Nicki Campbell - Independent Le Reve Consultant

I have been with Le Reve as an Independant Consultant for 2 years. I can say this would be the best job I have ever had. I am my own boss and work my own hours, who could ask for more?

Le Reve has a range of products. We have high essence Parfum, Gorgeous 100% Natural Soy Wax Candles, Pure Essential Oils and our Beautiful range of Skincare. None of our products are tested on animals. Our Perfume also has Pure Essential Oils in them and are inspired by some of the most popular perfumes on the market. Our Perfume smells just as good if not better than the Designer Perfumes on the

[09/03/16]   Hi everyone. I am putting in an order on Sunday night. Please let me know if there is anything you would like so that I can add to my order. Either pm me or ring me on 329 6711 09/03/2014

Givealittle - Zanders Mum

This is a friend of mine whom I have know for about 26 years. Words can not express how their wee family is doing at the moment. Please help out if you can, please also share on your page to get this story out there!! After 14 years ofinfertility, my sister and her husband finally realised they were not destined to become parents. Imagine the surprise when at aged 40 I found myself 8 months pregnant. There was no question what I was going to do and Zander was adopted by Nicki and Tony and all their dreams finally... 10/01/2014

I Want To Break Free Break free from the full-time job! Break free from credit card debt! Break free from your childcare centre!


Le Reve | January 2014 Mega Sale Le Reve | January 2014 Mega Sale 07/12/2013

Le Reve

Great deal!!!


LeReve Fragrance and Aromatherapy

get in quick before it all goes.. I sold 10 soaps today as the angel was her favourite scent.. great for getting those xmas pressies

PRODUCT RUN-OUT SALE - over 50% OFF - ends 31 December or while stocks last! (New Zealand)
Available with any Set Saver purchase, through your Le Reve Consultant.
Soap Duo - $14.50 (rrp $36.90)
Deodorant Mist - $15.50 (rrp $39.90)
Dusting Powder - $22.50 (rrp $52.90)
Body Shampoo - $14.50 (rrp $33.90)
Deodorant Stick - $12.50 (rrp $23.90)
(New Zealand) 14/10/2013

Le Reve - Perfume - Aromatherapy - Skincare Pure essential oils -. to beautiful skin. Life is Beautiful. Le Rêve pure essential oils

[06/11/13]   Hi all!!! Don't forget about our meeting at the Coachman @ 7pm tonight. Fun to be had by all. Remember it is free entry. Meeting kicks off at 7pm. I hope to see a few familiar faces there!!

[05/30/13]   Good Morning everyone. If anyone is interested in seeing what new products Le Reve is releasing we are having a product launch Wednesday 12th June @ 7pm, Coachman Hotel. Free of charge, please let me know. It's always a great evening..

[05/13/13]   Welcome to all my new likers. Was great to meet everyone at the expo and see some old familiar faces too.. Thanks to all for coming and saying Hi... Enjoy your week while the sun is shining and the weather is warm :)

[05/10/13]   One more sleep until the expo... Was down there this morning setting it up... Don't forget I have a raffle going for an awesome basket of goodies, plus I also have a sale table too with 20% off all items!!! See you over the weekend :)

[05/07/13]   Women's Lifestyle Expo on this weekend.... I will be doing a Raffle (over $200 value) and have some little incentives for holding a Rendezvous. There is also a great joining offer as well. Don't forget to drop by and say Hi... see you there, Nicki :)

[04/11/13]   Hi there.... Just letting everyone know that I have a rather LARGE list of items that I am selling, most are 25% off, these are cancelled customer orders. I am still getting my list together, but if you are wanting anything in particular let me know as I may just have it in my goodie box..... On another note, if you are wanting to order anything please let me know, I will be putting in an order through early next week.... Enjoy the rest of your day.... :)

[01/17/13]   Welcome to my first post of 2013. I have had an extended break over the Xmas and New Year period and feeling very refreshed!! If you are wanting to host a party or just want to order something please get in touch. I also have a huge amount of stock at home which I will be getting a list together with prices etc... I am also thinking of having another open home but would like to know how many people would be interested in this and what day and time best suits everyone, as the turn out what no fantastic last time... We also have 2 new Candles on offer which sound devine!!!!

[12/24/12]   Merry Christmas to one and all... Thank you all for being there for me in 2012... It has been a great journey meeting new people and making new friends!! Roll on 2013, starting with our January Sale, you don't have to have a party, just let me know if you want to see the catalogue and I will get one out to you to look at....

[12/20/12]   Well I have had a sneak peak at our January Sale catalogue and I can honestly say Le Reve has done it again with some outstanding reduction in prices.... If you would like to view it as of 1st January please let me know and I will put the order through asap, would be a shame to miss out... You don't have to have a party, but there is a gorgeous watch up for grabs for FREE if you do!!!! 11/12/2012

Le Reve P/L

Another fabulous deal!!! If you are not a VIP then please get in touch so you don't miss out on this offer!!

[12/03/12]   I would just like to thank all my Customers for their support over the 2012 year. I still have a few items up for sale now with 30% off which is my left over stock from cancelled customer orders... Some cheap Christmas Pressies for some.
Again, thank you all for choosing Le Reve and Me...
Also January is generally SALE month, so watch this space.. January generally books out fast, I already have 3 parties booked in so get in fast... 21/11/2012

Le Reve P/L


Le Reve 15/10/2012

Le Reve

[10/14/12]   Sale List
Orange Essential Oil $16.50
Tea Tree Oil $17.50
Romance Oil Blend $30.00
Woman's 50ml Designer $60.00 D03, D05, D07
Mens 100ml (M08) $60.00
Deoderant Mist (D03) $32.00
Body Lotion (D01) Angel $37.50
Celebrity 50ml $52.00 2 x Y03, 1 x Y09
Celebrity Body Lotion $32.00
Celebrity Deo Sticks x 2 $19 Each
Mens Deo x 2 M08 & M02 $27.00
Rainforest Massage Oil $34.00
Twilight Electric Oil Burner $43.50
Limited Edition Xmas candles $20.00 Xmas Berries & Hot Apple
500gram Candle limited edition $44.00
700 Gram Candle $50.00
30ml Woman's perfumes $48.00 D03 x 3 1 x C02
Glass & Blue Atomisers $9.50 each
Dusting Powder $42.00
Platinum Atomiser $20.00
Patchouli Essential Oil $29.50
Pink Atomiser $12.50
These are all the items that I have in my cupboard... If there is anything that you would like please message me.

[10/14/12]   TEST: Please Help! I am trying to determine what % of people actually see a FB post compared to the "people saw this" number Facebook shows. Please click "like" if you see this post. If you have more than a second, please comment and say if you came to my wall, saw it in your news feed, or saw it in the right sidebar ticker. Thank you!! **I saw this on a few other pages and thought I would try it as well. I am a little curious to see if the numbers match up!!*♥

[10/14/12]   Open Home has now closed. I still have stock for sale. If there is something you wanted please let me know and I will let you know if I have it or not... Thanks

[10/11/12]   Good Morning Ladies.... Just a reminder about this weekend's open home... My house, 11-3... Sunday... Hope to see a few of you here.

[09/14/12]   Good Afternoon Ladies...... I am going to be having an open home in October some stage to showcase our new products that are being launched later this month. Better yet I will be holding a sale with all the stock I have at home (discounted). These are from customers that have not paid for products they have ordered. I hope that there will be some interest in this as there is quite a lot to choose from. It will be very informal, between set hours etc and in a weekend. Can you please let me know if you would be interested in coming? 27/08/2012

Le Reve

Just a bit of useful information.... Please note the price is in AU$$.. But very interesting

[08/09/12]   Le Reve’s marvelous collection of the finest fragrances are fashioned in France by some of the world’s foremost ‘noses’ and produced in the same great perfume houses responsible for many of the world’s esteemed perfume leaders and designers.

Only the finest essences and pure, naturally derived ingredients are used. Some scents are unique, while others draw inspiration from the world’s most celebrated designer perfumes. Le Reve offers aroma in concentrated Parfum, stronger and longer lasting than Eau de Parfum, Eau de Toilette and Eau de Cologne.

[08/08/12]   Book with me in the Month of September to receive a free gift... Choose from a 30ml Designer or Classic Parfum, Candle, Euphoria Massage Oil (nut free) or a Clarifying Radiance Masque. Don't delay, call me today... We also offer a range of fun Themed Parties...

[08/08/12]   Fathers Day is just around the corner - 2nd September... Don't forget Dad this Fathers Day and treat him to some nice smellies. I think woman tend to forget that Dad's like to smell good too....


Le Rêve | A Dream Business Opportunity

You've changed....
And so have we.
We've change the way we party and a lot more.

We invite you to become a part of the Le Rêve Family.

[07/18/12]   Top 10 WINTER BLENDS with your Aromatherapy Oils

Cough Relief:
Basil, Eucalyptus/Cedarwood, Peppermint, Cypress

Sinus Relief:
Peppermint, Eucalyptus/Cedarwood, Tea Tree

Mid-Winter Blend:
Rosemary/Petitgrain, Eucalyptus/Cedarwood, Peppermint, Tea Tree

Sore Throat / Tonsillitis:
Clary Sage, Tea Tree, Sandalwood

Frankincense, Eucalyptus/Cedarwood, Marjoram

Swollen Glands:
Eucalyptus/Cedarwood, Tea Tree, Lavender

Eucalyptus/Cedarwood, Peppermint, Lavender

To soothe use Lavender and Chamomile
To prevent use Rosemary/Petitgrain, Sandalwood

Chapped Lips:
Chamomile, Geranium

Cold Sores:
Geranium - apply on a cotton bud neatly to affected area or apply a drop of Chamomile

[07/18/12]   FREE 30ml Perfume or a Candle, or Euphoria Massage Oil (nut free), or Clarifying Radiance Masque for those of you who book with me in the month of August. This is just a little something to say thank you for hosting a party. Minimum of 6 guests are required, if you don't know many people, get all your guests to bring a friend. I look forward to hearing from you..

[07/18/12]   Hi everyone, Hope you are enjoying this beautiful day in the Manawatu, and hope everywhere else is just as nice. Just a reminder if you received your $24 voucher that this will be expiring at the end of this month, I would hate for you to miss out.

[06/28/12]   I hope all my VIP Customers have received their $24 voucher. Just remember this expires next month, so just keep an eye on that expiry date, would hate for you to miss out on a $24 voucher!! Hope everyone is managing to stay warm.

[06/21/12]   All my Le Reve VIP customers received a FREE $24 Voucher from Le Reve today- a launch GIFT for our new website and to celebrate the NEW SET SAVERS
If you are not receiving my Le Reve Newsletters each month and want to make sure you don't miss out on the giveaways in future - message me and I will INCLUDE YOU

[06/14/12]   VIP... special event!!! If you are not already on my VIP mailing list then please let me know your email address. A VERY big suprise will be coming your way... Let me know asap as it needs to be in by Sunday 17th... Thanks heaps....


Le Rêve | A Dream Business Opportunity

We invite you to become a part of the Le Rêve Family.

[05/29/12]   Hi everyone... Just letting you know that I will be putting an order in for the end of the month on Thursday evening, if you would like to order anything please let me know.... Thanks, hope everyone is staying warm today, as it is freezing in the Manawatu today...

[05/25/12]   I am welcoming another new lady into the Le Reve Family.... Catherine from Wanganui has taken up the Le Reve Business Opportunity.... Such a lovely bubbly person she is, she will do well... Also, not long until the lovely Trish from Levin will come on board as well, I know she is rearing to get herself into the business, but just has to get her holiday out of the way first.... You ladies will do awesome in your business... If there is anyone else out there who would like me to show you how to earn some extra income and have a friendly no obligation chat, then get in touch, a coffee doesn't hurt... 21/05/2012

Le Reve | Surviving THAT Time of the Month Le Reve | Surviving THAT Time of the Month | Pre Menstrual Cramps, Breakouts, Moodiness

[05/16/12]   Seize the day…LIVE YOUR DREAM

What do you really really want out of life?

A happy, worry-free lifestyle with complete financial independence and security? An excellent education for your children? A satisfying, successful career? Flexible working hours? More leisure time to enjoy with family & friends? To be valued, recognised and richly rewarded for your achievements?

The beauty of being a Le Reve Consultant is that all these things can be yours. You have total control over your destiny. As your own boss, you have the power to decide when to work, and when you don’t. You also determine how much you earn, while aiming for fabulous incentives such as a brand new car, exquisite jewellery, luxurious holidays…the sky’s the limit!

We know everybody’s dream is unique…that is why you make your own choices. Perhaps you like a part-time, easy way to boost your income. Perhaps you are looking for an exciting executive career, with unlimited possibilities for advancement and outstanding rewards and recognition every step of the way. You’ll be welcomed by friendly, generous-natured people who encourage and care about each other. There are no barriers to being a Le Reve Consultant and the only qualifications are bright sparkle of enthusiasm and the desire to succeed.

Your Le Reve Consultant can show you how easy it is to realise your dreams.


[05/13/12]   What a fantastic weekend at the Lifestyle Womans Expo in Palmy... It was a very busy weekend but I loved every minute of it... Great to meet new ladies. Plenty of parties booked with heaps more to ring to book in.... A lot of new consultants to also join the business too....

[05/02/12]   Welcome to all my new "likers" from all over NZ. It is great to see you all here. Just letting all the newbies know that if you are wanting to order products please just let me know as I can always post items out to you.
To view the catalogue check it out at


our products can be viewed at


Bainesse, RD7
Palmerston North

General information

If you are wanting to host a fun Theme Party with any of the ranges or just a nice simple Party then don't hesitate to get in touch.
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