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Oh snap!

Well...unfortunately, new info has come to light regarding the Perfectly Posh products I am using (and many of you are using as well). All I can say is I'm SOOO sorry I didn't share this information sooner!

It has come to my attention that there are MANY problems being reported from people using these products. So PLEASE read and make sure you understand these problems! I feel it's only fair to report these problems to you.

1. You may spend too much time looking in the mirror because you will not believe how great you look and feel!

2. You will smell so amazing you may never stop sniffing yourself!

3. You may never want to leave the bath because our bath salts are the bomb!

4. You may find yourself with no extra time because you're too busy pampering yourself!

5. You may have to throw out all of your old skin care products and replace them with Perfectly Posh! (So true!)

6. You may run out of counter space, cabinet space… any extra space, to fit all of your Posh!

7. You may have to answer a lot of questions like, "Did you have work done?!", "Why do you smell so amazing?!", “How is your skin so soft?!, and "I need your Posh lady's number... NOW!"

8. You may need to throw all your hubby's current grooming products out because our Posh Man products will leave their faces so soft and smooth… and kissable!

9. You may have to break up with your hair care products once you see how great Posh makes your hair look and feel!

10. You may find that your friends are spending WAY too much time in your bathroom using all of your Posh!

11. You might have to show ID to buy wine or get senior discounts!

12. You may have to decide which bills get paid early....we actually get paid for sharing these "problems" with others, and pinch yourself often because you've got the best products and job ever, and you will think you must be dreaming!

AMAZING NEWS! I'm so sorry for holding out on you!! Now that you know the "problems" associated with these products, continue using them at your own risk! I know I will.

WHAT... YOU don't have any yet... Better Hurry up and message me for info!!!!


I would like to buy as many Christmas gifts as I can from direct sales/small businesses this year! I would love to buy from my friends as opposed to retail stores as it is easier, more convenient and fosters relationships. So why not?
Whether it's makeup, handbags, jewelry, candles, pampering products, kitchen gadgets, or clothes, photography, art, why not buy from those we know? I have a lot of friends who have their own businesses. We all have goals that we are trying to reach... paying off bills... saving up for something special...supporting our families is a full time job... Let's all help each other out!
Post ONE link to your business below, then copy and paste my status so I can comment on your status! Let's bring our businesses to others! Start now----->

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Video by Perfectly Posh With Dani

Perfectly Posh💞new catalog!
New 💝products💝are in!!💖💕💖💞💕💝💝💞💖💕🌺🎀🎀

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Perfectly Posh

💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝I'm selling Perfectly Posh!! 💕It's natural and good for your skin!!💕Let me know if you would like to try it!?!?! 💞It's better than anything you can buy in a store!!💕If your friend sells Mary Kay, try it!💗
If your friend sells Scentsy, try it!💜
If your friend sells LulaRoe, try it!💛
If your friend sells Pampered Chef, try it!❤️
If your friend sells Perfectly Posh, try it!💗
Moral of the story, if my friend owned a restaurant.....Guess what? I would eat there! If a friend of mine owned a clothing boutique, I would buy clothes from her! If one of my friends owned a salon, I would get my family's hair cut there!
So, the next time you are walking into a Yankee candle, think about your friend who sells Scentsy and how she has her daughter's wedding to pay for this summer.
Next time you go to Bath & Body Works, think about your friend who sells Perfectly Posh and how she is a struggling college student trying to pay her bills.
Next time you walk into Sephora or Ulta, think about your friend who is a Mary Kay beauty consultant and stays home with her two small children.
At the end of the day these big corporations are going to give absolutely NOTHING back to you, but when you help a small business owner you're not only helping them, you're also helping put money back into our local economy.

💜 Buy 5 Get 1 Free!!!!💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

kaykinard.po.sh Perfectly Posh offers Pampering products made in the USA with gentle, natural ingredients.



11630 Cooksey Rd#5
Adkins, TX

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