WW - Palmerston North/Feilding and surrounding districts

WW - Palmerston North/Feilding and surrounding districts


Have you ever thought of being a Wellness Coach for WW?
We currently have a vacancy for a casual paid position with LOTS of great wellness benefits.......

As part of our close-knit team, you’ll help members reach their goals and create healthy habits they’ll maintain for life.

Please email me, the Area Manager for more information
[email protected]
Hi I'd like to buy the my ww cookbook. Do you have this book available at the Palmerston North meetings?
Hi, just wondering if anyone can tell me how many points a bottle of Coruba original rum and cola is please. As I can't find it anywhere including my old WW shop guide and there is no nutritional information on the bottle. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks

We have 3 meetings, Tues 6.30pm, Thurs 12pm at Man U Walding St and Sat 9.30 Senior Citizens Main St Welcome to Weight Watchers Palmerston

Meeting times and locations can be found at www.weightwatchers.co.nz under the "Find a Meeting" heading.

Feel free to pop in to any meeting for a chat from one of the friendly Weight Watchers leader. All the leaders at Weight Watchers have weight loss success stories of their own to share so can provide great support. At meetings you will weigh in weekly and are welcome to be part of the weekly discussions and support group. Members who attend meetings are proven to have more success than those who g

Operating as usual


Great time to stock up, in workshops and online!

Offer excludes the PersonalPoints Program book, kits and food bundles.



This week in your workshops!

“This week is all about embracing imperfection so you can be better tackle challenges when they come your way.

TELL US: What's your tip for being kind to yourself when challenges arise?”



It's the perfect time of year to refocus and reset. Join today and get your first 30 days for just $5*

Offer ends 14/09/2021

NZ: https://www.weightwatchers.com/nz/join-ww


Don't pay until summer and kickstart your weight loss success with 3 months free.*

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Offer ends 13/09/21.

NZ: https://www.weightwatchers.com/nz/join-ww

How to stay mentally healthy during stressful times 04/08/2021

How to stay mentally healthy during stressful times

How to stay mentally healthy during stressful times Uncertain times can affect us both physically and mentally. Here’s how to keep yourself mentally healthy in stressful situations, including when isolated from others.

Timeline photos 25/07/2021

Timeline photos

Meet Carlee @love.ww.life.style

Joined: June 2019.

I used to: Not care what I ate or really realise it was my choice what I put into my mouth.

Now I: know it is my actual choice what I eat, not cafes, not fast food outlets, not socially constructed norms and not my family. I am in control of what I eat.

My best advice: There is always a new day a new set of Points.

Weight loss: 40kgs over two years and I'm so close to reaching goal.

Feeling inspired? Start your journey https://bit.ly/startyourwwstory


"I joined WW because I want to feel healthier, be more active and feel good about myself".

Join Jackie O today and be well and live confidently with the help of WW!

Offer ends 22/07/21

NZ: https://www.weightwatchers.com/nz/join-ww


I'm all set for nutritious and tasty lunches and heat and eat dinners for the week. An hour or so spent this afternoon prepping sets me up for the week ahead. I'm not the best cook but these recipes are easy and taste great.
Vegetable and ricotta lasagna and creamy chicken and cauliflower pasta bake. Both recipes available for free your app when you join WW


We also have these amazing 2021 Essential Companion for Program Success Cookbook available at our workshops 😊 Nows the time to join

This year, we have reimagined the program cookbook to become your companion & your go-to-guide for inspiration & support on myWW+

This cookbook includes over 100 BRAND NEW recipes, ideas & tips from these chapters:

*Make it simple
*Make it fast
*On the go
*Family Favourites
*Meals for 1 & 2
*Weekend entertainment


Workshops are open again Tuesday 5th Jan so make the most of the joining special and come along 😊

Photos from WW - Palmerston North/Feilding and surrounding districts's post 30/12/2020

🥳Start 2021 with a bang! 🥳
There's never been a better time to join

Make 2021 your best year yet and join WW today with 50% off!*



Our workshops will be taking a break over the xmas period, we will be back from the 5th Jan with 3 workshops a week:
Tuesday 6.30pm, Thursdays 12pm @ Manchester Unity on Walding street and Saturdays 9.30am @ Senior Citizens Centre on Main Street.
Any queries please send me a message. 😊


Such an amazing offer


Get your FREE Essential Starter Kit valued at $90 & jumpstart your wellness journey today!
It’s FREE to join!!

Join online weightwatchers.com/au/join-ww


I love that nothing is off limits with WW, this week it's all about making veges the hero. Food has never been so good.


Physical workshops are back and there are some great joining specials on so head over to WW page and check them out.

We have the following workshops on offer:
Tuesdays 6.30pm Manchester Unity (Walding St)
Wednesday 6pm Senior Citizen’s Centre (Main St)
Thursday’s 12pm Manchester Unity
Saturday 9.30am Senior Citizen Centre


Physical workshops have reopened so now is a great time to join.
We have the following workshops on offer
Tuesdays 6.30pm Manchester Unity
Wednesday 6pm Senior Citizen’s Centre
Thursday’s 12pm Manchester Unity
Saturday 9.30am Senior Citizen Centre

Photos from WW - Palmerston North/Feilding and surrounding districts's post 09/03/2020

Discussion this week in workshop, it’s always a good time to join 😊

An afternoon of Food and Wellness with WW and CookSister NZ 02/03/2020

An afternoon of Food and Wellness with WW and CookSister NZ

We are so excited that our very own CookSister NZ and Smart Eats with Nikki are featuring exclusively in a major WW Event in Auckland! Tickets are limited, so please book now to avoid disappointment.

An afternoon of Food and Wellness with WW and CookSister NZ An inspirational WW event hosted by CookSister NZ, featuring Nikki Graham and special guests.


Flash sale ends 3rd March if you know of anyone that’s been thinking about joining 😊

40% OFF 3 Months
Our new customised myWW program is proven to make weight loss easier.



Another great offer ending on the 29th of Feb!

The new myWW program is tailored to fit your needs, so you can live your life and lose weight your way. Click here to join WW today!
AU: http://bit.ly/2Hie5Vu NZ: http://bit.ly/2tVeg6k

Photos from WW - Palmerston North/Feilding and surrounding districts's post 22/02/2020

WW works in case you were wondering
I have been a member for 13mths and a coach for 10mths. My initial why for joining was my clothes didn’t fit and I couldn’t get out of a top and thought I would have to be cut out ( no one needed to see that). Rejoining WW was the best thing I’ve done for me in a long time. Earlier this year I did the Tongariro crossing with my 18yr old son which I never would have done before. I enjoy be active and the excess weight was stopping me. Since joining WW Ive lost 17.5kg but most importantly I’ve got my fitness back and I’m inspired weekly by the members at my workshops. We still have a joining special 40% off until Monday 24th if you would like to join us on our health journey ❤️


Join up and let us help with your goals 😊💕


This offer runs until 24th Feb

The new myWW program is tailored to fit your needs,

so you can live your life and lose weight your way.

Click here to join WW today!

AU: http://bit.ly/2Hie5Vu

NZ: http://bit.ly/2tVeg6k


This post is for you if..... you're sitting there thinking to yourself "I am definitely going back to WW at some point or "I am absolutely going to get around to joining WW at some point".

If you think about the fact that at the end of next month, we'll have done a quarter of the year already, then it's easy to see how time slips away.

How long are you planning to leave it?

Imagine what you could achieve in one month?
Weight loss, healthy habits or a shift in mindset⭐️

So imagine what you could achieve in 11 months?

What are you waiting for? Leave behind those January blues and jump into a fabulous February!!

Photos from WW - Palmerston North/Feilding and surrounding districts's post 09/02/2020

This week in workshop - anytime is a good time to join 😁


Such an inspirational story from one of our WW Coaches Wendy. If you are thinking about joining please read to the bottom for a special offer available only through CookSister NZ!

Dear followers
This is a long read, but please read to the end & feel free to share ♡

I have let you into my kitchen & I would love for you to know more about 'who' the lady is behind 'CookSister NZ'

My name is Wendy-Leigh & I have suffered with weight issues my whole life. I have tried every diet under the sun & tried every extreme measure to lose weight...not only for myself but to feel accepted in society. I have birthed 4 beautiful children by C-section and have struggled to lose the post pregnancy weight. Yes, 1/4 was post-pregnancy weight & the other 3/4 because I ate incorrectly.

A year ago I would cringe every time I got out of the bath & saw a reflection of myself in the mirror. I couldn't bare for my husband to touch on me....afterall why would he even want to touch on me....I was so overweight....but the irony of the whole story is that 2 years ago I decided to create a cooking page....depressed...overweight & here I'm creating CookSister NZ...a page full of decadent unhealthy recipes....the more I created & cooked...the more I ate...& the more I refused to leave my home as I became so depressed.

December 2018 was the worst...it was hot. I had nothing to wear as I REFUSED to buy 'bigger' clothing as in my mind that would be 'giving in'....that would mean that I would have more 'room space' to expand into so therefore I couldn't attend school functions or work functions with my husband as I really had nothing that fitted me besides leggings, over grown T shirts & my hideous pair of crocs. I ended up at the Dr late December as I was really in a state of severe depression. I went there begging for Duromine (a tablet that is soppose to assist in appetite suppression)....I was not given Duromine by my GP but was instead sent home with a pack of anti depressants which sent me deeper into my already deep hole that I was already in. However, my GP did subtly mention that I looked at joining WW (Weight Watchers).

I came home and cooked, baked & ate myself to death for a good few days but my GP's recommendation of looking into WW lingered at the back of my mind. Eventually I started googling weight watchers & started reading success stories. Then....on the 22 December I told my husband that I was thinking of joining WW but that I would not be attending any meetings as I was overweight and terribly insecure but that I would do it digitally. The whole plan was to join after the 31 Dec so that I could have my last 'binge' of food and alcohol....afterall is that not what we do before signing up to a 'diet'....we have our last binge....the last supper...

I signed up BUT the funny thing was that on the 31 Dec I did not have the last binge....or my 'last supper' as I had joked about. I think that my mind set was finally ready to take matters into my own hands. I was tired. Tired of the way I looked & felt. Tired of having nothing to wear. Tired of missing out on life. Tired of not playing on the beach with my beautiful boys. I was tired of being tired, sad & lonely.

I joined WW connect as a member and I took the most hideous photo of me ever that I posted onto connect and the reason for that was because I knew that I was FINALLY ready to share with everyone that my name is Wendy and I am desperately wanting to live a healthier life & this is me....there was no more hiding & no more pretending. In my mind that was setting all my demons free ... vulnerable and for the first time ever a full length photo of disgusting me for all to see. The reason why I joined connect was because I was overweight, terribly insecure & I had no confidence to attend a WW workshop. I remember that when I joined I thought that my cooking page was going to die as all I had ever known was to cook, bake, ENJOY & share unhealthy food recipes but my health took preference & I was "ok" with my page coming to an end if need be as my boys needed me more than what the public needed 'another' cooking page. I had no idea how to cook healthy. I did research & found Anna Van Dyken. I had never ever heard of her before WW. Before Anna, I only knew Nigella Lawson, Fatima Sydow etc etc

The first WW recipe that I ever tried was Anna's mug muffin as I was terribly lost and had no idea what to eat on this new 'diet'. I think I lived on Anna's mug muffin for days ♡ Days went by & I started finding my feet on this 'diet' & then that lightbulb moment when I realised that I was on no diet but a whole wellness & lifestyle change & that I could eat anything I wanted as long as I TRACKED it....even alcohol (no way....really)? I then started experimenting with my favorite South African recipes & substituted here and there until I created delicious recipes from all my old favorite recipes that were loaded in oils, fats & sugars....& that's how my zero point curry recipe was born that so many of you ladies on WW enjoy today & my cooking page came to life once again as I found my place in the world of WW.

Becoming a WW coach was never on the cards (let alone becoming a WW ambassador for NZ) as I am the most insecure person you will probably ever meet....but so many doors have opened for me since taking the first huge step of losing weight for MYSELF. I now run 3 absolutely amazing WW workshops in Tauranga as a coach. I feel safe in my workshops as we are all there for the same reasons....we all walk in overweight and insecure but we all leave there a healthy and better version of ourselves. I no longer shy away from school events, I'm now the first mum to volunteer when a 'helper' is needed whereas in the past I wouldn't even attend. This Summer, so far has been the best ever as I now run around on the beach with my 3 & 4 year old whereas 2 years ago I would not even go to the beach.

Tools are absolutely vital while on your weight-loss journey. After 4 C-sections & losing 25KG I am still left with a kangaroo pouch & saggy skin that really upsets me & makes me feel unattractive. I was fortunate enough to be chosen as an Ambassador for , ladies shapewear that is about to be launched by the beautiful Jules. I was flown to Sydney a few weeks ago as many of my followers are well aware of to be part of , woman uplifting woman. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that I would feel sexy & confident in shapewear & as seen in the photo....the shapewear really did the trick ♡ Never ever did I think that I would model shapewear infront of people....this is the confidence that WW has given me...to do things that I never ever thought possible. Each time I step out of my comfort zone I gain a little more confidence little by little. Jules has tought us that we need to transform competition into collaboration, & lift & inspire each other rather than pull each other down. Figur is designed to shape & contour the body regardless of your shape or size. Wearing shapewear for this shoot unlocked all my confidence & made me feel great ♡ Body confidence is about knowing all my flaws but finally having the confidence to work with it & accept it.

I have successfully lost 25 KG in 10 months with WW. Have I deprived myself of anything...hell no! Do I eat pizza still...yes. Drink alcohol...yes! Nothing is off limits with , everything in moderation is the key. It's not a diet, but a lifestyle & the ripple effect is absolutely amazing once one member in the family starts making subtle changes.

I believe in the ripple effect & I believe in giving back. I would love to offer an exclusive offer to my followers, however you are more than welcome to share this offer with a friend or a family member or even a work colleague. In partnership with we would like to offer you 40% off 3 & 6-month Digital+Workshop. You will also receive a complimentary Healthy Favorites Cookbook which has a few of my special recipes in when you attend your first Workshop.

Get your life & health back now with .
I urge anyone that is wanting to lose a few kilos to join a WW workshop + Digital. At our WW workshops we connect as we are all there for the same reason....to support each other, to hear & applaud inspirational stories of success. We are there to lift each other up when we fall off the wagon. Each week we cover a topic that assists you on your wellness journey, it's where a community is built. You walk in alone but the friendships that are formed are life long friends. My WW members have become my WW family ♡

To redeem our NZ only offer please click on the following link:

At the moment, this offer is only available in NZ & the offer ends February 24th ♡ and if you're in the Tauranga area, I hope to be your WW coach at one of my workshops.

Much love
WW Coach & Ambassador



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Palmerston North

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