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Powoli, powoli, powoli...ale już wstępnie można myśleć o świątecznych prezentach. 🎁
Jama jest przygotowana i zatowarowana, ale wciąż zdobywamy ciekawe gadżety do gwiazdkowych paczek.
Witrażyki świąteczne.
Zajrzyj, popatrz, może a nuż coś wpadnie do głowy:)
Marcelina pięknie pakuje!!
Wysyłki do paczkomatów również w opcji. 📦

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Brody! Brody! Brody!
Mój filmik sprzed kilku lat z lektorem (we własnej osobie) i angielskimi napisami.
Trochę podstaw jeśli chodzi o technikę pracy i kosmetyki. Mimo złowróżb sceptyków brody wciąż mają się dobrze.
Nie traćmy czasu. Edukacja i rozwój idą w parze.
Przed siebie!
Trzymajmy się.
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Marka wyspecjalizowana w tworzeniu męskich kosmetyków. Sprawdźcie naszą ofertę olejków do brody, wosków do wąsów, olejków do golenia oraz pomad!

Sprawdźcie naszą ofertę olejków do brody, wosków do wąsów, olejków do golenia oraz pomad.


Shaving should be an aspect of life that isn’t a chore. Snags, nicks, rashes, are all elements that make an effort.

Our Shave Oil is formulated not to absorb into the skin or hair, meaning it sits in the surface of your skin. This will allow the blade to glide more easily, creating a comfortable shave. Elevate the experience further with our Shave Cream applied over the top of the Oil, to help lift and soften the hairs.


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The foundation to great style… Salt Tonic gives structure to the hair, supporting it from the root up… this gives volume and texture. It can be an amazing stand alone styling product for looser looks, or use it as the foundation for a style and seal the look with a finishing product like our Matte Paste.



We are deeply saddened by the death of Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth II.

Our thoughts and condolences are with The Royal Family and all those around the world mourning her loss.

God save the King.

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Product Highlight: Clay Pomade is one of the most fun products to talk about for us at the moment. For us, we’re just super proud of it. The formulation is simple and uses great ingredients like Kaolin Clay and Bees Wax. The hold is the perfect medium, reworkable hold for long or short hair. And it’s the product we see you guys ordering lots of and raving about.

When using the Clay Pomade, remember it is oil based, so a little heavier, has a natural (muted shine) finish and it’s a medium hold. Once you understand your hair and what you want to achieve, this will create a brilliant style.


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Beard Oil - Vanilla & Mango

This is one of our most popular products, and has been for almost 9 years. So what makes it so good?

First of all, the scent. We wanted something that stood out, was fresh, and uplifted. Mango had the uplift and freshness. Vanilla balanced that with subtle mellower notes. Together they are a fragrance combo unlike any other.

Second (but by no means less important than the fragrance), the formulation. The formulation is key. So often, we have seen Beard Oils that don't work. Beard Oil is a leave in conditioner for your hair and skin. We needed it to out perform even the highest expectations.

Base oils are oils that carry other oils They do this by allowing other ingredients to absorb into the hair and skin more efficiently. Our combination or Grapeseed, Argon & Jojoba oils do this perfectly, but they also have fantastic properties for keeping hair and skin healthy.

Who’s tried it and what do you think? 👇

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Let’s get the spotlight on the Clay Pomade for a moment.

The formula isn’t a complex one, but it’s one that does the job, exactly how we wanted it to:
- Medium Hold
- Heavy Weight
- Natural Finish

So easy to apply, so easy to rework, so easy to get a relaxed style.

This product is our best selling styling product by far. Once you use it, it’s easy to see why.

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A versatile hair styling essential...

Formulated ​to add volume and texture to any hair style, whilst giving a light hold and superior matte finish.

​To use as a pre-styler, apply to damp hair & dry. To add more volume, blow-dry instead of leaving your hair to dry naturally. Pair with your favourite styling product to create your desired look. For a true matte style, why not try it with our Matte Paste?

​As a standalone styling product, simply apply to damp or wet hair & leave to dry. Again, blow-drying can make a world of difference when it comes to volume.

​How do you use your Salt Tonic?

Paulette Edwards - Meet the barbers letting people pay what they want - BBC Sounds 01/08/2022

Paulette Edwards - Meet the barbers letting people pay what they want - BBC Sounds

It's amazing we can achieve this type of recognition and get our voice heard on somewhere like the BBC.

We believe in this campaign. We believe we can have an impact on our local community. We believe self care is a basic right.

We want to say a massive thank you to everyone at the BBC, especially Paulette Edwards and the BBC Radio Sheffield team for having us and talking to our founder, Sam W Martin about this campaign.


Paulette Edwards - Meet the barbers letting people pay what they want - BBC Sounds Apothecary 87 are doing their bit to tackle to cost of living crisis

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And relax...

​If baths are part of your grooming regime, our Bath Salts are your new essential.

A blend of Dead Sea Salts, Epsom Salts, a variety of essential oils and dried fruit peel, all put together to help look after your skin, help you relax and leave your skin with a fresh scent.

​Add a small handful to a hot bath, lay back & let our Bath Salts do the rest.

​📸 - Andrew Jackson ()

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Our Logo Tee is this summers essential ☀️

​Made from 100% cotton, it's the perfect addition to your wardrobe...especially on those hot days!

​Get yours & join

​📸 - Dan Mars ()

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Stranger Things is back with arguably the best season so far...

​We're huge fans of Stranger Things, especially the classic 80's looks & hairstyles. Who doesn't love a mullet?

​So to celebrate the full release of season 4, here's our Top 5 Stranger Things hairstyles & how to recreate them! Head on over to our website to check out our latest blog post 👉 https://bit.ly/Top5StrangerThingsHairstyles

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​It's no doubt that Elvis Presley has always been a style icon. From the big hair to the wild outfits, The King of Rock n' Roll definitely cemented himself in history as not only a music legend, but a style legend too.

​Check out our latest blog post, 'Elvis' Iconic Styles Through The Years', to find out how you can style yourself like The King 👉 https://bit.ly/ElvisIconicStyles

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💈 Remember chaps!

​Tomorrow is our first official 'Pay What You Want' Wednesday! Pop into our Doncaster or Sheffield shop, get a haircut and pay whatever you want.

​Whether it's 1p or £100, the price is completely up to you.

​Book in: https://www.apothecary87.co.uk/pages/locations

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Struggling to find the perfect Father's Day gift? We've got you sorted.

​Upgrade your dad's grooming routine this year with our range of kits & bundles, & keep him looking sharp this Father's Day.

​Enjoy with 20% off when you use the code 'DAD20'

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Johnny Depp has always been a style icon, both through his roles in TV & film, as well as having his own, unique style.

​Whether he's on the red carpet or taking a trip to the shops, Johnny's many looks over the years have never failed to impress us.

​Want to know how to achieve Johnny Depp's iconic looks? Check out our newest blog post 'Top 5 Johnny Depp Hairstyles' & take a look at how to recreate them.

​Check out the blog here ➡️ https://bit.ly/Top5JohnnyDeppHairstyles

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For the chap who want's to stand out...

​The blend of Vanilla & Mango was created to give men something different, in a world where men were expected to smell like wood or leather.

Helping you to look after your beard is what we do best, but offering fragrances that will turn heads? We do that just as well.

​📸 - Ted Howells ()

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What better way to spend a Saturday than relaxing in the Barbershop? 💈


Our Clay Pomade is one of our most popular products, but why?

Well, it's a hybrid between a modern clay & an old-school pomade, carefully crafted using a blend of Kaolin Clay & Beeswax.

The result? A product that tames any short/medium style, providing a strong hold whilst adding a natural finish to your hair, as well as being waterproof due to it's oil base.

Oh yeah, it's paired with our Vanilla & Mango fragrance too, meaning your hair's going to smell great from morning style, to evening wash.


Keeping your beard looking it's best, in 3 easy steps...

​Cleanse & nourish the beard with our Botanical Shampoo. A formula designed to wash away impurities, whilst keeping the hair healthy.

​Moisturise & soften the hair & skin with our Beard Oil, in the scent of your choice.

​Use our Beard Balm to provide extra conditioning, tame & style your beard.

​Get the complete set in our Beard Care Essentials bundle!

​📸 - Mark Horton ()


High & tight crew cut done by our newest Doncaster barber, Bradley! 💈

If you're in the Doncaster area, book in with Bradley here 👉 https://bit.ly/BookInBradley


Our lads at Kelham on the tools, doing what they do best 💈

We have space this week so don't hesitate to come & see us for a trim or even just to pop in for a coffee.

Book in here 👉 https://bit.ly/BookInKelham

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What is Salt Tonic?

​It sounds cool, but what is its purpose & is it right for you?

​Check out our blog 'What Is Salt Tonic?' to find out!
​👉🏼 https://bit.ly/WhatIsSaltTonic

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A classic product, with modern performance...

Our Pomade was our first ever hair styling product & is still a staple when it comes to perfecting those old-school, high-shine looks.

It's also a great pre-styler if you're looking to add some extra hold to your matte looks.

​Simply apply Pomade to towel-dried hair, blow dry roughly into your desired style, then apply your Matte Paste to finalise.

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Our Logo Tee is this summers essential ☀️

​Made from 100% cotton, it's the perfect addition to your wardrobe...especially on those hot days!

​Get yours & join

​📸 - Daniel Mars ()

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Style icons of the 1920's...

The 'Roaring 20s', a time of prohibition, rule breaking, defying normality, and of course, a time to showcase some truly dapper style.

We take great inspiration from the 1920s and we all have our favourite style icons, but who made it onto our list?

​Check out our 'Style Icons of the 1920's' blog post
​👉🏼 https://bit.ly/StyleIconsOfThe1920s

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The 30 second beard care routine...

​Our Beard Balm is an essential for those looking to keep their grooming routine short but effective. An easy to apply balm that looks after your beard hairs, promotes healthy growth and moisturises your skin underneath.

​📸 - Ted Howells ()


Why are regular trims important? 💈

​Visiting the barbershop on a regular basis is crucial to maintain the overall style & health of your hair.

​Regular trims not only remove split ends which aid in healthy hair growth but also makes the hair appear thicker.

When hair grows, it loses style & shape, so it's best to keep on top of it if you want to keep a tidy style...that skin fade won't last forever!

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May the 4th be with you! ✨

​It's our favourite day of the year...Star Wars day!

​We'll definitley be putting aside some time today to watch some of our favourite Star Wars films, make sure you chaps celebrate accordingly too.

​For now here are some of our favourite looks from the films, including a very distinguished looking Han Solo, & of course we couldn't leave out Chewie (we're very jealous of all that hair.)


That's right, we're giving you 10% off your service! 💈

All you have yo do is tag us in an Instagram or TikTokpost while you're in the chair, use the tag, & show your barber.

We'll be running this offer in both our Doncaster & Kelham shops until 04.06.22, so make sure you get yourself booked in!

Doncaster 👉 https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=17616306&location=Barbers%20%26%20Shop%20(Doncaster)

Kelham 👉 https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=17616306&location=Barbers%20%26%20Shop%20(Kelham%20Island)

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Weekend style tips, brought to you this week by

​A plain tee, statement jewellery & some cool sunglasses is all it really takes to achieve an effortless weekend look.

​This look from Spooks is giving us big summer vibes. The man bun is making a come back in time for the warmer weather, good news for the fellas with longer hair!

​📸 - Oliver James ()


The dark secret...

Our Botanical Shampoo is made from the most natural essential fruit oils & proteins, as well as using the power of charcoal to strip tough products & put good stuff back into your hair & beard.

Designed to cleanse, nourish & help prevent dry, damaged hair, it's no secret why our Botanical Shampoo is one of our best sellers.

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The Hair Essentials...

​Cleanse with our Botanical Shampoo, prep with our Salt Tonic & finish with the styling product of your choice.

​​All you need to cleanse & style in one discounted bundle.

​📸 - Lucy Burley ()

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Our Easter sale ends today! 🐰

​For those of you that haven't, remember to grab your 20% off when you use the code


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Weekend styling tips...

When it comes to pre-stylers, nothing does the job quite like Salt Tonic.

Grab your Salt Tonic & apply a few sprays to damp hair, using your finger tips to work it right through to your roots.

Blow dry roughly into your desired style, then add your chosen styling product. Our personal favourite to follow up with is Matte Paste to stick with the textured matte look.

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Can you find our offer? 🐰

​Hidden on our website is an Easter egg with a cracking offer inside!

​Find it before 22.04.22 & claim 20% off on your order 🥚

​HINT: Have you checked out our products?

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The secret to a well groomed beard...

​The best way to achieve a well groomed and well maintained beard comes down to how often you're trimming your beard & what products you're using.

​Regularly trimming your beard will not only help to keep it's shape, but keep the hair healthy as it's growing. No need to worry about split ends!

​Beards can get quite dry so regular conditioning can help avoid a dry, itchy beard. Our Beard Balm formula is designed to be a rich, nourishing leave-in conditioner that helps prevent beardruff & provides a light-weight hold to tame the beard hair.

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The hunt is on!

​Rather than sending out a discount code, this year we're getting into the true spirit of Easter & what better way to do that than with an egg hunt!

Somewhere on our website is a hidden Easter egg with a cracking offer inside.

To use the code, go to our website & look for the egg!

Happy hunting!

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Creating the perfect atmosphere is an essential part of relaxation.

​With 30+ hours burn time, our Soy Candles are the perfect addition to your relaxation routines.

Our formula is designed to fill any room with fragrance, whilst maintaining an eco friendly environment. The use of Soy Wax, Sunflower Oil, Shea Butter, Vitamin E and cotton wicks ensure the most eco friendly burn.

​📸 - Andrew Jackson ()

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We've got the soundtrack to your summer...☀️

​If you're looking for a chilled out, summer vibe for when the sun comes out, our Feel Good Tunes playlist is the one for you.

​Head on over to our Spotify by following the link!
​👉 https://spoti.fi/3LqtH8w


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