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Jannah Hair & Beauty Salon


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Saya baru habis facial di jannah. Bagus dan memuaskan. Saya rasa saya akan buat lagi dan urut kepalanya sedap hilang migrane saya!saya rasa selesa di jannah salon. Cubalah!

Jannah Hair & Beauty Salon, trusted brand for the past 15 years. Strictly for ladies only. Our services.

-Professional haircut
-Halal coloring
-Hair and Scalp treatments
-Facial treatments
-Ear candling
-Body massage

The owner / stylist of the salon has over 30 years of experience in the line of Hairstyling. Due to the limited Muslimah salons in Singapore, Jannah Hair & Beauty Salon was open, which provides head to toe services under one roof. The salon offers various services such as professional haircut, halal coloring, hair & scalp treatment, facial & body massage. Jannah Hair & Beauty Salon has a clean, sp

Temporarily closed


[email protected]

Call 64407574 for more info.


Hair strand diameter.

Basically our hair falls into 3 categories.

1.Fine hair is also known as baby hair.
2.Medium hair is not too thick & not too thin.
3.Coarse hair is a common hair type. You can see its dry and feels rough to touch.


As we clean our Salon everyday, nothing beats the professional way.


Dont just live a life of black & white when there's a spectrum of colors available for you.
Whatever age you are!😘


Clean Regularly.

1. Soak it in warm soapy water for few mins.
2. Use hair pin or toothbrush to remove hair, dirt or any other buildup.
3. Rinse with water & let dry.

Make it a rountine. Dont forget to include your hairband & inner scarf (anak tudung) too!

Photos from Jannah Hair & Beauty Salon's post 02/06/2021

Halal coloring / henna at Jannah Muslimah Salon Tristar Complex Geylang.


Sometimes all you need is a splash of color to revive your dull hair again.


😆 It happens, when suddenly u miss your long hair. Hair will grow.👍🧡

Photos from Jannah Hair & Beauty Salon's post 12/09/2020


Customer 1st time to a salon, never did anything to her hair before. She put her trust in us to make some changes and she left the salon with a wide smile on her face.😃


-Slimming, tighten skin & reduce wrinkles.
-Whiten skin, reduce spots.
-Prevent & improve acne, skin oil & fats, eliminate & restrain bacteria.
-Enhance the penetration of skin products.


"Never underestimate the power of a good haircut."


Salam Sabtu💞💕💓
Enjoy your weekend ladies😘

Timeline photos 24/08/2020

Lesson to be learn for everybody.
This is possible. It can happen to anyone so start combing and be more hygienic in taking care of ourselves especially our hair with the hijab on.💜

Timeline photos 04/08/2020

Dont make our hijab an excuse not to care for our hair❌

Timeline photos 28/07/2020


Timeline photos 11/07/2020


Herbal & Vegetarian Repair Complex.

Enriched with Silk protein, jojoba & vit E to nourish hair. Adds definition, moisture & brilliant shine. With unique light-holding ingredients, it reduces breakage caused by thermal styling, UV damage & combing. Eliminate frizz, leave hair soft, smooth, nourished & protected.

Timeline photos 24/06/2020

There are many benefits of combing your hair.
You can comb twice a day every morning before shower & night before sleeping.

Timeline photos 19/06/2020

Halal colouring. Safe on scalp & hair. Suitable even for those with sensitive scalp.

Timeline photos 05/06/2020

Even if you intend to keep long hair, trimming the ends is important to keep it healthy👍

Our professional haircut from $25.

Timeline photos 05/06/2020

Dont forget to scan in and scan out.
Scanning of IC can also be done if you dont have QR scanner.
It is advisable to keep your mask on even inside the salon.
Lets do our part together!💪


Salam ladies..We will be operating as usual from Monday - Saturday 11.30-7pm.

Sunday and PH close.

Appointment preferred but we still accept walk-ins if you dont mind waiting😄


Hope to see you all❤

Timeline photos 24/05/2020

May Allah bless us, forgive all our sins, purify us & unite us in this trying period.
Insha Allah Amin🙏

Timeline photos 23/04/2020

Although this year Ramadan is different, we are still bless to be given the chance to repent, improve our character & replace bad habits with good ones.🙏
Stay positive.
Stay healthy.
Stay home.
May Allah's blessings be with each & everyone of u.😘

Photos from Jannah Hair & Beauty Salon's post 10/04/2020

It is important to regularly clean & sterilise your brush and combs to keep away little nasties and clean away buildup from HAIR PRODUCTS, DANDRUFF DIRT and SKIN PARTICLES that may have build up over time.


We are open
today (sun)
tomorrow (mon)

Timeline photos 03/04/2020

Eventhough hairdressing is allowed to be open..it is best to stay low at this period.

We will be open from Saturday till Mon 4-6th April 2020 11.30 - 7pm.
Please make appointment before coming.

We will reopen Insha Allah in May 2020.
Hope to see all of you❤

Theres always a rainbow after the rain.
May Allah protect us & makes us stay strong & healthy in this trying period. Amin.


When we ask u to make appointment, it is to makesure u dont have to wait long.

It is for us to arrange our schedule neatly so everybody can get their service done on time and leave promptly as everybody is super busy!😁

When u decide to just MIA after making appointment with us, we cant or wont do anything but just pray for you to be more kind cause this affects everybody else in queue.

*Dont be afraid to call back & change your apt when its needed. It better than MIA.


Photos from Jannah Hair & Beauty Salon's post 25/03/2020


Ease the tense during this down period by enjoying our PROMOTION just for all our beautiful ladies.

Keeping hair clean is part of daily hygiene too😁

Come down now before it ends!😘


We are Open.
Mon - Sat
11.30 - 7pm
☎️ 64407574


✔This 70 years old customer of ours choose to do something to with her hair and she left the salon with a huge smile on her face😃

❌ Do Not use hijab as a reason to not make u look & feel good inisde out.


Peach with its rich Vitamin C can speed up cell renewal process, soften fine lines & wrinkles, diminish age spots & pigmentation.
It helps to unclog pores, deep cleanse, combat damaged free radicals & stimulate collagen production for a youthful & firmer skin.

Try our customised facial suitable for every skin needs at Jannah Salon.

Call 64407574 for immediate response or pm us for any enquiries.


Top quality service is our main PRIORITY even if its just a haircut.
To u it may be just chopping off hairs but to a hairstylist, it means she/he have the responsibility to improve & change your hair to give u a better style/look.

Please dont compare us with the $3 hairsalon.🙏


Anybody with money can open up a salon but not all comes with skills & quality.
A haircut is not just taking a sicssors & chopping off hairs.
A true professional haircut can change the way u look and feel. It makes u look BEAUTIFUL inside out!👍
Our PROFESSIONAL haircut starts from $25 depending on hair length.


Amazing hair cutting skills👌

🤣 thanks to covid human gets creative!
But dont worry we have been practising good hygiene right frm the start👍




Can u relate to this?🤔

Dont ignore and hope for a miracle to happen without putting in effort.

Hair & Scalp treatments will help encourage healthy hair grow as well as proper usage of hairfall shampoo and scalp tonic at home.👍

Call us at 64407574, PM us or come down to 970 Geylang Road #01-05 Tristar Complex for a free consultation.

Photos from Jannah Hair & Beauty Salon's post 29/02/2020


*Scalp shampoo for hairloss, dandruff & itchy oily scalp.

*Tonic spray only on dry scalp after scalp shampoo to give it the vitamins it needed to STRENGTEN your roots so it can hold on to more hair = lesser hairfall.

Ingredients used :


❌Dont ignore hairloss problem.
✅Prevention is better than cure.


"If a woman have long hair, it is a GLORY to her."

Customer did long layered haircut and touchup color.
She felt "ALIVE" again😄❤

Photos from Jannah Hair & Beauty Salon's post 21/02/2020

Jangan lupa untuk melengkapkan peralatan haji umrah anda sebelum berangkat ke tanah suci dengan pack yang halal & aman sesuai dengan persyaratan Berihram.

Boleh juga diberi sebagai hadiah / buah tangan untuk keluarga & sahabat handai dengan pack yang cantik kemas & ringan.


Kandungan :
Moisturizer untuk seluruh badan
Sunscreen gel SPF 30
Head to toe cleanser
Anti perspirant Deodorant
Botol spray untuk air zamzam.


Time to eat healthy for our hair n overall health❤


Let your hair do the talking!💁‍♀️

Photos from Jannah Hair & Beauty Salon's post 30/01/2020

Hyperpigmentation can be caused by mainly by sun damaged, inflammation or other skin injuries.
Avoid excess sun exposure by applying WARDAH HALAL SUNSCREEN GEL SPF 30 few minutes before going outdoor be it a rainy or sunny day!🌦☀️
Reapply throughout the day.
The most effective treatment of excessive hyperpigmentation is PREVENTION.
Apply WARDAH HALAL WHITE SECRET SERIES to lighten dark marks/spots on face or seek certified dermatologist.👍


One of the most important steps in FACIAL is EXTRACTION of blackheads & whiteheads.
Which leaves the skin smooth n healthier looking👍

*Black & whiteheads occur when pores on the skin become clogged with dead skin cells, oil & bacteria.


3 out of the many facial mask we use to suit each individual skin with its amazing properties.


2020 New year...New concern for your skin?

"You never get a second chance to make a good first impression."

Try our customised facial to suit your skin needs.

Call 64407574 or PM for more infos.

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Clean Regularly.1. Soak it in warm soapy water for few mins.2. Use hair pin or toothbrush to remove hair, dirt or any ot...
-Slimming, tighten skin & reduce wrinkles.-Whiten skin, reduce spots.-Prevent & improve acne, skin oil & fats, eliminate...
Happy 2018 everybody!😘



970 Geylang Road, #01-05, Tristar Complex, Singapore 423492
Geylang Serai

Opening Hours

Monday 11:30 - 18:00
Tuesday 11:30 - 18:00
Wednesday 11:30 - 18:00
Thursday 11:30 - 18:00
Friday 11:30 - 18:00
Saturday 11:30 - 18:00