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If you need any makeup or have any questions please contact Tyree Thacker. She is my upline.

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okay Ladies i have some great skin care items to samples! I also have slots for free make overs! Text [email protected]

Photos from Plum Wild Cowgirls's post 03/14/2018

Shop my stock! text [email protected]


This is not a drill! Black EyeSense is BACK. The item you’ve all been waiting for is finally here! Waterproof, smear-proof, budge-proof Black EyeSense Liquid Eyeliner dries quickly and won’t transfer. It's an absolute must-have for every occasion. Accentuate any eye look in an instant by lining with Black EyeSense for results that last all day. Now available in the US only (Coming to AU and Canada soon)

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Shadowsense $25 last 6 months smudge proof, rain proof, won't come off unless you take it off!


Network marketing companies are paying out between 250-300 plus million dollars per DAY, yes per DAY! And you’re still wasting time trying to convince someone who doesn’t believe in our industry?

People are using Facebook, Instagram, SnapChat, Pinterest, Texting, Direct Mail, Face to Face, Hotel Meetings, Home Parties, Drop Cards, Voice Drops, Voice Broadcasting, Email Marketing, Bill Boards, Car Magnets, Sticky Notes, Beacons, Radio, Television, Youtube, Vimeo, and 100 other methods I didnt list here.

Dont allow small minds to determine your future. There are people changing their life daily in our industry. And I still say, it doesnt matter if youre from Jail or Yale, its the absolute BEST industry to learn personal development and make a serious income residually with no experience.

In 2018, expand your network. Expand your thinking. Flush out the people who dont believe in YOU! Focus on filling your circle with people who FILL you up not belittle your beliefs. And make your goals so BIG that people will laugh at you. And when you hit those goals, make sure you keep their phone number, some people like washing cars and cleaning houses.
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From another Senesister... πŸ’™. This is very relatable πŸ’‹

I LOVE my business and what I do everyday. Many people have asked me how I am so successful.... Many say they wish they could be successful in this business too, but they just don't think they can do it. My answer? Anyone can do this. But here's a list of excuses one will hear almost everyday....

1. "Why does it cost money to sign up?" Because it's a business, not a job. You are becoming a business owner. But our company is so awesome they offer you a way to sign up with no out of pocket costs!

2. "Are you trying to make money off me?" No, I'm trying to make money WITH you.

3. "Is it a scam?"
We are direct sales with physical products. Not sure how we could be a "scam". I would never try to scam my friends or family.

4. "Is it one of those pyramid schemes?"
You mean where all the people on the top make all the money, take the long vacations, fly the jets, and get all the stock options while the people on the bottom work the most for the least amount of money and get 2-3 weeks vacation every year? No, that would be Corporate America.

5. "How long before I make money?"
I have the steps to success and all the tools you need to make money. However, YOU determine your success. Nothing will ever be handed to you, it's all up to YOU. This business works if you do.

6. "My friend said this doesn't work."
No, your friend just didn't work.

7. "Can I try it for a month and see how I do?" This is a business, not a job. Businesses take heart, soul, and determination.

You cannot focus on the short term money. You have to visualize the bigger picture and how this could/ would change your life financially. Big money comes from working passionately and never giving up!

If you want a change in your life, Google residual income. I can help you. I am no one special, I just want to build a legacy for me and my family.


This picture is literally 2 months of my skin CARE products! Amazing Long lasting moisturizing, takes those brown age spots off my hands. My skin is soft and supple. When I started my pores on my face where very large. Now you notice them less and less without make up. I love the wonderful skincare products that this company makes! The body wash is amazing, firms and tones your skin.. feels firmer and so much softer.

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My product line isn't just Lipsense. I have a full line of skin care
and beauty products that are long-lasting and literally take years off your face for this nasty brown spots on your face and hands. I have a serum for that. I am also working on my "brand".. I am wanting to tie in Horse, For instance, skin care for the horsewoman who works hard and lives on a ranch... Her time is limited because of her horses and the ranching lifestyle. Someone who isn't glamorous but needs the skincare products so her face and hands don't turn to leather. Ask me how! text me or pm me. 541-969-5439

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Photos from Plum Wild Cowgirls's post

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Plum Wild Cowgirls updated their info in the about section.

Plum Wild Cowgirls updated their info in the about section.





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