Ceilidh's Cannabis Conjurations

Ceilidh's Cannabis Conjurations

I am a H**p Farm owner operator and create artisan small batch cannabis inspired health and beauty p

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Cannabinoid Hemp Database

I just took my first field samples as part of the Midwestern Hemp Database this year!

Some life background.... Those that know me personally know that I LOVE science! Not following my dream of entering the microbiology field is my greatest life regret. As my health slowly deteriorated and now prevents me from pursuing a degree and working in the field, I continue to love science from afar. I love reading science and medical journals. I can spend hours learning about the lastest discoveries in my topics of interest. I also love sharing that newfound knowledge in the medical and cannabis social communities.
I love experimenting at home. I'm currently documenting the percentage of offspring with hermaphrodite traits in cannabis when stable male genetics are introduced. This one's going to take me a while with a 5 plant medical limit. However, it is something I'm curious about and I haven't been able to find the data elsewhere.

With this background when I became a licensed hemp grower I knew I had to participate in this study! I am honored that I was accepted, and that the data from my plants will help future hemp growers and further the hemp industry in Illinois!

Cannabinoid Hemp Database Building data to support decisions. Industrial hemp is one of the newest crops in Midwestern fields, but high demand has outpaced available data. Since it is a fairly new practice, there is plenty of room for advancement through cooperative learning. The Midwestern Hemp Database leverages grower-col...

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I was afraid to see the potential damage in the field after the storm last night. We have a few plants with some heavy leaning from the storm, but no losses. We only have one snapped branch on one of the larger sativa plants, but I think it's going to survive. I'm thankful for strong roots, and healthy plants!

Photos from Ceilidh's Cannabis Conjurations's post 08/13/2022

Working with the ladies! This Sativa is almost as tall as me. As I am 5'3" I know it's not a huge accomplishment, but I think it's still awesome!

Photos from Ceilidh's Cannabis Conjurations's post 08/08/2022

I am working on some soap formulations! Once I am confident I have these processed correctly, I'll add some to the shop. Hopefully winter at the latest.
This one was made with a blend of unrefined coconut oil, EV Olive oil and grapeseed oil with my Good Vibes God/Goddess blend of Bergamot, Clary Sage and Sandalwood essential oils in a lovely pale sage green.

Photos from Ceilidh's Cannabis Conjurations's post 07/21/2022

I thought I would share some of the hemp field pictures with you all. Despite some tractor issues we were finally able to get all the hemp babies in the ground and our crop reports finished two weeks ago.

About half of the plants were put out in mid June, those are beginning to bush out nicely and are around 2-3 feet tall. The Indica varieties are of course a bit shorter between 1.5-2 feet high. The rest of the plants were put out in early July, and are finally starting to get a healthy shade in their leaves. They are between 12-18 inches currently, but should catch up to the others quickly.

I really wish we could have made some soil amendments and were able to plant cover crop this spring. However, with our tractor issues it just wasn't in the cards this year. I am also kicking myself for not putting down biodegradable landscaping fabric or "plastic" for the hemp rows this year. Not doing so created an infinite amount of work for me with all of this grass. πŸ˜…. Oh well, it's just a lesson for next year.

I also did not take into account the daylight hours for the 2 large trees that border the west part of the field. So, we have a few phenos that are already starting to show some early flower features. We will just have to monitor that and see how it turns out this year. Worst case scenario the affected rows will not have the yield that we expected. The plus side however is that it will create a tiered harvest which will make that work much easier for me. More lessons for next year.


The last strain for the 2022 grow season is award winning* Sour Space Candy!

Sour Space Candy is the high CBD Sour Tsunami cut bread with Early Resin Berry to create earlier flowering, high resin dense flowers. Those who know me personally can attest that Sour Tsunami is my absolute favorite hemp strain, so I am super excited to be growing this strain this season! Sour Space Candy has a terpinolene-forward flavor similar to GG4 and the Sour Diesel/Chem/OG lines. It is high in Myrcene, beta-caryophyllene and terpinolene. I've covered the benefits of these terpenes in prior CCC 2022 grow posts, so use the hashtag below to see all the strains we are growing this season!

*1st Place 2020 Cultivation Classic Credible Cultivar
*3rd Place 2020 Cultivation Classic Hemp Flower
*3rd Place 2020 High Times Hemp Cup


There are only two strains left to cover for the 2022 growing season, and I have saved the best ones for last! The first is the multiple 1st place award winning* strain Lifter!

Sometimes called "Goldilocks" for it's long hair like bud structure Lifter is often described as "funky". It's earthy with notes of citrus, and clove and some note a cheese scent/flavor. Connoisseurs find lifter calming with focused energy making it a great daytime strain.

Lifter contains the terpenes myrcene, beta-caryophyllene humelene, pinene, limonene, linalool.
Studies show limonene is anti-inflammatory, beneficial for reducing markers in osteoporosis and ulcerative colitis. It's antioxidant, and has potential anticancer benefits. Limonene also has great mood boosting properties as it's beneficial for depression, stress and anxiety.
Linalool is beneficial for muscle relaxation, convulsions and epilepsy. It's sedative in nature and good for stress and anxiety. It also has anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties. Studies for linalool also show implications of it preventing and treating Alzheimer's.
We have already covered the other terpenes in prior CCC 2022 grow posts, so be sure to check those out.

*1st Place 2020 Golden Grow Awards
*1st Place CBD Potency 2021 Golden Grow Awards
*1st Place Judges Choice 2021 Golden Grow Awards
*1st Place 2021 High Times Hemp Cup

Photos from Ceilidh's Cannabis Conjurations's post 06/26/2022

Our next two strains both share Spectrum lineage, Titan and Cherry Bubblegum!

Both of these strains were created by inbreeding Spectrum lines to create a hearty plant with high biomass yields. Specific terpene information for these strains were lacking, so I'll provide an updated entry once we harvest this fall. For now here is a brief description. Titan resembles it's ruderalis lineage, has bright green buds with golden trichomes, and a pungent earthy flavor with hints of citrus. Cherry Bubblegum has the classic x-mas tree shape, thick bright green buds with pink pistils, and an aroma of sweet cherries and bubblegum.


Our second CBG phenotype for 2022 is another award winning* strain, White CBG!

Converted from "The White" known for it's high cannabinoid production this CBG strain can contain up to 20% CBG! It's floral profile with notes of clove and vanilla are attributed to its high amounts of alpha-bisabolol, beta-caryophyllene and humulene. We've already covered these terpenes in other CCC 2022 Grow posts, so be sure to check those out to see the other amazing strains we are growing this year!

*1st Place 2019 Oregon Growers Cup
*1st Place 2020 Oregon Growers Cup
*1st Place 2021 Golden Grow Awards CBG Potency


Another award winning* classic, Special Sauce!

Special Sauce has beautiful pink pistols and an exotic berry aroma. It has high levels of myrcene, caryophyllene, pinene, humulene and farnesene.

Studies show pinene to be anti-inflammatory, and anti-microbial. It is beneficial for reducing pain and anxiety. It's neuroprotective, beneficial for short term memory loss, and may help with conditions like dementia and Alzheimer's. If you suffer from asthma you may even find it helps ease respiratory symptoms as it's a bronchodilator. I can personally attest that this is true for my asthma and MCFS. When applied topically pinene can even protect the skin from UV damage.

Farnesene can be found in green apple skins and is one of the terpenes responsible for their sweet fruity smell. It is anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety and neuroprotective. It has sedative properties that induce mental calm, muscle relaxation and could be beneficial for insomnia. Researchers have also been studying it's effect as an insect repellant as it has a profound effect on aphids. Studies show farnesene can help prevent tooth decay. It's even beneficial for gut health, aiding gut bacteria; and reducing inflammation, cramps, and painful flatulence. It's like natures Pepto Bismol.

Check out the remaining terpene benefits in my other CCC 2022 Grow posts.

*2nd Place 2019 Oregon Growers Cup
*2nd Place 2020 Judges Favorite Golden Grow Awards
*2nd Place 2020 Cultivation Classic


Meet the first of two CBG strains we have planted this year; New London Gold!

New London Gold was originally bred in New London, Minnesota by Hemponix who spent more than 5 years to create this high CBG strain from wild American hemp. New London Gold is high in beta-caryophyllene, alpha-bisabolol, and guaiol which contribute to its scent profile reminiscent of chamomile and wood, with undertones of cinnamon and vanilla.

CBG is the "mother cannabinoid", all of the main cannabinoids (CBDa, THCa, and CBCa) start out as CBGa and are biosynthesized within the plant according to its phenotype. CBG has the ability to interact with both CB1 and CB2 receptors which indicate its benefits for inflammation, and neurotransmitter regulation. Studies show CBG could be beneficial as an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, for inflammation, cancer, IBS, Huntington's disease, decreasing interocular pressure, ADHD, and appetite stimulation.

For the terpenes in this particular strain we already covered the benefits of beta-caryophyllene on another CCC 2022 Grow post; you can find that by using the hashtag below.
Alpha- bisabolol one of the main terpenes in chamomile is anti bacterial, anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It penetrates the skin to help with collagen turnover, and causes apoptosis in glioma cells. It's also beneficial for preventing diabetic nerve damage.
Guaiol is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-parasitic, helps inhibit non-small cell lung cancer cells, and can be used as a bug repellant.


Meet BaOx. Originally bred by Centennial seeds this pheno combines Hindu Kush and Otto II. The flowers normally display green and purple hues, and it has an earthy profile with pine and lemon notes.

Hindu Kush is a heavy sedaditve strain high in myrcene, beta-caryophyllene, and humulene. Otto II contains both sedative (myrcene and beta-caryophyllene) and uplifting (pinene and limonene) terpenes. This results in a more rounded sedative profile.
So while you may not want to sleep right away the relaxing effects of this strain may have you ready for a siesta once the energizing limonene runs its course.

BaOx contains the cannabinoid Cannabichromene (CBC). CBC activates the CB2 receptor making it beneficial for inflammation. Studies also show it to be helpful for acne, cancer, brain funtion (it's neurogenic), and it's antibacterial (it can help inhibit MRSA).
BaOx could be beneficial for arthritis, inflammation, pain, cramps, migraines, gastro-intestinal issues, stress, anxiety, and insomnia.





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