so widely used because they can create aromas that people have been educating into thinking are wonderful - for example a butterscotch or raspberry aromas - but most importantly they are common because they are cheap to make compared to the expense of real plant essential oils.

The good news is that over time we can retrain our noses to recognize the real aromas from the synthetic, just like you can taste real food over highly processed food. Part of our mission here at World Organic is to help those stuck with a love of synthetic aromas to get into recovery!!!

Okay – so there are three main issues with synthetic fragrance!

One is a lesser issue – and that is that the chemically manufactured scent does not contain the therapeutic properties of the real ingredient so the true power of the plant is lost. There is absolutely no therapeutic action on the skin nor enhancement of positive emotions with the cheaper synthetic version.

Secondly the international cosmetic Labeling Acts requires brands to list and disclose all ingredients in that product on the products packaging. So this is good! However – and this is a big concern – the ingredient terms ‘fragrance’ or ‘perfume’ are exceptions.

The term ‘fragrance’ on labels basically is a term use for any group of any chemicals that are lumped together to make that fragrance – and therefore the chemical ingredients in that fragrance are therefore hidden!

Why on earth would this be allowed is a very good question! Well this was created to protect company’s “secret formula’ apparently. What it does not do however is protect the customer.

Also as an aside not only do we not have any idea what is actually in that fragrance mix it is also not uncommon in the industry for a manufacturer to hide chemicals unrelated to the fragrance in the product’s “hidden fragrance mixture”.

The end result is that the average ‘fragrance’ product tested contained 14 secret chemicals not listed on the label.

Which leads me to the third problem and in my mind the worse one – the toxic issues associated with many of the chemicals hidden within fragrance.

Many of these chemicals are associated with hormone disruption and degenerative diseases. They are also for many high allergens. In fact "Perfume" is the second most common cause of allergy in patients at dermatology clinics.

Many are irritants and can trigger allergies, migraines, and asthma symptoms.

Synthetic musks used in fragrances are of particular concern as they are bio-cumulative in fat tissue in the human body and from an ecological perspective have been shown to be dangerous also as they don’t break down when they get into the water ways and are shown to build up in the fatty tissue of aquatic organisms

Some fragrance ingredients are not perfuming agents themselves but they enhance the performance of perfume, mainly by helping them linger around. The biggest concern is the use of phylates (tha-lates), or DEP

Phthalates are commonly used ingredients in cosmetics because they are cheap and versatile.

Research has found that more than 75 percent of products listing the ingredient “fragrance” contained phthalates (THAL-ates) which have been shown to
disrupt hormone activity,
reduce s***m counts,
cause reproductive malformation,
and they have been linked to liver and breast cancer, diabetes, and obesity.
Additionally, studies link fetal exposure with autism, ADHD, and neurological disorders.

Also phyltaes and DEP is listed as a Priority Toxic Pollutant under the U.S. Clean Water Act, based on evidence that it can be toxic to wildlife and the environment.

So “Fragrance” is at the top of our “no-no” list at World Organics. If a manufacturer isn’t willing to list ALL of a product’s ingredients on its label, that’s a real deal breaker for me. I hope it is for you, too
Okay we need to re- educate our noses and that of our customers to enjoy and prefer clean, healthy, natural aromas in their products.

Of course none of the products in World Organics range contain any synthetic fragrances or perfumes – and yet we often get told how much people love the aromas of our products.

We use essential oils and also we extensively use Supercritical extracted plant oils. Supercritically extracted aromatic plant oils are also considered the top of the top in regards to quality and therapeutic value as they best represent the real smell of a plant and are considered the mots whole. – so we can be proud that our products are using some of the very best natural fragrances around.
Juniper CO2, Honeysuckle CO2, Jasmine CO2 and Lotus CO2,

These aromatic oils we use work therapeutically as well as smelling gorgeous. We have chosen particular essential oil synergies in our formulations based on aromatic appeal and also their beneficial qualities on the skin such as
- skin pe*******on,
- being a natural antiseptic,
- and anti-inflammatory, wound healing or regenerating properties
Also they are wonderful mood enhancement ingredients that interact with the Limbic system in the brain which plays and part in emotions and feelings - and we often note that when we refer to products such as The Carefree Cleanser as its based on sweet Orange which makes us feel happier and therefore more Carefree.

There is one more point however I will make on essential oils.

Essential oils are potent and for some people they can also be a little reactive.

For that reason on World Organics product cartons we follow the European legal requirements and list all natural chemical components of our essential oils that have been shown in some people to cause reactions

When you see at the end of our ingredient panel names with a little asterix next to them such as Citral, Eugenol, Farnesol etc which says Component of Natural Essential Oils - these relate to specific parts of Natural Essential Oils that may cause sensitivities in some people. If someone does know they have sensitivities to oils they can refer to this list and steer away from any they have issues with. This is like having a may this product contains traces of dairy on the label for food."


This is amazing - have been getting compliments on my make up and skin after using this!

Introducing our new, botanically rich, mineral primer!

Organically certified, it hydrates and protects just like a moisturiser, minimizes shine and preps for a super smooth makeup application.

Plus is smells pretty awesome too with its sweet aroma of orange peel essential oil.

Colours of Lunar or Rose Gold ...check it out and see what everyones raving about it!


This months free with $99 purchase is...



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