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Near Acra or Catskill? Check out these upcoming healthful seminars at Stirred Water Herbs 🪴
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Danielle Hawsey
On the road again..
This time Cairo, Acra, countryside..
Beautiful day indeed!
First and foremost, thank you to our Member Businesses for your valued investment in the Greene County Chamber of Commerce, we appreciate your membership, your support, and your commitment to the communities.
It was a pleasure visiting with you all, as always!
Sorry if I missed anyone today, I'll be back around in a few weeks.

Please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] or [email protected]

Spirits of Cairo Spirits of Cairo
Big Top Tent Rentals Big Top Tent Rentals
Karen's Flower Shoppe Karen's Flower Shoppe
Stirred Water Herbs Stirred Water Herbs
Delightful Bites by Nina Delightful Bites by Nina
Pioneer Bank Pioneer Bank

I wanted to write this post to say a BIG THANK YOU to Judy for being the amazing and caring person that you are! Your gift, wisdom and genuine care and concern for me, my daughter, friends and family has given us all a better quality of life. I cant imagine life without you! Thank you for being you!!
After my PD diagnosis, I started out taking only Azilect, then Mirapex and sinemet as the disease progressed but didn’t help much. In July last year, I started on PARKINSON DISEASE TREATMENT PROTOCOL from Akanni herbal centre (www. akanniherbalcentre .com ). Few months into the treatment, I made a significant recovery. After I completed the recommended treatment plan, almost all my symptoms were gone, had wonderful improvement with my movement and tremors . Its been 6 months since I completed the treatment, I live a better life
Thank you to the many, many organizations who've signed on to participate in the Festival at 's Rocktober this Saturday, October 19! Let's Go!

• Youth Voices Matter NY
• Twin County Recovery Services, Inc.
• Stirred Water Herbs
• Greener Pathways of Twin County Recovery Services
• Northeast Problem Gambling Resource Center
• Columbia County Pathways to Recovery
• Apogee Center / Water Street Studio
• Youth Clubhouse of Columbia-Greene Counties
• Greene County Mental Health Center
• Alliance for Positive Health
• Community Action Of Greene County, Inc.
• Mental Health Association of Columbia-Greene Counties
• Columbia County Mental Health Center
• Columbia County Department of Health
• Celebrate Freedom
• AFSP Hudson Valley / Westchester Chapter
• Greene County Public Health Department and Family Planning
• Mountaintop Advocacy Coalition
• Hudson River HealthCare, Inc. - HRHCare
• Columbia County Department of Social Services
A beautiful commute this Monday morning. We love bringing safe early detection to her friends in the Catskills. Stirred Water Herbs is such a warm and gracious host. Call to schedule an appointment for our next visit 518–9 83–6564.
Bringing safe, digital thermal imaging to the Catskills. Stirred Water Herbs.

Dr Judi Ryan and crew are so hospitable and can help with just about anything discovered in your Thermography report.
time to order me more pro-biotics and saccharomyces boulardii. When you get a chance and send cost. Thank you
Another one for the wall.

Stirred Water Herbs is run by Judi Ryan a graduate of Trinity College of Natural Health as a Naturop To guide you on the path to wellness.

Stirred Water Herbs is here to help meet your supplemental needs at an affordable price. We are also here for the purpose of teaching/helping you to take charge of your health.


Merry Christmas everyone and Gods comfort to those who are missing those they love and miss on this day.


We will be closed Saturday December 24th! Merry Christmas


We had to close today due to the snow and no power. See you tomorrow.


Tis the season for giving! For every IN STORE purchase, you will be able to pick 2oz of COOKING spice. Come on into the store, shop, have a cup of tea/coffee & pick up your spices!!!! Looking forward to you seeing you.


Happy Thanksgiving! We have much to be thankful for!


We have a new website.
the old site will be up for a while but we are making some more changes.


The store will be closing at 3pm on Friday.

Art Prints by Jasmine Centeno 10/14/2022

Art Prints by Jasmine Centeno

For all those who love the art in the store you can now buy prints.

Art Prints by Jasmine Centeno Shop gallery quality art prints by Jasmine Centeno.


We will be closed on Tuesday October 11th as we will be having work done on our driveway. Sorry for any inconvenience.


Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging Center

Northeast Thermography Medical Imaging Center We are a Medical Imaging Practice. We use Infrared Thermal Imaging as a tool for Health Management. Thermography is a 100% safe, non-invasive, no radiation imaging modality to identify inflammation and to follow a course a treatment.


Thermography will be coming October 21st. Please let us know soon if you would like an appointment or follow up appointment. They will not be returning until next year. It is the last they will be in this area for around 5 months.

Photos from ZRT Laboratory's post 09/25/2022

Photos from ZRT Laboratory's post


Giving Initiatives | NutraMedix
For those who want to see where some of the money goes when you purchase these supplements with me.

Giving Initiatives | NutraMedix At NutraMedix, we consider ourselves a giving engine, powered by you. We donate a minimum of 50% of our profits to critically important causes across the globe.

Social Media’s Effects on Mental Health 08/30/2022

Social Media’s Effects on Mental Health

Funny isn't it....sharing this on facebook.

Social Media’s Effects on Mental Health Learn more about social media’s effects on mental health and conditions such as anxiety, depression, and sleep.

Photos from ZRT Laboratory's post 08/26/2022

Photos from ZRT Laboratory's post


Please let us know if you will be attending!


Please let us know if you will be attending.


Enjoy a Turmeric Golden Milk Recipe from Frontier!


As of now the GI seminar on July 9th at 10am will be still happening. Please RSVP 07/02/2022

We will be closed the 4th of July.


The diabetes prevention seminar for tonight is canceled, sorry for any inconvenience and such short notice. We will post a rescheduled date soon. 


Thermography appointments available!


Mountain Rose Herb Recipes. Have a great Saturday!


Enjoy a body lotion recipe from Aura Cacia.


Todays Lyme seminar has been canceled.


The Lyme seminar for this Saturday June 18th at 10am is cancelled. Sorry for any inconvenience. Judi had a fall leading to a broken leg. The store will remain open for all your supplement needs, however any consultations with Judi will be on hold for a bit. All Prayers will be gratefully appreciated for a speedy recovery. PLEASE SHARE this post.

Richard Horowitz MD, May Awareness Guest Blog - Lyme Disease & COVID-19 06/04/2022

Richard Horowitz MD, May Awareness Guest Blog - Lyme Disease & COVID-19

Confirms my theory

Richard Horowitz MD, May Awareness Guest Blog - Lyme Disease & COVID-19 Dr. Richard Horowitz Medical director, Hudson Valley Healing Arts Center Board certified internal medicine. Member NYS DOH Tick-borne Disease Working Group 2021-2022. Member HHS Tick-borne Disease Working Group 2017-2019. Co-chair HHS Other Tick-borne Diseases and Co-infections subcommittee 2017-201...


Congratulations to Kathleen Cunningham, you are our diffuser winning!!!


Congratulations to Kathleen Cunningham!! You are our diffuser winner!!!


We are open 9am - 2pm today.


A garden pest recipe from Mountain Rose Herbs.


Enjoy a Elderberry Jam from Frontier CO-OP.


Starting tomorrow May 27th - June 3rd ALL IN STORE purchases will receive 10% discount.


Enjoy a Foot soak recipe from Aura Cacia pure essential oils.

Photos from Stirred Water Herbs's post 05/20/2022

We are excited to announce that we will have a chiropractor coming to the store every Wednesday from 10-4. Contact Dr Mike directly to set any appointments.


Tomorrow May 18th Lyme seminar!!!
6:30pm here at the store. PLEASE let us know if you will be attending!!



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