Marise's Mirimiri Massage

Marise's Mirimiri Massage


Ummmm Marise is so bloody good, My back has not hurt since seeing her and it's been a week! I don't cringe when I bend down, lie down, or getting out of bed, it's bliss!!!! Thank you Marise for healing my back! See you Friday!
Had my first miri miri massage with the beautiful Marise! She is so raw and authentic and stunningly beautiful. I have never left feeling more grounded and connected. It is nice to finally be back in my body! Thank you darling I will see you in 2 weeks for phase two!
Today I had the Pleasure of experiencing this beautiful womans gift, and wow I am literally speechless. Marise got her hair done with me last week and made me make time for myself and book in an appointment with her, Did i resist? Yes, Was I sceptical hell YES. She also said could i then put into words a summary of what she does after ive had my Mirimiri done, Confidently i said YES. lol Well seriously i cant, I simply cannot put that INCREDIBLE feeling into words. 100% Trusted that i was safe, that what was happening to me was with a pure heart and unconditional love, What was happening to my body I trusted needed to go so I could move forward freely, Abit like Unpacking your bag and repacking it with the stuff you actually want, and feeling safe and secure to leave the rest behind with good intentions. Seriously I believe that every person on this earth needs to experience this at least once in there life. Marise your gift is UNREAL and im so thankful for you, My body feels like it never has before and to you im truly grateful. Im rdy to take on my nxt journey and I feel so good about that. Thank you beautiful lady, cannot wait till my nxt appointment ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Thankyou so much for fix our broken bodies. I truely think you have a magic ability to sort any problem with the body. Honestly everyone nees to try you out you are truely amazing. I heard about her from friend and I need all my friends to know about you too. Im sure theyll love you as much as me. 😊
Good luck young lady safe travels ###
Kia Ora my whanau in Wellington this is my beautiful friend Marise who does mirimiri. She also comes to Wellington and I recommend her services not only for yourselves but for any whanau members who would like a mirimiri ie: Nanny Marina would definitely enjoy this. I would definitely say for the first time to do a hauora alignment you wont regret it at all :-)
here the mirimiri page mum
Kia ora all i just wanna give a shout out to Marise Taru for her mirimiri massage, as i do alot of walking for mahi and play rugby i thought my body was sweet as but hello not even i got a mirimiri done and now i feel tu meke especially my knee as i injured it a yea ago through rugby and now no pain anymore and lot more free. I recommend this to anyone and everyone this is a awesome and professional service and she uses all natural oils Thankyou so much again marise :-) 100% recommendations

To restore you freedom, my healing gift intuitively has me connect with you spiritually before working together through that connection to help you release your pain and discomfort; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

My grandmother clearly knew of my gift back when I was a young 3 year old child. She would call me into her room and teach me how to find her "ouchies". I was shown how to find the cold spots (blockages) and how to hold them and wait to warm them up and release the tension, stress and/or pain. At the age of 30 I began to get brave and finally acknowledged my gift, myself, by sometimes offering assistance to people I saw in need of some relief. Since my marriage ended in May 2016, I have been on a personal journey of reflection and redefining my priorities. From the 1st of April, 2017 I have publicly acknowledged the gift I have been given and am following the path it leads me down with great excitement and anticipation. My heart's desire is to help others. It is the most rewarding form of joy I have behind motherhood. I am humble by nature and have struggled with this process of "rating" myself, and valuing what it is that I do. Seeing the results of my work, through the expressions and gratitude of others since going public is enabling me to grow in confidence that this is indeed the path I should be on. My hope is to work this full-time and LIVE my life by serving others. I love to travel and meet various types of people, and then to be able to serve them is such a blessing. Without having experienced what it is that I do, I understand you may feel reluctant or hesitant. My hope is that the feedback and reviews that people leave will always be their truth, and enough to help guide you to take a leap of faith in me and my gift, and to trust in the work that I do. I have recently come to ask "Why does life have to be so hard?" Who said it HAD to be hard to be any good? I want a life that suits me and my gifts and can bless others as a result. I look forward to meeting you in the near future. Marise x

Operating as usual

Investing energy vs spending energy

3 years ago I discovered the difference between spending energy and investing it.


We have a finite, daily, energy source. Invest it wisely or become energy bankrupt. 🤔


It was a significantly positive learning point for me, and the process I have learned to follow in order to invest my energy, most wisely, is still working today.

I share this process with you in my next seminar. More details about this will follow

Drop a comment below if you're interested to know more

Kia ora..

Some information on my Divine Korero hui / seminar events, and just a general update on my new temporary location at 180 Church Street, Palmerston North

Drop a question if you'd like to start a korero..

Be you..

We do not become tohunga
We came born as tohunga
We are tohunga

Some of us are still remembering who we are.

We do not become healers.
We came as healers.
We are healers.

Some of us are still accepting who we are.

We do not become storytellers.
We came as carriers of the stories we and our ancestors actually lived.
We are living story.

Some of us are still realising who we are.

We do not become artists.
We came as artists.
We are creativity.

Some of us are still imagining who we are

We do not become dancers or singers
We came as dance
We are the song of life

Some of us are still harmonising with who we rhythmically are

We do not become poets, musicians, leaders, lovers, imagineers, activists, meditators, change agents, peacemakers, toa, creators, shapers and magicians...

We came as such;
We are all we are.

Some of us are still in awe of who we are

We do not learn aroha in this sense....
We came as aroha...from Aroha...replete with abundant aroha - We are Aroha ...

Whole Pure Sacred

Some of us are still discovering the divine aroha we are

~ Isaac James Bishara

Love this one ❤

I'm proud to announce that I have followed the requests of clients and those who follow me and my journey.

I am providing opportunities for you all to receive the Divine Guidance provided to me, for healing, at group seminars.

I will be covering various topics, over time, that will include

Spiritual Awakening..what is it, how do I do it
Defining Self and areas of change for healing
Anxiety and Stress Management
Prioritising Self and blessing others more
Releasing Guilt and Obligation
Learning Emotional Intelligence
Suicide and the related trauma
Sexual Assault and related trauma
Relationships and reciprocity in them

As well as several other topics

There will be a light supper and refreshments provided at each seminar, as well as resources to take away and opportunity for you to ask your own personal questions about topics important to you

These Divinity Seminars begin my journey at my new "temporary" premise on Church Street. I am moving away from the Square to broaden my scope and sharpen my skills

The first seminar will be Friday 26th of February from 6pm - 8.30pm


Seats are available for $50/person

With a special offer on this FIRST seminar for a "piggy back". This means you can bring a friend, partner or support person with you and pay just $30 for the 2nd seat.

Please note, seats are limited so will be priortised to those who indicate and pay first.

Message me
Reply below
Or text/call 0272526273

If you have questions or to make bookings


[02/04/21]   Not sure why it posted tier cake??


Kia ora whanau...


The metaphor given to me, through spirit, to help me understand RELATIONSHIPS

I need "rules" or beliefs that are MINE. And to be mine, they must be authentic and applicable always and in ALL ways..or it's hypocrisy 🙄

Here's how spirit reached me..let me know how it reaches you

Relationships as a simple Metaphor..


A recent client message

"Omg girl I cannot believe how good I feel both physical and mentally and it's only day 3 🥳🥳👏👏blessings to you my friend in all that you do "

[01/24/21]   Kia ora whanau..ONLY 2 SPACES LEFT...

TODAY is Wellington Anniversary which also includes us, here, in the Manawatu

I have created "special" appointment spaces to celebrate

(☺I usually don't work on Mondays ☺)

If you'd like to take advantage of this rare opportunity you will need to either..

1. Comment below


2. Message or call me on 0272526273

Enjoy your day

Mauriora 🌬❤

When you know better, do better

When you don't know how to do better, ask yourself what you want to feel better about...and do whatever it takes to do that

Be often as possible

Here's a very recent message from a client who has been in for a series of 3 or 4 appointments and has taken approximately 6 months since his last visit

"I know I haven’t been in touch for a while but last year was our most successful year on the farm and I’ll never be able to thank you enough about how much you helped me I can’t believe how relaxed I still am how much I can control situations without loosing it and just how happy I always am"

Such an awesome message to receive from him, as he originally arrived wanting help to reduce stress, pain, anger and other issues that would enable him to be a better father and husband for his family by providing him the freedom to be a better man

I say this describes success...

A process..not a switch

Cancelations for this week have 2 spaces available Thursday 21st January

11am and 2.45pm

Claim for yourself or a loved one

Throughout my Mirimiri sessions, I am guided to share key tools, stories, metaphors or explain energy blockages found in your body

Often, they relate to this list

If you acknowledge you need support to strengthen any area of your life, especially listed below, then my gift can help you

I'm a safe space for you to rest, recover, replenish and repair your mind, heart, body and spirit

See you soon 😊


Here's a message from a client who referred their friend for an Initial Mirimiri session a little while ago

Wow my friend said her mirimiri changed her life. She needs to come back. Her father said to her "my girl i thought you wouldn't ever get better and look at you now" she visited me today to thank me once again. Just needed to pass that onto u xx

If you've been teetering on your "maybe I'll try it out" for a's good...why not??

Morena whanau..

Sending love to your aches and pains..whether physical, mental, emotional or spiritual

Receive the warmth of pure love I deliver to your free, my x

I got you

Kia ora..

I'm sending you love, today..and every day

I will be going LIVE today around 3pm.

In the past week (especially) there have been serious questions on my character, my personal and professional integrity and concerns expressed for my mental health by some who I thought were close to me

You know. It's interesting to me how others can assume so much about a person without once sending a message or creating space to call them and actually ASK how they are

So, I'm making myself available to be seen by offering an open question session..and I will addressing the topics already raised to me

how do I?
How did I...
what do I?
Why do I..

...sorts of things

If you have a question for me, drop it below or catch the live this afternoon. If you don't have a question but want to hang out for a bit..see you soon

Ma te wa, whanau's YOUR life

When a decision you make gives you a less than desired outcome, the beauty get to choose anew

Have fun!

Today...and I'm tired, boss..

I'm here to support your healing process x's fair and reasonable x

Keep your focus inward and learn who you and accept yourself, or make the changes necessary until you do xx

I do my best, for each of us. Thank you for being here for the journey x


I have appointments available on Thursday this week (7th January)

🌀 12.15pm ... CLAIMED
🌀 1.30pm...CLAIMED
🌀 2.45pm...CLAIMED

Hit me up for yours, or book online at

Mauriora 🌬❤


Kia kaha tane are not alone


In the past 24 hours I have made a decision for myself..

..not to engage in mixed energy..

What that means, for me, is not doing the things that I have always done just because I've always done them..especially when it doesn't match who I am growing and choosing to be now

I encourage you to do the same for yourself

Enjoy each moment, they create happy hours which become good days, great weeks, amazing months and awesome years
Focus on your RIGHT NOW as you progress towards your goals
Lesssgo 🙌


❤🍃..3rd of January special for online bookings only...🍃❤

✨ $99 Replenish Mirimiri sessions ✨

Offer ends midnight January 6th, 2021

Claim yours at

Ma te wa Marise's Mirimiri Massage and Healing Marise's Mirimiri Massage and Healing To restore your freedom, my healing gift has me work through intuitive connections with you to ease pain and discomfort; mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. View My Services Book Now

[01/01/21]   2021 brings with it the opportunity to create ✨ we can remove our own barriers with decision to do so ✨ we can get out of our own way and learn to receive 🙌 with that being said, I am offering a ONE TIME only offer for all new clients


Online bookings ONLY until midnight January 3rd, 2021

Kia ora whanau..

May your farewell to 2020 be filled with love and peace, joy and kindness 🙏🌬❤🕊

My Mirimiri appointments are available in 2021 from the 5th of January to book your own, message me or call 0272526273 if you'd rather we do it together

See you soon

This is more powerful than we realise...

Merry Festive season as we gather ourselves and transition out from 2020, the year that was, and into 2021...the year the fruit is harvested

Be safe
Be kind
Choose love

Mauriora 🌬❤

Merry Christmas xo

Create memories worth keeping, and grow through the rest 🍃

Mauriora 🌬❤
Marise x

My Massage Story

My heart's desire is to help others. It is the most rewarding form of joy I have behind motherhood. My faith is to work and LIVE my life by serving others. On the 1st of April, 2017 I decided to publicly acknowledge the gift I have been given and am following the path it leads me down with great excitement and anticipation.

My maternal grandmother surely knew of my gift back when I was as small, or as young, as a 3 year old child? Upon recent adulthood reflection, I now remember Nan’s korero.

Nan would, at times, call me into her room to fix her back. I felt for her cold spots throughout her back and shoulders and would hold them until they were warm and "fuzzy". Each time I just “knew” where and how to find her "ouchies" as my warm hands, feet or whole of my back was against hers; each was always depending on what I could feel she needed, bigger jobs needed more warmth, therefore received a larger part of my smaller body to adequately do the mahi. She would guide encourage me simply by saying “good girl, now the next one” simultaneously as soon as I felt them ease and warm.

I release the tension, stress and/or trauma and pain stored in both the muscular and mind’s memory. I instinctively find the cold spots (energy blockages) and manoeuvre through massage techniques from finger tips to full palm, deep tissue or light pressure, to find how best to hold the cold, and wait for it to warm.

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Opening Hours

Tuesday 10:00 - 16:45
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Friday 15:00 - 21:00
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