Manawatu Hand Therapy Ltd

Manawatu Hand Therapy Ltd

Manawatu Hand Therapy Ltd, offering private and ACC hand therapy services in Palmerston North operat At Manawatu Hand Therapy we are the only private practice in the Manawatu to hold the ACC hand therapy contract.

There is no surcharge for ACC including splinting. We also see private patients, and will work closely with hand surgeons, GPs, other physiotherapists and health professionals when required. We accept referrals from other health professionals, but also accept self-referrals and are able to fill out ACC claims forms on patient’s behalf (in the case of an accident related injury). At Manawatu Hand T

Operating as usual


I know the lead up to Christmas can be super busy, we are open until the 24th then back on the 5th January if you need to book your next appointments give our lovely admin team a call on 06 2418186


Good Afternoon,

With the announcement today from the Prime Minister, we will be opening Thr clinic on Wednesday 8th September 2021.

As it was said at the press conference, Masks will need to be worn in the clinic.

Signing or scanning the QR code is required for anyone who is entering Manawatu Hand Therapy.

Please if anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate in calling reception on 06 2418186

We are looking forward to seeing you all in person, but if anyone would prefer to stay on tele health please let us know,

From all the team at MHT


Good morning all - as we wake up to our first day under level four we are going to be busy calling those who have appointments booked for the next three days to change those consultations to 📲phone calls. Please be patient with our team as we work through everyone.

Stay safe and if you need us the lovely admin team will be a phone call away and all therapists will be able to call, email or video call through our secure telehealth option.

Photos from Manawatu Hand Therapy Ltd's post 04/05/2021

We put out an offer to local artists to display their artwork at our clinic last month, we have been amazed at the talent Palmerston North has and the artists have just sold the first two paintings! Proud to be a small business supporting locals.


Annual fire evacuation completed, with local fireman and teddy the therapy dog in attendance...

Hand Massage Benefits and How to Give Your Hands a Great Massage 16/02/2021

Hand Massage Benefits and How to Give Your Hands a Great Massage

New offer for a limited time only.... book in for a paraffin wax treatment and hand massage for $35 for 30 minutes. This is with a registered health practitioner, and ideal for anyone who works a manual job, has arthritis etc.

Contact our team on 06 2418186 to book your treatment session

Hand Massage Benefits and How to Give Your Hands a Great Massage A hand massage has benefits for arthritis, carpal tunnel, neuropathy, and pain. Massaging your hands, or having a massage therapist do it, can boost your health and well-being in many other ways, too.


At level 2 we are now wearing masks when we are treating patients...


Good news!!! At level 2 we will see you at the clinic next week... be kind, stay safe !


Today we will start level 2 precautions, hand sanitizer, social distancing, contact tracing and temperature checks to make sure we do our part! If you have any concerns please contact [email protected]


Guess what we are trying in the clinic... basalt hot rocks for muscle pain- patients report that they are very beneficial!


We are happy to say we have moved into level 2 and are enjoying seeing our patients face to face, while still offering a tele health service.

As a locally owned and operated company, we really appreciate the locals that are choosing to support our small business....

If you need hand therapy - remember we do not charge any co payments for ACC, so if you have had an accident and need us we are happy to help!

Stay safe, and always be kind

The team at Manawatu Hand Therapy


We are open today from 8.30 am to 7pm 🙂


Hand Therapy is effective in treating hand and thumb arthritis

At Manawatu Hand Therapy we have experienced therapists in treating both osteoarthritis and rhuematoid arthritis... our aim is to not let hand pain and weakness keep you from doing the activities you enjoy

We are registered with southern cross, and other insurance companies as well, we have some clients that have an assessment completed with insurance funding for physiotherapy treatment.

Our initial appointment is a one hour full assessment, treatment and exercise plan as well as custom made splinting if required

Private cost is $80.00 for the assessment, (splinting prices vary).

We are a locally owned and operated clinic with many years experience.

Call 06 3548008, or email [email protected]


Good morning, at level 3 we are able to see urgent / post surgical patients in the clinic under strict criteria, otherwise we will continue with tele health until level 2. If you are a new patient or existing patient who needs an appointment please call 063548008

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Another week in our bubble... will hopefully get some guidance on when the clinic can reopen in the next few days... in the meantime we are able to treat both new and existing clients through tele health... call 063548008 to book an appointment

Manawatu Hand Therapy Ltd updated their business hours. 05/04/2020

Manawatu Hand Therapy Ltd updated their business hours.

Manawatu Hand Therapy Ltd updated their business hours.


Have you got a new injury to your hand or elbow? We are still able to provide new assessments and acc paperwork while working through tele health... my new co worker seems to have settled into office life well... stay safe, stay home and if we can help call 06 3548008


We are all ready to start tele health from tomorrow... for existing clients, your hand therapist may already have been in touch or should touch base with you over the next few days... anyone who has a new injury we are able to help as well!! Phone 06 3548008 to talk to our lovely admin team or email [email protected] and we can organise your appointment.

Stay safe, be kind and keep in touch!!


We are officially closed, until the government allows us to open we will be available on tele health for virtual hand therapy .... this is offered to all our current clients if clinically appropriate as well as any new injuries that need some help (be safe with all those diy projects!!!). We are going to take the next few days to process this new way of practicing, set up our home office and be ready to help you next week. If you have any questions feel free to email [email protected] or call 06 3548008 and we will do our best to help you.

Stay home, stay safe, and we will see you in person once we can,

Thanks from Jess, Andi and Lisa (happily safe in our bubbles.... )

How to Keep My Orthosis Clean and Hygienic? - Orfit Industries 19/03/2020

How to Keep My Orthosis Clean and Hygienic? - Orfit Industries

Did you know we can custom make you a splint for your hand injury that is easy to keep clean and hygienic? Rather than an off the shelf fabric brace, these are a great option with the need for frequent hand hygiene... call us on 06 3548008 to book an appointment, if you have an accepted acc claim and a splint is required, there is no cost to our patients 🙂

Stay safe and wash your hands (and splints!)

How to Keep My Orthosis Clean and Hygienic? - Orfit Industries With hand hygiene being so important at this time, we listed some tips on how to keep your orthosis squeaky clean and hygienic.


With the current virus and its affect on our communities... lets remember to support NZ made and our local communities.

At MHT we are using zoono to sanitise all critical points in reception to stop any surface transmission- this is a NZ made product with long lasting antimicrobial affect - see their website

We supply the locally made in Palmerston North Herb farm products - these are amazing and both staff and clients have found these beneficial

We use E balm as a massage wax for all our treatments - again another NZ made product - its full of arnica, emu oil and other helpful ingredients

Cactus is another awesome NZ made brand - check out their amazing face masks - organic cotton and wool but good enough for NASA

we are also sanitising all tools / equipment used with clients with hospital grade disinfectant, and you will be asked to sanitise your hands on arrival - keep safe, keep calm, and feel confident that we are still providing the same service, if you have any concerns or wish to discuss our management plan further - please contact us on 06 3548008


Learning a new sport doesn’t always go well... did you know we can complete your ACC paperwork after an injury as well as organise xrays and ultrasound if needed... this is a classic FOOSH - fall on a outstretched hand (luckily no injury from this one... ) thanks manawatu skating for the lessons!

Photos from Manawatu Hand Therapy Ltd's post 27/08/2019

Another busy day in the office... used a new product orfit more to make a sugar tong splint for a post op patient.. much happier than with his plaster of Paris cast! By using splinting early (this person is two weeks post surgery) we can do controlled motion to get people back to normal life as quick as possible!


Manawatu Hand therapy splint spotted... we have been helping the turbos stay on the field since 2015

Timeline photos 26/07/2019

Timeline photos

Ever wondered what a "plate and screws" or ORIF of a finger looks like? Might be smaller than you thought!


Unfortunately when your hand fights a chainsaw... the chainsaw wins!! K tape to help finger extension full functional range achieved


Did you know that there are 27 bones, 29 joints and at least 123 named ligaments in the human hand?

Photos from Manawatu Hand Therapy Ltd's post 14/12/2018

Santa came early for our friends at Manawatu Hand Therapy this year... hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday season

The Circumferential Wrist Orthosis 31/10/2018

The Circumferential Wrist Orthosis

At Manawatu Hand Therapy we are highly trained in creating custom made, lightweight practical thermoplastic splints- a much better option than casting! Give us a call to see if a splint would be appropriate for you

The Circumferential Wrist Orthosis Learn how to make a circumferential wrist orthosis for your patients with a variety of acute and painful wrist and hand pathologies by following the instructions on this page.

Photos from Manawatu Hand Therapy Ltd's post 19/09/2018

We are happy to announce we are now a stockist for the wonderful herb farm range. We have used their comfrey, arnica and pain ease creams with great success with our patients. Next time you are in the clinic come and have a look and try some of there amazing products

Arapuke Forest Mountain Bike Park trails getting better all the time 21/03/2018

Arapuke Forest Mountain Bike Park trails getting better all the time

Great tracks and fun to be had, and remember if it doesn’t go to plan... we are here to help (and can custom make splints to get you back on your bike earlier!!)

Arapuke Forest Mountain Bike Park trails getting better all the time MOUNTAINBIKING: Eleven kilometres of track to be added to Arapuke Forest Mountain Bike Park.



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