Dread-FullDesire's, Addy, WA Video August 21, 2022, 8:19am

Videos by Dread-FullDesire's in Addy. Handcrafted Woolen Dread Extensions, Made by Custom order, Single or Double ended options. Human Hair Dread extensions coming soon!! Here at Dread-Full Desire I also offer Natural Dreading and Dread Maintenance By appointment only!

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*I do not own rights to these sound effects*

REGULAR Maintain 4 weeks natural dreads!
*I do not own rights to this sound effect!*

I do not own rights to this music! My Beautif Daughter! #dreadlocks #dreadextensions #dreadfulldesires #mylittlegirl

πŸ‘ΎπŸ‘½3D Alien Nursery πŸ‘½πŸ‘Ύ
πŸ‘½ *I do not own right to these sound effects 3Dart, blacklight reactive and glow in the dark!

Kissed by a frog! 😘🐸🀴
I've been brewing up some things at the home base! Come see these partial sets at Okanogan Family Fall Faire 2022 in October. I look forward to seeing you there!

Woodland Sprite
Look at this green merino wool with the built in shimmer nylon. This is some amazing stuff the way it shines in the light is astonishing!!! I can't wait to show you guys what I'm doing with this set!!!

Fairy Jars sample video
Are you or anyone you know interested in owning one of your own? I'm working on a few more today and have been thinking about adding these to my online shop for $23.99 let me know what you think!!

Hello Kitty Dreads
Beg of a new set of Naturals will finish in 3 weeks!!! What did you all do all weekend???

Everything is AWESOME!!!
This lil dude sits like a champ.. Trick to dreading a 3 year old.... Get em done at calm down time!!

Tranquil Rain
Client set ready for Install!!

Tranquil Rain!!!
I cant wait to show you guys these all done!!!! So pretty!!

My personal DreadFull Set
Going in nicely. Had a friend do the bottom half and then another friend help me section. I've split some sections down and braided in 13 on my own.. Holy cow my arms .. Ugh lol

Last Night working on my own Set its been awhile since I've done one for myself!! This one is going to be so pretty!!! Calling it "Spark of Imagination"

Be my little Daisy
2nd Install of the day was also a success!!!

✨ Magic ✨
Todays Install on this lil cutie .. 5 single end accents!! Complete with rainbow glitter hello kitty and glow n the dark beads. Did I forget to mention how this set is UV reactive!!!

✨ Magic ✨
All finished!!!!

Shine Bright Like a πŸ’Ž
Pulling some DE accents for my Daughter :) so excited for her to see these next weekend!!!

Female Viking dread extensions