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You will probably find and feel yourself in my words if you are a new natural beauty brand owner or a formulator of natural cosmetics.

So here is how it goes…

You are a newcomer overwhelmed with all the different aspects of natural and naturalness. Enthusiastic and determined, working super hard. Optimising, perfecting… You know that “don’t-stop-until-it’s-perfect” rule.

When you overcome this first step, you are not even halfway to your goal.

So, then you fight with issues of poor ingredient supply for small-scale orders, the poor quality of the ingredients themselves, high production costs for small batches… The barriers seem endless, and they are even more demanding for all of you without a cosmetic science background.

Nevertheless, you succeed to complete your lovely cosmetics story. What now?

There is a good chance that you end up as a great natural beauty brand. And maybe nothing more than just another average brand.

But you want more. You want to stand out.

That is why I want to present Luxe Botanics to you. I have named the brand to be the ultimate indefatigable CosmEthically ACTIVE member. The certification process took us three long years! No one among our applicants was so determined and so cooperative.

Together, we changed several originally present ingredients for those of better biodegradability. We modified several formulations so that the composition backs up the claims. And we improved them slightly to achieve better stability and avoid shelf-life issues. The changes were significant, and therefore required a long time. (The CosmEthically ACTIVE certification process typically takes two-three months.)

Great work, Luxe Botanics team, you truly deserve my deepest admiration! 😊

And now, click below and read the inspiring blog written by Ms. Jene Roestorf, the founder, announcing that her brand received CosmEthically ACTIVE certification.

We are here to create a new cosmetics era. With you.


Dear Modern Cosmetics readers, I need YOU today! 😊

In my posts, you are used to reading about new articles and the activities of the Modern CosmEthics team. We do it for you because we deeply believe that sharing the right knowledge is more important today than ever.

This time, however, YOUR knowledge and YOUR opinion will be the greatest contribution to our work. My team is collecting your opinions about the Modern Cosmetics book to make our presentations in the digital world more relevant, more visible and more user-friendly.

So today, I am reaching out to all the valued readers of the book. If you are one of them, I would like to kindly ask you to complete the survey we have prepared.

ENTER the survey:

Thank you. And now, don‘t miss the final part of this post!

As your feedback is priceless to us, we have decided to give a special gift… Among all surveys received, we will randomly choose two winners who will receive the CosmEthically ACTIVE ‘Must-Have’ Beauty Box.

How do you win the Beauty Box? You will be asked to provide your contact information at the end of the survey, and by typing your email address you will be listed as a survey participant.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that beauty luck will be on your side.

Cosmetics & Toiletries - February 2022 - page49 16/02/2022

Cosmetics & Toiletries - February 2022 - page49

I am incredibly proud to have this opportunity! This is my recent article published in Cosmetics & Toiletries:
‘Is Natural Rational? A Discourse in Support of Evidence-based Formulating’.

Cosmetics & Toiletries - February 2022 - page49 Cosmetics & Toiletries magazine is the international magazine of cosmetic technology. This dynamic monthly magazine is the cosmetic and personal care


Nature has been intrinsically linked to our lives since prehistoric times. Plants were first used as food by humans who realised that some were poisonous and others medicinal. Medicinal plants have maintained an important role in medicine and pharmacy. That role is even more relevant today with the advancement of knowledge.
Premenstrual syndrome, dysmenorrhea and menopause are the indications where pharmacological therapy may have serious adverse events. Many women therefore prefer to use herbal products to help with these conditions.
In the open-access article below, we reviewed medicinal plants that are commonly used for the abovementioned indications, with a focus on clinical data and safety profiles. MDPI


The first Volume of the CosmEthically ACTIVE Journal has finally seen the light of day! We have put great efforts to follow our main goal: To bring you reliable information in the areas of cosmetic science and so-called natural cosmetics.
Although the Modern CosmEthics association is oriented primarily toward science-based activities, the CosmEthically ACTIVE Journal is not a scientific journal. It is intended for a wider audience, to be your:
- relevant source of literature,
- state-of-the-art and reliable information about cosmetic science and natural cosmetics, and
- inspiration in building or improving your own cosmetics story.

Download the Journal here, it’s FREE!


SILICONES – Between facts and myths. With a focus on evidence-based dermal use, silicones are inert, non-irritating, non-allergenic and oxidatively stable. They are safe in terms of long-term use. BUT…
The monitoring of silicones in the environment over decades of widespread use has raised serious concerns about their impacts on living species and the environment. Many scientific and regulatory opinions have therefore placed a strong emphasis on the precautionary principle, particularly in the European Union. Silicones (D4, D5) have consequently been identified as emerging persistent toxic compounds.
The latest article in the CosmEthically ACTIVE Journal presents silicones in light of their chemistry and production methods, cosmetic use, degradation and bioaccumulation, and regulatory status. In the context of natural cosmetics, alternatives for silicones do exist, but are generally costly and/or less available. This is where the manufacturers and suppliers of cosmetic ingredients may find untapped potential.


Cosmetic exfoliation sometimes seems to be presented as a magic recipe to scrub away flaws from the skin. Indeed, it can actively support skin cell renewal and improve skin appearance, but only if we are equipped with sufficient knowledge. In a similar way, the contents of the CosmEthically ACTIVE Journal aim to actively support your eagerness to gain new and improve existing knowledge.
Today, I’m very happy to present the article ‘Use of enzymes in cosmetics: proposed enzymatic peel procedure’ by Sara Gonçalves, MSc. Mrs. Gonçalves is a technical director at the aesthetic Biomedicine Clinic in Portugal. She is involved in the development and application of treatments for dermatophysiological disorders and active skin care related to physiological aging. Moreover, Mrs. Gonçalves is finishing her PhD in chemical science, with a focus on the antigenotoxic properties of ingredients of natural origin.
Exfoliation is discussed in the article, with an emphasis on the plant enzymes papain, bromelain and ficain, while an enzymatic peel procedure is presented as an example of safe and active use for cosmetic purposes.
You are kindly invited to read:
Finally, since it is you and us who build the future of active and environment-friendly cosmetics, I would like to invite cosmetic scientists to work with us to bring interesting, reliable and relevant topics in the area of cosmetics closer to the wider public. Please contact us at [email protected].

About Nina

Nina is a pharmacist by profession and doctor of pharmaceutical sciences, who lectures students about medicinal plants and cosmetic ingredients of natural origin, and researches them in a laboratory setting. She is the mastermind of Modern CosmEthics activities, and now leads an expert group for cosmetic product review during the CosmEthically ACTIVE certification process. Her scientific background is also the driving force behind her development of formulations of natural cosmetics. In her professional and private life, she shares her love and respect for the richness of the natural world.

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