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I like the new Black Edition. Which is the indredient list (INCI)?
While in Portugal, the hotel had Banho (Claus Porto) shampoo, which I loved but is not available through Retail. Why don't you sell this to your consumers?
I am down to my last box of Aguia Vertyver soap bars. I have 8 bars left from years ago, when I bought 50 bars. Why don't you bring these back? This was the greatest soap in the world. Please reintroduce or let me know if you have any.
The soap wall at #ClausPorto probides visitors with a mosaic of the range of soap scents available.
We enjoyed our shopping experience at #ClausPorto on Saturday!
Hello! I'm in Porto right now. I've stayed in Seminario de Vilar(Vilar Seminar) and I and my friend are going to hold an interesting event! If you want to be a global leader or if you want to achieve true peace against violent extremism and war! Please come to Seminario de Vilar(Vilar Seminar)!!! All of you can come! The address is R. Arcediago Vanzeller 50, 4050-145 Porto! I and my friend prepared some present too! Thank you!
So since 1887 and you haven't figured out how to SHIP ON TIME??? 2 weeks and I don't even have a tracking #, 10 business days have passed, and your site says 1-7 days MAX.
Where is my order Claus Porto? You took my money two weeks ago, said you were shipping to me and then nothing! Please let me know what is happening. I have tried to avoid publically shaming you, but you had over 100 euros 2 weeks ago and I have had nothing! This is my christmas shopping - where is it? I just want to talk to someone instead of emails with false promises. I want overnight delivery and I want my order now!
Claus Porto essentials. The Soap Dish. Just used another way ;) Cheers!
tive o prazer de visitar a loja em Lisboa, uma explosão de cores e aromas acompanhada da incrível simpatia dos funcionários. Obrigada
Big hassle and terrible user experience when buying the mens aftershave. Want to check out with PayPal and still wants all personal info.

Claus Porto is a beauty, fragrance and lifestyle house born in 1887 in the city of Porto. --- A Claus Porto é uma casa de perfumes, produtos de beleza e lifestyle nascida no Porto em 1887.

The roots of Claus Porto stretch back to 1887, when two German gentlemen arrived in a beautiful, historic Portuguese city. The marriage of these two European identities led to the creation of this renowned house of beauty and fragrance. Through 130 years and 4 generations of ups and downs, glory and setbacks, Claus Porto prevailed. It developed its unique expertise in soaps, colognes, scented candles, home diffusers or men grooming products, crafting a philosophy of authenticity and an incredible portfolio of colourful hand-made labels and design patterns, each with its own unique personality. * Claus Porto is not responsible for the opinions shared buy users on this page. Nevertheless, the administrators reserve the right to remove any comments with commercial intentions, and those that may offend other members of this Facebook community. --- Nas raízes da Claus Porto estão o ano de 1887, dois empresários alemães e uma fascinante cidade histórica portuguesa. Do casamento entre estas duas identidades europeias nasceu uma casa de fragrâncias e produtos de beleza centenária. Ao longo de quatro gerações, a Claus Porto permaneceu sempre autêntica, desenvolvendo a sua experiência em sabonetes, águas de colónia, velas, difusores ou produtos para homem com fragrâncias inspiradas nos aromas e paisagens portugueses e que dão vida ao seu riquíssimo portfólio de rótulos coloridos desenhados à mão. *A Claus Porto não se responsabiliza pelas opiniões partilhadas por outros utilizadores nesta página. No entanto, os seus administradores reservam o direito de remover quaisquer comentários com intenções comerciais ou que possam ofender outros membros desta comunidade do Facebook.

Claus Porto Creating art with fragrance since 1887 --- Claus Porto A criar arte com fragrância desde 1887


Claus Porto Agua Flores featured in SOON Mag! Depuis plus de 130 ans, Claus Porto est une référence mondiale en matière de savons et eaux de cologne . La numéro six des eaux de cologne, AGUA FLORES 6, nous emmène au large sur l’archipel des Açores, à l’heure d’un déconfinement mérité entre ciel, terre et eau. Et puisque nous app...

Summer vibes and spiced gifts!
The long days of warm temperatures and sunshine got us on an offering mood so you’ll be receiving a complimentary Spiced Citrus Shaving Cream, when purchasing your Cologne set.

Enjoy this limited offer at our website:

Claus Porto soaps from another lens!

Claus Porto soap's photographed by Lucie Conrad 🍃

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Dezent elegant

Our Agua Flores featured in Süddeutsche Zeitung! Für zu Hause ist schweres Parfum eher ungeeignet - deshalb hat jetzt das Eau de Cologne seine große Stunde. Neu auf den Tisch kommen Berliner Salz- und Pfeffermühlen aus Porzellan. Die Stil-Neuigkeiten der Woche.

The 5 Best Indie Fragrances for Warmer Weather

Our Le Parfum featured in Gear Patrol - worth the read and the fragrance! Walk up to the fragrance counter in your nearest department store. What do you find? Big-name, steeply priced labelsand fast-fashion, low-grade eau de toilettes. But somewhere between those poles, indie-label perfumers are creating the most inspired, exciting scents in the game.

Claus Porto. Os sabonetes e perfumes preferidos de Oprah Winfrey

Claus Porto's CEO, Francisco Neto, in an interview for Dinheiro Vivo. The heart of a country in a universal fragrance - a quick journey through our challenges and plans for the future. Será possível resumir a essência de um país a uma fragrância universal? No DV Made in Portugal desta semana fique a conhecer a Claus Porto

During this time of uncertainty, small details make a difference.
So, we couldn’t miss the opportunity of celebrating all the big heroes out there, reaching further and beyond.

Happy Father's Day!

Always by your side.
Our stores in Portugal will be closed for an indefinite period, but we want to make sure we are home with you, as we have always been.
Everything you need to make your house cozy, beautiful and safe at our Online Store. Now, with FREE SHIPPING in all orders for Europe:


Claus Porto's cover photo

Health Magazine just released their Holiday Gift Guide with perfect gift ideas for the season, and Claus Porto Soap Bars are among them– found them at

A Claus Porto chegou à Baixa com um bar de sabonetes

A nossa nova loja na Time Out Lisboa. Na esquina renovada que une a Rua dos Bacalhoeiros à Rua da Madalena, os toldos cinzentos anunciam a nova cara da vizinhança: a Claus Porto chegou à Baixa. Na n

Our NYC store project by TACKLEBOX | NY was awarded 10 major international design recognitions in the space of a year's time. Read all about it here:

Exclusively for our friends, talented individuals from the Claus Porto world are sharing tips on their favourite hometown places. First up is Creative Director Anne-Margreet Honing with the coolest places to eat, shop or hangout in the City of Light:

Arranca hoje a 1ª edição da Porto Design Biennale, que tem como objetivo contribuir para a promoção, divulgação e investimento no design português. A Claus Porto está presente na exposição "Portugal Industrial - Ligações entre o Design e a Indústria" com uma série de fotografias e objetos relacionados com o seu processo de fabrico e com a icónica linha de cuidados masculinos Musgo Real. A não perder no Artes Mota Galiza, de 20 de Setembro a 10 de Novembro:

Imagine a world where scent memories meet creativity – and you are in control. Our innovative scented creative writing workshop unlocks the pathways to a writing experience you’ve never imagined. Madalena Galamba from Editorialista, who is running the Claus Porto Scented Creative Writing Workshop, is knowledgeable and experienced in the world of writing. This access to a mentor is priceless. Take advantage of it! Saturday, September 14th at 11:30am at Casa da América Latina. The event is free and you just have to register at [email protected]. Further information here:

Madalena Galamba was born in Lisbon and lives in the Alentejo region. She first learned to write in 1981 and never looked back. She studied Communication Sciences in Lisbon and Cinema Studies at the Tisch School of the Arts in New York. She spent a few years in Paris, that marked her forever. She was the founder and editor of Blue Design magazine and wrote for the newspapers, Expresso, Público and Fora de Série, before founding her own writing studio, Editorialista. She practices meditation and, in her spare time, cultivates the art of idling. In 2018, she moved to the countryside and, inspired by the peace and quiet, finished her first novel. She hates procrastination and loves freedom. She's also the mentor of the free "Claus Porto: Smell, Memory and Words" creative writing workshop, that will take place next Saturday September 14th at Casa da América Latina. Have you registered yet? Further information here:

We're very proud to announce that we'll be opening a second store in Lisbon this month. The space will be the perfect complement to our first Lisbon shop up in the Chiado district, which remains as our primary outlet in the capital. Our growing retail footprint also includes the brand's flagship store on Porto’s historic “Street of Flowers”; the award-winning boutique in New York City; and our global online outlet as well as our presence at prestigious stores around the world. Stay tuned, more to come soon!

Rhi_Think is an initiative organized by the Arte Institute that intends to re-imagine contemporary culture and mobilize artists, cultural agents and the public for a new attitude. It will take place this month in 12 cities in Portugal and we're collaborating in the "Claus Porto: Smell, Memory and Words" creative writing workshop, that will take place next September 14th at Casa da América Latina, mentored by Madalena Galamba, aka Editorialista. The event is free and you just have to register at [email protected]. Further information here:

Soap-on-a-rope is one of those great, simple ideas – like sliced bread or ballpoint pens – that make you wonder how we ever got on without it. Learn all about this iconic product here:

Portuguese Prestige: Claus Porto - The Corinthia Insider

Claus Porto's Creative Director, Anne Margreet Honing, on The Corinthia Insider. Creative director of Claus Porto, Anne-Margreet Honing, shares her insight into the company's deep connection with Portuguese culture.

Perfect Combinations

Reaching out to build new partnership has always been part of our DNA. This year is no exception and we've teamed up with Antiqvvm, one of Portugal’s top restaurants, and Corinthia Hotel Lisbon's sumptuous spa. This is what we came up with. Discover Claus Porto luxury soaps, colognes, hand creams and scented candles, all with Vintage inspiration. More than 130 years of history available online.

Very proud of our NYC's store project by TACKLEBOX | NY 7th design award: an Azure Magazine 2019 AZ Award in the Commercial & Institutional category (Award of Merit, People's Choice).

Claus Porto's cover photo


Our Lisbon store as seen by FORA Sunglasses journal. Sabonetes de todos os tamanhos, velas, loções, cremes e perfumes, um universo quase mágico e visualmente deslumbrante. Se mais adjectivos ou características houvesse, mais associaríamos a esta marca que já superou os 130 anos de existência sempre cheia de nobres delicadezas de uma Belle Époq...

A Ach Brito & C.A., S.A. pretende recrutar um/a “Sales Assistant (M/F)” em regime de full-time para lojas em Lisboa e no Porto.

Principais responsabilidades:
· Acolhimento ao cliente
· Divulgação e venda de produtos
· Organização e tarefas da loja

Perfil pretendido:
· Excelente capacidade de comunicação e relação interpessoal
· Proatividade, fortes valores pessoais e ética profissional
· Fluente em Inglês (serão valorizados conhecimentos de outra língua estrangeira)
· Disponibilidade para trabalhar aos fins-de-semana e feriados, por turnos, até às 21h

· Boas condições de trabalho
· Oportunidade de trabalhar numa equipa dinâmica

Para que a sua candidatura seja devidamente submetida e analisada, deverá ser enviada para [email protected] com a ref.ª “PT_LISBOA” ou "PT_PORTO" no “assunto” do e-mail.

The new Iris guest soap box as seen by Attitude Interior Design Magazine:

No spa do Corinthia há uma massagem ao estilo hammam a quatro mãos

Inspirado nas influências árabes na cultura portuguesa e na filosofia de fabrico artesanal dos produtos da Claus Porto, onde cada fragrância tem por base ingredientes provenientes da exuberante flora portuguesa, o The Spa do Corinthia Hotel Lisbon desenhou um inovador e luxuoso tratamento Hammam. O spa do hotel lisboeta é vencedor de vários prémios e promove o uso de produtos portugueses.

Os sabonetes Íris fazem 100 anos e regressaram à Claus Porto

"Dos arquivos gráficos da Claus Porto, a diretora criativa da marca, Anne-Margreet Honing, retirou inspiração para o relançamento de um dos produtos mais icónicos da marca: os sabonetes Iris, semelhantes a pequenos macarons coloridos, já chegaram às lojas." Dos arquivos gráficos da Claus Porto, a diretora criativa da marca, Anne-Margreet Honing, retirou inspiração para o relançamento de um dos produtos mais icónicos da marca: os sabonetes Iris, semelhantes a pequenos macarons coloridos, já chegaram às lojas

Imagens do workshop de Guest Soaps para a Creative Oporto na nossa Flagship Store da Rua das Flores.

We're very proud to announce that our NYC store project by TACKLEBOX | NY has received yet another major recognition: a NYCxDESIGN award in the Small Retail category. Full winners and honorees list here: #nycxdesignawards

Monocle has just released its annual Travel Top 50 Awards, published in their travel magazine The Escapist, and our amenities were considered the “Amenities we want more of: Portugal’s Claus Porto has been on point with its playful packaging from the get-go. Now it has expanded its reach into hospitality ans its eye-catching toiletries grace bathroom suites in a select set of Portuguese hotels. We’re particularly fond of Banho, with its citrus notes, and the marine-inspired Cerina.” Photo credit: Infante Sagres.

Our NYC store design by TACKLEBOX | NY under the direction of Jeremy Barbour has just been named a 2019 NYCxDESIGN Awards Finalist in the Small Retail category! Complete list of finalists available here: #nycxdesignawards

Última semana para votar! A nossa loja de NY, da autoria da TACKLEBOX | NY sob a direção do arquiteto Jeremy Barbour, é um dos finalistas dos prestigiados 2019 AZ Awards da revista AZURE, na categoria "Commercial/Institutional Interiors."

Se acha que o projeto é tão incrível como nós, vote nos People's Choice Awards aqui:

Cada voto conta. Muito obrigado pela sua participação!

"A oferta qualitativa e superior" faz a diferença, aponta Francisco Neto

O CEO da Claus Porto em entrevista ao jornal Expresso durante a conferência Luxury Shopping Talks, que juntou a Global Blue àquele semanário no passado dia 3 de Abril. O CEO da Claus Porto em declarações no final da conferência Luxury Talks, que juntou a Global Blue ao Expresso

Quer que o seu negócio seja a primeira Salão De Beleza em Porto?

Clique aqui para solicitar o seu anúncio patrocinado.

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Happy 2018!
Le Parfum
Spray it!
Traditional Typography workshops @ Flagship Claus Porto




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Serviços profissionais de Cabeleireira e Maquilhagem ao domicílio! Contactos: Cristina Sousa 91 4733646 [email protected] Mensagem privada

DEPILCLUB - Líder em depilação a laser DEPILCLUB - Líder em depilação a laser
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A Depilclub presta serviços de depilação a laser em vários centros certificados espalhados pelo país. Saiba mais em ou ligue gratuitamente para a nossa linha de apoio: PORTO 800 206 489 ou LISBOA 800 208 171.

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Nesta página encontras uma variada gama de produtos essenciais ao teu dia-a-dia. Desde: maquilhagem, cuidado da pele, fragrâncias, corpo e cabelo, moda, bijuteria... Eu como tua revendedora, estou aqui para te aconselhar e ajudar nas tuas escolhas.

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Aqui vai encontrar kits de pinceis ou pinceis individuais a melhor preço do mercado. O ENVIO É APENAS PARA PORTUGAL E ILHAS.

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Tenho como objectivo deixar as vossas unhas com um brilho especial!

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Salão de cabeleiros especializados em cabelos afro. Nossa loja dispõe de produtos de beleza, perucas, extensões, cabelo humano vindos direto da Índia..

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