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True Mirror


Hi John, just posted this comment to Mooji's video "Can the Seer be Seen?" on Mooji's Sangha page "how the seer CAN be seen" with your True Mirror! Reminds me of Mooji's saying: "Through the trust in the master's words, the cataract of mistaken identity is peeled away, revealing the indivisible Self. And so falls away the weight of ego-centered conditioning, arrogance, pride, fear and all suffering. One comes to see - not the Self - but purely from the Self, the transience of the phenomenal world." But there is a way how the Seer can be seen! The seer as we know is the Consciousness looking through our eyes so normally our eyes cannot see our eyes ;-) being the eyes, like Mooji says "a knife cannot cut itself." We love to look into Mooji's eyes because Mooji knows he is Consciousness looking at Consciousness (you) no separation. "I know every human being. Beingness in all its expressions, I know intimately. I see my own Being reflected in their eyes. This power you also have. Self is not meeting another, it is meeting itself appearing as 'other'." So "Can the Seer be seen?" Yes! there is a way how you as Consciousness, the Seer can see Itself like Mooji sees his "own Being reflected" in your eyes! Although as St. Francis of Assisi says: "What you are looking for is what is looking." With the non-reversed True Mirror you CAN SEE "what is looking" by stepping outside yourself -so to speak- looking into your own eyes like you look into someone else's eyes, (or Mooji's eyes) from left eye to right eye, from right eye to left eye! Because almost everyone is hypnotized (identified) by their non-existing illusory backwards mirror image as a separate 'person', a separate self! Because you look from right eye to right eye and vice versa so our right/left brain hemispheres cannot connect and only you see your 'human form/reflection' that way! and you see this illusory backwards reflection everywhere in every reflective surface (also in backwards taken 'Selfies'!) getting hypnotized again and again in the belief of a separate 'person' (in the mirror/on your phone screen). Not so with the True Mirror! You (Consciousness) can disidentify from this illusion of separation, of this belief that you are only a 'human form'. We (I and John Walter from New York who created the True Mirror) have sent a True Mirror to Mooji and the Sangha last October but he has not have time to open the package yet due to the many presents he gets. Don't get me wrong, we don't want to give you a new image - non-reversed or not - but through Mooji's pointing you must know this by now but maybe only intellectually otherwise you would not be asking Mooji all these same questions over and over again still looking for your true Self after all these years Mooji is pointing to That what cannot be seen only 'tasted', experienced by That Itself! I hope Mooji will 'unpack' the True Mirror we've sent him soon so every Being will become conscious of Itself as the Unmanifest again!
Your true mirror brought me to tears John! I saw a depth in my eyes that I always knew was there, but could never see in a conventional mirror! TY TY TY! You should all of us at A-Fest our light! Forever grateful! And YES! I will be sharing your technology during our Freedom Masters 201 workshops in the future! Absolutely breathe-filling!
Hi John, I absolutely love
I want to do it
Maybe you have or haven't seen!? This was cool to come across today!
"Gaze into the mirror until you spy the eternal part of yourself." – Rob Brezny
Hey! I would really like to experience this, but I live in another continent, is there someone else, creating true mirrors, or a simple way to make one?
This is my True Mirror installation at the ARISE festival in Colorado in 2015. It was very well received as people walked from their campsites into the festival they would notice and take a look. Often they were pleasantly surprised at how surprised they were about how much they liked what they saw. I set it up at this fest in '16 and '17 as well. Had some folks that were repeat fans both years. in joy!
Did you have anything to do with the mirror inside Abracadabar at Disney’s BoardWalk?
Another great talk with Eckhart Tolle about his book "The Power of Now". The True Mirror experience goes confirm with his teachings... I got my first copy right after my 'awakening' (Dec. 24, 2000) by covering up my mirrors! in 2001 as a gift from my late Beloved friend David Anderson while sitting on the beach in Yelapa, Mexico. I'll never forget. He said, that he has given away many paperback copies to his friends. I felt honored when he gave me his own hardcover copy which I've read many times and I am still randomly open every day to bring me back out of the mind again and again into the only truth of life - the present moment. "Most people confuse the Now with what happens in the Now, but that's not what it is. The Now is deeper than what happens in it. It is the space in which it happens. So do not confuse the content of this moment with the Now. The Now is deeper than any content that arises in it." I've also discovered that this identification with your mirror image, a reversed image that no one sees except you, is the 'false' self, the voice in the head, Eckhart Tolle speaks of. "There are not 2 of you!" I tell people when I show them their mirror image and the non-reversed True Mirror image side by side. I also emphasise that "you are not an image, reversed or not" you are the Being looking out of your eyes! "You are the impersonal functioning of Consciousness or God, reflecting within itself the totality of manifestation." ("Who Cares?" by Ramesh Balsekar) So the suffering, the conflicts, the wars which are more than ever reflected right now in our phenomenal world are the reflection of the collective human consciousness based on the egoic mind, the mistaken identity as a separate person, a separate human. "Every human being speaks from a space of doubt, some crisis, some trouble, some worry. What is missed is that all is due to misidentification. It is you - the Absolute in manifestation - that has fallen into some kind of confusion. This confusion is the product of your own 'maya'. You have fallen under the spell, the hypnosis of your own projections and are suffering from that delusion. All that's required is a slap to awaken you - the Beingness - out of this stupor. This is what satsang is for." (from "Breath of the Absolute - Dialogues with Mooji - The Manifest and Unmanifest are One") I say: This is what the True Mirror is for...
do u have the reverse mirror?

A True Mirror® reflects you as you are, without reversing left and right. When you make eye contact with yourself, its really you looking back, with light and life that comes from your true expressions.

See your light, love your light! The source of the worlds only non-reversing, true image mirror that reflects you as you are!

Mission: Our mission is to bring both the True Mirror, and the idea of true self reflections to the world, to show people how amazing they really are, and to challenge the critical nature of our backwards reflection

Operating as usual

True Mirror Story

True Mirror: Enabling you to really see who you are, how you are, and perhaps even why you are!

John Walter talks about the promise of True Mirrors reflecting the real you!

[07/21/20]   Just love these letters from people who open the True Mirror and get it at its most meaningful purpose:

From Manny in the UK:
I just received it about an hour ago! At first I looked really crooked but saw what you put on the letter about that. But Already it’s slowly becoming more like my mirror self (which I like!).

I’ve been told my whole life I have a really symmetrical face, that I’m good looking etc but was always confused as I did look good in the mirror and some photos I did look good but it was the bad photos that we all get the caused the self doubt and was confused if the mirror was lying to me. I’m only going to use the true mirror from now on!

Over time, if I catch myself in a normal mirror will that become crooked? Also after say a week will the over exaggerated imperfections disappear? They are starting to but can still notice some that people will obviously not notice like eyebrows being slightly different and my eyes not use to being the other way around etc haha!

Good experience nonetheless! Look forward to using this mirror forever now and knowing what people will see once my brain adjusts!!

I’m loving the true mirror, I finally feel peace with my appearance! I understand what people have been seeing all this time!

And yes the glow in my eyes is crazy, I can’t believe I’ve missed out on this my whole life!

Thank you!

Zoom Meetings PSA – How to True Mirror yourself during your call!

Did you know you can change the reversal of your own video on a Zoom call? It normally defaults to a mirrored version, because in typical fashion, Zoom, along with most selfie picture modes,assumes the common notion that we prefer our backwards, mirrored image. Its usually mainly because we are used to it, but there's a problem with that: Our faces just don’t communicate naturally backwards, our expressions really look and feel differently when flipped.

Everyone else see our faces forwards as it is, Zoom sends it out normally, but for us, we are always seeing our expressions with that mirroring effect. It's a weird thing, and while we are used to our faces this way, I believe that it's somewhat dehumanizing when we see ourselves backwards with constantly altered, even somewhat fake expressions.

Because the mirror doesn't communicate properly, most people just stare at themselves in mirrors, or with a highly reduced set of expressions, with most of the ones with light and life in them missing. This is the whole idea behind a True Mirror, where you can make eye contact with yourself correctly, in action, and have normal self-communication as a result.

But on Zoom, you are supposed to be actively communicating, so instead of staring at your backwards face like a mirror, you see all your expressions, but weirdly flipped with those altered meanings. In real time, its just not you looking back from the screen, and like I said, its somewhat dehumanizing.

But good news! You can un-click the “Mirror my video” selection in the video settings and then be able to see yourself naturally for the entire duration of the call. Your smiles, thoughts, expressions, feelings etc will be reflected in the video much more normally, and so your conversation can be much more normal and even vibrant!.

Here’s how to do it:
Start your zoom session, either by joining a meeting or starting your own. The below image is my face as it would come up by default…mirrored, as you can see with the writing on the package. And yes, this is my Covid-19 hairstyle, hope it's not too bad! :)

So when you are in the session, if you go to the bottom of the screen with your mouse you will see a video icon that says “stop video”, but also with a small up arrow next to it…press that up arrow to bring up the video settings option.

Once in video settings, you will see the “Mirror my video” option…un-click it. Check that you can read writing in the new setting.

That’s it! Now whenever you connect, it will always be your true image looking back. Now see how that feels, especially during a call, when you can glance back at yourself and see you in all your glory!

Write to me with your experience…especially after using this a while and see if your Zoom calls don’t feel better!

Now if they could only embed the camera right in the middle where our eyes are, so we could actually make eye contact…now that would be something!

Stay safe and best of luck to you during these trying times

John Walter

How Does a Non-Reversing Mirror Work?

Thanks for a great review!

In this video I show you how a true mirror works. I talk about how mirrors flip the image into a mirror image and how we can get used to this. Then I show yo...

[06/22/20]   Letters from True Mirror recipients:

Hi John,

Yesterday I received the magic mirror. Just amazing...

**Thank you** for giving me this opportunity to discover myrself, in another form, in another aspect. I was surprised by the intimacy that is born when I see myself in this mirror. After this experience, the image of a "traditional" mirror appears flat, 2D, neutral. The image reflected by your mirror gives me the impression that I can meet what is inside me, without a mask. It's hard to describe. As I am a teacher in a technical college, I will share this experience with my students. They're 20-22 years old. Maybe this will create a new dynamic, new bonds of collaboration.


Chris Ramsay


John Walter explains the True Mirror

This video is a bit long, but gets the point across for what the True Mirror is all about. The remake is waiting on me getting a decent haircut!

In this extended video, John Walter, creator of the optically perfect True Mirror, shows the magic when we are able to see ourselves clearly for the first ti...

Is Zoom (and My Bathroom Mirror) Lying To Me?

The True Mirror shows up in this new article from Allure about how mirrors (an webcams) are not showing us who we are. Mirror feedback, from webcams and reflective surfaces, doesn’t accurately tell us how we look — and that poses a couple of problems to our delicate self-esteems.

This letter came from someone who just did a Zoom workshop where everyone was doing breathwork while looking in a mirror. She had a True Mirror to do the work with, and said it was incredible:

OMG! Just finished my session with these two. Part of another long weekend of workshops in the tantra realm called Energy Sxx. Even though it was a recorded breathwork session and even with it being with a mirror (thank goddess i had my true mirror for it) and even with it being over zoom, it was very powerful.

Of course, I cry when I do breathwork. But seeing the smile thru the tears, I could see my right droopy side actually is my more expressive side and much more smile happens there. And noticing the tingle on the left side of my scalp. And being confused and not in my thinking mind, I was assuming it was my right side because I am so used to looking in a reverse mirror. Believe it or not, I was feeling my body and emotions more than looking at the person in the mirror or thinking. It is so important to touch base with sensation when looking in a mirror or camera or zooming. Otherwise, you really are out of your body, not grounded, creating even more of a disconnect with yourself than using these devices already creates.

In tantra, one generally gazes left eye to left eye, so called receptive eye. I was able to connect with my self, gazing into my left eye with my left eye in the same way that I would if I had someone in front of me to gaze into.

When looking into a mirror image...trying to gaze into the left eye, there is a disconnect because it is not your left eye! I feel like this is the root of a lot of my problems in life, having tried to connect with myself in a reverse mirror.

So I feel I was able to connect with my true self for the exercise and breathwork, staying in my body, sensation, feelings and emotions. Much gratitude for the true mirror!

What Happens When You Look in a REVERSE Mirror..? *what you ACTUALLY look like*

Great expo of looking into the True MIrorr for the first time. A little crazy and a lot of fun to watch. Starts at minute 4:20
Thanks Wolfie!

Seeing myself in a TRUE mirror for the first time. OMG why is everything in reverse?! Stream SUPERDUMB now ► Follow me Insta...

Rick Lax

The unboxing of a true mirror!

This 'True Mirror' broke my brain. 🧠-->🤯

A Radical New Way to View Oneself
Chapter 10 The Hair Part Theory and True Mirrors
(all chapters @ )

The True Mirror was such a big deal to John Walter because he literally changed his life after switching his hair part from right to left in 1979, when he was just 19, an experience that led to the strange but surprisingly accurate Hair Part Theory.

He was looking in the mirror and wondering once again why pictures always looked kind of weird, but that his mirror image always looked fine. Suddenly he realized that he was looking at a guy with a left part in the mirror, but was wearing a right part in real life. He switched it to the left. It looked funny now in the mirror, but he reasoned that it probably looked better in real life.

And so, he turned from the mirror and began testing his new look, and was stunned by how much better his social life became. It was like night and day, where before he was generally considered awkward and weird by most of his peers, suddenly he became popular. There were two groups as well – first the cool kids in his home town that summer, and then back at college that fall – there was a new kid in town!

It sounds kind of silly, but nothing changed except his hair part, along with a belief that the person he always liked in the mirror now was the person people saw. And that awkward person he used to be was now trapped in the mirror. Sure, positive thinking played a part, but the difference really was 100%. How was this possible?

Years later, in 1998, John Walter’s sister, anthropologist Catherine Walter wrote a paper about it, “What Is Your Hair Part Saying About You? The Effects of Hair Parting on Social Appraisal and Personal Development”, which explains it this way:

“The way a person parts their hair is related to many subconscious associations when assessed by others. Each hair part type initiates cycles of behavior toward, and response from, the individual. Over time, these cycles affect personality development, perpetuating a system of cumulative and interactional continuity. Parting the hair on the left or right initiates, in viewers of the individual, subconscious associations with the aspects of cognition generally ascribed to the same cranial hemisphere that is accented by the hair part (i.e. left part, left hemisphere). When there is a center part, no part or baldness, the subconscious associations are more balanced or neutral, with neither cranial hemisphere’s activities given more importance in the assessment.”

Generally what this says is that when your hair part is on the right, you are perceived as more right brained, when you part on the left, you are perceived more left-brained. Middle or no part is more balanced. The generalizations ascribed to either side are obviously much more nuanced in reality, but the truth seems to hold that men with right hair parts are almost always perceived as somewhat atypical among men, a strong characteristic of the mysterious right brain.

For John, when he switched to the left side, the accent on the atypical coming from the right part literally disappeared and he became more “normal”. For instance, he actually could portray masculinity (left brain) for the first time.

It was an exhilarating time, because after a confusing struggle with his social life all through high school and then college, suddenly the struggle disappeared. Four months of living the high life passed, until a new sense of confusion came to him. Again while looking in the mirror, he would ask – who am I - a flashy new person with a great social life but nothing to say, or a sensitive, deep and nerdy guy that had 4 hours of Physics homework to do? In another flash of insight, he realized he could neutralize the accentuation and be both by parting his hair in the middle!

Again, it sounds silly, but once again, the effect was dramatic. It was as if a light had been turned off and people didn’t notice him either negatively or positively - at all really right away. It was hard at first, but then he realized that he could just be himself (whatever that would be), without his hair speaking first, and people would notice based on what he did, not what his hair part was expressing. A long period of deepening his relationships followed, and a real sense of satisfaction came to him that things were really working.

Fast forward 3 years, when he was out of school and living near the beach in California and really enjoying the fruits of so many incredible friendships and experiences, when another problem started to creep in. Turns out that the one relationship that got steadily worse was the one with himself in the mirror.

While hanging out with all sorts of great people, the guy in the mirror kept getting more and more on his case for “doing it wrong”. He would send daggers to himself in the mirror, especially after partying too much. The message essentially was – “you are fooling yourself – all of the progress you have made in the world is really just a mirage, because what you see here in the mirror is the real you, and it's not pretty. You are so fake, you are fooling everyone out there, you are ruining your life by living this way and there's something really wrong with you”

At one particular beach party this was the message that the mirror sent loud and clear. His smile especially…so so fake! But this is where the magic of the True Mirror comes in…he turned away from the mirror daggers, saw his true reflection within the double mirror combination of the medicine cabinet and main mirror, and literally did a double take. His smile wasn’t fake, it was warm and genuine, and happy!

After 3 years of “fixing” himself via the Hair Part changes, suddenly the fix was complete – that happy 22 year old guy, hanging out on the beach with no real problems guy was suddenly looking back from the true reflection. Feelings matched by what was being seen. No question. Immediately the words “there you are!” came out, and all of that unwarranted criticism just melted away. Genuine, not fake. Partying yes, but so what, it's that time of life! Fooling everyone? No it was just being fooled by the mirror. Ruining his life? No, there's plenty of time in the future, and things were really good now. Anything wrong? No – what could be wrong when you are 22 on the beach with all your friends!

So that moment, which led to creating the optically perfect True Mirror for everyone else, was so significant because of the prior 3 years realizing the difference that hair parts can make. It is crazy the mirror shows the opposite hair part look than what is being actually projected. Plus the eyes send different message backwards than forwards. No wonder people are confused with themselves!

And that is how the Hair Part Theory and the True Mirror are inexorably linked!

John Walter
May 2020

True Mirror

So glad, I just found out that its possible to not mirror yourself during Zoom meetings...its so much better not to have to look at myself backwards the whole time! click on video settings and unclick "Mirror my Video"

The TRUE MIRROR Test! - I've NEVER Seen Myself Until Now!!

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A Radical New Way to View Oneself
Chapter 9 Uses and Benefits

So what is a True Mirror good for? Figuring this out has turned out to be just as challenging as perfecting the optics. Over time, Walter identified more than 20 applications that are possible, but some are so brand new that the world still is not ready for them.

At the core is the profound idea that the person looking back from the True Mirror is an accurate representation, and in contrast, the person looking back from mirrors really is different from what is real. Close, yes, but it's missing key elements of who we are, how we are, and how we express ourselves. It's tends to be static, not animated, as we are in real life.

The science on this is not in yet, but these are the findings from sharing this experience with more than 30,000 people. While not everyone sees it, when they do, it is unmistakable – it's really a true to life version looking back from the True Mirror!

As this is proven to be true, imagine the following uses, some which are already happening:

• Every individual can use it for more self-awareness, self-understanding, self-growth, clarity, intention, empathy, empowerment and so much more. It continues to contribute insights over a lifetime, in the moment, every moment.
• Early use in childhood would enable the child to develop in new, clear and exciting ways, some not even imagined now. Being connected with the full energy of childhood, and not shut down by mirrors at an early age – what would that be like?
• At the beauty salon, being able to converse naturally with your stylist and yourself in the True Mirror, seeing how your hair actually appears, and not having to stare at your backwards self for 45 minutes (have you ever noticed how shut down people are when getting styled?)
• At the store or at home, choosing your outfit to fit your visible personality and current mood. Seeing what look really works for you, and which looks you can really make work.
• (There's also a nifty optics trick where if you put a backwards mirror behind you, and look into the True Mirror, you can see your back completely without twisting)
• Eye glass stores –again seeing how a pair of glasses accents your existing look and attitudes
• Artists doing the self-portrait study – by reflecting natural expressions in 3D, the results are remarkably more lifelike (#truemirrorselfportraits)
• In the case of recovering from trauma, the empathy and compassion that can come from the true mirror can be astonishing. It's possible to fully and continuously cry out emotions without judgement and criticism
• In some ways, the mirror itself has traumatized all of us, we just don’t know it. There are likely many self-negating beliefs that we carry that are coming from our early and continual interactions with our doppelganger in the mirror. What have each of us said to ourselves in our formative years (or even just today?) that is counter to our true nature because we can’t see it in the mirror? Perhaps we can heal from regularly seeing our true reflection: what we actually do look like, how we actually do act, how others actually do see us?
• Dance and yoga studios – with a single True Mirror in a corner with extended width to 10 feet, the entire studio can see themselves in the same mirror, in 3D, with full posture feedback, grace, and even expressions. Energetically, the dance can be more animated, more personable, and a good practice for performing live. For yoga, the continuity of self would be beneficial as well as for form.
• Gyms – Possible to balance form more easily, since any asymmetry is immediately apparent. Also, there is exceptional definition and 3D being reflected. Plus, it's not the doppelganger looking back it's you, fierceness and all as you work out!

Turns out there’s even more places, like chiropractic and posture restoration, retail display, science museums and classes, and even as a decoration,

But at the end of the day, it's really the personal aspects of the true reflection that is the story of True Mirrors. Its novelty and physical uses are interesting, but the effect on human consciousness can and will be profound.

We are the world’s premier intelligent species, and now for the first time, we can see what that looks like within ourselves. It's almost exactly what the Bible was talking about:

For now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; but then shall I know, even as also I am known.

Or more clearly (the Amplified Bible version):

For now [in this time of imperfection] we see in a mirror dimly [a blurred reflection, a riddle, an enigma], but then [when the time of perfection comes we will see reality] face to face. Now I know in part [just in fragments], but then I will know fully, just as I have been fully known [by God]

It's all possible

John Walter
March 2020

Our Story

Makers of the worlds only optically correct, non-reversing, true image mirror that reflects you as you are! Visit for our full selection

Day after day, for a lifetime, you’ve been seeing an altered version of yourself in every mirror mirror you’ve gazed in. The only person on earth whose true face you never see in real time is your own.

Your eyes don’t just receive information, they transmit it. But every time you’ve seen yourself in a mirror, you’ve been receiving altered expressions and emotions conveyed by your face and eyes. The result is profound in its significance – within seconds your face stops working and you generally just look at yourself with a highly reduced set of expressions. It’s been going on since childhood – ubiquitous, unchallenged, and solitary – you are the only person that sees yourself this way! This constant alteration creates an altered self image, and keeps you from beholding your emotional and spiritual truth: The spark of the Divine that resides within you and comes out through your face and eyes. Those beautiful windows to your soul have a constant screen and filter in front of them, enough to block out significant aspects of who you are. What has this done to you, what has it done to all of us that we live with such a profound mistake of physical reflection?

The True Mirror optically restores your true image from your mirror image, letting you see yourself not just as you look, but as you really are, in real time. The light and life in your eyes is present for the first time, and even better, it doesn’t go away as you continue looking. It shows up in our smile, where the light in our eyes is conveying why we are smiling, and is a key element for the smile to be genuine. its there and grows within the True Mirror, and disappears within seconds in mirror mirrors.

To really look at yourself in this new mirror, on an average day or perhaps at a time of great joy or great sorrow, can be a complete revelation. Looking at it every day, meditating with who and what you see, can become a catalyst for spiritual growth and radical self-acceptance. In fact, you may realize some highly critical self-judgements are only visible in the traditional mirror. Your true self is a inherently more beautiful and acceptable being than your constructed self, however that has been formulated. The backwards mirror and its inauthentic reflection has been a key element in that formulation.

You may laugh. You may cry. You may love what you see, or you may not, even actively disliking what you see at first. It’s an uncanny thing to see yourself both so familiar and yet so strange, and usually requires some getting used to, including actually doing more than just staring. Not everyone gets it, and its not for everyone yet. After 25 years, we’ve discovered which people this portal into the unconscious appeals to: they are creative, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually curious people. New information about who they are is embraced and used to move further down their path. Being willing to be present, truly present, to their revealed selves for a few moments can turn into a glorious and fruitful experience.

True Mirror’s mission is to enable people to see their true reflection so they may know and love themselves more fully. We invite you to explore further this phenomenal new experience, including purchasing this new tool of enlightenment for you and your family. Its a real thing, you can learn a lot from what it will tell you!!!

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