Lush Lashes New Zealand, Palmerston North City Video December 29, 2018, 11:20pm

Videos by Lush Lashes New Zealand in Palmerston North City. Your trusted eyelash extension specialists using the Lush Lashes Trademark Technique bringing to you longer lasting, fuller, flawless lashes.

Are you lash ready for 2019? 🙌

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Do you know what products your lash artist uses on your eyes? Beautier lashes are among the top tier of lash products on the market, made from the finest Korean pbt fiber ensuring only the best quality, soft and light weight lash extensions and feel barely there. We use Beautier lashes because there is truly nothing else in the world that compares to the look and feel of these 🙌 We have over 50 different lengths, thickness and curls to choose from when designing your set of lashes customised to suit you, your individuality and needs whether it be for a wedding or a daily replacement for mascara. ✨

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Are you lash ready for 2019? 🙌

Ultimate Set on Jess for her upcoming wedding day 🙌🙌 We specialise in the art of lash extensions and have over 20 different lengths, thicknesses and curls which we create your unique lash look with 👀 We also offer an in depth consultation at your first appointment and we are known for our consistency, styling and safe application here at Lush Lashes ❤️ . . . . . . #bridallashes #lashobsessed #lashboss #lashlove #lashaddict #weddinglashes #lashextensionspalmerstonnorth #lashextensionsnz #lashesonfleek #lashextensionsnewzealand

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#Repost from @honeybee_lash_co ・・・ DISCLAIMER: this is an experiment showing how excessive moisture to glue can cause polymerization. We in no way are telling you as a lash artist what is the right or wrong way, and definitely are not implying to never wash your lashes. We 100% believe in proper after care of your lashes. What works for one lash artist may not work for another. For today’s #LashTipTuesday we’re going to talk about WHY we should wait 24 hours before we get our eyelash extensions wet💧 ° ° In the video above there are three separate glue dots. The one on the left was placed 24 hours ago. The one in the middle was placed 2 hours ago. The one on the right was placed just before starting the video🖤 ° ° After placing a drop of water on the fresh dot of glue, the glue instantly starts to become hard & begins to turn white/grey. This is called POLYMERIZATION, which basically means the glue cured too quickly💀 ° ° After placing a drop of water on the glue dot that had been left out for two hours, the glue once again began to harden & polymerization began to occur😰 ° ° After placing a drop of water on the glue dot that had been left out for 24 hours nothing happened✨ ° ° After checking back an hour later, the dots of glue are completely hardened. The fresh glue dot & the glue dot that had been sitting out for 2 hours are flaky & white. The glue dot that had been sitting out for 24 hours is completely fine⚡️ ° ° Long story short, please wait 24 hours before getting your eyelash extensions wet (this includes steam & sweat)💦 Otherwise you will experience poor retention! ° ° Post Inspiration from @lily_esthetics 🦄 ° ——————————— #honeybeelashco #honeybeelashes #honeybeelashtraining #lashsupplies #lashsupplier #classiclashtraining #volumelashtraining #eyelashextensiontraining #eyelashextensionsupplies #lalashes #lashartistlife #eyelashextensions #miamilashes #nyclashes #newyorklashes #vegaslashes #seattlelashes #portlandlashes #slclashes #georgialashes #idaholashes

Rea’s Ultimate Set infill is total goals 🙌😁 #lushlashes #lashlove #lashqueen

New lashes have arrived ✨ We love having such a variety of different lengths, curls and thicknesses so we can cater your lash look to individually suit you 😍🙌🤗 #sparklesparkle #clientscomefirst #lushlashes #beautierlashes #lashlove #lashextensions #lashtrays

Happy 18th Birthday to our beautiful client, Paige 🎉🎉🎉🎉 We love this Ultimate Set on her pretty peepers 😍🙌 Love big bold lashes like Paige's, or a natural yet noticeable lash look? Choose from our long lasting, lengthening and volumising lash sets to boost your lash fullness for a natural or dramatic lash look - perfect for your next special event! 👀👀👀 We have an extensive range of lengths, curls and thicknesses to complete your look. Each lash set is custom tailored to achieve the effect each individual desires. Click on the link below to book an appointment⬇️⬇️⬇️ #UltimateSet #lashesonfleek #dontneednomascara #LushLashes