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As-Sweet Natural Organic Sweetener As-Sweet Natural Sweetener is made from Certified Organic Stevia that has been certified by the EU and has low Calories and no calories in our Liquid Stevia.

It is a great alternative for people seeking a healthy lifestyle and can be used as a sweetener for coffee and tea as well as in baking and sweets. We are proud to be the first New Zealand owned company to be able to offer the consumer a natural sweetener that has no after taste, has low calories and is made from Certified Organic Stevia.

As-Sweet is the latest and greatest natural sweetener available to you now. As-Sweet is a blend of natural sweeteners that allows you the opportunity to reduce sugar in your diet. The sweet in As-Sweet comes from Stevia and Erythritol. Our Stevia Glycoside is extracted from the leaves of certified organically grown Stevia plants and Erythritol is fermented from various selected plant material. So do you want to reduce your sugar intake? Maybe you are diabetic or maybe you just want to eat less sugar as part of a healthier diet. Either way As-Sweet is a natural product that will help you achieve this. Keep watching our page over the next few days as we talk about As-Sweet and introduce you to our products. Like this page to share this news with your friends and family.

Mission: Our goal to our consumers is to offer you the best quality in healthy foods for you to enjoy a healthier and more active lifestyle.

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New Years Resolution? Get fit and eat healthy?
Why not eat healthy and then with moderate exercise you can really reach your goals.

As-Sweet natural sweetener is made from Certified Organic Stevia, 100% NZ owned and it really is good for those seeking a healthy lifestyle.

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A Balanced diet with no or low sugar is the best diet.

Shop online for As-Sweet natural sweetener for a healthy natural balanced diet.

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Healthy eating and exercise along with As-Sweet natural sweetener is a perfect match for a healthy lifestyle.

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Sweetened with As-Sweet it not only tastes good but it is better for you.

Buy your As-Sweet online today.

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We all love strawberries but it depends what you have with them if they are either a healthy or unhealthy option.

Sprinkle a sachet of As-Sweet on them and as well as you get your sweetness, its also healthy.

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Eat Healthy, Stay Healthy.

As-Sweet natural sweetener will help you reach your goals.


Healthy eating, exercise and As-Sweet, a winning combination

Next time you make a Smoothie and if you want to sweeten it, how about adding some As-Sweet Liquid Stevia to sweeten them.

Check us out online and order yours today.

Let As-Sweet Natural Sweetener be your long term partner in your quest for a lifestyle change.
Shop online at our website and FREE Shipping on all orders $40.00 and over in New Zealand

As-Sweet Liquid comes in a 100ml Bottle and is the best Liquid Stevia available in New Zealand.

Our Stevia Liquid has 0 Calories and each bottle contains approximately 1200 drops and as you only need 3-4 drops for a cup of coffee it is also incredible value.

Shop online today and FREE Shipping on orders NZD$ 40.00 or more in New Zealand

Nothing like having a cup of coffee with an As-Sweet Sachet if you like to sweeten the coffee.
Or even try our As-Sweet Liquid as you would only need 2-3 drops to sweeten.
Check out our update website at and we look forward to hearing from you soon

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Check out our range of As-Sweet Natural Sweetener and we will be updating our website soon so keep an eye out for it.

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20 Week Challenge - Catch Fitness

Little known facts:

Ancient history tells us that natives used Stevia for the following:.

Softening skin
Aiding digestion
Nourishing the pancreas
Balancing blood sugar
Smoothing wrinkles
Healing blemishes, sores and wounds

Interesting hey.

These days some of the benefits of using As-Sweet Natural Organic Sweetener (instead of sugar or artificial sweeteners that contain Aspartame or Sucralose) are:-

Low Calories
300 times sweeter than sugar
Natural ingredients
Made from Organic Stevia
1 gram Sachet = 1 Teaspoon of Sugar
Tooth friendly

Our two ladies that won the 20 Week Trial packages, Marina and Kylee say they use it for everything.

Both entrants have had lots of challenges this challenge and haven't been able to do any where near as much as they'd like and for that reason, they were probably the best people to win these packages i.e. at least one aspect of their world could be consistently changed with As-Sweet which we think is Sweet As.

As-Sweet Natural Sweetener will soon be available in New World Supermarkets in the Auckland, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Northland regions.

If As-Sweet is currently not in your local New World Store in any of these regions, please ask your friendly New World store to get As-Sweet for you.

Currently As-Sweet is available from these New World Stores;

Palmerston North:

Melody's New World
Pioneer New World
Aokautere New World.

Pahiatua New World

Hawkes Bay:

Greenmeadows New World Napier
Hastings New World
Havelock North World

Dannevirke New World


Levin New World


Stratford New World
New Plymouth New World


Wanganui New World

Ohakune New World


Masterton New World


Wellington City New World
Thorndon New World
Metro Willis Street
Tawa New World
Churton Park New World
Newtown New World
Silverstream New World
Porirua New World
Kapiti New World
Waikanae New World

As-Sweet Natural Sweetener are proud to be associated with the Catch Fitness 20 week challenge and being able to be a major sponsor.

Anything that helps motivates people to having a more healthy lifestyle by the way of healthy food and fitness is great and is part of our core values.

Two lucky 20 Week Challenge entrants will get to use As-Sweet for the duration of this year’s 20 Week Challenge and another entrant will WIN a years supply of this natural sweetener.

Stay tuned to find out more.

As -Sweet Natural Sweetener is available from most New World stores in the Lower North Island and soon will be available in New World in the Auckland and Waikato regions. Just ask your local New World to get some As-Sweet if they do not already stock it.

Thanks Broni and the team at Catch Fitness and we look forward to a great 2014 with the Catch Fitness 20 week challenge

Check out out As-Sweet Bulk Bags that are available for Cafes and Restaurants. You can ask your favourite Cafe if they can get As-Sweet sachets so you can have a healthy alternative.

Sugar Free Chocolate Mousse | As-Sweet Try this recipe using As-Sweet Liquid Stevia  OR As Sweet Powder  instead of sugar. Do you often find yourself with a sweet tooth and one of the all t

Alcohol Free Pina Colada | As-Sweet's Blog Here is a great drink using As-Sweet Liquid  that is not only delicious but also under 100 calories. Perfect for day and night. You Need • 2 Cups fresh

Cancer ‘tidal wave’ on horizon, warns WHO (Source: BBC News) | As-Sweet       The globe is facing a "tidal wave" of cancer, and restrictions on alcohol and sugar need to be considered, say World Health Organi

Blue Berry Ice Blocks | As-Sweet Blueberry Iceblocks Feel like eating some yummy home made Ice Blocks over the Xmas holidays. Yoghurt and Blueberries are such a yummy Summer treat and as the

Ava Sanchez

This is our new Sachet Box for As-Sweet Natural Sweetener.

We like it so hope you all do as well.

Have an As-Sweet day

Blueberry Iceblocks

Feel like eating some yummy home made Ice Blocks over the Xmas holidays. Yoghurt and Blueberries are such a yummy Summer treat and as they are sweetened with As-Sweet, they are healthy as well.

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Makes : 8 Ice Blocks


Natural Yoghurt - 500g
Blueberries - 1 punnet
As-Sweet - 8 drops As-Sweet liquid


Blend all ingredients together until smooth.
Place in moulds with either sticks or have moulds with sticks.
Freeze for 3 hours.

Sugar Free Raw Balls

Try these Sugar Free Raw Balls which are delicious and quick and easy to make and best of all as they are sweetened with As-Sweet they contain no sugar.

• Prep Time: 10 minutes
• Yield: 25 Balls

• Dates - 1/2 cup Desiccated Coconut - 1/2 cup
• Oats - 1/2 cup
• Almonds - 1/2 cup or you can use toasted sesame seeds
• Butter - 3 Tablespoons
• As-Sweet Natural Sweetener – 3 grams powder or 10 drops Liquid

Process 1/2 cup of each oats, coconut, dates and almonds and As-Sweet in a food processor until a crumb like texture
Add cold butter and process further to combine
The dough will hold it's shape when formed together
Simply roll into small balls and enjoy, rolling in extra coconut is optional
Store in an air tight container in the fridge for 2 weeks


As-Sweet Man

Sugar Free Ice Cream.

I know it sounds to good to be true but here we have a recipe for home made Ice Cream that has no Sugar. It is made from yoghurt but it tastes just like a soft serve Ice Cream. Yummy

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook time: a few days minutes
Yield: 500-700 ml


• Natural plain Yoghurt - 1 kg
• As-Sweet Liquid Stevia 12 drops or 4 gms As-Sweet Powder


• Place some damp Cheesecloth or or a light tea towel.
• Make a deep bowl shape into the cloth where the yoghurt will sit to strain
• Secure cloth with a rubber band to the jug with all sides of jug covered by cloth
• Empty your entire pot of yogurt into the cheesecloth along with the As-Sweet Stevia
• You should see liquid start to run through the cloth
• Leave out of fridge for an hour
• Cover jug with a saucer and place in fridge for about 2 days
• You will see about half the yoghurt turn to liquid at the bottom of the jug and the creamy Ice-Cream part left behind in the cheesecloth
• When the yoghurt is a firm ball inside your cheesecloth, enjoy the creamy Ice Cream in a bowl or on a wafer like a soft serve
• The sour yoghurt taste is removed in the straining process, just the creamy sweet part remains
• No need to freeze, the fridge cold temperature is just like a soft serve.

As-Sweet Man

What would you choose for your coffee?

Here we have a pic of an As-Sweet Liquid Stevia bottle that is 100ml and a bag of White Sugar that is 1.5 kg's.

A bottle of As-Sweet Liquid has approx 1200 drops and if 3 drops are equivalent to 1 tsp of sugar then 1 bottle of As-Sweet Liquid should be enough for around 400 cups of coffee.

There are 0 calories in As-Sweet Liquid

A bag of White Sugar is 1.5 kg's and that would be enough for 375 tsp of sugar or enough for 375 cups of coffee.

There are around 6000 Calories in a 1.5 kg bag of White Sugar.

So do the maths.

As-Sweet Liquid Stevia in a 100 ml is enough for around 400 cups of coffee and has 0 calories.

Bag of White Sugar has 1.5 kg and is enough for around 375 cups of coffee and has 6000 calories.


As-Sweet Man

Sugar Free Marshmallows

Here is another treat you can make and for fun the kids will be happy to help you. Yummy Marshmallows without any sugar as we use As-Sweet Natural Sweetener in ours.

Prep time; 30 minutes. Makes 30 odd marshmallows


• Coconut Flour - 1 Tablespoon
• Cornflour - 1/2 Tablespoon
• Strawberries - 150g Fresh or Frozen,
• Coconut Water - 1/4 cup plus 1/3 cup
• Vanilla Extract - 2 teaspoons
• Rose Water - 3 Tablespoons
• As-Sweet – 6 grams or 15 Drops of Liquid
• Gelatine - 2.5 Tablespoons


• Weigh 150g of fresh or frozen strawberries
• Place strawberries, 1/4 cup coconut water, 2tsp vanilla extract, As-Sweet Natural Sweetener and 3Tbs Rose water into a small saucepan and start to simmer
• Sift 1Tbs Coconut Flour and 1/2 Tbs Cornflour all over the base of a medium no stick cake pan.
• Measure 2.5Tbs gelatine into a small mixing bowl. Leave the gelatine dry until later
• Go Back to the strawberry mix, stir thoroughly to get as much colour and flavour from the fruit
• Once it has simmered for a few minutes, strain into another small saucepan, pushing all the fruity colour and flavour through a fine sieve leaving only the pulp behind.
• You will now have about 3/4 cup of vibrant red juice, return to heat and bring to the boil then turn it off the heat while you complete the next step.
• Heat up 1/3 cup coconut water until very warm and stir into the gelatine waiting in the small mixing bowl
• Stir gelatine and coconut water with a spoon until well dissolved, you will have a thick gluey mixture which will get thicker as it cools, ideally you will not let it become solid so move carefully to the next step.
• Quickly reheat the strawberry mix on the stove until it begins to bubble then remove from heat and immediately but very slowly pour down the side of the gelatine bowl while beating the mixtures together with electric beaters on a slow speed
• Once all incorporated together, increase speed of the beaters to the highest and continue beating for 5-10 minutes
• You will soon see it becoming thick, stop once the mix forms soft peaks so stop beating while the mix is still a thick liquid, not forming stiff peaks yet
• Immediately pour into your prepared pan, ideally it will fold in nicely
• Do not refrigerate, just leave out for a few hours until set
• Cut marshmallows and have a jar of hot water ready to dip a knife in as the marshmallows will not stick to this.
• Toss marshmallows through the flour mix left behind in your pan

As-Sweet Man

Look at this...

Tomato Cafe on George St in Palmerston North who won the Regions Cafe of the Year in 2012 like As-Sweet Natural Sweetener so much, they like to tell everyone they do.

As-Sweet Man

What would you choose in this picture? All the As-Sweet sachets or 1 teaspoon of sugar

Did you know that 80 Sachets of As-Sweet Natural Sweetener is enough for 80 cups of coffee and as each sachet has only 0.2 calories per sachet, 80 sachets has only 16 calories.

1 teaspoon of sugar to make 1 cup of coffee has 16 calories.

Do the maths....

As-Sweet Natural Sweetener 80 sachets = 16 calories

1 teaspoon sugar = 16 calories.

Sugar Free Lollies

Kids, yes it is true and here is a recipe for sugar free lollies. Sweetened with As-Sweet they not only taste good but are healthier than the lollies you buy in the shop.

Have fun making these with mum or dad.

Prep Time: 30 minutes
Cook time: 2 hours


Red layer:

Coconut Water - 1 & 1/4 cups
Frozen Raspberries - 3/4 cup
Rice Syrup - 1 heaped Tablespoon
As-Sweet Liquid - 6 drops
Vanilla Extract - 1.5 teaspoons
Salt - A large pinch
Gelatin - 2 Tablespoons

White layer:

Gelatin - 2 Tablespoons
Coconut Cream - 1 can (400ml)
Rice Syrup - 2 heaped Tablespoons
Vanilla Extract - 2 teaspoons
Salt - A large pinch
As-Sweet Liquid - 6 drops


Place all of the Red layer ingredients (but not the gelatin) into a small saucepan and warm up to defrost the raspberries
Remove from heat and puree with a stick blender
Sprinkle the gelatin on top and whisk in
Return to a medium heat and continue to whisk until all the gelatin has dissolved
Coat a large baking dish with olive oil or coconut oil
Pour the thick red jelly into the tray through a strainer to remove raspberry seeds and refrigerate to help set

Wait for 30 mins until the red layer is nearly firm.
Place all of the white layer ingredients into the saucepan and whisk as you warm to a medium heat, dissolving all of the gelatin
Pour the thick coconut jelly on top of the almost firm raspberry jelly layer
Return to the fridge to set completely for a few hours
You can simply slice into small lollies or use cookie cutters to make shapes


As-Sweet Man


Bungy Jumpy at the Huka Falls, Lake Taupo.

As-Sweet Man

Our Story

As-Sweet is the latest and greatest natural sweetener available to you now.

As-Sweet is a blend of natural sweeteners that allows you the opportunity to reduce sugar in your diet.

As-Sweet Natural Sweetener is made from Certified Organic Stevia and was founded by Mr Brent Neilson after he discovered the health benefits of Stevia when he was in South America. After sourcing what he believes is the best Stevia available and coming up with the As-Sweet brand and design along with the product range, Mr Neilson was then happy to begin delivery of the As-Sweet range in 2013. This is now distributed by Global World Products Ltd, a 100% New Zealand owned company with it head office located in Palmerston North. Our goal to our consumers is to offer you the best quality in healthy foods for you to enjoy a healthier and more active lifestyle. With rates of obesity soaring around the world along with a huge increase in the number of people with Diabetes, alot of this can be blamed on the huge amounts of sugar that the modern person consumes everyday. When we first discovered Stevia, we were amazed by the sweetness and the fact that it has almost no Calories and is a natural product, unlike other sweeteners on the market today that contain either Sucralose or Aspartame which are artificial as well as controversial. We knew we had to share this amazing product and help get the message out that there is a safe and natural alternative. As-Sweet Natural Sweetener is made from Certified Organic Stevia that has been certified by the EU and has low Calories and no calories in our Liquid Stevia. It is a great alternative for people seeking a healthy lifestyle and can be used as a sweetener for coffee and tea as well as in baking and sweets. We are proud to be the first New Zealand owned company to be able to offer the consumer a natural sweetener that has no after taste, has low calories and is made from Certified Organic Stevia. Our Natural Sweetener is available in Sachet form, Tablet Dispensers, Liquid Stevia in a 100 ml bottle and 150 gm Powder Jar with a 1gm spoon. As-Sweet is available from all quality supermarkets and Health stores.

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