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✨12 Days of Small Business✨
Who doesn't like an extra gift during the holidays!? Meet Truly-Life Eco Gifts, a business offering healthy products all while being environmentally conscious. ♻Learn more🔽

Though a tad late I want to thank Mellenie for hosting us on Sunday at her Truly-Life Eco Gifts garden oasis. Lots of fun gathering w friends and neighbors discussing gardening and GREEN living. A lot of little differences can make a big one!
Happy Friday! 😎 Check out this lovely gift tag from Green Business Network certified small company Truly-Life Eco Gifts!

We love what you make and even better, we love your dedication to the planet! 💚
T - 4 days until bidding for Phoenix Phrenzy goes LIVE!⏰Thanks to Salsa With Silvia and Truly-Life Eco Gifts for donating some “phabulous” items to our auction! Check out our latest round of sneak peek items here, and go to our website at to see more awesome item reveals and register. Get ready to join the Phrenzy!

An actual in person event happened tonight with the wonderful hosting of Truly-Life Eco Gifts’ Mellenie Runion! (Thank you, Mellenie Runion!). The FDW monthly shares met outdoors for a beautiful night, practice and enjoying Mellenie’s wonderful skin care products. So awesome to see everyone again!
Join Top It Off Outlet for a Swag Bag Event on Thursday & Friday! Shop for summer and receive a FREE swag bag highlighting some of Visit Del Ray's women-owned businesses, including Alexandria Celebrates Women, AR Workshop Alexandria, Del Ray Psych & Wellness, From Head to Tail Grooming Spa , from politics to pastry, Kiskadee , Passionately Pets , Studio Body Logic , Sugarcoated Bakery LLC , Tranquil healthcare - integrative medicine for mental health, Truly-Life Eco Gifts and Tulusa . Sign up here:
Happiness is opening a NEW bar of Lemon Thyme soap.
Thanks Truly-Life Eco Gifts for this one -- "Please consider treating wild animals and pets in your care without added color to help save the planet."
Remember excitingly opening the breakfast cereal and reaching in to find the prize?
Well we've joined up w Del Ray neighbor Truly-Life Eco Gifts to get a prize in your hands. We’re adding a sample of their handcrafted eco-friendly soap to each carryout bag. Enjoy, just add water!!!
Hey Have you gotten your hands on our I Heart Del Ray Dog Bundle yet? They are going fast and you don't want to miss this deal!

The Bundle is full of all our favorite Alexandria things for dogs and their humans - to introduce you to these fabulous local businesses while providing you with new products and services to try! This is the ultimate way to this year 💟

Swipe through to see what is offered and then head over to our online store to add one to your cart! Not only would you be supporting 12 local small businesses, but you'll also be getting a great deal. What are you waiting for? 🤗

ISO Candles
Amy Eggers Designs
Nature's Nibbles
Your CBD Store
From Head to Tail Grooming Spa
Passionately Pets
Wholistic Hound Academy
Ursula McNamara Photography
Truly-Life Eco Gifts
Pawfectly Delicious Dog Treats

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🆕 Remember the crazy news about the Bundles we told ya about? Well, we know you have questions and we're here to provide answers related to the I 💜 Del Ray Dog Bundle 🐾

What's included in this awesome bundle? So. Many. Things.

A pet portrait session, nail trim, training and pet care services, a romp at a dog park bar, apparel and other goodies for you, dog soap, dog-themed home products for a relaxing evening, toys and treats for your best friend and much, much more 🤯

🆒 And the coolest thing (besides getting items from all of these businesses in one place 😉) is the price! You can't get this much stuff anywhere else for such a steal!

Swipe ➡️ to see a list of products and services included and follow the companies below to and learn more about them

Ursula McNamara Photography
ISO Candles
Amy Eggers Designs
Nature's Nibbles
Your CBD Store
From Head to Tail Grooming Spa
Wholistic Hound Academy
Truly-Life Eco Gifts
Pawfectly Delicious Dog Treats
Passionately Pets

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Truly-Life is the ultimate urban garden with loofahs, herbs, and flowers grown and used in eco frien Farming is hard work - even in the city.

Just five miles south of the White House the tiny company Truly-Life is the ultimate urban garden. Owner Mellenie and partner Andy grow loofahs, herbs, and flowers which are used in their eco friendly skin care products. Mellenie is at the Old Town Farmers Market in front of City Hall on King Street every Saturday March - December. Products are also available from the online store and in local stores in the VA, MD and DC area.

Photos from Truly-Life Eco Gifts's post 07/12/2023

We learned something new about Spanish roof tiles. Our roof tiles vary in size. A local explained that tiles were once made by using the worker's upper leg to create the shape. Fascinating fact.
We noticed our tiles are covered in moss and lichen. We ask the neighbor next door, that is an original owner how his roof is so clean. He told us the orginal owner of our home paid extra for vintage tiles, so the home would not appear new. Now we have an even greater appreciation for the roof and its weathered appearance.


Music to our ears. We just love sounds of nature. We also love the music being played around us, such as two young Spanish men in traffic, trying to sing Rihanna's Under My Umbrella or the next-door neighbor, Spanish woman born in the 1940's gardening to Bruce's Born in the USA. Yesterday was the best. We were listening to backyard neighbor kids, both under the age of five playing in the pool. They were speaking Spanish when out of nowhere "all the single ladies, all the single ladies, all the single ladies...o, o, o...oh, o, o, all the single ladies, all the single ladies, all the single ladies". Those were the only words they knew from Beyonce's song, but it was hilarious. Hope you're enjoy some songs too - from nature or the neighbors.


It's been six months since moving operations from Alexandria, Virginia in the U.S. to Naquera, Valencia in Spain. Considering everything, we're holding up really well. We wanted to be challenged in new ways and we are. Visiting in a tourist area is very different from living in a country full time. What's different 😁 time zone with a six hour difference; military time; temperature; language; measurement, dates (try giving your date of birth quickly); fuel measurement; financial currency; currency is written differently with decimals not commas; electricity; outlets; housing; climate zone; plants; driving rules (and you must be retested with written, medical and practical exams); speed limits, so many speed limits; eggs and milk require zero refrigeration in stores; healthcare; mail system; alphabet; keyboards; standard paper size - just to name a few. With all of it, we've grown and learned a lot. Life is precious. Dream big and challenge yourself.


It's been five months in our new environment. Some of our biggest changes include living more outdoors, eating almost entirely from scratch, steady physical movement, understanding a new language and a very different culture. We feel very connected to our new home and look forward to the next phase.
This water source is in the national park. Pools are installed to help the wildlife.

Photos from Truly-Life Eco Gifts's post 02/28/2023

It's been almost four months since relocating and we're still learning. On one hike we came across emerging caterpillars. My first reaction is normally to softly touch them, it's a sensory thing. For whatever reason I didn't. Later I noticed how they were traveling in a line and some of the nests were bright blue, not just white. That night we found out these are pine processionary caterpillars. They have millions of tiny hairs that serve as poisonous arrows. Each year many dogs must have their tongues removed or many die with any caterpillar interaction. Small children and adults can also have temporary blindness and extreme swelling at contact points. And we were focused on vipers and boars - never heard about killer caterpillars.


It's been three months since relocating. Today we delivered cookies to the neighbors moving in across the street, a joyful family from Ukraine. We're no longer the newest people on the block. We're grateful for so much.


New discovery for us: seeing these bright birds flying around was baffling. They're actually painted pigeons. When Arabs settled Spain in 711 (you read that right) they brought everything including their pigeons. The pigeons were used for meat, feathers and their waste as a garden fertilizer. In the 1200's the Arabs were expelled, but the pigeons remained. In 1773 the first pigeon sporting club was created in Murcia. The male birds are trained to compete for the longest flight to win the heart of a female, basically. In 1994 pigeon competitions became a recognized national sport. The birds are painted to identify the family lineage. We thought this history was fascinating.

Photos from Truly-Life Eco Gifts's post 12/31/2022

We started the last day of 2022 with an early morning hike in complete darkness to catch the sunrise over the Mediterranean. The thrill was worth it. Hope your new year is filled with joy and enthusiasm for life.

Photos from Truly-Life Eco Gifts's post 12/23/2022

Still need a gift idea? Here's a few healthy options: *12 days of hiking with a friend, hike a forest or urban streets. Spending time together is the true gift. *Visit our friends for some honey (or local flowers) this stuff can save the day during cold and flu season. *Host a game night. Playing games can release some of the holiday stress, so it's just good mental health. *Create some note cards. It's never been easier to take a picture of a family picture and have it made into notecards or a notebook for someone. Keeping loved ones around in our memories warms the heart. *Make a meal - breakfast, lunch, dinner or late night snacks. It's all about the thought and care of nourishing someone. Find great additions at local farmers markets. *Best for last, buy a round of drinks or two. Our favorite place is STILL margaritas at Taqueria Poblano . The world has never been more connected with technology. Be sure to connect with friends and family this year - even if it's virtual from around the globe. Love is the true meaning of the holidays. Enjoy.


It's been two months since relocating. Level of hiking and music consumption - UP. Level of stress and body weight - DOWN. We look forward to sharing our discoveries with you in the coming months. This is truly-life.

Study: Vinegar Kills Germs Just as Well or Better than Top 6 Commercial Cleaners 10/31/2022

Study: Vinegar Kills Germs Just as Well or Better than Top 6 Commercial Cleaners Baking soda and vinegar will get anything cleaner and cheaper without the toxic chemicals Baking soda and vinegar are the only products you’ll ever need to clean just about anything from your bathroom, kitchen, floors and windows to peed mattresses. Below are 5 reasons you’ll never want to waste...


A sign I made for one of my customers. It’s a great reminder that so many of our insects need plant debris to survive winter. So be lazy and don’t worry about cleanup until the weather is in the 50s come spring.


As you may know Truly-Life is moving the operations. The final step is to find an occupant for the house. Our happy home is just half a block off Mt Vernon Ave. Some of our favorite aspects of this home - the front porch, extensive basement, and the garden space in the backyard. Contact for complete details.


Truly-Life bar soaps and soap infused loofahs are available at 632 N. Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314. Check out this GREEN salon today.


Truly-Life products are available at The Old Town Shop. Visit them today for an authentic piece of Alexandria.


We have 900 bars curing and being packaged. If you've made a large order it may not ship or be available until after our closing date June 30 COB, but you will receive it. It's Mellenie's first time at closing down a manufacturing location. Thank you for understanding.


Best friends having fresh clover this morning. Simple pleasures.


One thing you can do today is detox your cleaning supplies. First, use up what you have. As you need to replace those supplies learn what is possible using natural ingredients because they won't cause cancer for humans, pets or the environment. Vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda can do most EVERYTHING. Simplfy and stay away from disposable items because we don't have space in our landfills for all these single use, expensive items. Detox your cleaning supplies and help save the planet.


Moisturize your skin with Truly-Life solid lotion bars. We're a plastic-free, chemical-free and bicycle delivery company focused on your health and the health of the planet. Alexandria operations will close in 22 days. Last orders accepted COB June 30, 2022. Thank you for your support in this small GREEN business.


It's been a pleasure making your local skin care products for over 13 years.
We will be closing down our Alexandria operations for Truly-Life with the last orders accepted on COB Thursday June 30, 2022. Our lovely home and permaculture garden will remain in Del Ray, but Andy and I have decided to embark on a new adventure in the Valencia region of Spain.
We're organizing coordinated retreats to Spain in the near future to share the peaceful Mediterranean lifestyle with meditation on the beach, yoga in a pine forest, hikes at twilight in the mountains, and food tastings with local drinks poolside. Rejuvenate your heart by helping an orange farmer and learn new ways to truly simplify your life and Green the environment. Let's take this adventure together! And of course, we'll load up your suitcase with soaps - the perfect travel gift. Thank you.


Truly-Life bath fizz - not just for baths. They make the perfect, relax your feet after a long day treat too. What could be better? Soaking with a date. Available in Oh Peppermint, Lemon and Lavender. Enjoy ~


Appreciate Mother Earth on this special day. Plant a tree, pick up some litter, reduce your energy consumption, volunteer for a clean up, bike or walk instead of driving, recycle and donate usable items instead of placing them in the trash. We only have one planet to save. Let's get started.


Give a Sample Soap Box for your next gift. Everyone can use soap. It contains zero plastic packaging. It's handmade in Virginia. It's locally sourced ingredients. It's only $10. It's perfect.


One thing you can do today is let your yard go back to natives. We often call them w**ds, but many of those w**ds are actually edible and full of nutrients. Check out the benefits of dandelions including fighting cancer! The irony is that people spray this w**d that fights cancer with Roundup, which causes cancer. If you don't spray chemicals on your yard insects, wildlife and nature have a fighting chance to survive. What's more important to you? Let go of a need for a perfect lawn and help save the planet.


We've decided to not return to the Old Town Farmers Market. This has been our home every Saturday morning since 2010. Products are still available at the retail stores, our online store and for curbside pick up. Thank you.

Photos from Truly-Life Eco Gifts's post 04/05/2022

Ready for a Spring shave? We've got you. Check out our Shaving Lather Kit or a Shaving Lather bar on today.


We just got this picture of a friend's new family member munching on a Truly-Life lip balm. We're not exactly sure why dogs love them, but at least you know they're chemical-free. You are super cute Blaze!


In honor of International Women's Day - this was Olha of Kyiv Ukraine. Her estimated birth was between 890 - 925. She was the ruler of Kyivan Rus for 17 years. She died on July 11, 969. Women around the globe do have inspirational leaders from the past - you just have to search for them. Help women return to power. Remember girls are not bossy, they're showing early signs of leadership just like any boy.


One thing you can do today is reduce your use of fuel. As we watch people being killed in the war, we can help by reducing our demands for gasoline and natural gas. Why? Russia is a provider of both fuels to many parts of the world. The less we use, the more our resources can be offered to others. Russia is not only killing innocent people, it's also killing animals (domestic and wild) and OUR environment. Please consider walking or biking. Turn down or turn off your heat. Reduce your fuel consumption and help save the planet.


We are struggling to function as one man murders people and holds the world hostage.


Check out the talents of Janis on Etsy with these fun Face Scrubbies in red and white. They are 100% cotton - what's not to love? Visit today at


One thing you can do today is not use landscape fabric. You need to hold back w**ds, but you can use paper or cardboard to hold back w**ds under soil and or mulch. Landscape fabric is plastic and will never allow biodiversity and healthy soil to exist. We need less plastic in the world. Please consider reducing the level of plastic with every purchase you make. Use biodegradable solutions to help save the planet.

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Appreciate Mother Earth on this special day. Plant a tree, pick up some litter, reduce your energy consumption, voluntee...
Who's got cabin fever? We definitely do!!!! Despite it being 70 degrees outside, we're inside making soap infused loofah...
Our order deliveries to zip 22301 usually arrive in less than 60 minutes. Yes, we do bicycle around parked Amazon trucks...
The holidays are over, but we're still competing with Amazon every single day on a bicycle. Thanks for shopping SMALL an...
Truly-Life soaps are perfect for washing hands, cleaning your face and getting your entire body squeaky clean. Lather up...
Max, our inspiration for the business is still top-of-mind. Although Max has been gone for almost three years people sti...
In production today Vincent, which is our tea tree bar soap that includes charcoal. Vincent will be available this Satur...
Did you know sea water can heal irritated skin, reduce inflammation, dermatitis, rosacea, psoriasis and eczema? Your ski...
In production today: first pour of our Eco Lip Balm. Once cooled the paper tube gets topped off. The lid and label are t...
Join us on Thursday to make bath fizz, lotion bars, bath salts and sip wine at the beautiful Galleria Florist. Contact G...
Bessie & Minnie getting some special yogurt treats. These are the hardest working rabbits in the DMV. Each day they prod...
Our Angora rabbit Minnie just got a new haircut. She's not very happy with us right now. Honey bunnies.


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