Hair by Dani

Hairstylist with 26 yrs exp... I am an Olaplex Therapy Salon & Hair is my passion not my job!!! With 4 ways to book; online, fb, call or text. #hairbydani

I have a crazy ability to fix Bad Haircuts Praise God for that blessing as well as being able to recreate most any photo brought in. I specialize in Men's, Women's, & Kids haircuts, Colors, Highlights, Low-lights, Perms, & Waxing I am a professional I've been a stylist for 24 years now & its my life & I love it! I live for making people beautiful. Hair is my passion not my job!!!

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It makes life beautiful for us as well! I am nothing without my amazing loyal clients! 💋💋💋

[01/12/20]   Good evening clients and friends I'm asking a favor if you could please leave me a review here if you haven't & if you could please also go on Yelp and leave a review on The Salon! I'd be so grateful!!!

Dani at The Salon

For sure! Appointments avail this week! Call, text, or book online...

Thank you ladies for letting me take photos for my page!

More before and after pics sorry been a little while posting!

[01/03/20]   Hey Friends! I would really appreciate it if you could help me out in an easy way! ❤️ Facebook has a new feature & it only takes seconds to do

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Happy New Year to you all and thank you for your continual support 😊

*Originally copy and pasted from another small business

I have a few spots open thurs Dec 26th for those who need their hair done before the weekend please message me. 913-271-1242

I love my hairstylist ornaments!

Hope you have a fantastic day I still have appointments avail before Christmas please text 9132711242 or book online

BLACK FRIDAY SALE: Starting 12 am Friday Nov 29 thru Monday Dec 2nd at 10pm!


Women's Haircut $25 reg $35

Mens cut $15 reg $20

Brow or lip wax $10 reg $15

All over Color $60 reg $80

Partial Highlight $85 reg $115

Creative Color $105 reg $135

(Additional charges apply for longer hair on ALL COLOR SERVICES!)

BONUS: For every color service purchase get a free haircut to be used with your NEXT regular priced color service! That's another $25 savings to be used later!

All you need to do is Comment below with your email & the service or services you're wanting then I'll send you an invoice thru Square (a secured site) which must be paid with-in 24 hours of invoice.


These are VALID for use Jan 1, 2020 thru March 30, 2020 & Not allowed for use on a SATURDAY appointment sorry!

Purchase limits are as follows 2 color service per person, 4 haircuts & unlimited on waxing services!

May you have a Blessed Holiday Season...
Sincere Thanks,
Dani at The Salon


Beautiful Balayage using Pulp Riot Velvet! I really enjoyed doing this for my beautiful client Shannon!

Hair by Dani

Holidays are near, if you need gift ideas remember a day at the salon is a great gift! Plus,
When you purchase a $75 gift card get a free haircut to use for yourself or gift it away!

Hair by Dani

Holidays are near, let me help!
Need something new, even a simple updo, highlights & color, or a new makeover, I have 26yrs exp & hair is my passion! I'll listen to your wants & needs as well as tell you what I think with professionalism & honesty...
You can call our text Dani at 913-271-1242 or click the link to book online at

"Beauty is being the best possible version of yourself on the inside & the out! "


“She just cuts hair.”
By : Maggs Elizabeth

She uses intense trigonometry to figure out the exact angle to cut your hair in order for it to lay correctly.

She uses scissors sharper than knives very closely to her hands and fingers with centimeters to spare moving them quicker than your eyes can follow.

She puts her body in odd positions to make sure she is level and can see each strand of hair she is moving, causing major damage to her body while she’s standing and bending for 12+ hours straight.

She buys pays to sharpen her shears and gets new shears yearly that cost anywhere between $50-$2,000 with no payback, just to make sure your hair isn’t damage from the tug of dullness.

“She just colors hair.”
She uses chemistry to create a special formula to work with your hair, that most likely won’t work with someone else’s.

She uses time that works against her, as two minutes too late will blow the cuticle in your hair and/ or fry it off.

She strategically places mixtures to blur lines and create a subtle blend and/or dimension.

She changes the combination for each client as mineral build up and pollution from water/environment/ products will react differently.

She changes the color of your hair without knowing exact genetics which play a huge part in reaction to chemicals.

She spends 3 hours moving her arms and bending her body into awkward positions to ensure perfection.

She copies an image from the internet that was a 12 hour session with 5 stylists working, by herself in 3 hours.

“She just plays with hair.”
She spends 50% of her work day using tools as hot as your oven.

She styles your hair exactly like that Pinterest picture that’s actually a wig.
She constantly breathes in fumes from hair products and she can’t tell you the last time she didn’t have a hair splinter.

She squeezes you in for a last minute style as she’s already been on her feet for 10 hours straight.
She has her arm above your head moving it back and fourth for an hour to blow dry it flat.

“She just does hair.”
She spends an hour doing a 4 year olds hair because she can’t sit still but it’s mommy’s wedding day. Mommy cries when she’s done because her daughter looks beautiful.

She spends 3 hours with a teenager who tells her every single person messes up their hair and she doubts this one will get it right. Suddenly brunette isn’t her color, she needs it back to blonde next week.

She colors a 35 year olds hair who has been using box color for 15 and didn’t tell her beforehand, so the chemicals reacted and caused it to smoke making this process 6 hours that could’ve been 2. She’s now being yelled at by her next client for running behind.

She wraps a 80 year olds hair in rollers for an hour to ensure she looks beautiful for her husbands funeral. Her daughter calls week later to thank you for making her mother feel beautiful.

She works when she’s sick because there is no calling off when you work with personal appointments.

She works when a family member is desperately ill in the hospital because her clients have gray showing and they have a meeting tomorrow.
She misses her best friends surprise birthday party because it’s prom day.

She works until 10pm because her clients hair reacted differently and nobody can figure out why.
She gets woken up by texts at 3am asking if she can get someone in the book soon.

She makes extremely close connections with her clients and spends all of her social energy on them.
She doesn’t get “vacation days” because people need her in order to feel beautiful.

She missed her child’s first soccer game because she was already scheduled two colors and cancelling would just be “silly.”

She doesn’t work 8-4 or 9-5, she works first client to last with no real promise if she can make it home for dinner tonight.

She also hasn’t eaten lunch the past three days because she’s had no time between clients.
She spends hours researching new techniques and finding educational classes to attend on her one day off.

Her life revolves around hair. Her brain constantly goes from math to science to social to psychology to client and back to math. She works hard physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically. Every day. With no breaks and definitely no silence.

But I must remind you, she’s just a hairstylist. She just does hair.”

I’m not sure who wrote this
But wow!
Beyond truth right here
📷: Jessalyn Pugh Photography - Dayton, Ohio Storytelling Photographer

Have a safe evening everyone!


Starting tomorrow I'm running this special if you get on my books before Aug 1st... Text or call 913-271-1242 for your hair appt!

[06/11/19]   PLEASE CALL OR TEXT ME for an appt if you don't use my scheduler!!! I'm not getting my messenger messages in a timely manner! 😤

I know I haven't posted pictures in a while so here are several done over the last month or 2!
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[05/16/19]   I'm ready to be back to 100% so let's do this... My hair is braided so I don't have to deal with it.. My Dr is on board with my ideas this time so hopefully this will be it! Thank you to all my clients I couldn't get through this without your prayers & support... I will be back to work May 28th but only part time my Dr is putting stents back in both kidneys to make sure I drain properly bleh. Thank you all again so much!

[05/07/19]   I want to apologize to all my clients for my schedule. I'm booked up for the next 10 days then I'm going to be admitted into the hospital again! I'm hoping this is the last time! I'm in stage 3 kidney failure but the Dr is very hopeful about what he can do. Thank you all for your patience and loyalty. If you need assistance before May 31st please contact my coworkers at The Salon! Please don't PM me I'm not getting my messages but you can feel free to text me 913-271-1242


Color Correction it's a work in progress but, her beautiful spirit makes it all worth it... 3 sessions down possibly 1 more to go before it's perfect. From left to right top to bottom: day 1 is the first 2 before pics, day 2 is the 3rd on top 1st on bottom before pics, day 3 is bottom center and right both after shadow root, & tone!!!
Olaplex for the win!!! #hairbydani #thesalon #colorcorrection #olaplex #buildingmybusiness #ilovemyjob #nofilters

Blondes might have more fun!

Pure Truth!!!

[03/18/19]   NOTICE: I am having messenger issues please do not send a PM I'm not getting them till days later! Please press the call button or text me!!!!! Sorry for the inconvenience!!!

Beautiful highlight correction done last week! #hairbydani #ilovemyjob #growingmybusiness #thesalonabilene

Hair by Dani

I have reached 800 likes for my page as a gift I'd like to do a raffle of sorts so follow these simple rules to enter for a chance to win a free Haircut!

1. Share my hair page on your personal Facebook! The link is below!
2. Comment with a gif something uplifting on this post
3. Then reply to your comment with a number 1-800
4. You must complete all 3 steps!!!
I will draw a number with a random generator on Sunday March 3rd around 8pm. Closest without going over!
This should be fun, & if there are a lot of participants I may do this more often!!!

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Hairstylist with 26 yrs exp... I am an Olaplex Therapy Salon
& Hair is my passion not my job!!! With 4 ways to book; online, fb, call or text. #hairbydani

My client decided to go from blonde to this beautiful violet red... #ilovemyjob #hairbydani #growingmybusiness #nofilters #thesalonabilene #goredforfun #call4anappt

Photos from Hair by Dani's post

I've had some cancellations for tomorrow during the day if anyone needs in please call or text 913-271-1242 I look forward to it! Here are a few Before and after photos!

It's so professionally irritating and honestly bothers me when a stylist has no issues with making a client pay for something that looks this bad.... What's worse is this is actually more than one session & a ton of money! You should be ashamed of yourself!!!

[01/08/19]   Had some cancellations for this week during the day Thursday and Friday please let me know if you need in... 9132711242

God Bless each one of you!

Thank you to all my clients for your loyalty and support thru this very difficult year! I'm blessed beyond words!

Hair by Dani's cover photo

Hello beautiful people! Only a few spots left before Christmas text or call for your appt & this week I only have 2 spots left on Thursday & Saturday 913-271-1242

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