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Pure. Safe. Beneficial. Everything that Arbonne offers! Check in here or contact me to learn about health, recipes, discounts and more!


Most people want HEALTH as part of their new year resolution. Healthy doesn't have to be expensive!!! An example of what you'd get per DAY with the Arbonne Healthy Living pack.

Let me know if you're interested in the January Healthy Living Group!!! Lots of meal ideas, support and health information!!!

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These are AMAZING deals that Arbonne is providing this BLACK FRIDAY!!! No matter what your favorites are, they're in these offers somewhere! TREAT YOURSELF or get that HOLIDAY GIFT BUYING checked off your list!

Photos from Brooke Jensen - Arbonne Independent Consultant's post 11/23/2017


Arbonne has done it once again!!! NEW but LIMITED Chai Protein Powder!!! I'm sooooo excited about this one and si many versatile ways to use it!

For you FIZZ STICK LOVERS...BLACKBERRY FIZZ STICKS!!!! A yummy treat to give you some energy without a sugar crash!


I have some AMAZING Black Friday deals to share with you SOON!!! NEW products and GREAT deals! Arbonne sure knows how to treat their customers!!!


Calling all PC's!!! For the month of November, all PC's will receive a FREE gift and FREE shipping with a $150 order!!! These gifts are AMAZING, some of over a $90 retail value!!! Great time for some Christmas shopping!!!

FREE gift list below!!!


Arbonne has done it again! A FLASHSALE for the Genius Ultra!!! With use of ultrasound technology, the Genius Ultra rids of fine lines, wrinkles and stretch marks, what a great friend for us ladies! Regularly prices at $280, on SALE for ONLY $99!!! SALE ENDS at 3 PM TODAY!!!

After 30 days of use:
-92% improved appearance of eye area
-92% improved dark circles under the eye
-92% improved appearance of facial radiance


One of the top reasons I LOVE Arbonne is that I don't have to "label read" because I know there are no harmful ingredients in their products! This doesn't just include what we put IN our bodies but ON our bodies as well! 60% of what you come in contact with enters your skin and gets into your bloodstream (think of how ni****ne and birth control patches regulate entire systems through your skin)! Americans each have around 200 chemicals inside their body from what we come into contact with daily!
-Gluten free
- NO soy
-NO petroleum-based ingredients like mineral oil
-NO parabens
-NO phthalates...AND MORE!!!

Good for you, good for the earth!

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LAST CALL!!! All preferred clients have the opportunity to get a FREE gift with a qualifying $150 purchase for ONE more day (ends after June)! These gifts are AMAZING, some of my favorites! Check them out and let me know if you have questions! Don't miss out!


ATTENTION ALL PC's!!! Don't forget that during the month of June you get a FREE gift for $150 order! A great time to stock up with an extra treat! Your gift options are from the favorites list of Arbonne's pure and beneficial products! If you need help ordering, please let me know!

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Attention all Preferred Clients!!! For the month of June Arbonne is treating YOU!!! For placing an order of $150 or more, you get to pick a FREE gift from our Best Sellers list! Don't miss out on this one!

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This product is a MUST for summer! I just had my yearly "skin check" and was once again reminded on how important sunscreen is! Arbonne's sunscreen has 30 SPF, protecting you from the sun's rays while keeping out the parabens, phalates, artificial colors and scents! Protecting your lips is just as important, also 30 SPF!

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Summer is quickly approaching = shorts weather and tans!!! Tanning for me means using Arbonne's Liquid Sunshine so I can protect myself from the sun's power. This product is AMAZING!!! It leaves NO streaks, gives a natural glow and color without the "orange" look. Message me or comment to get yours, you'll love it!

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I've been using the NEW Re9 Advanced for the last week and LOVE it! My face feels so soft, smooth and even! These are some amazing before/afters of using the Re9 Advanced! Let me know if you'd like to try it out, samples will be available!


FREE GIFT!!! I have lots of openings for a workshop in the next few months, book one and get a free (awesome) gift on me!!! Would be a great Mother's Day gathering with your favorite moms in your life or chance to get some gifts!



I'm ready to get out and about again after having Connor and am looking to fill my calendar in May to share about Arbonne and it's amazing health benefits!!! The first 3 to book a workshop will receive an EXTRA hostess reward, on me!!! Let me know when you'd like to book!!!

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As you may have noticed, I'm a lover of of Arbonne's protein! I love making my own protein bars with Arbonne's Vanilla and Chocolate flavors however one of our NEW products makes a filling snack easy when I'm on the run! PROTEIN SNACK BARS were released last week in two YUMMY flavors, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt and Cranberry Pumpkin Seed!

1. 10 grans Vegan Protein
2. ONLY 5 grans sugar
3. NO artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners
4. NO trans fats or cholesterol

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The new products released are at a special 50% off for consultants and 40% off for Preferred Clients!!! Ever thought about joining Arbonne as a consultant? Now would be a PERFECT time! Pictures of new products below, stay tuned for info on their benefits!!!


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EXCITING news!!! Arbonne released some amazing NEW products at our annual Global Training Conference last week! One of our best sellers and favorites of clients, the Re9 Skincare line has been RE-FORMULATED to make it more PURE with extra age-preventing abilities! This skincare was amazing already, I CAN'T WAIT to try the new formula!

1. Orange stem cells - minimizes look of wrinkles, enhances elasticity and firmness
2. Alpha Hydroxy Acids - even-looking skin from exfoliation
3. Sea Buckhorn Ceramide Complex - protects skin's moisture barrier
4. Powerful peptides - addresses fine lines and wrinkles

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Arbonne's Re9 is our "Cadillac" skincare line with a focus on anti-aging...who DOESN'T want to ward off those wrinkles, dry skin and sun spots?! With just 5 simple steps, 2 times a day, you'll enjoy a smooth, grease-free, flawless palette to look your youngest, all while knowing what you're using is SAFE for you and your health!

Step 1: Smoothing Facial Cleanser - Washes away make-up, cleans pores. Has a light, fresh citrus smell (natural, botanical!), yum!
Step2: Regenerating Toner - Spray one spritz on face to regenerate skin tone, prevent blackheads and firm skin.
Step 3: Intensive Renewal Serum - Arbonne's skin "cocktail" offers vitamins A, C and E and prevents lines and wrinkles.
Step 4: Corrective Eye Creme - Decreases fine lines, puffiness and dark circles under your eyes, a special moisturizer for this delicate skin!
Step 5: Restorative Day Creme SPF 20 - Moisturizes skin while protecting from the sun; collagen-supporting for a smooth, youthful look!
Step 5: Night Repair Creme - repairs damaged skin, regenerates new cells while providing moisture.

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Sorry for the lack of attention towards my business lately, I've been spending some valuable time with this handsome man! Connor David, born on 3/31, has stolen our hearts! More updates, info about Arbonne's safe and beneficial products, including NEW products that have just been introduced TODAY, will be coming! Stay tuned!

Why Ivy League Grads Are Going Into Multi-Level Marketing 04/18/2017

Why Ivy League Grads Are Going Into Multi-Level Marketing

Many people are skeptical of MLM businesses (yes, I was as well before joining Arbonne!) as they've gotten a bad rap over the years. This article points out why MLM is truly a blessing to many, provides so many opportunities and can be the answer to one's prayers with whatever they may be facing in life. These are a few of my favorite aspects of being part of Arbonne, it's amazing culture and surrounded by determined leaders!

1. I can set my own schedule while still earning an income.
2. I'm paying off the awful "debt" most of us acquire by sharing one of my passions, health!
3. I get to provide the opportunity to others through networking for finding an avenue to earn an income, meet new friends, and start a path that leads to great things!
4. I get to meet some amazing women (and yes, even men!) who believe in this company and their purpose, just as I do!

Why Ivy League Grads Are Going Into Multi-Level Marketing Multi-level marketing is no longer the domain of the middle-aged mom. It’s your real estate agent, doctor, entertainment executive, and overachieving girlfriend who just had a baby.

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Gosh it was chilly today! Thought it called for a hot chocolate! Arbonne's chocolate protein powder makes one yummy hot chocolate (yes, even for those cool April days) and adds that extra protein to help fill you up!

1 cup almond milk, 1/2 cup water (or use desired mix of the two to fill your mug)
1-2 scoops Arbonne Chocolate Protein
Cinnamon to taste/if preferred
Marshmallows...not needed, I just like to treat myself every one in a while :)

Heat liquid to boiling, stir in protein powder and cinnamon.

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This was my breakfast this morning! Oatmeal has always been a comfort meal for me, Arbonne has helped to make it healthier and more filling! Working with kids all day is exhausting, the extra protein helps to keep me full and energized! This is just one of my many oatmeal recipes, tastes like blueberry coffee cake!

1/2 cup oats - old fashioned or steel cut
1 cup Almond milk
1-2 scoops Arbonne Vanilla protein
1/2 cup blueberries - frozen or fresh
1 tablespoon flax seed
Cinnamon - to taste


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Why use Arbonne? What makes these products so beneficial and "healthy?"

I used to think of "health" in only terms of food I put into my body. Through Arbonne, I've learned that health is related to all products we put IN and ON our bodies. Arbonne makes "shopping" choices easier by eliminating harmful ingredients including phthalates, parabens, mineral oil, artificial flavors and dyes and more!

We have products in many different categories: skincare, bath and body, hair care, sun protection, makeup, nutrition and more! Truly something for everyone of all ages, skin type and health goals!

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Arbonne's protein powder quickly became one of my favorites as a PC! Each serving provides 20 grams of vegan protein from pea, cranberry and rice...I love this as its very easily digestible and easy on the tummy! Also has more than 20 essential vitamins and minerals/serving! Low glycemic index = no spikes in blood sugar! Comes in vanilla or chocolate as well as a non-flavored variety! Below is a yummy protein bar recipe, stay tuned for additional recipes using this amazing product!

Arbonne Protein Bars - My husband and I LOVE these bars, they fill you up between meals and are a healthy snack alternative!

2 cups creamy nut butter (can sub chunky)
1 and 1/4 cup honey (can sub 1/2 agave nectar)
2 and 1/4 cups Arbonne Essentials protein powder (can do one flavor or 1/2 vanilla, 1/2 chocolate for a "peanut butter" flavor)
3 cups oats (instant is suggested, I've used old fashioned/rolled and they turn out just fine!)
***Can add cinnamon (I always do) if you are a fan!***

Microwave honey and nut butter for 1 minute. Stir in oatmeal and protein powder (and cinnamon if using). Pour into 9x13 pan, press down. Chill for one hour before cutting (suggested size = 28 bars per 9x13 pan).


Why network marketing??? Why Arbonne???
These are the questions I pondered when considering becoming a consultant with Arbonne. For help in deciding or knowledge on the uniqueness of network marketing, check out these resources!

"Arbonne and the new Professional Boom of Network Marketing"

"Creating Fortunes in the New Economy"

"Why We Recommend Network Marketing"


For 6 years I was a preferred client (PC) through Arbonne, receiving an awesome 20-30% off all my products with every order! I finally took the plunge to become a consultant, now receiving an even better discount but even BETTER YET getting to SERVE others by teaching about healthy living lifestyle changes with the safe and beneficial products Arbonne offers!

For the FIRST time ever, Arbonne has made the decision to become a consultant even EASIER by reducing the price to HALF ($39.50)!!! And for current PC's, your start-up cost is only $19.50! A GREAT offer, just one way Arbonne GIVES BACK to their clients!


Welcome! I'm excited to share some of my favorite products, recipes, health tips and more with my clients! Feel free to add others to the page who may be interested in learning about a healthier lifestyle!



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