The Polish Cafe, Aldie, VA Video December 21, 2019, 2:28am

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Two words. Nut. Job.
(But I love her.)

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Even got to make one for hubby. Love my Hutch!❤ (easier to fit than Hutchinson, although I did one of those too!)

And we can't forget about "punkin"!!!

Do YOU believe???

Two words. Nut. Job. (But I love her.)

Carol just took nailfies to a whole nother lever by adding her dancing hubby in the background! HYSTERICAL!!!

Julie's manicure needed a video cause when I went to snap her picture, this is what I was seeing. A still picture just wouldn't have done it justice! BLINGGGGG!!!💎💎💎

Your tech is wearing her favorite... because I might have a hidden (not so) secret stash.

Good bye shine. Hello beautiful matte!

I always aim to please and never give my clients a hard time over polish color choices. The customer is ALWAYS right at PC!!! (I LET her win... just this once!!! Next visit, expect the usual, Brooke! 😉)

Polish Cafe Photo Shoot with Brooke
Too many amazing shots from our photo shoot last week to post them all, but here are just a few of my favs! Brooke looks flirty and fresh in Younique makeup, Chloe + Isabel accessories, and nails in Winter's Glow, by yours truly, here at Polish Café! Schedule a makeover, book a nail appointment, and come check out the large selection of beautiful C + I jewelry. So much new going on at PC!!! I love providing head to toe services for beauty, health and, and fashion. What can I do for YOU??? Thank you, Brooke, for modeling so beautifully!