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A #aphrodisiac fruit that firms #skin, prevents #cancer, and reverses heart disease? Yes please. The pomegranate has myriad health benefits that derive from an especially high concentration of antioxidants. In fact, a glass of #pomegranate juice contains even more polyphenols than a serving of the antioxidant powerhouses red wine, green tea, or blueberries!

#Spirulina--an #antiaging superfood--tones and detoxifies #skin, encourages #weightloss, and prevents #cancer.

Eat foods containing #silica for youthful #skin, strong hair and nails, increased immunity, and heavy metal #detoxification.

Watercress is an #antiaging superstar, extraordinarily nutrient dense, low calorie, #cancer protective and anti-inflammatory.

Eating just one cup will meet the recommended value for vitamin K, a crucial vitamin for cardiovascular and bone health. Moreover, by preventing the calcification of elastin fibers, Vitamin K promotes taut, #wrinkle-free skin.

#Watercress also contains the vital longevity nutrient alpha lipoic acid (ALA)--a versatile and potent #antioxidant that can neutralize harmful free radicals in many different organ systems. Importantly, its ability to cross the blood brain barrier makes it neuroprotective, reducing the risk of degenerative brain diseases like #Alzheimer's. ALA also boosts the effectiveness of other antioxidants, like vitamin C, so you get more bang out of all the healthy foods in your diet!

Try eating watercress raw in salads or cooked in stir fries. For an Asian-inspired side dish, sauté watercress and garlic in sesame oil. Yum.

What are your favorite watercress recipes?


Burdock is a highly nutritious weed with a long history as a Japanese culinary staple and as a medicinal remedy in Western and Eastern herbalism. The plant’s clinging burrs were supposedly the inspiration for Velcro and lent it the fanciful nickname “beggar’s buttons.”

Burdock root’s anti-inflammatory and liver-cleansing properties make it one of the most valued traditional remedies for chronic inflammatory conditions, such as acne, eczema, and arthritis. One of its compounds, arctigenin, has even been shown to inhibit tumors in lab animals.

Eating the fresh root increases immunity, improves digestion, and stabilizes blood sugar, due to its high percentage of inulin–a plant fiber and prebiotic food that nourishes beneficial bacteria in the gut.

Try making Kinpira Gobo, a delicious Japanese side dish with burdock and carrots simmered in soy sauce and topped with sesame dressing. You can also enjoy burdock root raw, either in salads or in homemade juices (try juicing one burdock root with two apples and four stalks of celery).

Have you had any positive experiences with burdock? Feel free to comment and share this post with anyone who might enjoy it!

A beauty elixir lauded by ancient Egyptians, #Aloe Vera juice is highly anti-inflammatory and rich in #antioxidants, making it excellent to consume regularly for beautiful skin and #longevity. Being antibacterial and mucilaginous, it also supports digestive health. Finally, some studies suggest that Aloe Vera can improve cholesterol and help stabilize blood sugar. All things considered, I'd say drink up!

#Macadamia nuts are rich in #healthy fats, #antioxidants and key minerals like #selenium for removing toxic heavy metals from our bodies

For radiant #beauty and #health, use #mint to promote a fresh #breath, good #digestion, and increased #fat burning.

Rich in vitamin C, #fiber and #antioxidant phenols, #plums support skin health, increase immunity and aid #digestion

Eat #apricots for a super #beauty boost of vitamins: C for collagen maintenance, A and E for #skin repair, and K for even skin tone

Abounding in the skin-healing #antioxidant beta-carotene, sweet potatoes are standout food for #beauty and #longevity

Eat chili #peppers for anti-aging antioxidants vitamin C to maintain collagen and #capsaicin to reduce #inflammation

Anti-inflammatory nutrients in #celery promote #beauty from the inside out by supporting excellent #digestion, circulation, and free radical scavenging

Eat #tomatoes for key nutrients like vitamin C to smooth #wrinkles and potassium to promote cardiovascular #health

Season meals with antioxidant-rich #basil to protect cells from DNA damage for age-resistant #skin and #longevity

Eat #peaches for a fountain of vitamins A and C, which maintain #healthy #skin by promoting tissue healing

#healthyliving #healthyeating #nutrition

Green tea abounds in nutrients for #skin #health and #longevity that can prevent #obesity, heart disease and #cancer

Promote your #beauty and #longevity by eating green foods daily.

#Chlorophyll--an #antioxidant pigment found in green vegetables--protects DNA, cleanses the body of heavy metals, and reduces body odor.

#Sesame seeds promote circulatory #health and firm #skin by providing ample vegetable protein, healthy fat and #zinc

#Antioxidants in #grapefruits lower #cholesterol and prevent DNA damage to support #healthy #skin and #longevity

Eat #strawberries for potent #cancer fighting and anti-inflammatory nutrients that prevent premature #aging

#longevity #healthyliving #healthyeating

Boost your meals with a handful of baby #greens, which are high in chlorophyll and other nutrients for youthful, radiant #skin

#healthyliving #healthyeating #nutrition

A fruit long associated with #longevity, #pomegranates contain vital #antioxidants called anthocyanins that support circulatory health and reduce #inflammation for glowing skin

Nutrients in #cumin protect cells from DNA damage and promote good #digestion for #healthy #skin and #longevity

Eating #mushrooms provides vital nutrients to enhance #immunity and potent #antioxidants to delay #aging

#nutrition #longevity #health #healthyliving #healthyeating

Eat Swiss chard to improve #circulation, regulate blood sugar, and reduce #inflammation for radiant, age-resistant #skin

#healthyliving #healthyeating #nutrition

@FoodsForBeauty: Eating #limes burns excess #fat and provides #antioxidants for excellent #health and clear #skin

#healthyeating #healthyeating #longevity #nutrition

Eating figs improves circulation and cleanses the intestines for healthy, beaming skin

3 Fun Facts About Tulips

1. Tulip petals are edible.

2. Tulips are the 11th wedding anniversary flower and symbolize perfect love.

3. Tulips were so prized in the 17th century that they spurred the first bubble in economic history called "tulip mania."

These eager tulips are ready to bloom

Tulip buds announcing this glorious Spring

Halloween is just around the corner.....

Now blooming at one body spa!!

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